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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas has a flashback of him telling Taylor that he’s going to Paris and she doesn’t want him to go. He claims the Logans are in the way. Brooke walks in, not expecting to see Thomas and immediately there is rancor in the air. Brooke tries to soothe things by saying that she thinks this will be good for Thomas….look where it got Rick after he got all that experience at the International Office. Thomas makes a snide remark and doesn’t want to hear it. Neither does Taylor as she turns on Brooke and makes some comments about Ridge leaving and now Steffy and Thomas are leaving as well; it isn’t fair. She accuses Brooke of not caring what happens to anyone but her own kids. It’s frustrating to Thomas to have to take orders from Rick. All the more reason, says Brooke, that he should go on to Paris. They should both get over this and move on. Taylor is essentially blaming everything on Brooke, right down to Stephanie dying in her arms. They should both set a better example for their children. Brooke laments that she can see that Taylor is not happy, but that is not her fault. Taylor snaps at her that Brooke is only concerned about herself, her success, her family. Her own family has a right to be here and this time Brooke is not going to drive them away like she did Ridge. Dayzee meets Maya at the Farmer’s Market, but not before Marcus slips up and surprises Dayzee. She does some fancy foot work to get him to leave so she can meet Maya alone. Maya is angry when she finds out that Dayzee has not spoken to the adoptive parents….and even more angry when Dayzee implies that Maya signed legal papers and this can not be reversed. Maya blames Dayzee for her signing the papers in first place and now says she has been proven innocent so she demands that Dayzee get her daughter back for her. Dayzee does produce a picture of the baby when she was small, but admits she has not seen her in years, and there is no way she can talk to the parents. She offers Maya money because she has no job or a place to live. Maya feels insulted and rejects the money; she only wants her daughter and insists Dayzee will have to find a way for that to happen. She insinuates that Dayzee is lucky to have found a husband like Marcus. She also knows she had to have made money on this baby deal. Dayzee says what fee she got she put it back into the shelter.

Thomas tells Marcus that he is leaving for Paris as soon as Eric says he can. He won’t return until the Logans are out of his way and he doesn’t feel like an outsider. Eric has a hard time finding certain designs/sketches/papers in his office and Pam produces them right away. She states that she will never leave him. She also gives him advice that there are plenty of women out there, one right outside the door, that would gladly be his casserole mistress. She hopes he will avoid all of them and when he is ready he will pick someone like his Stephanie, a lady with substance. Pam tells Marcus that someone is there to see him. A voice says hello to Marcus which surprises him when he turns to meet him. Brooke and Taylor are still arguing when they waltz into Eric’s office. Taylor demands that Brooke give her some time alone with Eric. Brooke only adds that Thomas wants to go to Paris and Eric should let him. Eric agrees that Brooke has a point, but gives Taylor a letter that he just drafted. She reads it and it starts that Thomas will no longer be working in the L.A. office. By time she reads through it, it states that Thomas will be the new Vice President of FC. She is stunned and immediately puts her hands to Eric’s face and kisses him on the lips.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Nicole managed to hide behind the bathroom door to avoid Kristen seeing her.  Brady noticed Titan files on Kristen’s computer.  He was upset about it.  Kristen denied putting the files on her computer.  They ended up arguing and left the hotel room.  Nicole was satisfied with the way her plan worked.  Kate was will to make sure that Nick’s parole was revoked if he and Gabi kept Will from the baby.  Will didn’t want Kate to do anything to Nick.  Marlena talked to Hope about John leaving her.  Kristen continued to deny putting the files on her computer.  Kristen told Brady that Nicole probably put the files on the computer.  Brady believed that Nicole set Kristen up and wanted to prove it.  Will let Kate know that he and Gabi are having a girl.  Rafe suggested that Nick and Gabi wait to get married.  Gabi thought it was a good idea, but Nick wasn’t so sure.  Kate overheard them talking and thought they should wait too.  Rafe went to Hope’s office and they talked about Nick and Gabi’s wedding.  Rafe noticed that hope seemed tense and wondered if something was wrong with Bo.  Brady went to the chapel and confronted her about copying the files.  He made her think that he believed Kristen copied the files and he let Nicole know that he was on to her.

Marlena and Kristen ran into each other and had it out over John.  Brady yelled at Nicole for what she did.  Brady told Nicole that he was done with her and stormed out of the chapel.  Billie saw Kate at the coffee shop and told her that she’s taking a job in Europe.  Kate asked Billie if she hated her.  Nick felt that everyone was against him and Gabi getting married. Gabi assured Nick that they were getting married regardless of what people say about them.  Hope assured Rafe she wasn’t on edge.  Rafe realized that Bo was gone a long time.  Rafe let it drop when Gabi called him.  She told them they decided to wait to get married.  Nick went online to search why Lucas went to prison.  Brady and Marlena saw each other at the town square and talked about John and Kristen.  Marlena told Brady about wearing the wire as well as Kristen writing the note about being on to her.  Brady thought about the lie Kristen told him about the note and had to leave.  Billie said she didn’t hate Kate, but she had to go.  Nick found out that Lucas went to prison for trying to kill EJ.  Will walked in when Nick discovered the truth.  Brady confronted Kristen about lying to him about Marlena.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam asks John McBain if he thinks Todd will get away with his insanity plea. John tells her that Todd has gotten away with it before. He tells her that Todd was rambling about seeing vampires the way Lucy Coe did. Lucy’s husband, Kevin Collins, goes into the police station. Alexis tells him that Lucy has had a rough couple of days and can use his support. She introduces him to John McBain and says Lucy thought he was a vampire. Kevin says Lucy must have thought he was Caleb. He tells them that Lucy has been having delusions about the paranormal for years and that no amount of therapy has helped. He says she has seen a daughter that he doesn't have named Livvy. Sam says Lucy called her Livvy. He assures her that he has never seen her before. He says Lucy has also seen seers, demons, and an angel named Rafe. He says he is leaving Port Charles now because he only came to consult with Lucy’s doctors about her background and to apologize to her victims. Alexis asks him not to leave because Lucy needs him. A woman and her son, Rafe, who have been on the run, arrive in Port Charles. The woman says it isn’t just another town, it is her home. She says that when she is finished with what she has to do in Port Charles, they will finally be safe because her ally Lucy Coe is there. She tells him to stay in their hiding place while she goes to see Lucy. She gives him an arrow to defend himself with if he has the need. She goes to the police station to get information about Lucy’s arrest. When she sees John McBain, she calls him Caleb.

Michael and Starr go to Connie’s office to ask her to reconsider pressing charges against Kristina. Connie says she won’t reconsider because Kristina tried to kill her. Star says it might help Connie with her own case if she shows compassion for Kristina. Connie says she isn’t worried about her charges because she will just plead insanity like Starr’s father did. Starr was unaware that Todd was in Fern Cliff. Lucy Coe overhears Todd telling Connie that he won’t be in Fern Cliff long and says she wants in on his plan to escape. He tells her that if she dials back the vampire talk, he will tell everyone that she is sane, provided that she tells everyone that he is crazy. He says his defense is that he has D.I.D. He begins to speak as a pretend alter ego named Rod, who is a Latin lover. Starr comes into the recreation area at Fern Cliff and tells Todd that she still has a cassette tape from when he admitted to faking D.I.D. before and that she will take it to the police. Todd wonders who has anything to play a cassette tape on. When an orderly comes to take Todd for his evaluation, Starr says she wants to sit in and meet the doctors. Lucy says to herself that there is no hope without Todd’s help. A voice behind her says she has little faith. She is thrilled to see Kevin standing there.

Sonny apologizes to Tracy for not being able to help her with A.J.because he doesn’t want to jeopardize his relationship with Tracy. She tells him that she is handling it by herself and that if Michael is old enough to help A.J., then he is old enough to suffer the consequences with him. Alice meets Tracy at Kelly’s in Ned’s stead because Ned had an emergency with Brook Lynn. She gives Tracy a note from Ned that says not to give up on ELQ yet because Edward’s will has the key to keeping control of the company. The note continues to say that there may be another Quartermaine heir. Tracy says she has to make sure the story that she asked Connie to print in the Sun doesn’t go to press. When she gets to the Sun, it is too late. Connie says she will never reveal her source and that wants to be friends with Tracy. A.J. sees the paper with the headline, “Q’s Save ELQ With Mob Dough.” A.J. doesn’t think Tracy leaked the story because she stepped down to keep it secret. He thinks Sonny is responsible for the leak because he saw Sonny coming out of Tracy’s office yesterday. Michael doesn’t think Sonny would have a reason to do it. A.J. decides that the only way to find out is to ask at the Sun. Sonny tells Olivia that his daughter tried to kill her cousin and that Connie is pressing charges. During their chat, Sonny admits that he is beginning to care about Connie, but that Kate is still the woman that he loves. Sonny goes to Connie’s office. She tells him that she hasn’t changed her mind about prosecuting Kristina and that she told Michael the same thing this morning when he stopped by on his way to starting his new life as a Quartermaine. He says he isn’t worried about A.J. because he will self destruct soon enough. He says he can offer something in exchange for her dropping the charges against Kristina. He takes her into his arms and pulls her into a deep kiss.  She tells him that he can’t kiss his troubles away and that she isn’t going to let him play her. Michael and A.J. go to her office. When A.J. asks her where she got the ELQ story, she points to Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon and Nick meet a mysterious man named Mac. Nick decides to hire the army veteran to help Noah with bartending at his club. Mac has a picture of Avery in his room and what looks like an engagement ring in a box. Sharon tells her doctor she feels like herself again but worries that her feelings for Adam will resurface and get her off track. Sharon’s doctor suggests that she have an uncomplicated date with someone who isn’t Adam. Adam has a strange dream where he keeps seeing Chelsea and Sharon’s faces while he is having a conversation but in the end of the dream Chelsea’s face disappears and becomes Sharon. Sharon invites Adam to Nick’s club opening as her date.

Chelsea asks Adam for a half million-dollar divorce settlement and uses the money to buy the former Restless Style office space. Billy sees her designs and agrees to show them to Jack for their new fashion division. Victoria is unhappy about this news, because she worries that Chelsea will want Johnny back if she works so closely with Billy and Jack. Nikki is concerned as she opens some mail. A few minutes later, she tells Victor she wants to postpone their Valentine’s Day wedding to make it the wedding of her dreams. Victor arrives at Nick’s club to talk to Avery about her latest case for the innocence foundation but Nick tells him she won’t be home until tomorrow. Victor wants Nick to give him any information that Avery might tell him about any cases she is working on that are outside of her work with Newman Enterprises. Avery surprises Nick and comes home early. Nick tells her his life is perfect right now.

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