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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both Eric and Taylor are shocked at the kiss and wonder where that came from. He says he would not have done it if it didn’t mean something. She’s not even sure who started it, but both admit it felt terrific. She questions him a bit about his relationship with Stephanie. He confesses that he loved her, but passion had waned along the way. Not on his part, but on hers. The last rejection was so brutal that he never broached the subject again. Taylor says she would consider it an honor if he confided in her about how long this had been going on and how he handled not having that intimacy. Pam and Donna both are worried that Taylor is spending so much time with Eric behind closed doors.

Maya pleads with Dayzee that she needs her daughter. Marcus introduces himself and Carter. Maya continues that getting her daughter back was the only way she made it through prison and she is not leaving here until Dayzee finds her. Dayzee stalls long enough to say she will do all she can do. She later tells Marcus that she has no intentions to tell Maya the family may have all been killed until they know for sure. Carter warns Dayzee that when she does find out, Maya could hold her responsible and there could be trouble legally. It may just be his paranoia, but he sees people every day with no recourse to turn to the law. Hope drops in to see Liam. She says she knows how much it must have hurt him to tell Steffy to pack up and leave his house. She warns him that she wants him back, so if that means that he needs more space and time then she is willing to give him that. He says she is being very kind and he can’t imagine his life without her in it. She says good, that is what she was counting on. She is glad that he asked Steffy to move out so it will be an even playing field. He can make his decision without having consideration for the one he is living with. She claims that it’s not too late for them. They can marry and have a family. She kisses him passionately. Eric shares with Taylor that when Stephanie was in remission he gave her some gifts, one being an intimate, sexy nightgown and she would not put it on. He ended up being insensitive when he pushed Stephanie into a corner about trying it on and referring to it always coming down to sex and somehow that was down and dirty. She had admitted that part of their life was over……so that was the end of it. Carter calls some agency and finds out the internet news about the car accident was true, so Dayzee worries that she now has to tell Maya. Eric suggests that he and Taylor need to have dinner one night this week. She agrees but not at his place as she does not want Stephanie’s portrait to fall off the wall and hit her in the head again. She offers that she might even try on some lingerie for him. He claims that she is flirting with him……he thinks he is so lucky.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefano and Kate got into it while they were talking on the phone.  Jennifer admitted to Daniel that she lied to Chloe about where they went.  Chloe was thrilled that Jennifer admitted the truth. Kayla wanted Daniel and Chloe to see Parker.  Daniel wanted to talk to Jennifer later.  Kayla told Chloe and Daniel that Parker was better, but she wanted to keep him at the hospital overnight.  Chloe and Daniel wanted to stay with Parker.  Jennifer and Anne got into an argument when Jennifer accused Anne of helping Chloe break up her relationship with Daniel.  Sami was fishing trying to find out if EJ was going to propose to her.  EJ thought that she figured out what he was going to do.  He went to his jacket and started digging in his pocket.  Rafe talked Eric about Sami being with EJ.  Eric wanted him to leave the chapel so he could talk to Nicole.  Eric and Nicole were in the middle of a disagreement over whether she should go out and have a good time.  Nicole wanted to go out with Rafe.  Eric warned Nicole that she couldnít come back to the church if she did leave.  They eventually talked things out and she decided to stay at the chapel.  EJ grabbed his phone out of his pocket and told Sami that their company was the most successful one at DiMera Enterprises.  Sami thought he was going to propose.  Rafe saw Kate at the town square.  She sat down and talked with him.

Rafe thought Kate was going to give him a hard time about Gabi.  Kate asked if Rafe was okay with Will being the father of Gabiís baby.  Rafe was okay with it.  He just didnít want people taking sides.  Rafe wanted to buy Kate and drink.  EJ realized that Sami was expecting a marriage proposal.  They talked about whether they were ready for the next step in their relationship.  Sami believed they were ready to move forward.  Kate and Rafe talked about Sami and how Rafe should get over her.  Rafe ended up telling Kate that she was beautiful.  They also talked about her marriage to Stefano.  Kate revealed to Rafe that she was with him because of blackmail.  Daniel was upset that Jennifer lied to Chloe.  Daniel realized that Jennifer wasnít sorry that she lied to Chloe.  Jennifer admitted that she wasnít sorry for what she did.  Rafe wanted to know what Stefano had on Kate, but she wouldnít tell him.  Kate was getting ready to leave, but Rafe didnít think she should drive since she was drinking.  Rafe wanted to help her get home.  Daniel and Jennifer continued to argue over Chloe.  Daniel didnít like the fact that Jennifer implied that he was too stupid to see through Chloeís plan.  Jennifer tried to assure him that she didnít think he was stupid, but he didnít seem to believe her.  Daniel went to see Parker so Jennifer left the hospital.  Rafe and Kate walked to the park and stopped to talk.  While they were talking Rafe leaned in a kissed Kate.  Kate enjoyed the kiss and kissed Rafe back.  Jennifer was at home and wanted to call Daniel.  She remembered that his phone was broken so she called the hospital to leave him a message.  The nurse that took the message recited Jenniferís message out loud while Chloe was walking by her.  Chloe lied and said a patient needed a nurse so the nurse left the station.  Chloe took the message and ripped it up.  Rafe and Kate made love.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

T.J. tells Shawn that he is concerned about Molly and Rafe. He takes out his cell phone to call Molly and sees the Sun alert about Rafe being out of jail. Molly hides Rafe in her house. She thanks him for trusting him. She says she canít believe he is a killer, but she canít believe John McBain is, either. He hides under Mollyís bed when Kristina comes in. Kristina tells her that she canít stop thinking about what she did to Connie. She wonders about the possibility that everyone could be pushed to the point that they are capable of committing murder. Molly says having feelings doesnít make a person a murderer, not like Johnny Zacchara. She says he deserves to go to Pentonville after what he did to Starrís family. Kristina says Johnny was always good to her and that it appears that she is going to Pentonville too to do her community service there. When Kristina leaves the room, Rafe says he isnít going to stay and make things uncomfortable for her. She gives him a sandwich and tells him to stay. She says her mother is a lawyer and they will help him. T.J. calls Molly to warn her that Rafe is out. She says she already knows and that it isnít necessary for him to come over. Dante sees security footage of John McBain leaving the evidence room with the murder weapon from the Alison Barrington case. John arrives. Dante asks him where he has been.  He says he was following up on a lead on the Alison Barrington case. Dante asks him if he took the kid with him. John says no. Dante asks him what happened the second time he visited the kid in his cell. John says he didnít go there twice. He wonders what Dante is talking about. Dante shows John the footage of him leaving the holding area with Officer Carlson and Rafe Kovich. He tells John that Carlson was murdered on Pier 52 and that they donít suspect the kid. He says a nurse from General Hospital said she saw John with the murder weapon. He shows John the security footage from the evidence room.  

Johnny Zacchara is sentenced to 20 years in Pentonville. He asks Starr to come to the jail where he gives her an envelope. Lulu feels bad for Johnny and will miss having him as a business partner. Mac tells Lulu that Frisco is back and claiming that he is there for Maxie. Lulu thinks his presence will be stressful for Maxie. Mac thinks Frisco is really back for Felicia. Lulu tells Mac that Felicia wouldnít give up what she has for him to go back to Frisco. Mac buys two tickets to the Valentineís Day party. Frisco tells Felicia that Maxie wonít talk to him. Felicia tells him that Maxie doesnít have a reason to trust him and that he has to earn his trust. Frisco says he is back for Felicia, too. He tells her that he loves her. She says she has heard it all too many times before. She says she isnít available. He says she is settling for Mac. Mac returns to the Floating Rib. He tells Frisco that he told Maxie and Georgie that he was away doing important business and saving lives, but the girls always had a hurt behind their eyes. He says that kind of pain might be hard to forgive. Frisco asks Felicia to go to dinner with Maxie and him tomorrow. Mac says she is busy and shows her the tickets to the Valentineís party at the Haunted Star. Frisco says he has never been into Valentineís Day. He asks Felicia to talk to Maxie and arrange for the three of them to have dinner soon. He says he isnít giving up on either of them. Felicia asks Mac to ignore Frisco.

Laura Spencer sees Luke kissing Anna. Anna tells Luke that they havenít been together in a while and that she wants to feel the way she felt when she was in love with Duke all those years ago. She says Luke knows the feeling because he had it with Laura. He says that is in the past. Anna just wants to be friends now. Laura goes to the Haunted Star and surprises Lulu. She says she heard about the baby and that as soon as the doctor gave her the go-ahead she got on a plane. She tells Lulu that she spent some time with Lucky in Ireland and now she gets to spend time with her daughter. She asks about Luke. Lulu tells her that Luke is sort of seeing Anna Devane. Laura says she wants Luke and everyone else in the family to be happy. Starr goes to the Haunted Star and is thrilled to meet the legendary Laura Spencer. When Laura leaves to go unpack at the Metro Court, Starr tells Lulu that Johnny gave her his half of the Haunted Star.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Carmine tells Abby that he thought their relationship was over since she left town, so he is with someone else now. Abby assumes Carmine is lying to make her jealous; but when he tells her again that he has moved on, she decides she isn’t going to beg him and tells him to have a nice life. Abby asks Jack for a job, but he is hesitant to give it to her because of the naked heiress. Abby explains she has grown up while she was away and has learned a lot from Ashley, so now she wants to get a real job. Impressed by Abby’s new attitude, Jack gives her a job at Jabot and tells her he is happy she is home. Summer has a talk with Kyle, and he makes her realize she has been a terrible friend to Fen, so she goes to look for him to apologize. Summer finds Fen trying to hitchhike out of town, and they plan to run away so they won’t have to deal with their parents when Jamie tells them about the bullying. Summer persuades Fen to wait until after the coming storm, because she doesnít want to drive in bad weather.

Paul finds Jamie on the roof where Fen allegedly pushed Jamie off. Jamie is ready to jump, but Paul persuades him that people care about him and that everything will be okay. Once Jamie is off the roof, he admits to Paul that Fen didnít push him that night, but he jumped because he couldnít take Fen and Summerís bullying him anymore. Michael and Lauren are still arguing over Fen when Paul arrives to tell them what really happened on the roof that night and that Jamie tried to kill himself again tonight. Paul tells Michael and Lauren that Fenís bullying drove Jamie to want to end his life twice, and they need to do something to stop his behavior before other people get hurt. Paul also talks to Lauren about Summer and advises her to be the kind of parent he wishes he could have been to Ricky. Nikki almost tells Victoria about her illness but seeing her so worried about her makes her decide to just tell her the doctor is doing some more tests, because he found something in her blood work. Nikki has stiffness in her hands again while playing the piano. Victor tells her about the call from her doctor, but Nikki says the doctor is running some tests on her. Victor demands that Jack stay away from Nikki and finds a sponsor instead of talking to her about his problems.

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