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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor says she will repeat it one more time. Brooke needs to find a way to stop Hope as Liam and Steffy are in a committed relationship. Bill did a lot of things wrong, but you can’t go back. Taylor is just doing what she thinks is best for everybody by telling Hope to stay away from Liam. There are boundaries and this is just wrong for her to be chasing after a man that is committed to another woman. Then she throws in the part that Thomas is ready to move to Paris because he has had it. His own grandmother screwed him over. Brooke points out that had nothing to do with her family and she is tired of Taylor blaming everything on the Logans. Hope quizzes Dayzee about Maya and doesn’t understand when Dayzee calls her a client. Dayzee says it seems like a lifetime ago now. Maya was a singer/dancer and she booked a few jobs but it never worked out. She had a baby girl and Dayzee tried to help. Hope pulls it out of her that she helped others as well and ended up practically being her own adoption agency. Katie is having a re-do of dinner when Bill returns. He doesn’t know why his drinking bothers her so much. She says it usually leads to Bill making bad decisions. She wants him to be there in the moment with her and her son. She knows she has been on him a lot lately and she doesn’t want to be a drag. She just wishes he could do this one thing for her. He reminds her that when she put that ring on his finger, she knew what she was getting in for. He listened to absolutely no one who tried to tell him what to do. Marcus pops in to see Dayzee and gives her a quick kiss but tells her that he has to go. Hope gathers that he doesn’t know anything about this and Dayzee would like to keep her past that way. Dayzee says she has to call Maya because she will keep calling and not let this go. Dayzee calls and makes arrangements to see her at the Farmer’s Market the next day. Hope wonders if Dayzee is going to help Maya get her little girl back.

Taylor also lashes out at Brooke that she took Stephanie away from her and would not allow Taylor to have closure on Stephanie’s deathbed. Brooke says she did not orchestrate that; it just happened. But her relationship with Stephanie had changed over the years and Stephanie regretted all the time they wasted hating each other. Katie tells Bill that she is not just trying to call him out, but herself as well. She wants to make up for lost time when she was away from him and their son. She values everything that has brought them to this point, a new baby, a new house and she is very excited about it all, especially what they can have tonight. Dayzee tells Hope that Maya signed over her parental rights and that was the best thing she could have done. So they can not go charging in there and take this precious little girl away from her adopted family. Maya doesn’t know that she is a Forrester now either and she’d like to keep it that way. She’s proud of who she is now and doesn’t want to ruin it with the past. Taylor tells Brooke that she’d like to stop all this bitterness between the two families, but she still does not trust Brooke. She has been burned by her too many times. Brooke is going to listen to what she has to say. She demands respect for both Steffy and Thomas. Things are going to be a lot different around FC’s now. Taylor says she will not allow Brooke and her children to trample over Taylor and her children the way Brooke did her over the years.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ and Sami kissed.  Gabi, Nick, and Will found out that sheís having a girl.  Will told Cameron, Gabi, and Nick that he had a right to be at the appointment.  Things heated up between EJ and Sami when he put on the brakes.  Lucas overheard Adrienne and Justin talking about Will and Sonny.  The three of them briefly talked about the situation.  Adrienne didnít seem to like Justinís stance (he didnít want to blame Will) in the situation.  Justin did assure Adrienne that he is on Sonnyís side.  Rafe went to the coffeeshop to look for Will.  Sonny wasnít any help, but Abby told him where to find Will.  Sami was surprised that EJ wanted to stop making out with her.  He let her know that he didnít want to rush things with her.  He wanted to wait for the right time.  Sami was about to tell him something when Lucas showed up.  Lucas called Sam out for bouncing from Rafe to EJ once the truth was out about Gabiís baby.  Will and Gabi continued to watch the sonogram of their baby.  Nick left the exam room, but watched outside the room.  Nick was not happy about it at all.

After the sonogram, Will was determined to be part of his daughterís life.  He wanted to know about all of Gabiís appointments.  Sami and Lucas talked about Will and Gabi.  He let Sami know that she alienated the mother of her grandchild.  Rafe and Will ran into each other and talked about the baby.  Will promised Rafe he would be a great father to Gabiís baby.  Will also told Rafe that they are having a girl.  Nick told Gabi that they were getting married the next day.  She was excited by the news.  Sami and Lucas continued to talk about Will as well as Rafe.  Lucas advised Sami to get along with Gabi and Rafe.  Adrienne and Justin talked to Sonny to make him feel better about what happened with Will.  After they left the coffee shop, Will showed up to see Sonny.  They talked about the baby.  Will let Sonny know that heís having a girl and that he wants to be in his daughterís life.  Will also wanted Sonny to be in his life as well.  Nick told Rafe that he and Gabi were getting married the next day.  Will told Sonny that he missed him and kissed him.  Nick let Rafe know that things might get ugly with Will so he will need him.  Will wanted to go back to Sonnyís place, but Sonny didnít want to do that.  Sonny believed that their relationship wasnít just about sex.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

A.J. tells Michael that his visit with Lucy at Ferncliff was unsuccessful so he is expecting Tracy to make a move. He tells him that another patient at Fern Cliff seems to think he will have no trouble taking over ELQ. He shows Michael a picture of Heather Webber. Michael says Heather is a nightmare. A.J. says Heather told him that when she read Edwardís will, she saw something that would give him the upper hand. Michael asks him if Heather wants him to get her out of Fern Cliff in exchange for the information. A.J. says he thinks Heather just wants a friend on the outside. Michael advises A.J. to stay away from Heather. Michael tells him about everything Heather did in the past year and says that if A.J. works with her, then he wonít have anything to do with it. A.J. says the other option is to find out from Johnny Zacchara what he knows about Tracy funneling Soleito money into ELQ. Michael says he will talk to Johnny. Ned goes to ELQ in response to Tracyís summons. She smiles to reveal her fangs. She tells him they are a business ploy. She says keeping Lucy batty is essential to keep control of ELQ. Ned says she should let A.J. take over. He says ELQ has given her nothing but grief. He says now that Edward is gone, there is no one left to prove anything to so she should let ELQ go and do something else on her own. She tells him that ELQ is her birthright and she intends to run it. Ned says he will help her. He asks her if she has any vulnerabilities. She says the only thing she has to worry about is a shareholder coup. Tracy calls Sonny to enlist his help.

Epiphany scolds John McBain for leaving the hospital without his doctorís authorization when he returns to be re-stitched after popping the original stitches. Sam tells Epiphany not to worry because he wonít get past her. She tells John that she didnít know he was injured when he went after Todd. He tells her that Lucy Coe the vampire killer did it when she saw him in the courtroom. He tells her that Lucy is in Fern Cliff and Todd is going there too, to have a psych evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial. Sam thinks Todd will get off. John says the Llanview authorities are sending Toddís records so the staff at Fern Cliff will know what they are dealing with. Sam says that if the courts donít make Todd pay, then she will have to do it herself. John tells her not to lose sight of what is important in the name of vengeance. He tells her to take care of Danny and let him take care of Todd. Epiphany tells Sam that John seems like a good guy and he isnít hard on the eyes. Todd dreams that Carly forgives him. When he wakes up saying Carlyís name, Johnny tells him that Carly isnít there and she wonít be at Pentonville when he gets there either. Todd says he isnít going to Pentonville; he is going to Fern Cliff and then he is going home. He tells Johnny that he has precedent of having PTSD from when he killed his brother and that if PTSD doesnít work, then he can invoke one of his alters, Tom, Rod, or Miss Perkins. He says he will then work on getting Carly back. Johnny says that will never happen. John McBain arrives to escort Todd to Fern Cliff. Michael goes to the jail to see Johnny.

Elizabeth wonders why Patrick is so curious about where Sabrina is. Patrick says he thinks Sabrina is avoiding him. Elizabeth tells him that she canít break Sabrinaís confidence. Patrick says Emma really likes Sabrina. He reveals that Emma doesnít like Britt. Elizabeth says Emma is a smart girl. Patrick wonders why Elizabeth doesnít like Britt. Elizabeth canít believe he hasnít noticed the way Britt treats Sabrina. Patrick doesnít understand why Britt would single Sabrina out. Elizabeth tells him to open his eyes. Patrick asks her if Sabrina is avoiding him because Britt gives her a hard time. Elizabeth says thatís close, but also far away. Carly meets with Sabrina and Felix. She tells Felix that she saw Todd so he could see what he is missing. Felix says Sabrina should do the same with Dr. Drake. Carly says she didnít know Patrick was dating. Sabrina says Patrick isnít dating her. Felix tells Carly that Patrick is dating the Britch. He clarifies that the womanís actual name is Britt. Carly gets it. Felix say Sabrina just needs to lose the glasses, let her hair down, and prop up her breasts. Sabrina says she isnít going to change her appearance and that it doesnít matter anyway because Patrick is dating Britt. Carly points out that it is possible that Britt was the first to put herself out there and Patrick simply didnít turn her down. She says it canít hurt to show him that he has alternatives. Felix says Carly knows a lot for someone that let Todd Manning take advantage of her. He says she deserves a man that will treat her the way she deserves. He concludes that both women need to find new men. Carly isnít interested in meeting men. Felix asks about the man that brought her to the hotel the other day when she was drunk. Carly tells him that she loathes A.J. and that he was only there to laugh at her. They get down to the business of using the Metro Court ballroom for the nursesí ball. Carly quips that Robin is probably rolling over in her grave right now because they were not close, but it is for a good cause so she is happy to help. They sign the contract. Britt invites Patrick and Emma to go ice-skating with her. He tells her that he doesnít think that is a good idea, but then he changes his mind and says yes. Britt gives Elizabeth a file to put away. Elizabeth refuses to take it until Britt says please. Sabrina and Felix return to the hospital. Epiphany gives Felix a hard time about the fun bedpans she has for him to take care of. Britt tells Sabrina that she is taking the rest of the day off to go ice-skating with Patrick and Emma. Sabrina tells her not to let Emma forget her pink mittens. Britt says Emma isnít Sabrinaís problem anymore; she is her problem now. A.J. goes to the Metro Court to talk to Carly.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Using his iPad, Nick looks at the classifieds ads that Tyler posted on the Internet to promote the Underground. At Newman Enterprises, Adam reminds Tucker that he and Billy are handling things now for Jack. Tucker senses a change in Adam and asks him if he is drunk. Adam informs Tucker that Jack stepped down. Neil, Cane, and Tyler arrive for work at Jabot as does Lily. Devon informs Neil that Jack stepped down from Newman Enterprises and will be coming back to Jabot. Neil wonders what this will mean for everyone. At Crimson Lights, Jack lets Phyllis know that he is glad that she is back in his life. Phyllis has concerns and doesn’t think that this will work between them. Phyllis walks out. Adam comes up with a plan to keep Victor away from Newman forever. Tucker has doubts about going into partnership with Adam. Cane watches Lily and Tyler together as Tyler asks her to look over some ideas that he has for the Underground. Jack arrives at Jabot and lets Neil know that he is adding a fashion line and no one will be leaving. Nick lets Noah know that he is considering adding more staff to the Underground. Avery and Phyllis meet at the Athletic Club and talk about today being their mom’s birthday and that Avery sent her something. Phyllis tells Avery that she turned out just like their parents.

Jack and Kyle hug when he visits. Jack lets Kyle know about his treatments and that he is still on his medication. Jack also lets him know that he left Newman Enterprises and is returning to Jabot. He asks Kyle to join him there. Devon tells Tucker about his talk with Katherine and that she told him to give Tucker another chance. Tucker lets Devon know about the music job that is available at McCall Industries. Noah tells Nick that he let Adriana walk all over him but he is through with her now. Nick calls Alex and issues him a warning to stay away from Noah. Phyllis blames Avery for being the cause of her marriage to Nick ending. Phyllis lets Avery know that she doesn’t like it one bit that Avery is with Nick. Lily is impressed by Tyler’s ideas for the Underground. Lily asks Tyler about his mom’s death. Adam visits Jack and hears the progress that he has made concerning Stephanie and Congressman Wheeler. Adam warns Jack to watch out for Victor. Adam informs Jack that he and Chelsea are over, because she wanted him to be something that he isn’t. Neil and Jack discuss Jackís coming back to Jabot when Devon joins them and tells Neil about Tucker offering him a position at McCall Industries. Neil tells Leslie that he knows about her past. Avery lets Nick know about her conversation with Phyllis regarding the end of Nick’s marriage. Nick asks Avery if she is ending it with him. Avery tells him “No.” An unknown man brings a brochure advertising the Underground into his hotel room. Phyllis signs the divorce papers. Phyllis calls Jack to spend time with him.

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