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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope has flashbacks of the Italy wedding. Brooke walks in and asks if she is daydreaming. She feels by Liam asking Steffy to move out that means he has made his choice so it’s only a matter of time. But Liam needs a little nudging. He needs Hope to remind him they should marry. She nixes that idea and begs her mother to back off on this. Father Fontana walks into Forrester just as Hope leaves. Brooke says she thinks they need to change their strategy. Steffy tells Liam that she is not a saint. She has made mistakes, but she has to trust that he will give it a lot of thought before he makes his decision. Carter and Marcus gloat over their basketball skills. They ask about Maya. Dayzee says she has called, but Maya won’t answer. Marcus tells Dayzee not to do this. She provided for that little girl and she can’t include accidents in there too. Dayzee admits that she didn’t read the contracts that closely, but she had to trust the guy she hired. Maya drops by and tells them that she visited the family of her little baby – the grandmother and aunt, the people who knew her before she died. Maya says she sat with the family and cried. They did confirm it was a terrible car accident. She knows now that Dayzee put her in a good home, but life was just too short.

Steffy tells Liam that he asked for time and she is willing to give that to him. But she is unable to think of him needing anyone else. He says he knows he needs to commit one way or the other. It’s not fair to any of them this way. But he needs another day; he has not made that decision yet. He is who he is because of her no matter how this turns out. He gives her a big hug. Brooke tells Father Fontana that Hope isn’t as assertive as she thought she’d be. She is giving Liam more time and space to make his decision. And Steffy is holding on, she is not going to give up. Brooke says she is working on something, almost a perfect replication of Italy right in Liam’s backyard. By the end of today, Hope and Liam will be together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Will went to the coffee shop to see Sonny.  Gabi talked to Nick about possibly losing the baby to Will because of their pasts.  Gabi caught on to the fact that Nick called Sonny ďthe other gay boyĒ.  Gabi thought that Nick didnít want the baby to be around gay people.  Nick cleaned up what he meant by saying he wanted the baby to be raised by the right person.  Kate stopped by the police station to see Rafe.  She noticed that he was looking at Nickís files.  EJ wanted Samiís answer about his proposal.  He started talking about someone else being involved and Sami was confused by what he meant.  Rafe and Kate ended up going out to the town square.  They talked about Gabi, Will, and the baby.  Kate told Rafe that she was most concerned about Nick in their situation.  Nick let Gabi know that Will and his family had secrets so they could use them against Will.  Gabi reminded Nick that they were his family too.  Nick told Gabi that the Bradys and Hortons will do everything they can to help Will.  Sonny let Will know that he bought the gift a month ago.  EJ told Sami that the ring wasnít a real diamond and that it was part of an ad campaign.  EJ noticed that Sami wasnít happy about it.  EJ wanted to know what was wrong.  Nick didnít want to worry Gabi, but he had a plan to help them keep the baby.  Rafe and Kate continued to talk about how she doesnít trust Nick.  Brian showed up at the coffee shop just as Sonny and Will reminisced about the music they like.

Will left the coffee shop after Brian showed up.  Rafe told Kate he checked Nickís file in case thereís a custody battle.  Rafe wanted to know about Nickís past and how it could be used to hurt Gabi.  Kate didnít think Will would want a custody fight and that Nick wanted it.  Kate wanted to prove to Nick as well as everyone that she and Rafe were on the same side.  Sami explained to EJ that she thought that EJ was going to propose to her.  Will went to Gabi to talk to her about Sonny.  Will told Gabi that Sonnyís with Brian.  Kate called Nick to meet her.  He thought she wanted to talk to him about work, but she didnít.  Kate and Rafe wanted to talk to him.  Will ended up asking Gabi if she got the paternity test done yet.  Kate and Rafe wanted to make sure that Nick didnít have an ulterior motive.  Gabi let Will know that she didnít get the test yet.  She wanted to make sure that the test wouldnít hurt the baby.  Nick seemed offended that Kate and Rafe were questioning him.  The three of them continued to talk about the baby.  Rafe reminded Nick that his prison record could hurt Gabiís chances.  Nick implied that everyone doesnít pay for their crimes.  Rafe told Nick that he knew what happened to him in prison.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Kristina runs into Johnny when she goes to do her community service at Pentonville. Johnny wonders why Connie went easy on Kristina. Kristina says she thinks Connie did it for her father. She says things between Connie and Sonny seem to be changing. Sonny asks Shawn to find any assets other than his marital assets that Johnny has hidden because he wants to take over the Zacchara organization. He also asks Shawn to find out who else is looking for the same information. Diane meets Connie at Kellyís. She tells her that she is culpable for everything that happened the night that she hit Ellie because she was in the process of committing the felony of kidnapping Johnny when it occurred. She suggests that they pin it on Kate. Connie says that isnít acceptable because she will be sent back to Shady Brook. Connie says she will have to get money from Johnnyís account to pay for Dianeís services. Sonny and Connie sit together. They eat heart shaped cookies and talk about the changes that the past year has brought. They reminisce about when they were kids. Shawn observes that Sonny and Connie are getting closer.

Alexis realizes that she was mistaken about Molly having her boyfriend in her room when Rafe reveals himself and says he saw Heather take Danny. Alexis says she has to turn Rafe in. Molly says Alexis is a hypocrite for taking money from guilty people to keep them out of jail and then turning in a boy that is probably innocent. Rafe says he will turn himself in. Molly says Alexis should represent him. Alexis says it would be a conflict of interest because she is John McBainís lawyer. Rafe says he doesnít need a lawyer because he didnít do anything wrong. T.J. shows up at the door to surprise Molly for Valentineís Day and sees Rafe in her living room. Rafe and Alexis leave to go to the police station. T.J. is upset that Molly didnít tell him that she was harboring a potential murderer. She says she knew that T.J. would turn Rafe in. T.J. confirms that he would have. Molly doesnít want to fight with him so he pushes her gift into her hands and leaves.  Alexis finds Diane at the police station and asks her to represent Rafe. Diane isnít inclined to do pro bono work because she is so busy.  Alexis tells her that Rafe is the great grandson of Amanda Barrington so there are probably a few trust funds lying around somewhere. Diane asks why Alexis is so eager to find good representation for the boy. Alexis says it is important to her daughter. Diane agrees to represent Rafe. Alexis meets Shawn at Kellyís for Valentineís Day. T.J. rushed in and runs up the stairs. Alexis tells Shawn that she might have an idea about what is bothering T.J.

Todd prevents Caleb from taking Danny, but when Anna and Sam arrive at the pier, they assume Todd was the kidnapper. He says he was trying to save the child. Anna supposes he is talking about Heather, but he says John McBain took the baby from Heather after throwing her into the water. Anna says McBain is at the police station and she arrests Todd. Carly tells Sam that she doesnít know why Todd would take her baby again and make up such a crazy story. Sam says it might not be so crazy. She tells Carly that John has been accused of killing two other people, so apparently someone who looks like John is committing these crimes. John tells Dante that he needs to find the man that calls himself Caleb that everyone is mistaking for John. Dante says all the evidence points to John. John reminds him that he stood by him when Ronnie Domestico framed him for assaulting all those women. Todd arrives at the police station and tells John that he saw him kill Heather and take the baby. Anna asks Todd to tell the whole story. He recounts the events from John grabbing Heather from the neck and throwing her into the water and then trying to take Danny. He tells her that if he doesnít believe him, then she should drag the harbor and find Heatherís body with a broken neck. John says surveillance video and a station full of cops can verify that he was at the station. He asks Anna if she believes now that someone out there looks like him. John tells Anna that Lucy Coe may be delusional about the vampire piece, but they have to consider that she might be right about a person named Caleb that is fixated on Rafe and a woman named Livvy who looks like Sam. He says if that is the case, then Sam and Danny are in danger. Caleb appears on the pier. Sam thinks he is John until he talks for a minute. She tells him to stay away from her and Danny because she knows he is Caleb. He says that of course she knows who he is, as they have known each other for centuries. Carly goes to the police station and tells Todd that she believes him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

The blinding snow is still coming down on Genoa City while everyone has problems of their own not minding the weather. At home, Adam looks out the window when there is a knock on the door, and it is Sharon. Adam is surprised to see her out on a night like this. Sharon tells him that she had brought him a file that he needed. The lights go out in the house. Chelsea comes into her hotel room carrying a bag which contains a home pregnancy test. Avery calls Nick to let him know that she is back in town, but when he offers to come by, she tells him that she needs some time to herself. The announcer is telling the public how bad the storm has gotten as Dylan is on the road. Lauren arrives at the Athletic Club and is relieved when she sees Carmine behind the bar. She thanks Carmine for taking her home. Lauren also tells him that the charges against Fen were dropped. Kevin brings him home to Michael’s, but Fen still doesn’t want to have anything to do with Michael. Phyllis looks at the flowers from Jack and then looks out at the blinding snow. Jack lets Nikki know that he wants to be involved in finding her a doctor to treat her MS, but wonders if Victor is already doing that. Nikki says that Victor doesnít know about the MS. Adam and Sharon listen to the radio about the storm, and he refuses to let her leave. Sharon surprises Adam by giving him a Valentine’s Day card. Fen asks Michael where Lauren is. Dylan arrives at Avery’s door. Jack wonders why Nikki hasn’t told Victor about her illness. Jack tries to do his best to offer Nikki encouragement about her disease.

Dylan asks Avery if there is a chance for them. Avery doesn’t know what to say. Dylan starts to leave when the lights go out. Then a special bulletin comes over the radio that the roads have all been closed and nothing can enter or leave Genoa City. Michael tries to talk to Fen but he doesn’t want to hear anything Michael has to say. Michael overhears Fen telling Kevin that he hates Michael. Phyllis barges in on Jack and Nikki hugging. Nikki realizes that the special dinner that Jack planned was for Phyllis and quickly makes her exit. Nick meets a man in his nightclub who is sitting in Avery’s booth, and they start a conversation about her. Avery and Dylan relive their past. Sharon and Adam kiss. Chelsea finds out that she is indeed pregnant and really doesn’t know what to do next. Carmine kisses Lauren.

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