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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Steffy pushed to the floor, Hope tells her do not talk about her mother that way. She is proud of her mother and glad to be a Logan. She gloats that she and Liam belong together. Steffy had her chance while she and Liam never had theirs. Steffy said but oh but she did. And even with the wedding in Italy, Liam came back to her. Brooke interferes and tells Steffy that she can not speak to her daughter that way. Liam is making up his mind as they speak and Steffy is now the one who needs to back off. Hope says she is sure Liam is going to pick her. They will marry and they will have children. Steffy states she doesn’t think that is the way it will turn out. She can give Liam something that Hope can’t right now. Meanwhile Taylor is still bemoaning to Eric that while she was not born a Forrester, neither was Brooke. Yet she walks around Forrester as if she is entitled. Taylor says she raised her children to be grateful. It seems Brooke raised her to be takers. It isn’t fair to Steffy and the baby for Hope to take advantage of this situation.

Dayzee explains the situation with Maya having her baby adopted. Even though it was a legal adoption, she demands that Dayzee give her the baby back as she will not go away. Carter looks at the papers to try to see just how binding it is. Marcus tells Zee to calm down; everything will be all right. Carter wants to be sure that the lawyer was licensed otherwise there could be charges against Zee as well for human trafficking. Steffy tells Hope that Liam hasn’t made up his mind yet. If he was going to pick her, he would have already. They argue back and forth over that sorry excuse of a man named Liam and both feel he belongs to them. Steffy ends by saying that Hope better listen to her. She and Liam have something that Hope does not have. Brooke tells Steffy that she has had her time. It’s time to step back. Steffy says here is what she will do. She will step back if Hope will do the same and give Liam this chance to make his decision with no interference. Eric wants to talk to Brooke but Taylor nixes that. She does not want Brooke to know about the baby; just another Logan to hurt her. Eric gives her a hug. He says he knows she is hurting for her daughter and he understands. Taylor says all of this does not make sense, but now she knows what Stephanie was trying to tell her about Brooke’s lack of values compared to Taylor. She never thought things would end like this. Eric kisses her and says this doesn’t have to be the end. Carter advises Zee to get in touch with the adopted parents, but when she attempts to she finds they all died in a car accident. Maya walks in and in front of everyone demands that Zee find her baby.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Sami invited Marlena over to tell her that sheís back with EJ.  EJ called Stefano to tell him that heís back with Sami.  Kristen pretended to be drunk to get to Brady.  Chloe called Daniel to tell him about Parkerís fever.  Daniel and Jennifer decided to go back to Salem.  Marlena wasnít happy about Sami being with EJ.  Marlena advised Sami not to get back together with EJ after everything he did to her.  Sami didnít want to hear Marlenaís advice.  Kristen continued her plan, but Brady caught her pouring her drink in a plant.  Kayla told Chloe that Parker was convulsing.  Kristen managed to explain why she poured the drink out.  She said she watered the plant.  Brady believed her story.  Sami tried to get Marlena to accept her relationship with EJ and that heís changed.  Marlena said it would take her time to do that.  Marlena wondered if EJ would still be a changed man when Stefano comes back to Salem.  Stefano didnít like the idea of EJ being back with Sami.  Daniel and Jennifer arrived at the hospital.  Chloe told Daniel about Parkerís convulsions.  Kristen wanted Brady to say yes to marrying her.  Stefano called Marlena up.  Daniel checked on Parker and told Chloe that Parker was okay.  Chloe told Daniel that she tried to call his phone as well as Jenniferís phone.  Daniel told her that his phone was broke and that Jennifer didnít bring her phone with her.  Daniel asked her why she didnít call him in Chicago.  Chloe let him know that Jennifer told her they were in a club in Salem. 

Once again Kristen tried to convince Brady to marry her.  She claimed she wasnít trying to stick it to John and Marlena.  Kristen wanted to tell the world that she loves him.  EJ arrived at Samiís apartment and they started making out.  Sami suggested that they tell the kids about being back together.  Stefano told Marlena that John went to see him.  Jennifer talked to Anne and found out she was with Chloe when she found out that Parker was sick.  Jennifer didnít realize that Chloe and Anne were friends.  Kayla told Daniel and Chloe that Parkerís fever broke.  Jennifer and Anne argued about Chloe being Parkerís mother and that Jennifer has no place in Danielís life.  Daniel couldnít believe that Jennifer would lie about where they went.  Chloe told Daniel that Jennifer deliberately lied to her about being in Salem.  Jennifer two and two together and realized that Anne tried to set her up to make her look bad in Danielís eyes.  Brady told Kristen that heís why they canít get married.  Sami was looking for a pen and looked in EJís pocket.  She found a ring box in his pocket.  Kristen called Stefano and told him that Brady wonít marry her.  She was determined to find out the reason why Brady wouldnít marry her.  Daniel asked Jennifer if she lied about where they went.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Duke Lavery tells Michael and AJ that Pickle Lila is the solution to preserving ELQ.  Michael says Tracy has the last jar of Pickle Lila. Luke says they just need to find the original recipe. Michael doesnít think it will be easy to find. Tracy realizes that her father left the jar of Pickle Lila to her in his will to remind her that rebuilding is possible with resourcefulness.  She tells Luke to find Lauren Frank so that she can get her 6 percent on her side. Tracy turns on the television and hears the news about Lucy Coe holding Anna at gunpoint. Luke goes to find Anna to make sure she is alright. Tracy looks for the recipe in the Quartermaine kitchen. Michael and AJ go to the Quartermaine estate and ask Alice if she knows where the recipe is. She says no, but that it is funny that Tracy is looking for it as they speak. Tracy returns to the sitting room and finds AJ standing there holding the empty relish jar.

Britt blackmails Maxie to help her destroy Sabrina. Patrick overhears Britt mentioning Sabrina. He tells Maxie that he would be happy to refer her to a doctor other than Britt. Maxie tells Britt that she is beginning to think Sabrina isnít the bad guy that Britt is making her out to be.  Britt says Sabrina turned Emma and Patrick against her. She says she wants Maxie to get Sabrina fired and ensure that she never gets her RN degree. Sabrina Santiago sees Caleb Morley taking a weapon out of the Officer Carlson and licking the blood. She asks ďDetective McBainĒ who killed the man. She realizes that Carlson isnít dead and goes over to tend to his wound. Caleb disappears while her back is turned. Sabrina calls 9-1-1. Word gets to Dante that Carlson is being transported to General Hospital with a stab wound. Anna goes to the crime scene and finds the weapon that was used to kill Alison Barrington and the evidence bag that it came in. She tells an officer to look at the surveillance footage of the evidence room so she can find out who took it. Sabrina goes to GH in the ambulance with Officer Carlson. Dante goes to the emergency room and asks Carlson if Rafe Kovich stabbed him. Carlson says no, but he codes before he can say who did. Patrick is unable to save Carlson. Dante asks Sabrina to recount everything that she saw. She tells him that McBain was there, holding an object that looked like a combination of a knife and an arrow that had blood on it. She notes that she thought Officer Carlson was already dead because Detective McBain wasnít trying to help him. She says it was odd that McBain left without a word. Sabrina finds a vial on the floor in the operating cubicle, which Maxie had planted there on Brittís orders, and thinks she used the wrong medication on Officer Carlson. Dante calls Anna and tells her that Rafe didnít stab Carlson and that McBain fled the scene.  Dante returns to the station where an officer tells him about the murder weapon that was removed from the evidence room and used to murder Carlson. He looks at the evidence room footage and sees John McBain leaving with the weapon. John goes up to Dante and asks him what is going on. Anna ignores Dukeís call and wonders if she has lost her instincts. Luke tells her that she can always count on him. He kisses her. Laura Spencer walks by and sees the kiss.

TJ goes to Mollyís house and tells her that he ratted her out to protect her from hanging out with a murderer. She doesnít believe that Rafe killed his mother. She says she gave TJ the benefit of the doubt when everyone else said he was bad news.  He asks her how she thinks it makes him feel that she is so concerned about another guy. Molly says it doesnít have anything to do with TJ; she is simply trying to show a little compassion. TJ says Rafe is blaming Detective McBain and they know McBain wouldnít kill Rafeís mother. Rafe is hiding under Mollyís porch and remembers the man he thought was McBain stabbing Officer Carlson. When TJ leaves, Rafe reveals himself to Molly and tells Molly that McBain stabbed another officer in front of him and that he said he was his father.  He asks her to hide him. Caleb sees Rafe go into Mollyís house.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby returns home to see Kyle because he called her. Kyle tells her that Jack is recovering from an addiction to pain killers and needs his family around him. Abby is upset with herself for being so insensitive that she didn’t think to call and check on her family. Michael and Lauren continue to argue about Fenmore, because she wants Michael to be Fen’s father and not the DA. Lauren heads out to drink wine, and Carmine is all too happy to listen to her troubles and take her side on the Fenmore situation. Carmine drives a drunken Lauren home, and Abby sees them both headed out to the parking lot of On the Boulevard restaurant. Summer pleads with Jamie to drop the charges against Fen, but he refuses so she calls him a loser who blames other people when things go wrong. Jamie is hurt by Summerís words and heads to the roof where he and Fenmore had their argument and Fen allegedly pushed him off.

Fen asks Kevin to talk to Michael. Kevin agrees with Lauren, but Michael tells him that he has bailed him out of all his troubles and that has led him to continue to make mistakes. He won’t allow that to happen to Fen and has to save the life of his son. Fen tells Summer that he intends to run away and jump bail, because his father is determined to send him to jail, and he won’t spend another night in that scary place. Nikki shows Victoria the test results from Northwestern General Hospital and tells her that she is very scared because she is sick. Sharon tells Adam that they should not start a relationship again, because it wouldn’t be good for either of them. Adam wants Sharon to be his friend, because he needs one right now.

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