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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With their faces only inches apart and Bill caressing Brooke’s cheek, she says his name to stop him from probably kissing her. He rants that Katie should not have left him again……and all over one lousy drink. Brooke reminds him that it’s an issue and he couldn’t do the one thing Katie did not want him to do tonight. He says he is so sick of hearing Katie say that she wants him to be the best man he can be. He rants again that he does not have a drinking problem. It is Katie; she is over reacting. Brooke tells him to stop it. Katie and her child are counting on him. Her relationship with her sister is sacred. That is why she arranged this romantic evening, but Bill couldn’t do the one thing that Katie wanted him to do. He counters with it is so damned frustrating and again that Katie is over reacting. When Bill moves closer, Brooke tells him that Katie is her sister and she’s always looked up to Brooke. There is no way she would ever do anything to jeopardize that relationship. Bill says he understand that. He promises he will make it up to Katie. He wants to make this work and asks Brooke nicely if she will please help him get through this. Brooke says of course she will. He says it will all be okay if Katie would just try to stop fixing him. Brooke says they will be just fine. Katie is probably waiting for him right now to kiss and make up…..”so giddy-up Stallion, ride home to your wife.” Dayzee is shocked as the young lady tells her that her name is Maya. She helped out in the homeless shelter several years ago and now she has come back for her baby. It’s been so long since she went away and since Maya has kissed or held her little girl. If Dayzee will just tell her where she is, that is all she will ever ask of her. She doesn’t want to talk about prison or her court appeal. She is sorry that Dayzee did not receive her letters or e-mails. And even her own family turned against her and did not want her to come to L.A., but what is the use of voice and dance lessons if you are gonna play it safe. She reminds Dayzee that she never once judged her. She was the one friend everyone could turn to. Maya says when she had to go away to prison, her own parents were not an option nor any friends so she had no choice but to give up her baby. Like an angel, Dayzee came to her rescue and found a good home for her, but now she is back and ready to be a good momma. Liam and Hope are cuddled on the couch, laughing and giggling, talking about having some popcorn. She says this is what they were robbed of, nights like this and so much more. She knows the microwave beeper is driving him crazy so she kisses him and says she will go get the popcorn and be right back. She is barely out of the room when there is a knock at the door. It’s Taylor and she doesn’t even give him a chance to say no; she walks on in and says she needs to talk to him and hopes he is alone. She’s almost shocked when Hope emerges and says don’t let her stop her from saying what she came to tell Liam. Taylor berates her for barely letting Steffy out of their sights before Hope makes her move on Liam. Hope reminds her that Steffy would do the same thing. Taylor says things have changed. Hope says yes they have as now she and Liam know the truth. Taylor says Hope has had many changes before and something always comes up to break them up again. Hope says it also was wrong for Steffy not to tell Liam what she knew. Taylor wonders if she is asking too many questions. Hope says yes, but it is understandable. She is only protecting her daughter. And Taylor suggests that Brooke is doing the same thing. What they all need to do is sit down and talk this out. She realizes they have been victims of things that Bill orchestrated to keep them apart. That’s unfortunate, but it is not going to change the bond that Steffy and Liam have now. Liam just looks on and can’t get a word in edgewise; cat’s got his tongue. Taylor leaves.

There is a damper on the evening for Liam and Hope. She even feels like there was more that Taylor wanted to say but she held back. She doesn’t want what just happened or how she and Brooke may have it out to come between her and Liam. Brooke slips back into her house and is stunned to find Taylor inside. She hopes Brooke wasn’t spying on Bill and Katie. She asks Brooke if she is sure she arranged this evening out of pure love for Katie or out of guilt. She’s trying to give her some good, free advice. She knows how she feels about Bill. Brooke reminds her again that she loves her sister and would do nothing to hurt her. Taylor also says she came to tell Brooke that she asked her recently to talk to Hope about staying away from Liam, but she was just there and Hope was there. They were trying to have a very cozy evening by the fireplace so she knows Hope is very delusional. Brooke says she will tell her one more time – Hope is an adult and Brooke can not tell her what to do. She can not control her any more than Taylor can control Steffy. Taylor says this is not about control. It is about motherly advise and Brooke needs to give Hope some before she sets herself up for a huge disappointment. Brooke asks if there is something that Taylor is not telling her. Taylor also wonders the same. She wonders if Hope and Liam have done anything yet. Brooke says no, but they could at any time. Taylor barks this is exactly what Brooke did to her marriage to Ridge. She almost blurts it out that Steffy too will have a family. She does tell Brooke this is not going to happen. Hope is not going to do to her daughter what Brooke did to her. It ends now! Dayzee tries to explain to Maya that she signed papers so she can not make the adopted couple hand over the little girl. The system does not work like that. Angrily, she hands Dayzee her cell phone number and says if she does not hear from her, she will be back. Hope sees this exchange and asks Dayzee about it. Dayzee says Maya was one of her clients.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ walked in on Sami and Rafe while they were arguing at the chapel.  Will didnít think Gabi and Nick should go through with the wedding until they all decide what to do about the baby.  Nick let Will know that he and Gabi plan on getting full custody of the baby.  Nick told Will to go to court and give up his rights to Gabiís child.  Will was upset and didnít like the idea of Nick having full custody of the baby.  Rafe told Sami off about her feelings towards Gabi and Nick raising Willís baby.  Nick was mad when Will asked him if he was insane if he thought Will was going to just walk away from his child.  Nick warned Will not to call him insane again.  Chad showed up at the hospital to try and make things right with Cameron.  Adrienne tried to make Sonny feel better, but it didnít work.  Sonny got upset with her because he thought she was badmouthing Will.  Sonny didnít want to hear about it.  Nick reminded Will that he was willing to give up his rights to Gabiís baby.  Will changed his mind once everyone found out the truth.  Will wanted Gabi to back him up, but she didnít do it.  Nick reminded Will that he wants to be with Sonny or another man if things didnít work out with Sonny.  Nick didnít think it was a good idea for the baby to be raised by Gabi and three daddies.  Rafe told Sami that she was selfish and that he wasnít going to let her mess up Gabiís babyís life the way she did with her own kids.  EJ tried to defend Samiís parenting, but Rafe didnít want to hear it and walked out of the chapel.

Gabi had to step between Nick and Will after Nickís insulting remark about the baby being raised by three daddies.  Nick apologized to Will.  Gabi received a text about getting a sonogram.  She and Nick lied and made it seem as if she had to do something for school.  Before Nick and Gabi left the pub, Will let Nick know that he had no intention of giving up his rights to his child.  After Rafe left the chapel, EJ comforted Sami about the things Rafe said to her.  Cameron didnít want to get over what Chad did at Gabi and Nickís wedding.  Chad continued to explain why he did what he did, but Cameron didnít want to hear it.  Will went to the coffee shop to look for Sonny.  Rafe ran into Nicole.  He explained to Nicole what happened with Sami.  Rafe believed that he saw the real Sami and heís finished with her.  Sonny wanted Will to explain why he kept Gabiís pregnancy from him.  Adrienne ran into Sami at the townís square.  They had a heated battle over Will and Sonny.  Sonny couldnít get over the fact that Will didnít talk to him about the baby.  Abby showed up at the coffee shop and asked Will why he wasnít at the hospital.  Nicole didnít believe that Rafe was through with her because told her that before.  Rafe explained to Nicole that Sami never badmouthed his family before.  Rafe said that he was finished with Sami for good.  Sami and EJ arrived at her apartment and they kissed.  Cameron told Gabi and Nick that she was having a girl.  Will walked in just in time to find out that he and Gabi are having a girl.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina runs into Patrick and Emma in Kellyís. Emma asks her when she will babysit again. Patrick says Sabrina canít babysit anymore. Emma wonders if Sabrina has stopped liking them. Patrick says Sabrina is too busy to babysit right now. Emma wonders if she is too busy for the nursesí ball, too. Sabrina assures Emma that the nursesí ball will go on. When Sabrina goes to get her food, Patrick tells Emma that they can do things with Britt instead of having a babysitter. Emma says she doesnít like Britt because she is mean. She says she doesnít want to get to know Britt and she doesnít want her to be her new mommy. She says that if she has to have a new mommy, she wants it to be Sabrina. She runs over to Sabrina and hugs her. Patrick apologizes to Sabrina. Sabrina tells him not to worry about it. Spinelli confesses to Ellie that he slept with Maxie on New Yearís Eve after Ellie didnít meet him on the roof. Ellie says Maxie knew that she was going to meet Spinelli and suggests that Maxie sabotaged her car and met Spinelli in her place. Spinelli says Maxie doesnít know anything about cars and that she wouldnít sabotage them that way. He says Maxie was emotional about the baby and he was drunk. She tells him that he obviously wants to be with Maxie and tells him to get out. She says her heart and body are both broken and she is angry that she was hit by a car while he was cheating on her. She calls him Spinelli and tells him to leave her alone. He says he loves her and is sorry for hurting her, and then he leaves her room. Lulu overhears Britt telling Maxie that she needs to tell Dante and her something. Lulu asks Britt if everything is ok with the baby. Maxie glares at Britt. Britt vaguely says the baby that Maxie is carrying is doing well. Dante asks Maxie what she wanted to tell them. She says she is taking more folic acid. Britt tells them that they are her patients too and they are entitled to know all the details of the pregnancy. Olivia sees Maxie holding a dog again. Lulu says she thought the dog visions would stop after Maxie tripped over the dog. Olivia says that this time it looked like a wild animal cub. Maxie sees Spinelli and concludes that Olivia must have seen a jackal. When everyone else leaves, Britt asks Maxie if she is planning to pass off her baby as Dante and Luluís. Maxie says Dante and Lulu considered adoption before surrogacy so genetics donít matter to them. She says Spinelli doesnít want her or the baby so it will work out for everyone.

Luke returns to Port Charles and visits Anna in her office. She tells him that Robert is in a coma because Dr. Obrecht attacked him. Duke comes in and says Anna was at the Swiss clinic rescue him. Luke pushes Duke away from Anna, thinking he is Faison. Anna assures him that Faison is in prison. Luke wishes he had been in Switzerland to help with taking Faison down. Duke thanks Luke foe everything he did to secure his release and ensure Annaís safely. Luke refuses to shake his hand. He asks Duke if he is still in love with Anna. Duke says he is. Luke says that makes them adversaries because he is in love with her too. Luke asks Anna to go home with him. She tells him that she moved out. Anna tells Luke that she is not in a position to choose to be with anyone. When Luke leaves, she tells Duke to state his case for her to choose him. He says he isnít going to do that because she has already gone through Faison with his face, she has moved on and had other relationships during the past 20 years, and she is in a relationship with Luke. As he leaves, he tells her that he will always love her. Connie asks Sonny why he is suddenly in her corner. He says he sympathizes with her as a parent. She thanks him. She says she knows that when he looks at her, he wants to see Kate. He says Kateís disappearance didnít make him stop loving her and admits that it sometimes hurts to look at Connie and know Kate isnít there. She tells him that when he helped her, it felt like he was helping her, not Kate. He says that may be true. She says she thinks they have something between them. He says there is something. She says it is something she could get used to, but she knows Sonny wants her gone so Kate can come back. She tells him that she is the one with the memories from high school and Kate is the one with a made-up life.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Eden offers to warm up Phyllis’ coffee but she refuses. Phyllis quickly hides the divorce papers when Avery joins her. Phyllis informs Avery that Nick will be free as soon as she signs the papers. Victor visits Nick at the Underground. Nick feels that Victor is there to gloat about his nightclub failing on its first night open. Victor informs Nick that Adam and Billy wonít be at Newman for long and Jack wonít be around either when he gets through with him. Jack asks Congressman Wheeler to join him, but he is reluctant to play nice with Jack after all the things that happened. Christine surprises Paul by placing her scarf over his eyes and whispering in his ears. Paul tells Christine that Jamie is unconscious in the hospital. Michael sits vigil by Jamieís bedside while he is still unconscious. Lauren soon comes in to join him. Phyllis and Avery argue as usual. Phyllis hesitates to sign the divorce papers. Congressman Wheeler and Jack discuss his daughterís death in Jackís living room. Paul and Christine discuss Jamie and his father being in jail and that Fen is somehow involved. Michael joins Jack at his table and lets him know that Stephanie died of an overdose and would have died anyway that night no matter where she would have been. Michael also lets Jack know that he will not press charges against him. At home, Fen checks his messages. Lauren apologizes to Jamie for what happened to him and begs him to please wake up. Jamie whispers Fen’s name but Lauren cannot understand what he is saying when Paul walks in. Michael and Fen discuss Jamie’s fall and still being unconscious.

Nick and Avery discuss how the Underground will progress. Nick lets Avery know that his divorce is final. Christine bumps into Phyllis at Crimson Lights and the claws come out again between the two with one getting the better of the other. Christine realizes that Nick is dumping Phyllis. Michael and Fen visit Lauren and Jamie in the hospital. Avery asks Nick how he feels about the divorce. Tyler arrives to discuss business with Nick on making the Underground a huge success with the help of a D.J. Nick agrees. Paul lets Michael and Lauren know that he found something at the site of Jamie’s fall. Paul shows Michael and Lauren the camera and she identifies it as the one they gave Fen for Christmas. Phyllis hides the divorce papers when Jack joins her and lets her know the news that Michael revealed to him just earlier in the day. Jack also lets Phyllis know about his meeting with Congressman Wheeler and with Victor. Victor goes to Newman Enterprises and has a talk with Mason. Mason asks him what he has in mind, but Victor tells him that he will have to wait and see. Michael cannot wait to confront Fen about the pic on the camera, but Lauren cautions him to tread carefully when he talks to Fen so he doesn’t cause more trouble. When Fen visits Jamie, he awakens and looks at him. Jack and Phyllis kiss.

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