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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Brooke that Steffy tells her everything. There are no secrets between them so she knows all about Steffy seeing Hope and Liam in his bed, but she is mature about this and will handle it as she knows they have a future together. They go over old history and Brooke doesn’t remember how the Logans have always been between Taylor, her family and their legacy at FC. She does remember when Taylor was away for a very long time and Brooke stepped in to help raise her family. And through the years, their battles and rivalries, Brooke says she never once though of Taylor as an enemy. Taylor says then maybe as of this moment she should. Thomas laments to Eric that he wants to be a team player, but he needs him to re-define his parameters if he can hire and fire. Eric promises him that he will go back to the charter and see if it needs any tweaking.

Hope comes in and hugs Thomas as she has not had a chance to congratulate him on becoming VP. He’s a little frosty so they get into how much time she has been spending with his sister’s boyfriend, Liam. Hope can’t believe that Thomas will continue with this feud between their mothers. Brooke walks in and wonders what this persecution complex is going on. If Thomas wants something, some gift, all he has to do is ask. He says he wants nothing that he hasn’t earned. Steffy tells Liam that he most certainly has more than one choice. Happy people don’t look backward, they look forward. She is ready for that. She is ready for a commitment. Liam says he loves her, always will and he will never walk out of her life. She gets him. She interrupts and starts to say that she is happy to hear him say that. He also interrupts and states let him finish. Having said all of that, he doesn’t think they can continue to live together. Taylor tells Eric that she wasn’t harsh with Brooke, she was just telling the truth. Yes a lot of it was her fault, but she has learned you have to fight for what you want. Hope tells her mother that Ridge and Stephanie were the glue that held this place together, it won’t be the same. Brooke reminds her that it is just that – work. It doesn’t define their lives. Steffy is disappointed and asks if Hope is going to move back in. Liam says no; he’s not going to do that again. He can’t keep rebounding between them. It is unfair to both of them to act on his impulses. He can’t keep succumbing to these reflexes. He has to get back in touch with himself and what he really wants. He is not saying this is the end. She says she has more to say, but then she doesn’t (about the baby). She needs to leave and tells Liam to do what he has to do and so will she. She clutches her tummy as she leaves.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Rafe talked to Caroline about constantly taking care of Samiís kids.  EJ and Sami talked about how everyone would react to them getting back together.  Kirsten wanted to get married to Brady, but he thought it was too soon for that.  She agreed that it was too soon for now.  Nick wanted to get proof that Will was the one who shot Lucas.  Gabi wondered what he was doing and he told her he was waiting for her.  They ended up making love.  After they made love, Nick told Gabi he had to go to Jenniferís to get a letter about his parole.  Gabi noticed the scar on Nickís back and wondered how he got it.  Nick thought about someone threatening him.  Rafe and Caroline talked about the way Sami treated Gabi as well as how Will should have protected himself when he was with Gabi.  Kristen continued to pretend to be okay with Brady not wanting to get married yet.  EJ and Sami ended up talking about Kristen destroying her family, but EJ didnít want to hear it.  Their disagreement didnít last long because made love again.

Gabi talked to Rafe and he told her that he and Sami arenít together anymore.  Sami ran into Brady at the town square.  Brady called Sami out for ruining her relationship with Rafe.  She told him about how Kristen is ruining their family.  During their argument, Sami let it slip to Brady that she is back together with EJ.  Rafe let Gabi know that he put Sami in her place about the baby and how she was treating her.  Gabi defended Sami to Rafe, but he didnít want to hear it.  Nick talked to Jennifer about the baby and being attacked in prison.  Nick didnít want Gabi to know that he was attacked in prison.  EJ and Kristen met in the coffee shop and talked about him getting back together with Sami.  They also talked about her plans for Brady.  Gabi wanted Rafe to work things out with Sami, but he didnít want to be with Sami anymore.  Sami wanted to agree to disagree with Brady about Kristen and EJ.  Sami asked Brady not to say anything to Marlena or Eric before she had a chance to do it.  Nick was about to leave Jenniferís place and thought about someone threatening him.  Sami and Rafe ran into each other at the park.  Sami wanted to talk to him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dr. Westbourne threatens to tell Lulu everything if Maxie doesnít help her destroy Sabrina's life. She says Sabrina wants to attach herself to any doctor and that before she latched onto Patrick, it was Steve Webber. Olivia goes into the General hospital locker room and sees Steve in the shower with Sabrina, but Steve is alone in the shower. Patrick invites Elizabeth to say she told him so about Britt. Elizabeth says Sabrina has something to tell him. Sabrina is saved from saying anything because Olivia comes up and tells her to stay away from Steve. She reveals that she saw the two of them in the shower, and she knows it was a vision, but she also knows her visions come true. Steve comes up and tells Olivia that apparently Sabrina has a crush on him, but that she has never acted on it. Sabrina says she got over her crush when Patrick told her that Steve was unavailable so she is not interested in him at all. Patrick apologizes to Sabrina for not seeing how badly Britt treats her. He says that apparently he isnít ready to date yet, but when he is, it wonít be someone he works with. Sabrina offers to resume babysitting. Patrick says heíd rather have Sabrina as a friend. Sabrina tells Elizabeth that being Patrickís friend is good enough. Britt follows Patrick to the elevator and tells him that she wonít make him uncomfortable at work. He acknowledges that she spoke and gets on the elevator.

Frisco Jones walks into the Floating Rib and surprises Felicia. He extends his hand to shake Macís. Mac reluctantly shakes his hand and asks him why he is there. Frisco says he is there because Maxie is pregnant. Mac observes that Frisco was too busy to be there for Maxieís trial or his other daughter, Georgieís funeral. He wonders how Frisco even knew about the pregnancy. Frisco says his wife, Felicia, sent him a message. Mac says Felicia isnít Friscoís wife and informs him that he is with Felicia. Mac wonders why Felicia hadnít mentioned that to Frisco. She says she doesnít feel obligated to communicate with her ex-husband about anything except Maxie. Maxie goes to the Floating Rib to talk to Mac and Felicia and stops mid-sentence when she sees her father.

Starr has a romantic evening planned for Michael. He tells her about ELQís financial problems. She tells him that she thwarted Toddís attempt to fake DID to get out of going to prison. Lucy, Heather, and Todd are walking out of Ferncliff dressed in security guard uniforms when they run into Lucy's husband, Kevin. Kevin informs the two security guards that the third one is a patient. Lucy rats out the other two when they are going to escape without her. Heather finds a handy vase of flowers and clocks Kevin over the head with it. Lucy insists that they take Kevin with them, but Todd and Heather take off without her anyway. Lucy reconsiders and goes after them. Heather sees Heather Webber in the locker room. She asks Steve to assure her that his mother is still locked up in Ferncliff. Dante tells Lulu about the murder on pier 52 and the victimís son saying he saw John McBain do it. Dante doesnít want to think about anything bad. Instead, they make love. Starr and Michael have a whipped cream fight that leads to the bedroom..

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren refuses to even consider the thought that Fen pushed Jamie off the roof. She tells Michael that if he thinks Fen could be so cruel, then she doesn’t know the man she married anymore. Michael and Fen have a long talk and Fen thinks Michael is a hypocrite because he found out on the internet that he spent time in jail for trying to rape someone. Michael explains to Fen that it took a lot of therapy and seeking people’s forgiveness for him to change. Michael tells Fen he is trying his best so that he (Fen) doesn’t become the angry bitter young man that he used to be.

Nick’s opening of the Underground goes off without a hitch this time, but Avery is shocked to see her old boyfriend Dylan whom she was told was dead. Avery gets through the club opening obviously distracted by Dylan’s presence. They agree to talk later about why he waited so long to tell her that he was alive. Leslie tells Tyler that Congressman Wheeler recognized her and called her Valerie. Tyler suggests that she ask Avery if she thinks that she will win the appeal of her new case for the innocence foundation. Avery is distracted and doesn’t tell Leslie anything about the case. Victor is disappointed when his investigator fails to uncover any damaging information about Congressman Wheeler and tells his man not to stop investigating until he uncovers what Wheeler is trying to hide. Nikki arrives home and Victor tells her he wants to get married tonight, but she gets him to agree to get married when the house is rebuilt. Victor notices Nikki playing piano and it seems like she has pain or stiffness in her hands.

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