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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie calls Brooke to her house and apologizes for her setting up the romantic evening then running off. She thought that she and Bill were on the same page, but then they weren’t. He went against her wishes and drank after they were at the cabin so she left. Brooke says she understands. Katie is about to confide more about their intimacy when Bill is lurking/listening around the corner and decides now is the time to make an appearance before Katie says more. Taylor tells Eric that it was really weird that Stephanie’s picture fell from the wall, almost like she is haunting them from the great beyond. He tells her that he knows that Taylor is upset because of Thomas’s shares. She cries that it is more than that. She hates that Stephanie gave her engagement ring to Brooke when she was the one who named her daughter after Stephanie. Perhaps Steffy would like the ring to give her own daughter some day. It just seems like little by little everything the Logans deserved was being chipped away. Eric says he understands. He knew Stephanie was going and he tried to prepare himself for that. It is so quiet now that he doesn’t know what to do with the house. He doesn’t want to cook meals by himself or play the piano or make martinis. There is no use in doing it now that she is gone. He understands the anger that Taylor feels in not being there when Stephanie died.

Liam tells Hope that he’d like to make love to her all night long, but he can’t until he gets his life all sorted out. She knows that he cares for Steffy and he needs to address that first. Katie attends to Will, leaving Bill and Brooke alone. Eric asks Taylor if there is anything he can do concerning Thomas. She laments that she is not sure. He is on his way to Paris and she is not sure he is coming back. Then there is Steffy….she is pregnant and she begs Eric to secrecy since Steffy has not told Liam yet. The longer she is away, the more things could happen between Liam and Hope…..another Logan coming after her family. Hope suggests to Liam that perhaps Steffy needs to move out to level the playing field. He can’t choose Hope if he is living with Steffy. Liam gets a call from Steffy on the Webcam. All she says is that her dad is going through a difficult time, but coping. She tells Liam that she loves him and will be home soon, and they have a lot to talk about. When she realizes he is not alone, she says she has to go. Hope kisses him and says she has to go pick up her mother at Katie’s. But if he tells Steffy to move out, there will be many more nights like this for them. Bill tells Brooke that she doesn’t have to skirt the issue of mentioning alcohol around him. He and Katie may not see eye to eye on everything, but they will work through this to form a happy, solid marriage. Hope picks up Brooke and senses something between Brooke and Bill. She questions Brooke about it who does not answer or deny it. Hope knows and is aghast.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole showed up at Kristenís place to talk about Brady.  They ended up getting verbal jabs in on each other.  Chloe thought it would be a great idea for her and Parker to move in with Daniel.  Daniel didnít think it was realistic for her to move in with him.  Chloe used Parker as an excuse to move in with Daniel.  Nicole and Kristen continued to argue and were about to come to blows when Brady showed up.  Brady threatened to end his friendship with Nicole if she didnít leave Kristen alone.  Kristen eavesdropped on their conversation.  Jennifer and Hope talked about Daniel and Chloe at the hospital.  Daniel asked Chloe if there was a part of her that wanted him back.  Chloe admitted that a part of her wanted him back.  Nicole warned Brady that Kristen didnít care about him.  Brady walked away and went back to Kristen.

Kristen yelled at Brady when she thought he was defending Nicoleís actions.  Brady stood up to Kristen about Nicole.  Kristen wanted him to stay away from Nicole.  Brady wondered if Kristen was jealous.  Nicole went back to the church and decided to scheme to come between Brady and Kristen.  Hope advised Jennifer not to stand by and let Chloe get Daniel back.  Chloe gave Daniel a sob story about wanting their old relationship back.  Nicole talked to Eric about Brady and Kristen resigning from the advisory board.  Brady signed the papers, but Nicole wanted to handle Kristenís papers herself.  Daniel explained to Chloe that heís moved on and hoped that she will find the right person too.  Marlena ran into Kristen at the town square.  Chloe conveniently saw Jenniferís text since Daniel forgot his phone.  Chloe put food in her hair and started plotting.  Nicole arrived at the Kiriakis mansion to see Brady.  She made up having a headache so he could get her some tea.  While he was gone, she looked at his laptop and started copying and transferring files.  Kristen and Marlena talked about John and Brady.  Kristen assured Marlena that she loved Brady and they would be together for a long time.  Jennifer showed up at Danielís apartment and saw Chloe in Danielís shirt and nothing else.  Daniel nearly caught Nicole using Bradyís laptop.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie tells Steve that Spinelli turned to a woman from his past because he thought they were over. Steve reveals that he did something similar and that he is grateful that Olivia was able to forgive him. He tells her that sometimes, you have to get through tough times to get to the great ones. He tells her that he is discharging her from the hospital. Max and Milo take Spinelli to the Haunted Star. Maxie wonders why Spinelli wonít leave now that he has seen that she is there. She wonders why Spinelli is out partying when Ellie is in the hospital. Max and Milo insist on sitting at the bar where Maxie is sitting. Felix takes Sabrina and Elizabeth to the Haunted Star so they can find new men. He spots Max, Milo, and Spinelli at the bar. He invites Milo to have a drink with him, pushes Elizabeth and Max together, and pushes Spinelli and Sabrina together. Max tells Elizabeth that he hasnít been on a date since Diane dumped him. She tells him that he is still not on a date. Milo and Felix talk about working out. Felix notices that Milo keeps looking over at Spinelli and Sabrina. Milo says he is protective of his man Spinelli. Felix takes that as meaning Milo and Spinelli are not just friends. Milo shows Felix his abdominal 12-pack. Felix invites him to leave the bar and go have sex. Milo spits out his beer in shock and then politely tells Felix that he isnít gay. Felix says his gay-dar must need a tune up and walks away. Spinelli tells Sabrina that he wonít be good company because his mind is on Ellie. She tells him that her mind is on someone too. Sabrina asks Spinelli what happened with Ellie. He says he made the mistake of telling the truth. Lulu overhears Spinelli telling Sabrina that he told Ellie that he slept with Maxie on New Yearís Eve. Spinelli tells Lulu that it wasnít Maxieís fault because he took advantage of their mutual vulnerability. Lulu says Maxie keeps making mistakes. Dante tells Lulu to leave it alone because what happened with Spinelli didnít change anything. Lulu tries to apologize to Maxie for getting upset about it. Maxie says she doesnít deserve it and walks off. Felix sits with Elizabeth and says it looks like they both struck out. She points to Spinelli and says he looks like he got the worst of it. They look for Sabrina, but she has left. Maxie goes up to Spinelli and asks him why he blabbed. He says he was just telling Sabrina why Ellie threw him out. She says that since he and Ellie are no longer together, she has something to tell him about the baby. Ellie calls Spinelli and asks him to meet her at the hospital. Spinelli takes off. Maxie says aloud to the absent Spinelli that her baby is his. When Spinelli arrives at the hospital, Ellie says she is still angry, but she understands that his indiscretion would not have happened if he had known that she was in an accident while on her way to their rendezvous. She says she will reconsider if he can assure her that it wonít happen again. He says he will spend every moment of every day trying to make it up to her if she can forgive him. She admits that she loves him.

Emma disappears from Kellyís after Britt leaves her alone at the table while she goes to the restroom. Britt stands around doing nothing while Patrick frantically searches for his daughter. Patrick tells Anna that Emma is missing. She calls for a police car to come to Kellyís and issues an Amber Alert. Anna wonders if something upset Emma. Britt lies that they were getting along fine. Anna asks Patrick if Emma would turn to someone if she were upset. Patrick tries to call Sabrina, but she has left her phone at the bar. Sabrina sees Emma alone in the dark.

Sonny tells Tracy that he canít help her with A.J. Michael goes to Tracyís office with a document that shows that Tracy infused ELQ with Soleito money. A.J. tells Tracy that she will go to prison if she doesnít step down as CEO and sign a paper that says she supports A.J. She is disappointed in Michael when he hands her a pen. She asks him if he thinks Abby would be proud of what he is doing. She tells him that the only thing she ever had against him was that he was Sonnyís son, but now that he is the image of A.J., itís even worse. She signs the paper and throws it at Michael. As she is leaving the office, she says it isnít over. Kristina goes into Connieís office and smashes her computer with a baseball bat. She says she is there to exact revenge for Treyís death. She says Trey was only on the road that night because they were following Connie. Connie says it isnít her fault that they followed her. She reaches for the phone, but Kristina smashes it. Sonny comes into the office and tells Kristina to stop. He tells her that Connie is going to pay for her crimes through the court system and that he doesnít want Kristina to throw her life away. Sonny takes the bat from Kristina. Connie says Trey dodged a bullet with that annulment and that now that he is dead, he wonít have to see what a psycho Kristina is. Kristina charges Connie, knocks her to the floor and tries to strangle her. Sonny pulls Kristina off. Connie calls the police. Dante and two officers arrive. Connie says Kristina tried to kill her. Kristina says she wonít stop trying until Connie is dead. Connie asks Dante if that confession is enough for him to arrest his crazy sister. An officer handcuffs Kristina. Dante tells Sonny to call Alexis. Sonny asks Connie if she really wants to do this. Connie says Kristina did this. Sonny storms off. Tracy comes into the office and asks Connie to publish the papers that Michael gave to her. She says she knows what it will mean for her, but if she canít have ELQ, no one can.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Leslie is shocked to see Congressman Wheeler talking to Victor. She tells Neil she forgot a file for their business meeting and runs out to talk to Tyler. Tyler reminds Leslie that it has been a long time and Congressman Wheeler probably won’t remember them. Leslie returns later and Neil assumes that she is nervous to be seen in public outside of work with her boss, but Leslie assures Neil that isn’t the problem. Congressman Wheeler asks Victor to persuade Avery not to take on a twelve-year-old murder case in his district. If Avery drops the case, he will help Victor embarrass Jack and make the circumstances of Stephanie’s death public. Sharon tries to persuade Chelsea not to divorce Adam, but Chelsea tells Sharon that she can’t handle being second to Newman Enterprises in Adam’s life. Chelsea moves out of the house and tells Adam she has filed for divorce.

Lauren and Michael argue because he thinks that Fen caused Jamie’s fall and Lauren refuses to believe that Fen would do that to Jamie. Lauren leaves the house and goes to have a glass of wine and talk to Carmine. Sharon thinks that Adam has offered Victoria and Nick a job at Newman Enterprises. Jack goes to see Nikki for advice on how to handle his addiction, and she offers him help whenever he feels he might slip. Jack wants Billy to help him start Jabot’s new clothing line, but Billy worries that Jack might be taking on too much and is substituting work for pills. Adam goes to the penthouse to see Victor and talk about family.

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