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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam is working but keeps having flashbacks of him and Hope kissing. He calls Steffy and asks if she is still at the office. She says she is at the condo. He says he just doesn’t want her to think they have to avoid each other. He knows he hurt her by asking her to move out. She replies that he asked for his space so he needs to figure it out….until then goodbye. Hope walks into Mr. President’s office and says he owes her big time and she is here to collect. She wants him to apologize to Liam for the lie he told. Rick says he did already and Liam slugged him. She tells him then try again. She wants Liam to know there is no more friction between them. Steffy has always made it so easy for him to pick her and Hope wants him to see their life can be smooth too. Carter confirms the adopted parent’s death as well as Maya’s baby, so Dayzee calls Maya and says she needs to see her in person. Maya, of course, assumes that Dayzee is going to show her how she can get her baby. Taylor drops in on Steffy who tells her that she better not be there for a pity party. Taylor tells her that she can’t drag this out forever; she must tell Liam that she is pregnant. She said she just spoke with Liam and he told her that he loved her, but he did not ask her to move back in. Taylor reminds her that Liam is vulnerable right now and it’s a mistake to leave him alone. Brooke will be pushing Hope so that things just won’t play out. Hope brings Rick to Liam’s office and tells him that her brother has something to say to him. Rick admits to Liam that he lied about him and Steffy making out the night before his wedding to Hope. Liam says he has heard this before. Rick opines that it must not have sunk in as Liam has not asked Hope to move back in with him. He knows the truth now so it’s time to do something about it. He goes on that he saw how he struggled to sort things out with Steffy and he saw his sister in pain. He stepped in like any big brother would and tried to fix things. At least that is what he thought he was doing. If Liam wasn’t going to make the tough decision; then Rick would. But now he has asked Steffy to move out and seems to want to do the right thing. He underestimated him. He sticks out his hand to shake Liam’s and Liam follows suit. Rick says he made Hope question her loyalty to Liam and that was a mistake. Hope should not have to pay the price now and neither should Liam.

Steffy tells Taylor that she knows she can not keep this from Liam forever. But he is sorting a lot of things out and this baby shouldn’t be one of those things. She says Liam knows what she wants to hear and he knows where to find her. Maya is grief-stricken when Dayzee shows her proof that her baby daughter is dead. Marcus says it wasn’t the parent’s fault but it wasn’t Dayzee’s either. They are all so sorry. It was a terrible tragedy but no one is to blame. Hope speaks with Liam alone and says she should go. She knows he wants to do the right thing and so did she. She admits she made things complicated when they didn’t have to be. What they feel for each other is simple and fundamental. It’s the most primal feeling there is. There is nothing they need to do to make it right, but peel everything else away and get back to what they know. She kisses him. At her condo, Steffy lovingly touches her tummy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Lucas met Will in the park to talk about the text he received about Will shooting EJ.  Lucas thought Will should be suspicious of Nick.  Will explained that Nick has been great and they were getting along.  Lucas wasnít so sure.  Lucas also suspected EJ of sending the text.  Will didnít think he did it, but he thought Sami might have sent the text.  Lucas assured Will that Sami didnít know anything about it.  Gabi nearly caught Nick listening to Will and Lucas talking.  Jennifer talked with Hope about what happened with Daniel.  Chloe wanted to go out with Daniel. Jennifer called the hospital again and found out that Daniel picked up his messages and read them.  Kristen was up to her tricks again trying to convince Brady to marry her. Rafe and Kate were surprised to wake up next to each other.  Lucas and Will continued to talk about who sent the text and whether the person had any proof yet.  Nick planted seeds of doubt in Gabiís head about Sonny. They talked about Gabi getting the paternity test.  Nick didnít really want her to take it, but he didnít want to disagree with Will right now.  Nick made it seem like Sonny wanted Will to get the paternity test.  Chloe was at Danielís apartment when Jennifer showed up.

Kate asked Rafe if he thought they made a mistake being together.  He didnít answer her question.  Rafe wanted to talk about what happened between them.  Kate was going to sneak out the back stairs, but Rafe didnít want her to go.  They ended up making love again.  Kristen called Stefano and talked to him about Brady.  She was determined to get Brady to marry her.  Stefano didnít want her to lose focus on her plan.  After Rafe and Kate made love, they talked about possibly being on different sides as far as Gabiís baby is concerned.  Rafe assumed that they werenít going to take sides and that Kate would help with Sami.  Kate warned Rafe about Nick.  She didnít trust Nick and didnít think Rafe should either.  Nick went to Hope and talked to her about Will wanting the paternity test.  Hope questioned why Will wanted it when Gabi didnít deny him being the father of the baby.  Hope assumed that Sami put Will up to asking about the test.  Nick thought that Sami was pushing Will to get custody of the baby.  Chloe and Jennifer argued over Jennifer lying about where she and Daniel were when Parker got sick.  Brady was about to tell Kristen why he couldnít marry her.  After Chloe and Jennifer stopped arguing, Jennifer ran into Daniel.  They were trying to talk, but Parker started crying so Jennifer left.  Will received a mysterious box.  Brady told Kristen that he could never marry her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Caleb stops Heather on the pier. She thinks he is John McBain. She wrests away from him and takes refuge under some crates, where she finds Todd Manning hiding. She tells him that McBain is there. Todd says that is impossible because John is in jail for killing a cop. Todd and Heather discover that they both secured passage on the same boat. Heather tells him that he canít leave until she returns from visiting Steven Lars. Todd considers his options and decides to leave without Heather.

Molly wakes up Rafe, who is sleeping on the floor in her room. Rafe hides under the bed when Alexis knocks on Mollyís locked door. When Molly opens it, Alexis looks for T.J. Molly promises that T.J. isnít there. Alexis asks Molly to babysit Danny because she will have a busy day with Lucy CooCoo and John McBain. She says John is in lockup for killing a cop and taking Rafe out of jail. She says it would be helpful if Rafe told the police what he saw. Rafe decides that he will go to the police. Kevin Collins goes to the police station, wearing a neck brace. Lucy apologizes for ditching him, but explains that he is capable of taking care of himself, but Rafe needs protection. Anna tells her that John McBain isnít a threat because he is in a cell. Lucy says Rafe is still not safe because bars canít hold Caleb and Caleb will kill anyone that gets in his way of claiming Rafe as his son and turning him. Alexis joins them in the interview room. She tells Lucy that she will have a hard time getting her back into Fern Cliff. Lucy says she just wants to go to jail. Sam visits John in lockup. He says he saw security footage of a man that looks just like him. She asks him why he didnít pick up his phone last night when the commissioner was trying to reach him. He says he was at the University meeting with a professor Mosser to ask him about the ring that Rafe described and that he didnít have cell reception in the building. Sam offers to go see Professor Mosser to establish an alibi for last night. Professor Mosser opens his door to Caleb, thinking he is John McBain. He says the ring is associated with the house of Morley and that its wearer has great power and wants revenge. He sees the newspaper headline about John being in jail and realizes that the man standing in front of him is someone else. Caleb kills Professor Mosser. Sam knocks on the professorís door.

Britt gloats about her dirty trick while Sabrina beats herself up to Patrick about giving Officer Carlson the wrong medication and ultimately killing him. Maxie sends a text message to Britt saying that they both know it wasnít Sabrinaís fault. Britt texts back that Maxie needs to keep her mouth shut. Patrick tells Sabrina that it wasnít her fault and that Officer Carlson would have bled out anyway. He tells her that sometimes patients die and they have to deal with that. Sabrina tells Steve what happened. Steve says they will get the autopsy results soon so they will see what was in the patientís body. Britt intercepts the lab results and alters them before they get to Steve. Steve tells Sabrina that it confirms that she gave the patient the wrong medication. Sabrina runs away, crying. Britt feigns concern and tells Patrick that it is horrible. Sabrina tells Patrick that she is supposed to graduate soon, but with a fatality on her record, her career could be over. Olivia wonders about the significance of her vision about Steve and Sabrina in the shower. He assures her that she is the only woman in his life. She sees Heather dressed in an old fashioned nurseís uniform, but it turns out to be Britt Westbourne. Olivia concedes that Dr. Westbourne isnít Heather, but she asserts that Heather is somewhere in Port Charles, disguised as a nurse.  Heather appears in the nurseís uniform at Mollyís bedroom door where Rafe is watching Danny while Molly makes lunch. Heather says she is there for the baby.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Congressman Wheeler apologizes to Leslie for the tragedy that happened all those years ago. When Neil interrupts their conversation, the congressman finds out that Valerie changed her name to Leslie. When Neil asks Leslie if she knows Wheeler, she tells him that she drew up a contract for him years ago and that he didn’t like it. Cane continues to ask Neil to look at Chelsea’s designs but both Neil and Lily agree that they need an established designer to start the Jabot fashion division. Tyler later tells Lily that he saw Cane meeting with Chelsea about her designs. Lily is not happy that Cane disobeyed Neil’s orders, but she doesn’t let Tyler know how upset she is with Cane.

Chelsea tells Adam she doesn’t want to be friends with him. Although they both decide to move on with their lives, Adam still calls Chelsea to tell her to stay safe where she is and try not to drive with the big snowstorm headed to Genoa City. Dylan calls his dad to tell him he isn’t leaving town yet and to make sure he has everything he needs before the storm hits. Nick tells Noah about Avery’s relationship with Dylan. Noah advises him to fight for Avery. Nick calls Avery to tell her to be careful and drive home before the storm. Nick offers to go pick her up, but she says she can take care of herself. Nick arrives in Dylan’s room to give him his last paycheck and tell him he won’t step aside to let him be with Avery. Dylan tells Nick the same thing. Avery calls Nick to tell him that she will be on the road in a few minutes which Dylan overhears. Congressman Wheeler is upset that Victor didn’t persuade Avery to drop her new case for the Innocence Foundation and threatens to tell the press Victor’s role in Stephanie’s death. Victor threatens to tell the press that Stephanie was a drug-addicted prostitute. Leslie worries that her and Tyler’s lives will change if Avery wins her new case. Victor is upset with Mason because he failed in his two attempts to switch Sharon’s medicine with sugar pills. He warns Mason that if he doesn’t do his job, he can forget about a future in the business world.

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