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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy comes home rather sadly and plops on the couch, clutching her tummy. She thinks of Liam, looking at his pix on her IPhone. Liam is doing the same and is just about to call her when Bill and Katie stop by. Katie apologizes for coming and not calling first. She didn’t think they should come at all, but Bill says to heck with that. Liam has had several hours now with Steffy, so get her out here. Liam has to admit that she is not there. Sheepishly he says that he asked her to leave. Bill is beside himself. He flaps his lips and starts spewing again how there is only one choice, to be with the woman for him – Steffy. Hope looks at her watch and Brooke comments that she knows it is hard and that she wants to hear from Liam how Steffy took his news about moving out. But she is a survivor just like her mother. Brooke states that Hope can give Liam so much more than Steffy as he wants family and neither of them can see Steffy and motherhood.

Taylor catches Steffy in a pensive mood and wants to hear all the details of why she is here and Liam is still at the beach house. Steffy says she had this picture in her head of an over joyous Liam when he heard he was going to be a father. It never occurred to her that he would ask her to move out. And yet before she left for Paris she had seen them on their bed, so she knew that might be what she was coming home to. And even now she does not want to trap him or complicate his life. Taylor argues that Liam deserves to know and Steffy needs to go over there right now and tell him. It will make all the difference in the world and she knows he will feel the same way as Steffy. Again Steffy counters that she will not do that. Hope would accuse her of trapping Liam and she would end up second fiddle to a Logan. She reminds Taylor that she went through that with Brooke. Their whole family was put through that and she will not go through that again. They have been through this before. She has put her life on hold for Hope. Taylor says Hope is just another casualty that will pass. But Steffy reminds her mother that she had three children and Ridge still left her for Brooke. It cost them too much as a family and she can’t do that. Hope says she loves her mother’s confidence. She just hopes she is right. Brooke brags that mothers are always right. Hope hopes that Taylor is not right as she firmly believes Liam will end up with Steffy. Katie leaves Liam’s and rushes to see Brooke and Hope and spreads the good news that Liam asked Steffy to move out. They can hardly contain their joy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Hope showed up at the chapel to question Nicole about corporate espionage at Titan.  Julie gave Gabi a gift for the baby.  They talked about Nick and Julie let it slip that he was stabbed.  Gabi was shocked.  Nick walked up to them and demanded that Julie stop talking about his situation.  Eric wanted to know why Hope wanted to question Nicole.  Eric and Nicole thought that Brady pressed charges against her.  Brady told Kristen that when they get married, he wanted everyone to be there.  He didnít want to hide anymore.  Brady had to leave Kristenís place because Eric wanted to meet him at the police station.  Sami wanted to talk to Rafe.  Rafe realized that she had sex with EJ.  Rafe was upset and didnít want to hear what she had to say.  Brady showed up at the station.  Nicole thought Brady filed the papers, but he said he didnít do it.  Nicole thought Kristen did it if he didnít.  Rafe didnít seem to care that Sami slept with EJ.  Sami thought he might be jealous because he was upset about it.  Rafe told her the person he fell for didnít exist anymore.  Kristen showed up at the station and denied pressing charges against Nicole.  Eric reminded Brady and Kristen that Nicole could go back to jail if they go through with pressing charges.  They denied pressing charges just as Victor walked through the door.  Victor revealed that he pressed charges against Nicole.  Gabi wanted to talk to Nick about the stabbing.  He flashed back to the stabbing.  Rafe and Sami continued to argue.  Sami threw up in Rafeís face that she had sex with EJ and it was the best night of her life.  Will went to the coffee shop to talk to Sonny.

Victor explained to Hope what happened when Nicole copied the files.  Hope wanted to talk to Victor about the charges.  She thought he was wrong for wanting to press charges.  Victor let her know that he was only kidding about pressing charges against Nicole.  Will showed Sonny the sonogram of the baby.  Rafe and Sami rehashed her affair with EJ.  They went back and forth about their relationship being over.  They also talked about Willís rights to the baby.  Sami thought that Will would get the baby because of everything that Nick and Gabi did.  Rafe warned Sami that he would go after her if she didnít anything to hurt Gabi. Sonny warned Will that Gabi and Nick might not want to work things out with him.  Sonny thought that Gabi and Nick tricked him into giving up his rights to the baby.  Will said he gave up his rights to the baby for Sonny.  Kristen talked with Nicole alone at the chapel (after they saw each other at the town square) and Kristen implied that Nicole has feelings for Eric.  Victor asked Hope about Bo, but she wouldnít answer him.  Kristen warned Nicole not to fall for a priest.  Itís worse than falling for a married man.  Rafe went to Gabi and told her that she might have trouble from Sami.  Sami realized she made a mistake by tipping her hand and called Will to warn him about it.  Will ignored the call because he was talking to Sonny.  They talked about how Will wanted to give up his parental rights for Sonny.  Will ended up leaving the coffee shop.  Rafe told Gabi that Sami was going to get Will to go after custody of the baby.  Gabi didnít think the judge would rule against her since sheís the mother.  Rafe reminded Gabi that Nick had a criminal past and that could keep them from keeping the baby.  Nick overheard Rafe and Gabiís conversation.  Will arrived at home and Sami told him that he should insist that Gabi get a paternity test done on the baby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Michael shows Starr the newspaper with her fatherís escape from Ferncliff as the headline. Heather, Todd, and Lucy go to Wyndemere to hide out. Todd changes into Nikolasís clothes that he finds in the wardrobe and then goes to see Starr and tell her that he is going to disappear. Afterwards, he goes to his office and opens his safe, only to find it empty.  Heather says she is going to go see Steve. Lucy sees the story about Alisonís murder and feels badly that she couldnít protect her from Caleb. She wants to go see Rafe. Heather forbids her to go to the police station because the police will apprehend her before she can get to the kid. She tells her that they will have to work together to figure out how they are going to see the people they need to see without being seen. Lucy finds some clothes to wear and presumes they must be Emilyís and that Nikolas never had the heart to dispose of them. Heather leaves when Lucy falls asleep on the sofa. Lucy wakes up to find Caleb standing over her.

John McBain debriefs the PCPD about the escape and the likelihood that Lucy Coe will look for Rafe, who is in lockup for his motherís murder. In the jail, Johnny Zacchara tells Rafe that he heard he killed his mother. Rafe says Johnny heard wrong and that the cop McBain did it. Johnny tells him that prison is better than holding in the guilt. He advises the boy to get a good lawyer so that he can get a plea bargain if he doesnít have a history of violent behavior. When Johnny is taken to the court for sentencing, he sees Kristina in handcuffs. She tells him that she is being arraigned for trying to kill his wife. Johnny says he doesnít blame her and that he has wanted to kill Connie on several occasions too. Kristina sympathizes with him because she knows he didnít mean to kill Starrís family. Michael asks Johnny if he gave the ELQ information to Sonny as well. Johnny thinks Michael should know that he would never give Sonny leverage for anything. Starr sees Johnny waiting for his sentencing. She tells him that nothing he can say will bring Cole and Hope back, but that seeing him hauled off to prison will bring them justice. John McBain is concerned about Sam and Danny now that Heather is back on the streets. Sam is equally concerned about the accusation that John murdered that woman. Molly goes to see Rafe in his cell and asks him if he killed his mother. He swears that he saw McBain do it. TJ finds Molly and wonders if she went to see that kid. John gets the forensics report from the murder weapon and finds that in addition to Alisonís and Rafeís, his own fingerprints are on it. He tells Sam that both Lucy and Alison mistook him for Caleb, so maybe there is a person named Caleb that looks like him and maybe that is who Rafe saw killing his mother. Kevin Collinsís car was found abandoned near the Quartermaine Estate, which is where Danny is right now with Monica. A police officer takes Sam to the Quartermaine Estate. John goes to the jail to talk to Rafe. Rafe recoils and tells John to stay away from him. John tells him that he didnít kill Alison and that they should work together to figure out who did.

Shawn observes that Connie is the only witness to Kristinaís assault and asks Sonny if he wants him to make her disappear. Sonny says he canít have Connie grabbed twice. Shawn says Sonny has gone soft on Connie. Alexis tells Kristina that Sonny was not able to convince Connie to drop the assault charges against her. She assures her daughter that she will do whatever it takes to secure her release.  Olivia goes too visit Connie. She tells her that she thinks the news about Heather Webber escaping Ferncliff is awful and that the story about the boy accusing John McBain of killing his mother is just as bad. Connie tells her that she is releasing her novel a chapter at a time until it goes on sale next month. Olivia says she will be sure to congratulate Molly Davis. She tells Connie that she is there to talk about Kristina Davis. Connie says Olivia isnít the one whose head Kristina tried to bash in with a baseball bat. Olivia thinks Connie just wants to get back at Sonny because he is in love with Kate instead of her. Connie tells her to get out. Olivia tells her to deal with her feelings for Sonny and not take it out on Kristina. She asks if Connie is afraid of her feelings for Sonny or if she is afraid she will turn back into Kate. Connie says she is afraid of both. Olivia advises her to be the strong, fierce person that she was before Joe Junior changed her. Connie rushes into Kristinaís arraignment and tells the judge that Kristina pleads not guilty.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily makes it clear to Tyler that she loves Cane and she isn’t the type of woman who cheats on her husband. Tyler assures Lily that he would never go after a married woman, and he is happy to have her as a friend. Neil tells Cane that he wants an established designer for the fashion division of Jabot; someone who can put the division on the map, not a young unproven designer like Chelsea. Cane continues to encourage Chelsea and tells her that she will have her dream of a sophisticated, classy, clothing line that every woman can afford. Jack and Phyllis go out to lunch even though it isn’t a date. Phyllis sees Nick and congratulates him on his club opening. Nick thanks her for signing the divorce papers. Kevin tells Chloe he wants to set fire to the coffee house so they can collect the insurance money and save their house. Chloe thinks that is a bad idea and instead tries to get close to Detective Chavez to see if she can find out information about Adriana.

Noah talks to Alex and finds out that he is Adriana’s brother, and he is trying to bring the money back to the New York Police, so that they wonít find out that his own sister stole evidence from him. Noah tells Nick that he gave the money back to Adriana and told her to run, but now he feels he must find her to make sure she is okay. Dylan tells Avery that the memories they shared together kept him alive. She is upset Dylan didn’t tell her he was alive, but he explains to her that he was injured and took a while to recover. Dylan also says that he has looked for her for a long time. When he saw articles about her cases in Genoa City along with pictures of her and Nick, he didnít want to ruin her life. Avery tells Dylan she is happy for the first time in a long time and then leaves his room and goes home to cry. When Nick finds her crying, Avery tells him that the man whose dog tags he found is alive. Adam decides to let go of Chelsea and move on with his life. Sharon tells Adam that having dinner together would not be a good idea. Jackís drug dealer arrives at his office with a free sample and says he knows his phone number if he wants more.

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