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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke questions Hope about how things are going with Liam. She wonders if he is ready yet to ask her to move back in. Hope says it is Valentine’s Day and she is worried more about her mom right now. She knows if the Bill incident has taught them anything is that she is far too lonely. Brooke explains why the Bill kiss happened and will never happen again. True, she does not believe Ridge will come back anytime soon, but it is too early to be thinking about anyone else. Eric starts to deliver some flowers to Taylor when he hears all this moaning and groaning behind closed doors and starts to walk away. She sees him and they have a big laugh over what he thought was happening. He gives her the flowers and a little kiss. Later while she is still in the workout mode, he gives her a massage. They both say there is no one else they’d rather be with.

Dayzee thanks Marcus for the beautiful roses. She says that she spent her whole life just trying to survive on the streets, so she never had any fantasies of Valentine’s or roses. She can only think of Maya now and hopes this does not get ugly. But they have each other so everything is gonna be all right. Hope takes notices that Brooke suddenly has a lot of romance novels lying on her night table. Katie is pretty beat as she has been dealing with a sick baby. Bill tells her that he doesn’t mind having to cancel their reservation for dinner. Everyone has to deal with sick kids. That is part of the program. He says that he will try to make up for it by spiriting her away soon. Katie apologizes for it being Valentine’s Day and she knows he is in the mood – rain check. While alone, Brooke reading her novel and Bill waiting for Katie to return his desire, both have fantasies of forbidden love. He’s suddenly awakened by Will’s crying. Eric and Taylor discuss their past lives. She says she does not regret any of it with Ridge, but it doesn’t last forever. She’s enjoyed this time with Eric. He wishes her a Happy Valentine’s Day as he says it is past his bedtime and needs to leave.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Brady was about to tell Kristen why he couldnít marry her.  Sami saw Will at the town square and told him about her situation with EJ.  Caroline received a bouquet of flowers from Victor.  Sami and EJ met at the pub for a date.  Sami found the ring box under a napkin.  Brian showed up at the coffee shop to talk to Sonny.  Sonny told Brian that he still loves Will.  Will found out the mystery box was from Sonny.  Will thought that Sonny might want to get back together.  Maggie wanted Victor to see Caroline because itís Valentineís Day.  She explained why she wanted him to be with Caroline.  Gabi ran into Will and saw the gift.  She wondered if he was getting back together with Sonny.  She thought that they (she/Nick and Will/Sonny) could have a happy ending.  Brian and Sonny wanted to take things slow.  Sandy opened the box and saw a pair of earrings.  She was shocked by the gift. 

Brady explained to Kristen that something would happen to her if they get married.  They talked a little about his revelation before he left.  Kristen was determined to change his mind. Will was excited at the idea that Sonny wanted to get back together.  He left to get ready.  Sami was stunned by the earrings.  EJ assured Sami that they would get things right this time.  Victor showed up at the pub to see Caroline.  Brady talked to Maggie about why he couldnít marry Kristen.  Kristen doubted if she should keep going through with her plan.  Sami went to her office and found a bouquet of flowers and a ring box.  Brady called Kristen and wanted to see her.  Gabi told Nick that Sonny and Will might get back together.  She thought Sonny would tell Will what he did.  Will went to see Sonny at the coffee shop.  EJ wanted to know what Sami thought about his proposal.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam goes to Professor Mosserís office to establish an alibi for John at the time of Officer Carlsonís murder, but when the teacherís assistant opens his door, they find him dead and his window wide open. The T.A. says the wound on his neck looks like bite marks. Sam calls Anna. Anna relays to John that his alibi has been murdered. Anna goes to the crime scene and recovers the scissors that the professor was stabbed in the neck with. A forensics technician says it seems convenient that Professor Mosser canít contradict Johnís alibi now that he is dead. Anna disagrees. She says the processor died within the past hour and John couldnít have done it because he was in lockup. Lucy demands that John tell her what he did with Rafe. He says he doesnít have Rafe, but he believes Caleb exists and Rafe is in danger. John asks Lucy about Calebís ring. She says he already knows everything about his own ring. She insists that John is Caleb and Sam is Livvy Locke. He tells her that if he were Caleb, he wouldnít be in jail. He says he would have mesmerized Anna to let him go since everyone he is supposedly after is outside. He says Caleb is the only one that has anything to gain by John being in jail because it leaves him free to go after whomever he wants. He tells her that if he were Caleb, then he wouldnít need her help.

Kristina detains Molly downstairs to keep her from taking breakfast to her room. She thinks TJ is up there. Heather goes to the Davis house dressed in an old fashioned Nurseís uniform and tells Rafe that she is there for her baby. He says Sam is the boyís mother. She tells him that she is the nanny, Susan Moore. He still doesnít believe her. She says she doesnít think he is supposed to be there and if he doesnít give her the baby she will call the police. When Molly finally gets back to her room, Heather and Danny are gone. Rafe says the nanny took him. Molly says they donít have a nanny. He tells her that the woman was in her 50ís and said her name was Susan Moore. Molly realizes that Heather kidnapped Danny and runs downstairs to tell her mother. Molly calls the police and Alexis calls Sam. When Molly canít answer Alexisís questions, Rafe reveals himself and says Heather took the baby from him.

Starr begins working as co-owner of the Haunted Star after Johnny gave her his half of the business. They talk about Todd. Carly tells Starr that she would have forgiven everything that Todd did and helped him fix it if he had been honest with her. They raise a toast to Todd. Todd prepares to leave Port Charles on a boat bound to Saint Blazes, run by the notoriously crazy Alex Olanov. The captain says they have to wait for the other passenger. Todd offers to pay Heatherís fare if they go without her. The captain is attracted to Heather and wants to take her. Todd badgers the man until he says he isnít taking either of them and leaves. Heather and Danny go to the pier and look for the captain. When she is about to give up waiting, Caleb appears and asks her where she got the baby. She says he is her baby. He tells her that he knows who that baby is and that it doesnít belong with her. She says she isnít going to let anyone take Danny away from her again. He grabs her by the neck, chokes her and tosses her into the harbor. Caleb concludes that it will now be easier for him to turn Dannyís mother. Todd Manning sees Caleb about to take Danny and stops him. Caleb says he isnít going to hurt the baby. Todd asks how he could do that to Sam. Caleb says he is having a hard time getting used to that name. Todd thinks John is either on drugs or showing his true colors. Caleb is impressed that Todd saw what happened to Heather and confronted him anyway. He suggests that Todd keep running. Anna gets a call informing her that Todd and Heather tried to get passage on a boat. She orders all available units to go to the pier. She tells Sam that they didnít mention a baby. Caleb vanishes when he hears police sirens. Sam and Anna arrive and see Todd with the baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The snow and wind is howling outside as the radio announcer advises everyone to stay inside. At Jabot, Cane and Lily are stuck at work. Lily begins to question Cane about his meeting with Chelsea and why he is going over Neil’s head to help her. Chloe visits Chelsea, who is nauseous as she works on her designs. Chloe brings Chelsea Chinese food which makes her sick just to think about it. At the Athletic Club, Neil surprises Leslie by telling her that he wants a relationship with her with strings attached. Leslie is surprised. Jack calls Phyllis to see when she is coming over for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Summer arrives home to Phyllis’. Phyllis informs her that Jamie attempted suicide and wants to know her involvement with Jamie. Nikki visits Jack almost frozen from the cold and snowy conditions outside. Victor calls Nikki to see where she is. Nikki notices a table decorated and realizes that Jack must have a date and starts to leave, but he convinces her to stay. Summer admits to Phyllis her connection with Jamie and what she did to him. Cane admits to Lily that he met with Chelsea to discuss her designs. Chelsea becomes nauseous at the thought of the garlic shrimp that Chloe brought her. Leslie doesn’t know quite how to answer Neil concerning his proposition. Neil surprises Leslie with a necklace which he puts on her. As Lily and Cane discuss their plans for the night, Tyler interrupts them.

Gloria visits Chelsea and Chloe to discuss Jeffrey and notices how sick Chelsea looks. Lily and Tyler are alone in the car together. Phyllis and Summer bond while the winds are howling outside. At the Athletic Club, Leslie is taken aback when she meets Marcus and they share some small talk which makes her nervous. Nikki points out to Jack that things are falling into place for him. Jack notices how nervous Nikki is and wonders what is going on with her. The snow is mounting up outside as Phyllis and Summer talk. Summer encourages Phyllis to go to Jack’s. At the Athletic Club, Cane questions Neil about Lily when she doesn’t show up for their date. Tyler and Lily become snowbound when her car goes off the road. Tyler wants to go for help but Lily forbids him to. Chloe realizes that Chelsea is pregnant and Adam is the father. Leslie makes up a story to tell Victor concerning Marcus. Nikki lets Jack know that she has MS.

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