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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke prepares the cabin for a romantic evening for Katie and Bill. He thanks her for doing this. She says they deserve it and they can stay as long as they want. Taylor seems to be happy about this arrangement too, although she is not any less skeptical of Brooke’s intentions. Brooke tells Taylor thanks for the warning, but to knock it off. This is strictly for Bill and Katie. Taylor tells her the real reason that she came, it’s about Hope. She warns Brooke that she knows Hope is going to be coming around making her move on Liam with Steffy away. But things have gotten much closer for them. They are living together and it will only be a matter of time before he puts a ring on her finger. She wants Brooke to advise Hope that she will not allow Brooke’s daughter to destroy her daughter’s happiness. Bill tells Katie this is perfect. He loves Will but this is necessary in a cozy little cabin with a fire, no diapers or feedings. He tells her that her sister went to a great deal of trouble for all of this so they should just enjoy it. Liam and Hope laugh over pizza and drinks. He tells her that he spoke with Steffy and she is not mad. In fact, she said they deserved and needed to spend this time together. Hope reminds him that this is the way it should have been all along. He and Steffy are living together, but they aren’t married. There is nothing to tie him to her. Liam says he does not know where this is leading. Hope says she is not asking him for any commitment; just be with her. They touch and kiss softly. Marcus is impressed how well Dayzee treats her customers, even those that can’t pay much….........and how much she cares about his Rosie. He tells Dayzee that she is keeping Stephanie’s legacy alive by being so generous and caring.

Bill finds a bottle of scotch and has a drink. When Katie brings in their food, she gives Bill a kiss and smells alcohol on his breath. She mentions it and tells him she can’t believe that he can’t give that up for one night when he knows how much she dislikes it. He won’t address that he has a problem. He says he only had one little drink like many people do before a meal. Katie grabs her sweater and says obviously it wasn’t important to him the way it was to her and she leaves. Steffy can’t sleep and finds Taylor on the Webcam. Taylor asks if she has told Ridge or Liam about the pregnancy. Steffy says no; it’s too soon. She does not want to keep Liam by bringing up the baby card. She wants Hope out of Liam’s system and he will while she is gone. But she doesn’t want him to stay with her out of duty. A young, African American woman walks into Dayzee’s with spit in her eye and marches up to Dayzee and asks where her baby is. Brooke walks into the cabin and tells Bill that she saw Katie leave. He has another drink. Brooke asks if the drinking came first or was it because Katie left? He is adamant that he thinks Katie is too demanding and for her to want to change him and not have any fun is totally unnecessary. He walks up to Brooke and starts to say more, but stops short of saying when they were together…..he softly caresses her face.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Daniel and Jennifer fought because he thought she was going to call child protective services about Chloe being a prostitute.  Jennifer wanted to explain herself, but he had to leave.  Jennifer ran into Ann and asked her about the number.  Ann said a nurse gave Jennifer the message.  The nurse apologized to Jennifer.  It turned out the nurse was in on Chloe and Annís scheme to break up Daniel and Jennifer.  Sami wanted to keep talking to Will about Gabiís baby.  Will didnít want to keep having the same conversation with her and was about to leave when EJ showed up.  Sami left them alone to talk.  Will talked to EJ about his situation with Gabi.  EJ decided to help him out.  Nick talked to Justin about getting full custody of Gabiís baby.  Justin talked with Nick, but didnít want to continue talking to him anymore. 

Jennifer went to Maggie to talk about her situation with Daniel.  Gabi was at the chapel praying when Nicole showed up.  Nicole offered to be there for Gabi.  Rafe eavesdropped on their conversation.  After Nicole left, Gabi and Rafe talked about her situation.  He intended to be there for her and the baby.  Nicole ran into Sami at the town square and they got into it.  Sami complained about Gabi to Nicole.  Nicole reminded Sami about what she did in the past.  Chloe tried to get closer to Daniel, but she was out of luck because he and Jennifer made up.  Sami ended up at the chapel and ran into Rafe.  They talked about Will and Gabi.  They remained on opposite sides concerning Will and Gabi.  Chloe saw Nicole at the hospital and they talked about Daniel.  Nicole advised Chloe to give up on getting Daniel away from Jennifer.  Chloe refused to give up.  Sami and Rafe continue to argue about Will and Gabi when EJ showed up. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

An official at the Turkish prison tells Dante and Lulu that Luke was shot during an uprising. Lulu wants to see his body, but Luke enters the room with a sling on his left arm. Lulu tells Luke about Duke really being Faison in disguise. Mac, Felicia, and Duke discuss Lucyís commitment to Ferncliff. Felicia asks Duke what has him preoccupied. He says he was thinking about Anna recoiling when she sees him because she thinks of Faison. He is also concerned about Annaís relationship with Luke. Mac says Duke should talk to Anna about it. Anna tells Sonny that Faison was behind Jasonís shooting and Kristinaís kidnapping. She tells him that Faison was impersonating Duke, but the Duke that is in Port Charles now is the real Duke, rescued from Faison. Sonny thinks it is great that Anna and Duke can be together again. She tells him that she canít help seeing Faison when she looks at Duke. Sonny empathizes, saying he sees Kate when he looks at Connie. Anna asks him if he is beginning to care about Connie. He says he loves Kate and he was trying to get close to Connie to coax Kate out. Anna wonders if Sonny is no longer playing with Connie. Sonny says he would feel like he was cheating on Kate. Anna says that she feels the same way about Duke. Luke returns to Port Charles and immediately goes to Annaís office. He asks about Robert. She tells him that Robert is in a coma, thanks to Dr. Obrecht. Luke wonders why Anna was at that clinic again. Duke enters and says Anna was there to rescue him.

Connie gets up and finds that Sonny is no longer in her apartment. Olivia is there in his stead. She tells Connie that she and Sonny want to take care of her. Connie says she is fine and that Olivia can go. Olivia knows Connie is not fine after watching her son die. Connie says she thought Olivia was on Kateís team. Olivia admits that Connie is more like the cousin she grew up with than Kate ever was. She shows Connie her engagement ring. Connie hugs her, then sits down and says she takes it back. She says Olivia thinks she is crazy. Olivia points out that she envisioned her sonís surrogate giving birth to a dog. She tells Connie that she will stay with her until Sonny returns. Connie comments on Sonny sitting with her through the Trey experience and then taking her home and staying with her. Olivia asks her if she has feelings for Sonny. Connie says she knows Sonny is only being nice to her because he wants to get Kate to come out. Olivia says Sonny is genuinely concerned about Connie and hasnít mentioned Kate. When Sonny returns to Connieís apartment, she asks him why he is being nice to her. He tells her that he sympathizes because she is going through a tough time.

Felicia and Mac discuss Maxieís avoidance since the new year. Britt Westbourne tells Maxie that she canít implant another embryo because she is already pregnant. Maxie concludes that Britt was mistaken when she said Maxie had miscarried. Britt says Maxie isnít still pregnant; she is pregnant again. She realizes that Spinelli must have gotten her pregnant the night that she learned of the miscarriage, New Yearís Eve. Maxie doesnít know what to do. Britt says that if it were her, she would tell the father, regardless of the circumstances. Ellie excitedly shows Spinelli that she can wiggle her toes. Steve examines her and says she will need extensive physical therapy, but she will likely walk again. Maxie runs into Spinelli in the hallway. Spinelli tells her that Ellie will be fine. He says he and Ellie are getting closer. Maxie goes back to Britt and says she didnít tell Spinelli. Britt says they will have to deal with the fact that Maxie is pregnant with her own child so she canít be Dante and Luluís surrogate. Lulu and Dante go to the hospital and overhear Britt telling Maxie that she will have to figure out how she will tell them. Spinelli returns to Ellieís room and confesses that he slept with Maxie on New Yearís Eve.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Noah gets a visit from Sharon who wants to drive Faith to school. Adriana calls Noah and leaves him a message. Kevin and Chloe share an intimate moment behind the counter. He offers to take her to Tahiti but then realizes that they cannot go anywhere. Neil and Leslie have a bite of breakfast before heading to the office. She assures him she has no second thoughts about last night. At Jabot, Tyler asks Devon where Lily is. Adam lets Chelsea know that Jack is back but he is stepping down from Newman. Chelsea knows that she and Adam will never leave for Paris. Noah informs Sharon that he is through with Adriana. Adriana strikes up a conversation with Eden at Crimson Lights. Chloe and Kevin try to come up with a name for their “money laundering” scheme. Alex orders Adriana to give him back the money or he will put her in jail. Chelsea tells Adam that she would give up everything for him, but he is not willing to give up one thing for her. Devon apologizes to Tyler for the remarks that he made about his mother. Neil and Leslie join them and Leslie tells them about their mother dying a while back. Adriana tells Alex to put her in jail and he will never get the money back. Alex interrupts Chloe and Kevinís conversation and they soon hush when he walks up to join them. Adriana watches from outside.

Adam tells Chelsea about his momís home in Kansas. He says he is choosing Newman for their future. Chelsea tries to get Adam to leave town with her tonight, but he refuses. Chelsea insists to Adam that he doesn’t love her; she wants a divorce, and he isn’t going to change her mind. Adam leaves her alone at the house. Devon senses some chemistry happening between Neil and Leslie and asks them about it. Alex continues to talk with Kevin and Chloe while Adriana watches. Sharon walks into Adam’s office and finds him sitting there with a bottle. She realizes that he told Chelsea that he wasn’t leaving town with her. Sharon encourages him to go home and leave town with Chelsea. Noah tells Alex that Adriana sent him the money but someone stole it. Chelsea calls Chloe to come by but she says she has plans with Kevin. Sharon advises Adam to walk away from Newman but he refuses. Neil asks Devon how he really feels about working at Jabot. Leslie advises Tyler not to pursue Lily. Adriana approaches Noah and asks him if he found the box. Noah pulls the box out from behind the bar. Adriana lets him know that she thinks she knows who stole the money. Leslie orders Tyler to leave Lily alone. Alex searches Crimson Lights for the stolen money. Chelsea breaks all the pics in the house of her and Adam. Adam asks Sharon to stay at Newman and save him.

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