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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy hangs out with Thomas and fills him in on her visit to Paris. She says Ridge is having a hard time, but she thinks he will be okay. She laments that a lot has happened while she was away and now that she is back…..Liam asked her to move out. Thomas warns her that she does not have to sit around and take this; end it now. She says life is funny. She told Liam to go for it; see Hope. Now she is the one who wants a future. She wants to get married and live for something other than herself. She can only hope that Liam wants that too. Liam is getting ready for work when Taylor drops by to pick up Steffy’s things. He says it’s all packed, mostly just clothes. Her motherly advise – he is making a big mistake and Steffy is not going to be treated like this. He comments that he has a lot to figure out and he can’t do that with Steffy there. It wouldn’t be fair to any of them. She pleads with him not to do this. He will miss Steffy. He needs her as she can give him something that no other woman can. She reveals that she knows that Steffy saw him and Hope before she left for Paris. She does not excuse his behavior, and she certainly can not let him keep hurting her daughter over and over. He needs to make up his mind before it is too late. He looks at her and wonders what it is she is trying to tell him; something he should know. She turns and avoids the question, saying she just doesn’t want him to miss out on something he should be sharing with Steffy. She feels like asking Steffy to leave is like opening the door to Hope. She rants on that she is not sure he knows what Brooke and her family have done; putting her family through a living hell. She tells Liam that she really likes him and she’d love to have him in her family. Steffy wants to give him everything. Steffy really loves him, and she would hate to see him get mixed up with Hope. She pleads with him, do not blow this.

Brooke, Rick and Hope are waiting to meet Eric. Brooke says life is good. They are getting along better and Hope and Liam are back on track since Steffy moved out and Rick is President of FC. The president is not so happy when he sees the paper making Thomas an executive as well. He wishes that Eric had consulted him first. In his opinion, Thomas is a brooding, disruptive force and does not deserve this. Rick says he hates to keep harping on this, but he doesn’t think Eric should have made him VP. Eric says he knows he is young but he has a designer’s eye and knows the young market. Both of Taylor’s children are important and he doesn’t want to see them marginalized. As Taylor is leaving Liam’s, Eric calls her to the office as he’d like to see her. At Dayzee’s she is mulling over some adoption papers with a scowl on her face. Marcus and Carter walk in and she tucks the papers away. However, when Dayzee gets up to get more coffee, Marcus finds the papers and shows Carter who mentions they are adoption papers. Marcus asks what is up. She comes clean that years ago she helped some young girls on the streets find a home for their babies, and now she thinks she might be in trouble. Eric is shocked to hear from Taylor that Steffy still has not told Liam about the baby. They are both sure it would make all the difference in the world. Hope goes by Steffy’s office. Steffy senses that Hope probably knows that Liam asked her to move out. Hope says they were lied to that made them break apart and Steffy should be grateful that she had all the time with him that she did. Steffy agrees; she is grateful for every precious moment. She gloats that she and Liam have found something very special and she looks forward to many more special moments. Hope counters that she is feeling pretty great these days herself. She thinks she will end up with Liam and they will be married and have children. Liam has made the decision before, and she thinks he will do it again. Steffy says she will not let Liam do so. She is not just doing this for herself….and then she goes into this long accusation of what the Logan family has always done to hers. A shouting match ensues and Hope shoves Steffy out of her face. Steffy lands bellyside against the desk and falls to the ground with a horrified look on her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Kristen was determined to get Brady to marry her.  Jennifer told Chloe that she and Daniel were going to a club in Salem.  Daniel walked in on Jennifer and Chloe. Chloe was about to mention how Jennifer told her where they’re going, but Jennifer cut them off.  Lucas received Nick’s anonymous text about Will shooting EJ.  Nick eavesdropped on Gabi and Will’s conversation.  Lucas called Will about the text he received.  Lucas wanted to meet Will.  Nick followed Will when he went to meet Lucas.  Chloe believed Jennifer’s lie and went off to scheme.  Gabi went to see Sonny at the coffee shop.  She tried to convince him that he should work things out with Will.  Lucas and Will met and talked about the text.  Lucas thought someone was out to get them. 

Some of the episode was preempted.  Sonny and Gabi got into it over Will.  Nick showed up at the coffee shop to get Gabi.  Will met T and thought T sent the text to Lucas.  Daniel punched a guy who flirted with Jennifer.  His phone ended up breaking.  Brady offered Daniel his phone just in case he needed to use it.  Kristen pretended to be really drunk to get Brady to propose.  Chloe had to rush Parker to the hospital because he had a high fever.  Chloe called Daniel and Jennifer but she couldn’t get through to him.  Will apologized for accusing T of sending the text.  Gabi told Nick that she thought Sonny knew what she did with Andrew.  Nick assured Gabi that Sonny wouldn’t say anything to Will.  Daniel checked his messages and heard Chloe’s call about Parker having a high fever.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucy holds a gun to Anna and tells her that she needs to take Rafe away to protect him from Caleb. She adds that Rafe didn’t kill Alison; Caleb did. She begs Anna to help her. Caleb goes to Rafe's cell and says he wants to get him out of there so they can take a trip together. Rafe thinks Caleb is John McBain. Caleb says he wants to take him back to the crime scene to get his statement. Rafe says he isn’t going anywhere with him. To assuage Rafe's fears, Caleb asks an officer to go with them. Anna takes Lucy to Rafe's cell and find that he is gone. Lucy says Caleb took him. Anna locks Lucy in Rafe's cell. When they get to the pier, Caleb and the officer act out the sequence of events as Rafe recalls them, culminating with Caleb killing the officer in exactly the same way that he killed Alison. Rafe asks him if he is going to kill him too. Rafe doesn’t believe Caleb when he reveals that he is Rafe's real father. Caleb says he is going to raise him as a Morley. Rafe runs away. Anna watches the security footage and sees John McBain and Officer Carlson taking Rafe.

Just when Carly is about to kiss Todd, Luke knocks on the door of Todd's office. Todd hides under the desk.  He comments about her being there because she is pining over her latest disastrous relationship.  She says the police asked her if she had seen Todd and she just came to see if Todd was there. Luke asks her what she knows about the missing Quartermaine heir. Carly concludes that Luke is trying to worm his way back into Tracy's bank account. Carly says she wouldn’t do anything to help Tracy. Luke says she would be screwing AJ over at the same time. He bangs on the desk and discovers that Todd is underneath. Todd says he will call the police on both of them unless Carly tells him what he needs to know. She tells him that Franco might have a daughter named Lauren. Luke tells Todd that he should go to Uruguay. Todd wants Carly to go with him. Carly says no, she can't leave her life. He kisses her goodbye.

Shawn tells Sonny that Connie recanted for him. Sonny says Olivia got through to Connie and that Michael still doesn't believe him. He says he needs to find out who really leaked the evidence and that he thinks it was Tracy. Two men go to the Quartermaine estate to arrest Tracy. Connie happens to come over and seeing what is happening, she tells them she will break their hands if they don't unhand Tracy. She says they wouldn’t know anything about Tracy's alleged wrongdoing without her newspaper. She says all they have is a story and that they can't do anything with that without the original evidence. They tell her to hand over the evidence. She tells them to go ahead and arrest her. She tells them him that there are no such documents because Todd's staff shredded them to spite her. The agents leave. Connie loves Pickle Lila. Sonny and Shawn show up just in time to hear Tracy and Lucy talking about Tracy leaking the ELQ information. Connie asks Sonny not to tell Michael. He agrees to find another way. AJ tries unsuccessfully tries to find someone to give him money to save ELQ. Michael tells AJ that Connie recanted her statements against Kristina and Sonny. AJ thinks Connie only recanted so Sonny wouldn’t lose her kids. Duke tells AJ that he wasn’t successful in his attempt to secure financing. Michael suggests that they focus on the good things ELQ's has done to take the attention off the scandal.  Luke tells Tracy about Lauren and suggests that she could get her in her side. Tracy thinks of all the ways that it could backfire. Tracy tells Luke that she needs to repair the damage that she did, but that she can't do much because her father only left her a jar of Pickle Lila. A light bulb switches on in her heads. Duke suggests to AJ and Michael that they resurrect Pickle Lila to save ELQ.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Avery talks to Sharon and tells her about her love story with Dylan. Avery explains that they became friends when he did some construction work at her home. Avery also tells Sharon that they went on their first date when Avery’s husband didn’t have time to go to a concert for which Avery had worked hard to get tickets, so they could have a special night together. Nick demands answers from Dylan who tells Nick that he and Avery fell in love, and both men agree to give Avery space and time to think and respect whatever decision she makes about which of them she wants to be in her life.

Mason has doubts about following Victor’s orders to switch Sharon’s medicine with sugar pills, but in the end he does it. Jack warns Adam to be on guard for a scheme by Victor, because when he is too calm and quiet, he is planning something. Jack and Phyllis go out and have red velvet cake and good conversation. Adam invites Sharon to his place for dinner. Despite the fact that Sharon tells him they are not good for each other, he gives her a kiss. Nick tells Avery that he won’t push her to make a decision, but he wants her in his life. Avery decides to use her business trip for her innocence foundation case as an excuse to go away and think about what to do about the two men in her life. Nikki isn’t home and Victor takes a message from her doctor who wants her to return his call.

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