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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke lets herself into Liam’s cliff house, telling Father Fontana that she had to borrow Hope’s key to get in. Everything has to be perfect for the surprise wedding for Hope and Liam. Hope is looking at photos of Oliver’s photo shoot. She tells him they are amazing. They laugh and giggle over old times and he says he misses that. He says there is something different about her that he can’t quite put his finger on. She remarks that it probably is because she has more confidence now and isn’t about to always have a melt down. He asks about her relationship with Liam since he thought he was living with Steffy. Hope fills him in that Liam asked Steffy to move out. She’s hoping he’s moving back toward Hope, but she’s not sure yet. He has to make that decision. Oliver is sure he will. But perhaps Hope should listen to her mother and make that huge move first. He says it is good to see her laugh again; he just wants her to be happy. She gives him a big hug and says he is the best friend she has ever had. He tells her to go for what she wants and don’t let anybody stop her. Taylor drops in on Steffy at the office to see how she is. Steffy is busy and Taylor tells her to slow down a little because she has a little one to think of now. Steffy says she is okay; just always hungry as she grabs a bar to chew on. They banter back and forth over the old subject of telling Liam as that would help him make his decision. Steffy declares again that she does not want her family to lose out again to a Logan, but she is not going to put pressure on Liam or trap him with that news. She knows he would do the honorable thing and she’d absolutely hate that. She wants him because he wants to be with her, not the baby.

Liam comes to Rick’s office at his request. Liam says Rick's timing pretty well sucks, but if he wants to take back the welcome to the family spiel he will understand. Rick says on the contrary, he only wants to re-enforce it. Liam shakes his head and says he’s not even sure there is a him and Hope. Both women are incredible and he has a big decision to make. Rick agrees. Liam can be friends with both of them in his life, but he can only have one life partner. And once he makes his decision, Rick is very confident that he will be welcoming him into the family again. He wants them to be happy and it will redeem himself too since his part in their breakup was huge. They fell in love and would have been married now, but it was one trick and manipulation after another. Liam might have been with Steffy for a while, but in the back of his mind Hope was always there. Rick says he knows how Liam feels about Steffy, but she’s not his first choice and never will be. He faces Liam and tells him don’t let what he did stand in the way of Liam getting what he wants. He owes that to Hope and he owes it to himself. Taylor goes along for Steffy first doctor’s appointment and she tells the doctor the same thing. She doesn’t want Liam to know just yet or put pressure on him. Brooke and Father Fontana look over the beach and everything looks perfect. Now all they need is Hope and Liam. She calls Hope and tells her it’s very important; she needs to see her right now. She’s already at Liam’s. Then she calls Rick to see if he had that meeting with Liam. Rick says yes and it sounded like Liam was no on his way back home. Brooke beams to Father Fontana. They are on the way and it is going to happen today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Lucas and Jennifer got into it over Daniel.  After Lucas walked away from Jennifer, she ran into Nicole.  Chloe purposely started a fight with Victor so he could throw her out of the mansion.  Kristen talked to Stefano about whether she should go through with her plan to hurt Brady.  Stefano assumed that Kristen was falling for Brady.  Rafe and Kate tried to talk Nick into waiting until the baby was born to marry Gabi.  Nick was against the idea and walked away from them.  Kristen didnít think it was a good idea to hurt Brady while John was in Europe.  Nicole thought Jennifer messed up with Daniel and that Chloe succeeded in getting him back.  They began talking about what happened to Parker.  Daniel and Brady talked about Danielís relationship with Jennifer.  Brady advised Daniel to make thing work with her.  Chloe demanded that Victor make changes to the mansion for Parkerís sake.  Chloe started badmouthing Victorís family and he threw her out.  Chloe ended up at Danielís place after Victor threw her out.

Jennifer explained to Nicole how she felt when Daniel ended their relationship.  Kate and Rafe talked about how they tried to reach out to Nick.  Lucas showed up at the chapel and ran into Nicole.  He mentioned how he was on the board at the church.  Chloe explained what happened at Victorís place.  Daniel offered to let her stay at his place.  Chloe was excited that her plan worked.  Meanwhile, Daniel was out in the hall making reservations to stay at a hotel.  Kate and Rafe ended up making love again.  Jennifer went to see Maggie.  Maggie advised Jennifer to make up with Daniel.  Brady and Kristen ran into each other in the park.  While they were talking, Kristen thought Brady was dumping her.  Brady wanted to make a commitment to her. He just didnít want to get married.  Nick was listening to something through the surveillance device.  He ended up thinking about how Rafe said he knew what happened to him in prison.  Nick flashed back to the inmate stabbing him.  The inmate was shown looking at a calendar.  He looked at February 15th on the calendar.  Daniel showed up at Jennifer place and ran into Lucas.  Lucas told Daniel that Jennifer didnít want to see him anymore.  Jennifer went to Danielís place and found out Chloe moved in with him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Steve and Olivia stand on Pier 52 and wonder if Heather is really dead and whether John McBain really killed her. Connie asks Steve if he thinks Todd was telling the truth about Heather. Michael goes to the Haunted Star and tells Starr that the police caught her father and that he claims to have seen John McBain murder Heather Webber. Starr tells Michael that she is glad he is with her on Valentineís Day instead of looking for a jar of relish with A.J. Dante arrives at the Haunted Star and tells Lulu that Todd had Danny Morgan with him on the pier. Lulu asks him what his Valentineís Day surprise for her is. Sonny walks in. Dante says, ďSurprise.Ē He tells Lulu that Sonny looked lonely so he invited him to the party. He says Sonny might meet someone new. Lulu wonders if Sonny is ready to move on from Kate. Dante says Sonny seems to be getting along with Connie, but Connie isnít Kate and it doesnít appear that Kate will resurface. Michael asks Sonny who sabotaged ELQ, but Sonny wonít betray Connieís confidence because a journalist is obligated to protect her sources. Starr says Michael should give his father the benefit of the doubt. Connie arrives at the Haunted Star with Steve and Olivia. Seeing Michael and Sonny shaking hands, she comments that she just witnessed a Valentineís Day miracle. Then she tells Starr that she wants her boat back. Starr says Johnny gave her his half of the Haunted Star, and Connie canít do anything about it. Connie starts yelling at Starr, saying that she took advantage of Johnnyís guilt over Cole and Hope. Sonny pulls Connie aside and tells her not to get into it here and now. He asks her why she wants the Haunted Star, anyway. She says she wants it because she has nothing since losing her son. Sonny says she has her cousin, her business, and him. He kisses her. Michael gives Starr a diamond pendant. When Lulu reaches down to get some champagne, she sees a big red box with her name on it and says she is finally getting her surprise from Dante. She opens it and finds what looks like a burned marshmallow on a skewer. Dante tells her that it isnít from him.

Felix forces Sabrina to be his date at the Haunted Star because she needs a diversion. Sabrina sees Dante at the bar and wants to tell him that she was responsible for his coworkerís death. Felix tells her to let the hospital handle it. Maxie tells Britt that she thinks they have done enough to ruin Sabrinaís life. Frisco goes to Maxieís apartment with a pink teddy bear. She tells him that one random visit doesnít erase years of neglect, but she agrees to go to the Haunted Star with him. He feigns surprise when he spots Mac and Felicia. Felicia finds it suspect that Frisco would bring Maxie to a crowded, noisy party to talk, especially when he knew she would be there. Mac whisks Felicia away to take her home. Lulu tells Maxie that her mother is in town too. Maxie asks Sabrina if she is alright. Sabrina says she killed a police officer. Felix intervenes and says it seems his date has had too much punch. Maxie listens to Sabrina crying to Felix about it. Frisco goes over to Maxie and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that he is making a mistake in trying to get to know her because she is a selfish, bad person who wrecks things. He asks her to tell him what she did.

Luke sees A.J. rummaging through the Quartermaine house. Tracy says A.J. is looking for the pantry key that she is wearing on a string around her neck. A.J. says the Pickle-Lila recipe wonít do Tracy any good because she isnít in charge of ELQ anymore. Tracy privately tells Luke that she still needs to find Francoís daughter, Lauren, and get her 6% vote. Luke has a slip of tongue and calls Lauren, ďLaura.Ē Tracy asks him why he is pining for Laura. Luke says he isnít pining. He says Anna brought her up when she dumped him last night. Elizabeth answers her door to find Laura wishing her a happy Valentineís Day. Laura gives the boys presents and comments that Aiden looks like Lucky did at that age. Elizabeth wonders if Laura ever hears from Lucky. She doesnít. Laura asks if Elizabeth is dating. Elizabeth says isnít looking. Laura tells her not to give up on love. Elizabeth asks if Laura has seen Luke. She says she saw him kissing Anna Devane, but he didnít see her. She says she is glad that Luke is happy. Elizabeth answers her door again and is surprised to see A.J. standing there holding flowers. A.J. clarifies that they arenít from him; he simply took them from the florist and brought them to the door. She reads the card and sees that they are from her grandmother. Laura receives a text message asking where she is and then says she has to go. A.J. vents to Elizabeth about Pickle-Lila. Elizabeth invites him to stay for dinner. Laura tells the person that sent the message that she came to Port Charles to see her grandchildren and that she does not intend to see Luke. She tells the person on the phone that she will see him soon and then she walks up to Luke on the deck of the Haunted Star.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea sits on the floor crying as she looks at the pregnancy test. There is a knock on the door and it is Cane, who has brought her coffee and pastries. Sharon and Adam kiss and cannot seem to get enough of each other. Fen, Michael, and Kevin spend the evening together as they discuss Laurenís whereabouts. At the Athletic Club, Carmine suggests to Lauren that they get a room. Katherine is also stuck in the snow. At the Underground, Alex and Noah discuss Adriana. Abby comes in and orders a drink from Noah while Alex watches. Alex inquires about Abbyís day. Billy and Victoria go through paint swatches for the house. Avery and Dylan kiss. Adriana sees Katherine in the car and immediately goes around to the other side. Adam and Sharon call a halt to their lovemaking. Cane and Chelsea discuss that Lily is having to work tonight and that she would never keep anything from him. Nick finds Avery and Dylan alone together in her apartment. Alex and Abby introduce each other. Alex lets Abby know what Adriana did to him. Adriana offers Katherine a ride back to her house. Lauren refuses Carmine’s offer. Kevin wishes he had cell phone service in order to call Chloe. Michael tries to talk to Fen, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Kevin tries to talk Fen into giving Michael another chance.

Chelsea visits Adam. Adam wonders what she is doing out on a night like this. Chelsea has something to tell him before she lost her nerve. She is just about to tell him when she sees Sharon coming downstairs wearing her shirt. Chelsea asks if that is her shirt. Lily and Tyler discuss her children. Avery lets Dylan know that what they had is over. Adam asks Chelsea what she had to tell him, but she pulls off her ring and gives it back. Cane finds Lily and Tyler hugging in the back of the car. Abby and Alex move to a booth to talk. Fen and Michael attempt to talk about Kevin. When Lauren comes home, Fen is glad to see her. Michael asks Lauren what can he do to make this right, but she tells him that she doesn’t think he can. Adriana visits the Underground and is caught by Alex, who takes the money and leaves. Once back at the Athletic Club, Cane asks Lily if she ever cheated on him. When she doesn’t answer, he knows the truth. Sharon and Dylan are involved in a car accident. Avery goes home to Nick.

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