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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam hugs Steffy – she’s home and he’s glad she is back. She informs him that she had to help her dad through some rough spots, dealing with the breakup with Brooke. She hopes he does not come back any time soon until he gets over this. She tells him she is glad that he had this time alone with Hope, but now she is home and ready to start her life with Liam. He comments that it has been a big roller coaster ride. She adds to it by revealing what she saw the day she left for Paris. He is surprised that she is not screaming or throwing things at him. She says that would do no good; she knew he had to get Hope out of his system, especially now (which he does not catch that meaning). And if anything, that is why she was so distant in Paris. She doesn’t want to pressure him. They have a bright future (as she rubs her tummy), but she is not going to make the same mistake as her mother did and try to cling to him if he really wants to be with Hope. He grins and asks if that is an ultimatum. She says no, that is not who she is. She is not saying that he make that decision instantly today, but give her and Hope some respect, give himself some respect….do make it soon. She knows he and Hope would be married right now so this choice is final. He can go back to that same cycle with Hope or come be with her…..that is not an ultimatum but what is best for all of them.

Bill comes home and finds Katie dressed in a sexy blue nightgown in the middle of the day. That is what he is talking about. He vows he might do this more often if he came home to that. They explore things in the bed and he reminds her one more time that Steffy is coming home, probably with Liam as they speak and Katie will soon see that she is the better woman for Liam. Katie reminds him that is Liam’s decision, not his. Hope wishes Liam would call her. Eric drops in on Taylor and asks about Steffy; perhaps a glow on her. Yes, but she fills him in that before Steffy left, she went by the house and caught Hope frolicking on the bed with Liam so they have that to deal with. He says he hopes he can remember to act surprised when she makes her big announcement. Taylor comes by to see Brooke and tells Hope that Steffy is home and with Liam right now. She believes he will stay with her so Hope should not get her hopes up that she will be with Liam. Both Taylor and Brooke look at each with a gloating smile. Taylor tells Brooke that Hope won’t listen to her, but she will listen to Brooke so she had better help her before she has this fall. She will need Brooke’s strength, so prepare her. Steffy tells Liam that she doesn’t like it, that he entertained girlfriend #2 while girlfriend #1 was away, but she is mature enough to understand it. So it’s the cowboy’s turn to make up his mind what he wants. He’s sorry that she had to see what she did. He doesn’t doubt at all what the life they could have, but she says he could probably say the same thing about Hope. With her rubbing her tummy again, she says we need to know. He thinks there is only one decision he can make.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to see Stefano.  John wanted to talk about Kristen.  Nick found info about Lucas going to jail for shooting EJ.  He was determined to get proof.  EJ and Sami made love.  Chloe called Daniel and Jennifer to let them know that Parker needed Daniel.  Chloe played a recording of Parker crying.  Daniel thought Chloe could handle the problem.  Kristen was with Brady and saw Marlena.  Kristen put on a show for Marlena.  Kristen wanted to talk to Marlena.  Kristen gloated over the fact that John left her.  Kristen implied that she could be Marlena’s daughter-in-law.  Nick was determined to protect Gabi’s baby from Will.  Chloe’s plan seemed to work because Daniel wanted to go home to check on Parker.  John and Stefano continued to talk about Kristen.  John believed that Kristen wouldn’t win, but Stefano thought she would succeed.  Marlena was convinced that Brady would leave Kristen just as John did.  Nick overheard Will talking to Johnny about his baby.

Nick asked Will if Sonny wanted to be part of the baby’s life.  Will said that he didn’t speak to Sonny.  Marlena showed up at the pub and talked to Nick.  Kristen ran into Jennifer at the coffee shop.  Kristen asked Jennifer about her trip.  When Jennifer told Kristen about the trip, Kristen offered to help her get rid of the problem.  Daniel showed up at the Kiriakis mansion to see Parker.  Chloe lied to him and said that Parker stopped crying 15 minutes before Daniel got there.  Daniel didn’t think Parker looked like he was crying for hours.  Marlena talked with Will about the baby.  Nick went back to scheming against Will.  Jennifer didn’t want Kristen’s help.  Stefano called Kristen tot ell her about his visit from John.  Kristen told Stefano that she planned on getting Brady to marry her.  She wanted to leave him at the altar.  Chloe lied to cover up her scheme.  She was rescued when Parker called out “Daddy”.  Will continued to talk to Marlena about being in his child’s life.  Marlena hoped that Nick and Gabi didn’t renege on the arrangement.  Will didn’t think they would do it.  Nick searched online for surveillance devices.  Kristen suggested to Brady that they take their relationship to the next level.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick asks Sabrina what Britt meant when she said Sabrina wanted Patrick to herself. Elizabeth comes up just in time and the conversation turns to the nurses’ ball and the ELQ check being stopped because their assets are frozen. When Patrick steps away, Sabrina tells Elizabeth that he dumped Britt. She says Britt then told Patrick that Sabrina wanted him for herself. Elizabeth thinks Sabrina should go for it. Sabrina lacks the confidence. Elizabeth tells Patrick that Sabrina has something to tell him. Maxie and Lulu walk in on Britt having a temper tantrum. Britt tells Lulu that Maxie has been lying to her. She reveals that Maxie slept with someone on New Year’s Eve. Lulu already knew about Maxie and Spinelli. She says she was angry about it, but that she is still angry with Dr. Westbourne because she has the right to know about anything that affects her baby. Britt agrees with her and says she will keep her in the loop. Lulu has to leave to go to the Haunted Star. Maxie asks Britt why she almost ratted her out. Britt says it is Sabrina Santiago’s fault because she turned Patrick against her. Britt tells Maxie that she needs to tell Lulu before they find out another way. Maxie says she can help her get Patrick back. Britt says no, but she can help her destroy Sabrina and if she doesn’t want to, then she can call Lulu and tell her that Maxie is having Spinelli’s baby.

Kevin Collins visits Felicia and Mac at the Floating Rib. He tells them that he visited Lucy at Fern Cliff and that she is still fixated on vampires. Mac wonders if the collapse of CoeCoe cosmetics triggered something. Kevin thinks coming back to Port Charles might have triggered it. He tells them that Lucy has manifested her vampire delusions into the physical form of Detective John McBain. Felicia says that she saw real terror in Lucy’s face when Lucy saw John in the courtroom. Kevin says Lucy experienced real terror because she believes vampires are real. Felicia and Mac urge Kevin to stick by Lucy because she needs him. When Mac goes to the stock room, Frisco Jones walks into the Floating Rib. Lucy asks her angel, Rafe to look out for everyone. Todd tells Lucy that his psychiatric exam showed that he is sane because he was unable to act crazy in front of Starr. Heather comes into the recreation area and Todd recoils. He tells Lucy that Heather destroyed his life. She says it is destiny for both of them to be in Fern Cliff. Todd says prison is starting to look appealing. She says he won’t say that when he hears her plan. He says he doesn’t want to know and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Heather focuses on Lucy. Lucy says she doesn’t think she wants anything to do with Heather either after what she did to Edward. Heather says she has a plan to deal with the forces of evil. Todd breaks down and says he is in because even though she is a lunatic, Heather has escaped twice before. Heather tells them that she convinced the workers to stage a walk out tonight and that they will walk out with them.  As the three of them are walking out in security guard uniforms, they run into Lucy’s husband, Kevin.

Molly and T.J. walk along the docks and come to the place where she met Rafe and find it cordoned off by police tape. The officer tells them that a kid killed his mother. Sam tells John that she visited Lucy and that Lucy thought Alison was in danger. John tells her that Lucy was right and that Allison was murdered. She tells him that Lucy told her that Alison had a son named Rafe, but he was named after Lucy’s husband, not the boy’s biological father whom Lucy says is John because she thinks John is Caleb Morley. T.J. and Molly go to the police station and ask if the boy’s name is Rafe. John confirms it. Molly sees Rafe’s arrow in an evidence bag. John asks her about her interaction with Rafe. She says he didn’t say anything about wanting to hurt his mother, but that he did say that sometimes he wishes he could be free of her. Anna questions Rafe about his mother’s murder. He says John McBain did it. Anna asks him why he was holding the murder weapon. He tells her that he pulled it out because he was trying to help his mother. He tells Anna that his mother told him to stay at the pier, but that he left with a girl named Molly to have lunch and when he returned he saw John McBain kill his mother. Anna asks him why he didn’t defend himself when John arrived and saw him sitting next to his mother’s body. He says he was scared because he saw that same man kill his mother. John goes into the interview room with Anna and Rafe. Rafe confronts him and tells him to admit what he did. When Anna takes him out in handcuffs, Rafe sees Molly and swears that he didn’t do it. John tells Sam that the kid said he saw him kill his mom. Sam says Rafe is probably scared and trying to protect himself, but that is a big lie. John’s doppelganger returns to the crime scene.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick readies the place for the grand re-opening. He calls Avery to see where she is. Avery tells him that she will soon be ready, but just as she is leaving, Congressman Wheeler appears at her door. In his hotel room, Dylan remembers happier times with Avery. Sharon visits Adam who is hard at work. She tries to convince him to come to the opening of Nick’s club, but Adam refuses. After much coaxing from Sharon, he finally agrees to accompany her. At the Athletic Club, Chelsea sits at a table, working on some of her designs when Cane walks up and grabs the notepad from her. Chelsea makes him give it back before he has time to see her designs. Alex visits Noah at home and warns him once again about Adriana. Leslie interrupts Neil’s work and things become romantic between the two. At the club. Nick and Victoria discuss Billy going back to work at Jabot. Victoria also tells Nick that Nikki took a trip to Chicago. Dylan arrives at the club. Adriana tells Noah that she refuses to go anywhere without him. Noah warns Adriana about Alex. Neil and Leslie cannot get enough of kissing until she calls a halt to it. Leslie looks at an article on the internet about a convicted killer claiming that he is innocent. Congressman Wheeler wants to know everything about the case that Avery is working on. Avery refuses to divulge any information. Neil interrupts Cane and Chelsea’s talk. Neil is quite disturbed when he finds out that Cane went over his head by setting up a meeting to look at Chelsea’s designs.

Leslie and Congressman Wheeler come face to face which unnerves her. Dylan sees a message on Nick’s cell phone notifying him that Avery is on her way. Adam and Sharon arrive at the club. Nick advises Adam to find other interests besides those at Newman Enterprises. Sharon says “Hello” to Dylan, whom she knows as Mac. Sharon apologizes again for spilling the coffee all over him. Congressman Wheeler asks Leslie about Jack’s whereabouts. Dylan remembers his past with Avery. Cane advises Neil to give Chelsea a chance but he refuses. Cane promises Chelsea that he will fight for her and her designs. Upon seeing Avery walk into the club, Dylan quickly hides. Avery and Nick propose toasts to the opening of the club. Avery recognizes something on the bar and asks to whom it belongs. Alex tries to stop Adriana from leaving town, but she pulls a gun on him and makes him handcuff himself to the stair railing. Avery and Dylan come face to face.

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