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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Brooke that she couldn’t sleep at all last night. She knows Brooke denied it, but she wonders if anything is going on between her and Bill. When Brooke gets up to leave and won’t answer the question, Hope assumes it is true. She laments just how far it has gone. Reluctantly Brooke fills her in that Katie asked Bill for a divorce and she stepped in to help with Will when Katie went away. Eventually they found out about the post partum depression, but the damage had been done. She thought she was gonna die and she tried to arrange for Bill and Brooke to get together to raise Will. She went to great lengths to make that happen. Bill tells Justin the same thing. Thomas confronts Rick that he knows Rick is in charge, but Thomas should have some voice in things but Rick seems determined not to let that happen. Before long a storm is brewing and Rick tells Thomas that maybe he should go to Paris and not come back. While Donna and Pam are bickering, Taylor barges into Eric’s closed office with coffee for him, interrupting Eric while speaking with Jermaine, a renowned designer. He’s quite taken with Taylor. Taylor and Eric share the coffee and laugh over the portrait of Stephanie falling off the wall the day before. Pam hears them laughing and suddenly remembers how friendly they were last night, but both do not even want to go there that Taylor would make a move now on Eric. They hightail it to Eric’s office to tell him that Rick and Thomas are arguing loudly. Taylor bemoans to Eric that the Logans are once again taking over. She knows Eric shares a son with Brooke, but it isn’t fair wah, wah, wah, for them to shut Thomas and Steffy out. Eric tells Rick that he wants Thomas to be respected and included in everything he does; that should be clear!

Both Brooke and Bill finish telling Hope and Justin separately all the details of the Aspen trip involving Katie. Then when Stephanie died, Bill just wanted to comfort Brooke. He slipped the lost ring on Brooke’s finger, hugged her and then they kissed. Hope is a little shaken when she hears this (sound familiar?). Taylor tells Eric that it means so much to her to hear him say that Thomas’s contributions are not being overlooked. He tells her that he has admired her challenges for quite some time and the classy lady and mother that she is. He says her visit last night has proven that for the first time since Stephanie died, he thinks he can make it. He will never turn his back on Taylor or her family. She tells him that he will always be there for him too. Hope tells Brooke that she hates to say this but her mother has crossed the line before. She feels she is playing a very dangerous game as Hope walked in and saw desire on their faces. Brooke says neither of them wants an extramarital involvement so they can walk away from any desire. She promises she will never hurt her sister in any way. Bill compares Katie and Brooke to Justin. He says Brooke will always accept him just the way he is. Justin surmises that maybe he married the wrong Logan sister.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl 

Daniel believed that Nicole was up to something when he caught her in front of a laptop at the Kiriakis mansion.  Nicole managed to avoid telling Daniel what she was doing.  Jennifer asked Chloe what she was doing at Danielís place.  Daniel didnít seem to believe Nicoleís sob story about him having Parker.  Jennifer asked Chloe again about being at Danielís place and about wearing his shirt.  Chloe explained that Parker got food on her so she took a shower.  Victor walked in when Daniel demanded to know what she was really doing at the mansion.  Nicole decided to leave to avoid getting caught.  Roman ran into Kristen and they got into it about John and Marlena.  She rubbed it in to Roman that sheís with Brady.  Victor and Daniel talked about Chloe finding a place to live.  Daniel wanted to help Chloe and Parker find a place to live.  Chloe made it seem as if she was surprised to find Danielís phone at his apartment.  Jennifer was upset that Daniel didnít get her text and left to find him.  Nicole went to Kristenís place with the paperwork Eric wanted her to sign.

Nicole claimed she wanted to apologize and not come between Kristen and Brady.  Kristenís phone rang and Nicole noticed key cards for the Salem Inn on the table.  Nicole took one of the key cards without Kristen noticing.  Kristen signed the papers and Nicole left.  Billie and Kate talked at the town square.  Billie was upset that Kate refused to stop scheming against Chloe.  Billie told Kate that she didnít want to work with Kate anymore.  Kate was shocked.  She tried to stop Billie from leaving, but her mind was made up.  Nicole snuck back into Kristenís room and used her laptop.  Victor and Brady got into it over Kristen.  Victor tried to reason with Brady, but he didnít want to listen to Victor.  Daniel and Jennifer met at the pub.  Jennifer was about to tell Daniel about seeing Chloe when Chloe went to their table.  Chloe told Daniel how Jennifer saw her at his place wearing his shirt.  Daniel wanted to know why Jennifer didnít say something sooner.  Nicole finished working on Kristenís laptop when Brady arrived.  She narrowly escaped being caught by Brady by hiding in the hotel room.  Kate wanted to know why Billie wanted to quit.  Billie couldnít support Kateís scheming anymore.  Billie wanted a fresh start.  Kate promised she would change, but it didnít make a difference.  Kristen returned to her hotel room while Brady and Kristen were together.  Jennifer suggested that she and Daniel go away together.  Brady and Kristen were kissing and she stopped him to get something.  Nicole panicked because Kristen went in her direction.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Mac and Anna sit outside Kellyís worrying about Anna. Mac assures Anna that they will find Emma. Patrick calls Sabrina to tell her that Emma is missing, but it goes straight to voicemail. He asks Britt if anything happened to upset Emma while he was on the phone. Britt remembers telling Emma that she doesnít like her and that she will have to get used to her being around, but she tells Patrick that nothing happened. Sabrina finds Emma feeding the ducks alone at the docks in the dark without a jacket. She puts her own jacket on Emma and looks for her phone to call Patrick, but realizes she must have left it at the Haunted Star. Emma says she doesnít want to go to her daddy because he is with Britt and Britt says mean things to her. Sabrina says Emma is the most important person in the world to Patrick and that he must be very sad that he canít find her. Sabrina takes Emma to Kellyís and puts her into Patrickís arms. Patrick asks Emma why she left. Emma looks at Britt but doesnít say anything. Sabrina tells Britt that Emma said it was because of her. Britt wants to talk to Patrick privately. Sabrina tells Patrick that Emma told her that Britt said she doesnít like her, and she believes Emma was telling the truth. Britt accuses Sabrina of attacking her. Britt privately tells Sabrina that she will regret it if she tries to ruin what she and Patrick have. Sabrina stands up to Britt and says she doesnít care about Brittís relationship with Patrick, but if she hurts Emma, she will be the one to regret it.

Starr calls Michael and tells him that Kristina is missing. Kristina has been arrested for assaulting Connie. She tells Alexis that she tried to kill Connie and that she would have succeeded had her father not interfered. Alexis tells her that Sonny saved her butt from a murder charge. She tells Kristina that she is going to have to accept the fact that Trey is gone and hurting Connie wonít bring him back. Sonny tells Alexis to do what she can to get the case dismissed. Alexis tells Sonny to go talk to Connie and get her to drop the charges. Sonny says Connie is unyielding, but he can bribe a judge or get Kristina out of the country. Kristina is booked. The arresting officer tells Alexis that there is no night court judge to arraign an attempted murder case so Kristina will have to spend the night in jail. Sonny takes the officer aside and tells him to ensure that Kristina gets a cell to herself, close to the guard. Michael calls Alexis to tell her that he is worried about Kristina. Alexis tells him about Kristinaís arrest and Michael relays the information to Starr. Michael tells Starr about how he and A.J. blackmailed Tracy into resigning from ELQ. He says he doubts that Tracy will go down without a fight. Tracy wants Connie to print the evidence of her dealings with the Soleitos in the Sun. She says A.J. canít run the company if there is no company left to run. Connie observes that if she prints the documents, it will bring down ELQ, but Tracy will go down too. Tracy is aware of shat she stands to lose. She says that A.J. will run ELQ into the ground and that she would rather destroy it herself than see that happen. Connie agrees to print the documents. The two women talk about Trey, Joe Scully, their bad taste in men, bad relationships, and men who chose other women over them.  Sonny goes to Connieís office to discuss Kristinaís situation. Connie says Kristina tried to kill her and there is nothing to discuss. Duke goes to ELQ for an appointment with Tracy. A.J. informs him that Tracy wonít be coming back. A.J. tells Duke that he gave the police the tip about Cesar Faison that led to his rescue. Duke thanks him and tells him that his appointment with Tracy was about a job. A.J., despite being missing for years himself, tells Duke that he has a big gap in his resume. Duke pitches his qualities and says he will take any work the company has to offer. A.J. hires him. Duke runs into Anna outside of Kellyís. She tells him about their ordeal with Emma. He tells her that he got a job. He keeps it cordial and says goodnight.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam takes Sharonís advice and offers Victor his company back, but he refuses the offer. Adam declares war on Victor and tells him he will never get Newman Enterprises back. Mason tells Victor that he overheard Sharon say that her medication helps her keep things together. Mason also tells Victor that Adam depends on Sharon, so Victor plans to remove her from Adamís side so that he will be weak. Gloria wants to invest in Chelsea's fashion business and tries to help her get over her divorce. Adriana tells Nick she thinks Chloe and Kevin have the money so she heads to the coffee house to ask Eden questions. She finds out where Chloe and Kevin live, breaks into the house, and steals the duffle bag full of money. Noah is a bit surprised when Adriana shows up at Nickís club with the money.

Tucker stuns Katherine by saying he is leaving Genoa City and going to Hong Kong on business. Katherine knows he is leaving because Devon wonít have a relationship with him. Tucker tells Katherine he forgives her for giving him up for adoption and thanks her for everything she has done for him. Tucker hugs Katherine and they both cry but they wipe their tears before the other sees them. Katherine tries to tell Tucker she loves him, but she canít get the words out and just tells him goodbye but she sobs once he is gone. A man searches Averyís apartment then puts everything back in its place and shuts the door when he leaves.

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