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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Brooke that she is not telling him anything he doesn’t know. Brooke says good, then do something about it as Steffy will be here any moment. He is not tied to Steffy in any way and he does not love Hope any less so there is nothing to stop them getting their life back together. As always before, Liam laments that it is not just her incredible daughter, but there are two great women. Brooke agrees, but Hope was his first choice and they can still have a wonderful life together. He just needs to tell Steffy and let her move on. Despite her saying Steffy is on her way, she keeps leading Liam down the garden path by reminding him of so much that happened in Italy. Taylor tells Steffy that Hope has not stopped pursuing Liam. She knows Rick will not like it when he hears about Thomas being VP. She just hopes this is not being spurred on by Brooke. She’s counting on Liam giving Steffy a ring as the baby will make a difference. Steffy confides in Taylor what she saw the day she flew to Paris. Things have changed ever since the truth came out. She wants Liam to get Hope out of his system, but she isn’t going to make it easy on him. She could never live with herself if she trapped him with a baby. It won’t be the only reason they stay together. This baby’s mother and father will always be family and she is certain of that. Hope tells Rick that it is moving day. Steffy is coming back and hopefully she is moving out of Liam’s. Rick still regrets his part in Liam and Hope separating in the first place. She agrees she is not completely over that, but will be as long as he never does it again. Liam looks at her differently now and she thinks they deserve a second chance. What Steffy has might be tempting, but it doesn’t compare. She wouldn’t trade any of her memories in Italy, but she is not planning another killer wedding this time.

Taylor tells Steffy that she wishes she could see Liam’s face when she tells him. She just wishes she also had told her father. Steffy says she and Liam have enjoyed their freedom, but now she thinks they are both ready for that next step of Taylor being a grandmother. And while a wedding was never in the plans, she does want to be married before she gives birth and she thinks Liam will want to also. Brooke gets a phone call and convinces Liam just to relax and go outside for a few minutes. He looks up and sees all these floating kites in the sky….and thinks of Hope….just as Steffy opens the door and says she is home.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Sami and EJ kissed while Rafe demanded to see her.  Will saw Brian and Sonny kissing.  Brian wanted to go somewhere private.  Brian noticed Will hiding just before he and Sonny left the coffee shop.  Sami finally decided to talk to Rafe.  Rafe wanted Sami to leave Gabi alone.  She let him know that she wasnít going to let Gabi keep Will from his child.  She wanted Rafe to leave, but he walked in and saw EJ in the apartment.  Daniel told Chloe that he and Jennifer were going away for the weekend.  Chloe decided to talk to Daniel about her past.  Rafe made a comment about how fast Sami moved on with EJ.  Rafe and Sami talked about Gabi and Will.  Rae told her not to give Gabi a hard time.  Sami finally agreed as long as Gabi doesnít cut her or Will out of the babyís life.  Rafe walked out and EJ went after him.  Will ran into Justin and talked about the baby.  Justin asked if Will knew a good custody lawyer.  Will wondered if he needed one.  Justin flashed back to Nick talking to him about getting custody of the baby.  Chloe thought Jennifer might not be in Parkerís life, but Daniel assured her that Jennifer will be in his life.  

EJ let Rafe know that he was finished with Sami.  Rafe said he was finished with Sami anyway.  EJ warned him to stay away from Sami.  Rafe had no problem with that as long as she stayed away from him and Gabi. Sami assured EJ that things are over with Rafe.  Will and Justin ran into each other.  Justin wanted to refer a lawyer to him, but Will didnít think he needed one since he, Gabi, and Nick were getting along.  Sonny couldnít go through with having sex with Brian.  Brian left Sonnyís apartment.  Daniel and Jennifer went to the Green Mountain Lodge to be alone.  Justin arrived at the coffee shop to talk to Sonny about Will.  Brian ran into Will at the pub.  EJ was about to leave Samiís place, but she wanted him to stay.  Brian asked Will if he saw him with Sonny.  Will admitted that he saw them.  Brian implied that he had sex with Sonny.  Chloe came up with a scheme to interrupt Jennifer and Daniel.  Chloe called to tell Daniel that she needed his help with Parker.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Spinelli takes Ellie home. Ellie confronts Maxie about sleeping with Spinelli. Maxie says she is sorry that she hurt Ellie and she is sorry that she slept with Spinelli, but she doesnít regret what happened as a result of it. She says that it gave her and Spinelli closure because Spinelli made his definitive choice of Ellie and she was able to accept it. Ellie accepts that argument. Maxie and Lulu leave to go to the hospital. Ellie tells Spinelli that she is glad everything is out in the open so now they don't have to think about the incident again. At the hospital, Patrick hears Britt telling Sabrina that neither she nor his little brat will stand in her way of being with Patrick. Patrick tells her that Emma is his life and because she can't respect his daughter, whatever they had is over. Britt can't believe he is breaking up with her. She spins Sabrina around by the shoulder and tells her it is her fault, calling her a little bitch. Patrick tells her not to talk to people like that. She tells Patrick to open his eyes and see that Sabrina sabotaged her because she wants him for herself. Patrick asks Sabrina what Britt meant by that. When Maxie and Lulu open the door to the exam room, they find Britt having a tantrum and throwing things. They say they can come back another time. Britt says it is a perfect time because it is about time that Lulu knew something about the baby.

Michael tells Starr that ELQ is out of business because of a story Connie ran in the Sun. Starr wants to know why Connie would want to destroy ELQ. He tells her that Connie said Sonny was behind it because he wants him to stay away from A.J., but Sonny denied it. She asks him why he would believe a known liar over his father. Elizabeth finds A.J. in his office sweating, unable to breathe and having chest pain. He thinks he is having a heart attack. She tends to him and gets him breathing normally. When he is a little better, she tells him it was a panic attack and that he should deal with whatever has him so stressed. He tells her that his whole life just went up in smoke. She says she saw the article. He tells her that Sonny leaked the story to the press to ruin his budding relationship with Michael. She tells him that she came to the office because the bank stopped payment on Tracy's check for the nursesí ball. He apologizes and explains that the SEC has frozen all of ELQ's assets. When Michael returns to the office, A.J. says he wishes they could find a way to make good on their commitment to the nursesí ball.  

Sam goes to Ferncliff to ask Lucy if she knows Allison Barrington. Lucy responds by asking if something has happened to her. Sam tells her that Alison is fine, but that she went to the police station and thought John was Caleb. Lucy says she hasnít seen Alison in years -- not since she had her baby who would be a teenager by now. She said Allison feared that the child might not be her husband's and she was right; the father was Caleb Morley, who Sam calls John McBain. She says Alison's husband left to find Caleb as soon as he found out, but both Rafe and Caleb disappeared. She tells Sam that everyone thinks she is delusional but people are going to die, with Alison and her son being first on the list. She says Sam must go and protect Alison before it is too late.  Lucy talks to her angel, also called Rafe, and asks him to protect all of them, especially the boy. Molly thinks about her lunch with Rafe. T.J. startles her when he comes up behind her. He asks her if she got the flower that she is holding from a guy. She says yes. He wants to know who the guy is. She tells him that he was a starving kid that she saw at the pier who wanted the leftover stale bread that she and Danny had been feeding to the ducks. He says it was nice of her to help someone in need, but warns to be careful of strangers. She tells him the boy was harmless and that he seems jealous. John McBain finds Rafe at the pier kneeling next to his mother's body, holding the bloody murder weapon. John goes through Rafe's backpack and finds a picture of Rafe and Alison with his name written on the back of it. Anna arrives on the scene. John tells her what he saw when he arrived and says the boy hasnít spoken a word. Anna asks John why he was first at the scene. He tells her that the victim had called him and asked him to meet her there. Sam returns to the police station and tells John that Lucy did know Alison and thought she was in danger. John says Lucy was right. Anna talks to Rafe in the interview room at the police station, but he still doesnít speak until she asks him if he killed his mother. He says no. Anna asks him if he knows who did. He points to John McBain. Molly and T.J. walk along the pier with Danny, Molly holding the beautiful bouquet of roses that T.J. bought for her. They come to the place where Molly met Rafe and see a police officer putting up police tape. They ask him what happened. The officer says some kid killed his mother.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Neil tells Leslie he would like to have a serious relationship with her. Leslie asks him to be patient with her until she can get to a place where they have no secrets from each other. Leslie does tell Neil that she and Tyler come from a broken home with an abusive father, and they left home at an early age to get away from their father. Neil tells Leslie he will be patient and wait until she can tell him everything about her life and later they make love. Lily is unable to go with Cane to his meeting with Chelsea because she has some details to go over with Tyler about the marketing campaign for Jabot. Lily finishes the meeting and thinks she has time to catch up with Cane, but she and Tyler get stuck in the Jabot elevator. Lily has to distract Tyler because he has an attack of claustrophobia. Lily and Tyler talk and pretend they are on a spaceship looking out at the stars. Tyler tells Lily he became claustrophobic because when he was little he saw something he shouldn’t have seen, and he got scared and ran to hide in a closet.

Cane meets with Chelsea and is impressed enough with her designs that he promises to set up a meeting with Jack and Billy to talk about putting her designs in Jabot’s new fashion division. Anita arrives to see Chelsea and she puts an end to her meeting with Cane. Anita suggests Chelsea find someone to sleep with in order to forget about Adam. Summer admits to Paul that she started bullying Jamie and now things have gone way too far and she is very sorry. Fen tells Michael that he will never forgive him because he chose Jamie over him. Michael assures Fen that he loves him and would do anything for him. Fen is angry at Summer because he loved her and she used him. Summer apologizes to Fen and tells him to grow up, and if he pushed Jamie off the roof he should tell the truth. Lauren wants Jamie to stop lying about Fen because the lie could ruin Fen’s future. Michael asks Jamie to move out of the house and asks him not to press charges against Fen. Jamie agrees until Fen arrives when Michael is upstairs and calls Jamie names and starts shoving him. Michael comes downstairs and stops the shoving. Jamie screams that he is pressing charges against Fen because he pushed him off the roof. Lauren arrives when Jamie is telling Michael that Fen is a monster who should be in jail.

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