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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick pulls a press conference together in a hurry. He wants to get Hope back on track. He makes a special mention that he is glad Thomas is there. As the new president of FC, he is happy to welcome the press and explain that they are in a mode of new innovations. Rick introduces Hope and she asks the press to give Rick a hand for being the new president. She begins to tell them of the new hope for the future. She claims that the scandal and embarrassment is behind them and now she is looking forward to the future. She will not answer any personal questions about Liam that are thrown at her. Separately Liam and Steffy are watching the press conference. Bill drops in and Liam wonders why he is there at this particular time. Bill listens to Liam’s compliments to Hope, but wants to know if Hope is trying to worm her way back to Liam. Liam tells him that he does not have a choice; Bill has to back off and let Liam make his own decisions. Steffy murmurs to herself that soon Liam will have to make that commitment. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Brooke is watching Will but manages to defend Bill to Katie. Yes he has flaws, but he is not a bad person and she does not think he has a drinking problem. Perhaps his problem is that his wife isn’t forgiving him and accepting him the way he is. Katie says it sounds like Brooke knows her husband pretty well. She wishes she had been more in touch with his needs when she had post partum depression and left. Brooke says she got to know her husband pretty well in Aspen and he needs romance. He needs love and acceptance, but he’s missing tenderness and intimacy. Perhaps they should go back to Aspen and try to capture it there….make love, get back on track. Katie isn’t so sure now that she is a mother. Bill walks in and Brooke explains what they were talking about. She wants to set up a romantic evening for them in the cabin. He thanks Brooke and agrees this is just what they both need. He hugs Katie while looking at Brooke. Steffy calls Liam. They mention that both were watching the press conference. She goes on about Hope, how she agrees that Hope was robbed, but nothing has really changed. Okay, she doesn’t like Hope coming to his house but go ahead and get all of that out of his system. When she comes home, she wants to come home to only him. They have something special and it must be protected. He tries to respond, but she doesn’t let him get a word in edgewise. She keeps saying how much she loves him and wants their life together. Hope comes by Liam’s. She immediately goes into that this is their moment. Things were taken away from them. This is not about Steffy. They are not married or engaged and now they need to take advantage of it. When Steffy does return, then he can decide. She refuses to just let it go.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show did not air on Monday, January 21 due to the Presidential Inauguration.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante and Lulu are in Turkey looking for Luke. Lulu sees blood on the wall in the room where Luke was last seen. A man comes in and confirms that the blood is Luke’s. Maxie tells Britt that she couldn’t tell Dante and Lulu about the miscarriage. She asks her to implant another embryo. Britt doesn’t want to lie to Dante and Lulu, but she runs a test to determine if it is possible. Ellie is worried that she will never regain the use of her legs, but she feels something when Patrick examines her. Patrick says he wasn’t touching her at that moment. She concedes that she must have imagined it. He tells her not to lose hope. Spinelli is on his way to get something for Ellie from the trunk of his car when he runs into Maxie. Maxie asks him if he hasn’t called her because of Ellie’s condition, since they slept together and he said they were meant to be together before Ellie got hurt. He tells her that he said that when he thought Ellie had rejected him, but that wasn’t the case and they are back together now. She concludes that he is choosing Ellie over her again. He says he will always love her, but that she is correct. Britt asks Maxie to go into the exam room, where she informs her that she can’t implant another embryo because she is already pregnant. Spinelli returns to Ellie’s room with a collector’s edition of “2001: A Space Odyssey.” She shows him that she can wiggle her toes.

Todd pleads not guilty because he is insane. Diane convinces the judge to let Todd take the stand and tell his story. Diane tells the judge that Todd has severe PTSD, which is documented in his previous court case when he was acquitted of killing his brother due to insanity. Todd says that when he does terrible things it is as if he isn’t doing them. He says he hears a voice in his head. Diane says Heather Webber coerced Todd when he was in a fragile state. She says Todd needs psychiatric care, not prison time. Carly stands up and objects. She tells Todd that she will stand by him if he owns what he did. Todd sticks to his insanity plea. The judge remands Todd to Ferncliff for a psychiatric examination.

AJ antagonizes Tracy about how Lucy’s psychotic break will reflect upon her leadership at ELQ. Tracy tells him that according to the bylaws, she can fire Lucy and retain her position at ELQ. AJ says they can revote. Tracy tells him that he doesn’t have the authority to call for another vote because Lucy voted before her breakdown. AJ wants to go see Lucy to ask her to sign over her share to him. AJ asks Michael to cover for him while he is gone. When Tracy asks Michael where AJ went, she finds his lack of skill at lying amusing. She says it doesn’t matter if AJ went to offer Lucy the moon and the stars because no judge would accept anything Lucy signs in her present condition. Lucy meets Heather Webber at Ferncliff and tells her about the vampires. Heather says being a vampire explains John McBain’s demeanor. When they get around to introducing themselves, they realize that they are both Quartermaine exes. Lucy realizes that Heather is the one who married Edward and then tried to kill him to get his money. Heather says she at least waited until Edward’s previous wife was dead, unlike Lucy, who got her hooks into Alan while Monica was still around. Heather tells Lucy that she is going to need a friend in Ferncliff when she is inevitably committed. AJ sneaks into Ferncliff and tells Lucy that he believes in vampires. He tells her that Tracy is planning to oust her from ELQ because of a sanity clause. Lucy says she isn’t insane; she is just trying to save Port Charles. He gives her a paper to sign over her share of ELQ to him. A nurse comes to take Lucy to see the doctor. Lucy tells AJ he will have to talk to her about it later. AJ thinks aloud that Lucy was his only hope for ELQ. Heather, who has been listening unseen, says maybe not.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor tells Billy to tell Jack to make Victor CEO of Newman Enterprises again or he will expose him to the public. Billy tells him that he hadn’t been able to trust him in the past so why should he trust him now. At the Abbott house, Jack tells Michael that he is responsible for Stephanie’s death. At the Athletic Club, Tucker tells Katherine that he saved Murphy from choking to death. Katherine tells Tucker that she and Murphy once lived in a trailer. At the hospital, Paul tells Lauren that Jamie is still unconscious. Jack tells Michael that he will answer all of his questions. Jack takes all the blame for Stephanie’s death without exposing Phyllis and Adam. Jack tells Michael that Stephanie died because Jack was a drug addict. Lauren calls Michael to tell him about Jamie's fall. Michael orders Jack not to talk to any other cops until he sorts this all out. Phyllis forbids Jack to talk to the cops or she will tie him up. Billy arrives and tells them that Victor will ruin Jack’s life. When Victor arrives at the Athletic Club, Tucker motions for him to join him and Katherine.

Paul tells Michael about Jamie’s fall. Fen arrives home all agitated and nervous and checks his messages. Lauren lets Michael know that Fen had nothing to do with Jamie’s fall, but they need to find him. Fen remembers his fight with Jamie. Tucker offers to sell Victor back his shares of Newman stock. Jack lets Billy know that he already confessed everything to Michael. Phyllis cautions Jack not to do this to himself. Tucker apologizes to Victor. Victor accepts Tucker’s offer but then warns him not to double cross him or to do anything to Katherine. Tucker calls Jack to ask him what is going on at Newman. Jack thanks the little group for helping him and promises that he is through with lying and cover ups; he is leaving that to Victor. Congressman Wheeler visits Victor to discuss his daughter’s death and vows to make Jack pay without letting the public know. Fen arrives at the hospital acting so concerned for Jamie. Michael asks Fen when he saw Jamie last. When Michael asks him if he set Jamie up to take the fall, Fen rushes out. Congressman Wheeler tells Victor that there are other ways to deal with Jack. Jack tells Billy and Adam that he is walking away from Newman Enterprises and is leaving Billy and Adam in charge.

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