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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope drops in on Liam and he tells her that Steffy just called and is on her way home. They have a lot to talk about. She tells him that he just has to decide what he wants and he can do anything. She will help him pack up Steffy’s things to move out. He says she knows he can’t do that. Marcus is surprised when his visitor turns out to be his adoptive brother, Carter, from Texas. Marcus introduces him to Brooke, Pam and Eric and then to Dayzee. All are delighted to meet him and Eric assures him that Marcus is a bright addition to their family. He’s impressed with them as well and happy for Marcus. Marcus notices that Zee seems a little out of it and wonders if everything is all right. Brooke is surprised to learn that Thomas isn’t going to Paris after all. Eric has named him VP of FC. With Eric being CEO, he will be mentoring both him and Rick. Taylor also tells her that Steffy is on her way home and she expects that she and Liam will be together even though Hope has been coming over and spending so much time with him.

Steffy sits by a young lady named Monica on the plane and reveals a lot of the details of her love life, but she is sure her boyfriend will be happy to hear that she is pregnant and they can plan for their future. She can’t wait to tell him. Hope opines to Liam that nothing stands in their way now; she does not want him to let her go. She reaches out and touches his heart and tells him that she wants him to remember that. They can still have the love they dreamed of sharing. It’s right in front of them. She kisses him and he returns it two or three times. Brooke calls someone and says the timing has to be exactly right. This favor has to work. She shows up at Liam’s who is surprised because he was expecting Steffy. Brooke tells Liam that Hope tells her everything so she knows about them kissing and ending up on the bed, now he needs to make a decision. He needs to tell Steffy that he is starting a life with Hope. Hope is counting on him. Brooke is counting on him. Steffy is a lovely girl, but she needs to know that she was second choice. Steffy drops in on her mom. She confides in Taylor that before she left for Paris she saw something involving both Hope and Liam. But she is not going to focus on that. She is going to tell him about this baby. He’ll be surprised, but she knows he will be happy as well.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Brady and Kristen argued over Marlena.  He wanted to know why she lied to him.  She explained everything to him, but she made it seem as if she were protecting Marlena.  Brady eventually believed her and agreed to be by her side.  Will managed not to see Nick looking at the info about Lucas going to prison for attempted murder.  They briefly talked and Will left.  Gabi and Sami got into it over the baby.  Gabi tried to stand up to Sami, but it didnít do any good.  Sami was determined to be in her granddaughterís life.  Nick walked in on their conversation and tried to help.  Sami ended up walking away from them.  Abby tried to convince Sonny to make up with Will.  Sonny didnít seem too willing to do it.  Chad and Cameron saw Abby with Sonny and got into over her.  Cameron wanted Chad to leave Abby alone.

Rafe ran into Gabi and Nick at the pub.  Rafe wanted to take them out to dinner to celebrate them not getting married yet.  He didnít know that they still planned on getting married anyway.  Gabi walked away and Nick told Rafe that Gabi was fine until Sami showed up and yelled at her.  Rafe was upset about what Sami did. He left to go find Sami.  EJ arrived at Samiís place.  Sami ended up telling EJ that she was going to choose Rafe, but now she sees Rafe for who he is.  EJ listened to her as she explained why she was going to choose Rafe and why she didnít say anything about it sooner.  Sami wanted another chance with EJ.  Sami let EJ know that she was going to stop proving that she and EJ belong together.  Chad and Will ran into each other and Chad gave Will advice about Sonny.  Chad let Will know that he heard Sonny tell Abby that he still loved Will.  A guy named Brian was at the coffee shop with Sonny. He talked to Brian about his problems with Will.  They kept talking and Brian got closer to him.  They ended up kissing.  Will decided to take Chadís advice and went to see Sonny.  Will got a shock when he looked through the window and saw Sonny and Brian kissing.  Sami wanted EJ to tell her if he wanted to be with her.  Sami thought that EJ didnít want to be with her and understood.  EJ walked towards her and they kissed.  Rafe was outside of Samiís door while she was kissing EJ.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt persuades Patrick that she didnít do anything to cause Emma to run away. When Patrick sees a big pile of files that Britt gave Sabrina to enter into the database, Britt tells Patrick that Epiphany gave Sabrina the filing assignment and that she thinks it is a waste of Sabrinaís talents. Sabrina gets a phone call and then announces that ELQ's bank put a stop on the check that Tracy gave them for the Nursesí Ball. Elizabeth tells Britt that a patient is asking for her and then Elizabeth goes to run an errand, leaving Patrick and Sabrina alone together. Patrick tells Sabrina that he thinks Emma might have made up her story about Britt. Afterwards, Britt tells Sabrina that she and Patrick are going to be together and that neither Sabrina nor his spoiled brat can do anything about it. She turns on her heels and finds Patrick standing behind her.

Luke tells Tracy that he would have been there for her when Edward passed had he not been imprisoned in Turkey. She tells him that ELQ will be joining Edward in the grave and shows him the damning newspaper article. Luke asks her if she planted the story. He says he knows sheíd rather put ELQ down now than see it die a slow painful death at A.J.ís hands. She admits that she gave the story to Connie and that Connie promised to keep the source a secret. He says it is all for the best since she wouldnít have been able to run it. She says there might have been another chance for her to get it back. She says there may be another Quartermaine heir and that it isnít Jimmy Lee because Edward specifically left him nothing. She tells him that Carly apparently knows who the mystery heir is and asks Luke to find out. Connie points the finger at Sonny when A.J. asks her where she got the ELQ story. Sonny denies it and points out that he wouldnít have had access to that kind of information. He says he came to Connieís office to ask her to back down from Kristina. He says Tracy asked him to find the documents before A.J. could, but that he turned her down because he didnít want to involve Michael. He adds that he respected Edward Quartermaine and wouldnít destroy his company to get back at A.J. Michael believes Connie. Sonny demands to know why Connie lied to Michael. She says he doesnít give a damn about her so she doesnít see a reason not to stab him in the back. Sonny tells him that he will get his family back, but she will face the charges against her with no one on her side. Michael and A.J. return to ELQ. AJ gets dizzy and short of breath. Michael goes to get AJ something to eat and sees Tracy when he gets to Kellyís. He tells her that Connie revealed that Sonny leaked the news to the Sun. Elizabeth goes to ELQ to visit A.J. and finds him having a heart attack.

Lucyís husband, Kevin, visits her at Ferncliff. He tells her that Alexis told him about Lucy staking a police detective. Lucy says the detective is really Caleb Morley, king of the vampires. He tells her that she is displaying textbook symptoms of paranoid delusions. She insists that his daughter, Livvie, Alison, and Alisonís son are all in danger. He says he will help her get the treatment that she needs. He tells her that her delusions destroyed everything they had, even though he loves her more than anything. She says that maybe he will be ready to believe her when people start dying. Alison goes to the police station to get information on Lucy Coe and thinks John McBain is Caleb, the vampire. Sam walks up and Alison calls her Livvie and says they need to get out of there. Sam says she isnít Livvie. Alison claims to be her best friend, Alison Barrington. She says, loudly enough for John to hear, that Caleb must never find out about her son. Alison runs away, telling ďLivvieĒ that she is on her own. John runs a background check and finds that Alison was born in Port Charles, the granddaughter of Amanda Barrington, a wealthy socialite. He finds a wedding announcement for Alisonís marriage to one Rafe Kovich, but no information after that. He finds nothing about Caleb Morley or Livvie. John wonders if Lucy put Alison up to coming to the police station. John says the only way to find out is to talk to Lucy. Sam says John shouldnít go because he freaks Lucy out. She says she will go. He doesnít think she should go because Todd Manning and Heather Webber are there. She insists that she will be fine. She says Lucy thinks she is Livvie, whom she has to protect. Sam goes to Ferncliff and asks Lucy what she knows about Alison. Molly takes Danny to feed the ducks and is frightened by a boy with an arrow in his hand. He says he doesnít want to hurt her and that he forgot he was holding it. He puts it into his backpack and asks her if she knows Lucy Coe. Molly says she doesnít know her, but she knows that she attacked he sisterís friend because she thought he was a vampire. He tells her that he and his mother are homeless and broke and that his mother thinks Lucy Coe can help them. Molly invites him to lunch at Kellyís. He hides his backpack behind a storage drum and goes with Molly in spite of his motherís order for him to stay put. The boy introduces himself as Rafe. They discover that they share a love for literature. He thanks her for lunch and says he has to return to the dock before his mother discovers that he left. Alison returns to the hiding place at the docks and finds that Rafe is not there, but she finds his backpack with the weapon inside it. She calls McBain and tells him to meet her on the pier. She waits with the arrow in hand. Rafe returns to the dock and finds his mother on the ground, stabbed by her own weapon. John McBain arrives on the dock and finds Rafe sitting next to Alison with the bloody arrow in his hand.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The ghost of John Abbott returns to tell Jack that he is proud of him for the positive changes he has made in his life. Jack promises his dad that he will make things right and put the Abbott family back together. Jack calls Ashley and leaves a message asking for her to call him because they need to talk. Billy agrees to work with Jack and Kyle at Jabot. Neil accepts a position as the head of the new fashion division of the company. Lily and Cane agree to work with Neil, but Devon isn’t sure what he wants to do yet. Jack decides that he, Billy, Kyle and Phyllis will all help run the company together, and he couldn’t be happier because things are falling into place. Billy shows Jack Chelsea's designs and Jack assigns Cane and Lily to meet with Chelsea and Chloe about the clothing designs.

Neil hires Tyler to promote the new fashion division of Jabot and get people exited about the new division. Leslie is annoyed with Tyler because he approached Congressman Wheeler but Tyler tells her that the Congressman didn’t recognize him at all. Tyler suggests to Leslie that they speak to Congressman Wheeler to see if he can make sure someone doesn’t get out of Jail. Congressman Wheeler blackmails Victor and warns him that if he doesn’t stop Avery from taking the case, he will make sure the press finds out he hired Stephanie to create a press scandal for Jack. Victor tells one of his men to keep an eye on the twelve-year-old murder case and report back to him about it. Chloe and Kevin worry when they can’t find the money they stole, because they won’t be able to pay off their bank loan. Noah uses his charm to persuade Adriana to let him keep the money safe until they can leave town. Noah calls Detective Chavez to tell him they need to talk but later decides not to meet with him. Mac is affected when he sees Nick kissing Avery and heads back to his hotel room without being seen. Avery remembers Dylan McAvoy when she sees the things Mac the bartender left at the club. Chelsea and Chloe hire Gloria to be their consultant for their new design company.

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