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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

When Katie tells Brooke and Hope that Liam asked Steffy to leave, Brooke urges Hope to get over there right now. He didn’t want her to leave; he wanted time away from Steffy. Meantime Bill is pounding away at his son, Liam, that Steffy is the right woman for him. Liam says he needs space right now so he can make up his mind. Truth matters to him. It matters a lot and he didn’t have all the true facts before. Bill keeps at him to go pick up the phone and ask Steffy to come back home. Taylor too is pressuring Steffy to tell Liam about the pregnancy. Steffy repeats again that she doesn’t want Liam under those circumstances. She can not survive on scraps of love. She needs him to make that commitment and be true to it, not marrying her just because it is the right thing to do. She sees what it did to Taylor with Ridge, and she doesn’t want that to happen to her. She wants to live with Liam; she wants to have his baby. She was so excited to tell him, but now Hope is involved.

Taylor admits that the only person she told about the pregnancy was Eric. He’s been grieving and she knows he won’t say anything. She too has been grieving over Stephanie and this is another way they can bond and give comfort to each other. She advises Steffy to forget about Hope. She doesn’t have to be part of this if Steffy will just tell Liam that she is going to have his baby. Hope tells Katie that Bill can talk up Steffy all he wants to, but there is nothing that can break that bond between her and Liam. After a lot of contemplating about it, Liam calls Steffy. She’s glad that he misses her. He apologizes for asking her to leave. He says he loves her and this doesn’t mean it is the end of them but it is a big decision and he hopes she recognizes that and will give him this time. She clutches her tummy again and says sure; just don’t let them down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Sami advised Will to get a paternity test for Gabiís baby.  Nick overheard Rafe telling Gabi that Sami might cause trouble for her.  Nick heard Rafe tell Gabi that Sami will convince Will to use everything against her and Nick.  Sami continued to talk Will into getting Gabi to take a paternity test.  EJ showed up at the apartment and advised Will that he should get the paternity test.  Lucas and Chloe ran into each other and they had a chilly conversation.  Lucas wanted Chloe to get Daniel back so he would get away from Jennifer.  Nick thought about Lucas telling Will about going to jail for him while Rafe and Gabi were talking.  EJ told Will the legal ramifications about getting the paternity test.  Jennifer went to the chapel to talk to Nicole about Chloe.  Chloe went to the Kiriakis mansion and saw Daniel and Parker together.  Chloeís face fell when she found out that Daniel had plans with Jennifer.  EJ and Sami continued to convince Will to get the paternity test.  Will wanted to do it his way.  Nick bought surveillance stuff so he could get the proof he needed to use against Will.

Chloe tried to use Parker to keep Daniel from going with Jennifer.  She thought Parker wouldnít be comfortable with him if heís gone too long.  The plan didnít work because Daniel wanted to go anyway.  Jennifer wanted Nicole to give her some insight about Chloe.  Nicole didnít want to help Jennifer, but she did warn her not to give Chloe anything that she could use against her.  Will approached Gabi and Nick about getting a paternity test.  Will let it slip that Sami and EJ thought he should ask about it.  Gabi was upset about it, but Will tried to cover it up by saying that he wanted everything to be official by the time the baby is born.  Nick said he understood that Will wanted the test and Gabi should go through with it as long as nothing happens to her or the baby.  Chloe showed up at Jenniferís house to give Daniel back his stethoscope, which he left it behind when he was playing with Parker.  Chloe asked Jennifer where she and Daniel were going.  Jennifer lied and said they were staying in Salem.  Daniel was there too and asked Chloe why she was there.  Gabi agreed to get the paternity test.  Nick sent Lucas a text that said ďI know your son shot EJĒ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Connie interrupts Kristinaís arraignment and recants her accusation. The prosecutor wants to go to trial anyway. They make a deal for Kristina to plead guilty to second degree assault with a sentence of 500 hours of community service. Kristina asks Connie why she did that for her. Connie says it was the right thing to do and that she decided that Kristina had suffered enough by losing Trey. Sonny thanks her and asks her to make things right with Michael, too by telling him the truth about the ELQ leak. Connie admits to Michael that Sonny didnít know anything about the information or the article. Michael asks her who did. She tells him she isnít going to tell him that, but it wasnít his father. T.J. gives Molly a hard time about visiting Rafe. She tells him to consider the possibility that Rafe didnít kill his mother and that he witnessed the murder and is all alone with people like T.J. rushing to judgment without having the facts. She tells him that he is acting jealous and immature. T.J. asks Anna to tell Molly to stay away from the prisoners. Anna tells Molly not to do it again. Molly and T.J. go to the court. Kristina gives her the good news about her arraignment. Alexis wonders where they were all that time.

Luke tells Tracy that she hasnít found out anything about the lost Quartermaine from Carly because Carly has been avoiding him. He asks her if Lucy still has the deciding vote. She says Lucy canít vote because she is mentally unstable and a fugitive. Luke was not aware. Tracy reveals that Lucy escaped Fern Cliff with Todd Manning and Heather Webber. Luke is afraid that Heather will go after Anna. He calls Anna. She tells him they are on it. Tracy tells Luke to keep trying to get the information from Carly. Todd looks in his office safe for the passport he was going to use to leave the county, but Carly has it. She calls the police, but Todd convinces her to hear him out before she turns him in. He asks her to run away with him. She asks him why she would. He says she loves him and he loves her. She says it doesnít change anything. He continues to make his case until Luke knocks on the door. Two mysterious Secret Service-looking men in suits and sunglasses go to the Quartermaine estate to arrest Tracy.

Officer Lindsay tells Anna that John McBainís fingerprint was on the murder weapon used to kill Alison. John McBain visits Rafe in his cell. Rafe is afraid of him after having seen him kill Alison. John says he didnít kill her and that they should work together to find out who did. Rafe doesnít want to talk to him. He says he and his mom were always on the run to keep him from finding them. John asks him if his mother ever said the name of the person that they were running from. Rafe says it was Caleb. John tells him that both Alison and Lucy Coe thought he was Caleb when they saw him, but that his name is John McBain. Rafe tells John what he saw on the pier. John says that if Rafe is telling the truth, then the murderer must look like him.  John asks him to remember everything he can about the man that he saw. Rafe realizes that the man was wearing a leather jacket and ring that John does not have on and concludes that John took them off so that he wouldnít recognize them. John asks him to describe the ring. He tells him that it was a signet ring with a bat on it. He says this conversation doesnít mean he no longer thinks John is guilty. John goes to follow up on the lead. Rafe thinks to himself that someone has to believe him. Lucy wakes up from a nap on the sofa at Wyndemere to find Caleb standing over her. She says she knows he killed Alison. He says Alison tried to kill him first. She tells him to stay away from the boy. He says he will claim the boy as his. She says she will keep him from Rafe. He says she has always known it was a hopeless battle and now the time has come to end it. He moves in to bite her. She wakes up from the nightmare, but sees that the window has been opened. Lucy sneaks into the police station to see Rafe. Officer Lindsay recognizes her. Lucy jumps him. Anna comes out to see what the scuffle is about. Lucy points Lindsayís gun at Anna. Caleb goes to Rafeís cell. Rafe thinks it is John McBain, returned.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil stops by to check on Katherine and he opens up to her about how Leslie has broken through the walls he has built for himself. Esther worries that the stress of running Chancellor is affecting Katherine. Katherine notices that she is starting to forget things so she goes to the pharmacy to get some natural pills to help improve her memory. Lauren and Michael continue to argue because he believes that Fen pushed Jamie off the roof. She insists that her son couldnít be that cold blooded. Jamie gives his statement to the police and tells them that Fen asked Summer to pretend to be Brittni, be his friend on Facebook, and post to everyone at school that he had been put in jail for breaking and entering. When Jamie and Summer became friends, Fen told him to stay away from Summer because she was his, and she would never notice him because he was poor.

Lauren gets advice from Phyllis who tells her to prepare for the worst, because Michael doesn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of his job. Lauren tells Katherine the whole story with Fen and Jamie. Katherine tells Lauren that if Fen did push Jamie off the roof, then Michael has no choice but to prosecute. Fen admits to Kevin that he did send Jamie awful text messages, but he didn’t push him off the roof. Kevin thinks that if Fen is telling the truth, then Jamie jumped off the roof to get attention or to stop the bullying. Jack asks Neil to be his sponsor and help him stay away from pills. Jack and Phyllis smell a new Jabot perfume sample and almost kiss. Jack decides to call the new perfume Red. He also sends Phyllis a dozen roses with the note “Thank you for saving my life” but no signature. Lauren returns home and sees her son being handcuffed and arrested. She promises Fen that she will get him out of jail because he is innocent.

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