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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Taylor that having to check with Rick on everything sort of jams the creative flow. She points out that he was appointed CEO by his father. He was there and he deserved it but what happened is what always happens. Once again things just seem to fall in the Logan’s favor. Thomas tells her that he can’t spend the rest of his career begging Rick to take his ideas. He confides that he is going to Paris and he might not come back. He bemoans that Rick stole Caroline from him and now his grandfather has devalued almost everything he does by anointing Rick as President. Then Stephanie went and took back his 25% of the company. He doesn’t have much to look forward to. He doesn’t want to stick around when he is not appreciated. Taylor doesn’t want him to go. He could stay here and even work at another fashion house. She feels like he is leaving her here with the wolves. She says she loves him unconditionally and that won’t change. Marcus feeds caviar to Dayzee in bed. She says she still can not believe she is married to a Forrester, but no regrets. She hopes that doesn’t make her sound shallow. She just doesn’t want anything to change. Marcus says it won’t, unless it is to get better. He hit the jackpot when he married her …the perfect woman… beautiful, intelligent, tough and honest. Dayzee quizzes him about his being adopted. He says that his parents were wonderful and he could never thank them enough for taking him in. Dayzee still seems a little worried. She thinks back to the last time she saw Maya when she was encouraging her to sign the adoption papers. Maya’s mother did not want the child so there were no other options except to place the baby with a good home which Dayzee had found. Otherwise the baby would go back to the system and she knew Maya did not want that. Reluctantly Maya signs the papers.

Donna stops by to check on Eric just as he is standing before a huge portrait of Stephanie. He’s touched that she brought him pot roast. The magic word, pot roast…..yes here comes Pam who has the same which is ready to eat. Donna walks out of the kitchen gloating that she found a bottle of Honey Bear. She tells Eric that she knows how it feels to be lonely. Pam smells something; turns out Donna burned the takeout. Eric reminds her that she has other attributes. Pam says dinner is ready….too bad that Donna can’t stay. Ah contraire, she says she has no place else to be. Taylor charges in and despite his company, she tells Eric she must see him alone. Pam and Donna leave. Eric can sense just how upset Taylor is. She tells him that Thomas is going to Paris and might not come back. Now her son might be gone for good, all because of Stephanie. He is sorry that Thomas is so disillusioned. Taylor rants on that it’s all Stephanie’s fault because she became so wrapped up in Brooke. Brooke had to be with Stephanie when she died. Eric reminds her that they had put their differences aside. Stephanie no longer thought of Brooke as devious or manipulative. Taylor argues that no; Stephanie accepted Brooke because she was more like her than anyone imagined. It was like some narcissist dream…..she died in her own arms. She glares at the portrait and lashes out again at Stephanie that it was all her fault. Suddenly the painting falls to the floor.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

John wanted Marlena to meet him at the coffee shop to let her know heís leaving town today and didnít know when heíd be back.  Marlena wasnít happy about the announcement.  John felt that Marlena still didnít trust him.  Nicole showed up at Danielís place with a gift for Parker.  She talked to Daniel about everything sheís lost.  They also talked about Jennifer and Chloe.  Nicole was about to tell Daniel something, but Maggie showed up.  Chloe talked to Jennifer about Daniel.  Chloe wanted to make sure that Jennifer was over Jack.  Jennifer saw through Chloeís ďconcernĒ for how her relationship with Daniel will affect Parker.  Marlena tried to convince John to stay in Salem, but he wouldnít do it.  She kissed him goodbye.  Chloe tried to convince Jennifer that she was concerned for Parkerís well being, but Jennifer didnít believe her.  Eric and Brady got into an argument over Kristen.  Marlena begged John not to go, but John didnít listen.  He told her heíd be back.  Kristen eavesdropped on them and was excited when John left.

Kristen caught up to John to find out if heís really leaving town.  Chloe tried to play on Jenniferís sympathy by talking about the prostitution.  Chloe also talked about losing Daniel.  Chloe went overboard talking about Jennifer being a good person.  Jennifer thought Chloe wanted her to walk away from Daniel. Chloe claimed she was worried about Parker and not Daniel.  Chloe told Jennifer that she heard she wanted to call child protective services, but Jennifer denied it.  A nurse came in so Chloe left Jenniferís office.  John ran into Brady and he let him know he was leaving town.  Brady told John that he should stay gone if he thinks heíll give up Kristen.  Kristen called Stefano to let him know what happened with John and Marlena.  Stefano advised Kristen to breakup with Brady, but she said she couldnít do that.  Stefano insisted that Kristen end things with Brady.  Kristen wanted to keep sticking it to John and Marlena.  Brady saw Marlena at the coffee shop and they talked about John leaving town.  Chloe went to Daniel and suggested that she and Parker move in with him.  Kristen was talking to Stefano on the phone when Nicole showed up at her place.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

T.J. goes to Connieís office to offer his condolences for Treyís death. She thanks him and tells him to go away. He asks her if she would reconsider giving Mollyís book back. She says no. When he leaves, she begins making the edits to Mollyís book that the publisher asked for. Starr goes to check on Kristina. Kristina goes on a rant about Connie and says she is going to make her pay. Molly and Starr talk her out of going out and doing something stupid. Starr tells her about her experience losing Cole and Hope. She suggests that Kristina take a shower, change clothes, and go with her to PCU to register for classes. Kristina goes upstairs. T.J. goes to Mollyís house and tells her about his encounter with Connie. Starr notices that Kristina is gone. Kristina goes into Connieís office wielding a baseball bat, smashing Connieís computer.  

Sabrina tells Elizabeth that Carly Jax is letting them use the Metro Court ballroom for the nursesí ball. She also tells her that Patrick is taking Emma and Britt ice-skating. Elizabeth says Patrick almost turned Brittís invitation down because she told him that Britt treats Sabrina badly. Sabrina says Britt isnít so bad since she was nice enough to warn her that Patrick felt uncomfortable. Elizabeth says she doesnít think Patrick is uncomfortable because he is concerned that he did something to make Sabrina uncomfortable. She says Emma misses Sabrina and Patrick said Sabrina is the only stable female presence in Emmaís life since Robin died, so she should resume babysitting and not let Britt take her place. Sabrina says she canít be the person that Emma needs so all she can do is hope that Britt can come to respect the little girl. Elizabeth assures Sabrina that if Patrick finds that Britt isnít treating Emma right, he will dump her. Sabrina says she has to keep her distance from Patrick because her crush wonít go away. Elizabeth asks Sabrina if she is going to spend the rest of her life loving a man that she canít have. Britt goes to lunch at Kellyís with Emma and Patrick. She gives Emma a game. Emma thanks her and says she already has one that Sabrina gave her. When Emma goes to the bathroom, Patrick tells Britt that Emma doesnít like her. When Patrick takes a call, Britt tries to chat with Emma, but Emma is not responsive. Britt says she wants to be friends. Emma says she doesnít want to be friends with Britt because she doesnít like her. Britt makes sure Patrick is still outside and then she tells Emma that she doesnít like her either but they will have to put up with each other. Emma tells her that she wants Sabrina. Britt tells her to get over it because Sabrina is out of the picture. Britt goes to the ladies' room, leaving Emma alone at the table. Britt returns from the bathroom at the same time that Patrick comes back inside from his phone call. He asks where Emma is. Britt doesnít know.

Ned eavesdrops on A.J.ís conversation with Carly. Carly tells A.J. that she knows he is trying to manipulate the situation and that if he ruins Michaelís life she will kill him. He tells her that he might be able to unseat Tracy with another vote because Heather Webber told him that there are other voting shares out there. Carly thinks itís hilarious that he is taking advice from Heather Webber. He says he has read Edwardís will and it clearly states that his assets are to be divided between his living children and grandchildren so unless there is another heir, he canít figure out what Heather is talking about. A.J. observes Carlyís reaction and asks her what she knows. She says she doesnít know anything and if she did, she wouldnít tell him. Sonny goes to visit Tracy and asks why she is suddenly talking to him. She says that if they work together, they may be able to get rid of A.J. Sonny says he will look like the bad guy in Michaelís eyes if he goes after A.J. Tracy tells Sonny about her using Soleito money for ELQ and Anthony blackmailing her with the evidence. She asks him to tell her from the perspective of a mobster if he thinks Anthony destroyed the evidence before he died. Sonny says no, Johnny probably has it. Ned sends Tracy a text message to let her know that he heard A.J. talking about her SEC issues. Tracy asks Sonny to find the evidence before A.J. can. Sonny says he canít do it because Michael would never forgive him. Tracy tells Sonny that if A.J. takes over ELQ, he will have all kinds of dirty dealings and when he gets caught, he wonít take the blame because he never does. She says he will blame Michael. Sonny says she makes a good point, but he canít have anything to do with it. Michael goes to the jail to ask Johnny if he has the records that prove Tracy used dirty money to finance ELQ. Johnny wonders why Michael cares about ELQ. Michael says itís important to A.J. Johnny concludes that Michael wants to give the evidence to A.J. so he can use it against Tracy. He says Michael is compromising himself by dealing with someone he despises in order to get leverage for a corporate take over that he doesnít care about. He adds that he doesnít want to give Carly another reason to hate him more than she already does. Michael says Johnny canít do anything to get Carly back. Ned approaches Carly and tells her that he has been watching his cousin. He asks her what she knows about another Quartermaine heir. She says she canít tell him. He says A.J. will make her change her mind and when that happens, she should give him a call. Sonny passes A.J. as he is leaving Tracyís office. A.J. asks Tracy if she is dealing with the mob again. Michael arrives with the evidence that Johnny gave him.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nikki comes downstairs and kisses Victor “Good Morning.” She notices that he is in an awfully good mood. Nikki tells Victor that she is grateful that he called off the press conference. Victor lets Nikki know that Jack stepped down from Newman. Nikki demands to know what Victor did to Jack. Chloe visits Chelsea and finds out that she and Adam are getting divorced for real this time. Billy comes into the office and finds out that there is a board meeting and the board decides that they want Adam to be CEO. Cane arrives at the coffeehouse and looks around for Lily. Cane has a talk with Eden. Avery comes to see Nick at the Underground and they discuss the grand re-opening of the club and also that she will be going out of town on business. Nikki accuses Victor of doing something to Jack to make him step down from Newman. Billy and Adam discuss the fact that the board wanted someone stable to take over the reins of Newman. Sharon interrupts them to ask about the board meeting. Billy leaves Sharon and Adam alone. Sharon cannot believe that this is happening so fast but warns Adam that Victor will come after him. Adam asks Sharon if she is going to stand beside him because he has to know now. Chloe and Chelsea have drinks in a neutral place and discuss their plans for the future. Victoria arrives at Victor and Nikki’s to let them know about the board meeting and that Adam will be in charge. Chloe advises Chelsea to have revenge sex against Adam and motions toward Cane. Chelsea reminds Chloe that Cane is married.

Adam and Sharon brainstorm over some ideas for Newman in the coming months. Sharon insists that she is not quitting. Nikki tells Victor to stop making promises that he cannot keep. Adam and Sharon order supper in so they can continue working. Nick and Avery make love before she leaves on her trip. Sharon dreams that Adam comes back to the office and tells her that he loves her. Chloe and Chelsea decide all systems are go for their new business. Chloe visits Billy to ask him to buy the Restless Style building. Chloe lets them know that Chelsea and Adam are getting a divorce. Victor tells Mason to find out what medication Sharon is taking. Nikki calls someone and says that she cannot tell Victor now.

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