Thursday 1/17/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Brooke that she is asking a lot of him and he’s the man in the middle. She says she can not support him and Hope unless he makes a firm commitment. He doesn’t mean to take offense, but he doesn’t feel that he has anything in common with her ex-husband so she should not try to put him in those shoes. She reminds him that he has hurt her daughter over and over again and she wants to make sure that doesn’t happen again. He may love both women, but he can’t be with both of them. He admits that he doesn't want to live in a world without both women. Steffy is a fun girl and lets him be who he is, no questions asked. But when he looks at Hope, she is just there and it fills the room. Maybe he needs to be more than he is to be with her. He’s a rich man’s son who doesn’t have to want for anything, but maybe he should strive for more. Pam makes martinis for Eric but he’s a little down and suggests that she not do this again. He keeps making the martinis every day and talking to Stephanie, but he needs to put that aside. He doesn’t need Pam to stay there and help him. Perhaps it is time for her to go. She’s hurt. He says they have the left-behind two halves of a person that they are trying to put together. It isn’t going to work. Bill misses his malt scotch and Katie happily tells him that it is taking a little vacation. He’s miffed and wants to know what gave her permission to do that. She reminds him that they agreed he needed a little help with his anger management. He counters he did not agree to that. That was her and her female posse that ganged up on him. She says they have to start somewhere and a little jewelry isn’t going to do it. He gets sarcastic and dramatic and she continues to reprimand him that she did not pour it down the drain but put it away where it is controlled in a good climate. He reminds her that he is not an alcoholic and now she is asking him to be a good boy and he might get a toddy at night. She lectures that she doesn’t want to say these things to him, but he gives her no choice. All of these people are real people with real needs and feelings that he needs to deal with. Bill calls Brooke while she is still at Liam’s; he says they need to meet and talk.

Eric tells Pam they have adjustments to make, but he's not sure they can do them together. She tells Eric to please let her stay. It’s terrible to be alone so it won’t hurt them to be miserable together. He says he broke Stephanie’s heart so many times and left her so many times, and she would never do that to him. Bill and Brooke meet at the cabin and he rants about his problems with Katie. He wants Brooke to talk to her sister as Katie doesn’t trust him any more and it seems Brooke is the only one that doesn’t totally think he is a monster. He pours himself a stiff drink just to prove a point. Brooke can’t stop him, but she realizes their conversation has come to a screeching halt. She says she will talk to Katie. Pam tells Eric abut the bluebird she saw on Christmas Eve. It was her miracle; her sister was still with her. Eric says then he wants his miracle too, but Stephanie is dead. He wants his girl back…the one with the long hair and the crooked smile on her face like a snake and the shoulders that carried the world. It’s not fair. He wants that girl back and he’d do things so much differently now. He breaks down in Pam’s arms and lays his head on her lap and weeps.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole told Chloe that Kate probably told Jennifer that she was a prostitute.  Chloe wanted to find Daniel.  Jennifer was about to tell Daniel something about Parker.  John asked Marlena if she was happy that Brady was with Kristen so she wouldnít be with him.  Brady wanted to know what the note he found meant.  Sami walked in on Will at her apartment and she wanted to talk to him about Gabiís baby.  Chloe told Nicole that she would go to the town square to find Daniel.  Nicole tried to talk Chloe out of talking to Daniel because of everything that happened between them and that heís in love with Jennifer.  Chloe didnít want to listen so she went to find Daniel.  Kristen told Brady that the note was work related.  Brady had trouble believing her story.  He started having pains in his head when she explained herself.  Marlena told John how she wanted to prove that Kristen was using Brady.  John didnít like her plan and became upset with her because he thought she was happy that Brady and Kristen were together.  Chloe found Daniel and Jennifer and tried to stop them from talking.  Jennifer didnít say anything about her being a prostitute so Chloe made up a lie for seeing him.  Jennifer and Daniel left and Nicole showed up.  Chloe realized that Jennifer knew about her secret, but didnít say anything.  Chloe decided to use her secret to her advantage. 

Sami and Will talked about his situation with Gabi.  Cameron showed up at Kristenís place to check on Brady.  Kristen flashed back to paying the mugger to rob her.  The guy was supposed to attack John, but Brady showed up instead. Chloe met with Ann to talk about going after Jennifer.  Ann wanted to help Chloe out any way she could.  Sami and Will got into an argument about the baby.  Will ended up telling Sami that she wouldnít have been the first person he told about the baby.  John and Marlena argued because he didnít think she trusted him to stay away from Kristen.  Ann called Jennifer to get her out of her office at the hospital.  Chloe showed up at the hospital to talk to Daniel.  Chloe confessed to Daniel that she was a prostitute.  Chloe let Daniel know that Jennifer knew about it, but was kind enough not to say anything to him about it.  Daniel understood about Chloeís past.  A nurse went to Jenniferís office and left a message on her desk while she was gone.  Will and Sami continued to talk about what he would do about Gabiís baby.  John let Marlena know that he had to leave town for a while to think about whatís happened with Brady as well as with their marriage.  Daniel confronted Jennifer about knowing about Chloeís past.  He found the number to child protective services.  Daniel asked her if the number was for Chloe.


GH Recap Written by Brenda

Britt tracks Patrick down to the locker room hoping to catch him in the shower again, but she is too late. She invites him to get together in a bed instead. He reminds her that he doesnít have a babysitter anymore. She gives him a business card from a babysitting agency. He thanks her, but says Sabrina will be hard to replace. Britt thinks the three of them should do things together so that Emma can get to know her. Patrick says he isnít ready to make long-range plans yet. Epiphany looks for Felix. She tells Sabrina that Felix had better not be skipping out on his shift. Sabrina says Felix went to secure a venue for the nursesí ball. Epiphany wants to know why the head nurse doesnít know anything about the nursesí ball. Sabrina reluctantly reveals that Felix told her not to tell Epiphany because she has no sense of fun. Epiphany says when she gets her hands on Felix, she will show him who has no sense of fun. Felix finds Carly so he can talk to her about booking the Metro Court for the nursesí ball. He comments on her hair. She tells him that she cut it herself and that it is none of his business, yet she lets him in and continues talking about it anyway. He concludes that it has to do with a man. He orders room service to bring her food to help with her hangover. She tells him that the man is Todd Manning. He tells her that Todd is in the hospital after getting himself beaten up so he could try to escape. He says he canít fix Carlyís heart, but he can fix her hair. She says sheíd prefer to go to the salon downstairs. Felix suggests that instead of feeling bad about herself, she should get her hair fixed, put on a fabulous dress, and parade in front of Todd so he can see that he didnít ruin her life. She thanks him for the food and the advice and in return, she says she will donate the Metro Court ballroom to the nursesí ball.

John shows up at Toddís hospital room and tells him that he will be escorting him to his arraignment. Epiphany tells John that the only place he is going is back to bed. John says she canít keep him there. Diane tells him that if he leaves, the hospital wonít be liable if anything happens. He says he understands and leaves with Todd, Diane, and two officers. Todd tells Diane that Carly said she would have stood by him if he had told her the truth. Diane says that is probably true because Carly is loyal to her friends. In the courtroom, Alexis tells Lucy to be silent at her arraignment except for when the judge asks for her plea. She says Lucy must say ďnot guilty by reason of insanity.Ē Tracy forbids Lucy to say that. Lucy says she isnít insane and that she wants to get through the arraignment so she can kill Caleb. Tracy tells Lucy that she will take back her donation to the nursesí ball if Lucy mentions vampires. She tells Alexis that Lucy can plead not guilty without the insanity part. John goes into Lucyís arraignment while waiting for Toddís. Lucy pleads not guilty. She turns around to look at Tracy and sees John sitting at the back of the room. She loudly says John is not a human being. She starts rambling about John being Caleb Morley, King of the Vampires and tries to attack him. Felicia and Mac pull Lucy off John. To Tracyís horror, Alexis says she is recommending a psychiatric workup for Lucy and a change of plea to not guilty by reason of insanity. Todd hears Alexis telling Tracy that at least Lucy wonít be going to jail. Todd goes in for his arraignment. Carly goes into the courtroom wearing a sexy red dress and new haircut. Todd says she looks amazing and that he is happy she came. She tells him she is only there to see him charged. Diane directs him to say, ďNot guilty," and nothing more. When the judge asks for his plea, Todd says he is not guilty and that the person that did those things was not him. Lucy is taken to psychiatric lockup. When Felicia, Mac, and Alexis bail on her, she says she just needs someone to believe her. Behind her, Heather Webber says she believes her.

A.J. tells Michael that Carly offered to buy him a drink last night. He says he didnít drink, but he did spend the night with Carly. Michael is incensed that A.J. took advantage of Carly while she was drunk. A.J. explains that he didnít sleep with Carly; he just watched over her because she was drunk. He says that no matter how he feels about Carly, she is Michaelís mother. Michael is upset that Carly tried to get A.J. to drink. A.J. says Carly wasnít herself so they should just let it go. A.J. tells Michael that Lucyís arrest could be their way to get control of ELQ. Tracy comes home. A.J. and Michael hear her talking to Ned on the phone about the Lucy debacle and saying that it was exactly what A.J. needs to take over ELQ.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victoria and Billy discuss the fact that Adam and Chelsea are never moving to Paris. At Newman Enterprises, Victor holds a press conference to expose Jack's addiction and his involvement with a prostitute. Adam visits Jack and Phyllis and is surprised that Jack is back in town. Jack lets Adam know that he will no longer hide from the things he has done. Jack threatens to turn himself in to the police. Lauren misses the two hundred dollars that she just got from the ATM. Phyllis refuses to let Jack turn himself in and Adam agrees. Nikki interrupts the press conference to talk to Victor. Nikki reminds Victor of the promise that he made to her. Murphy and Katherine have a peaceful lunch at the Athletic Club until Tucker interrupts. Adam cautions Jack to stop and think about what he is doing. Victoria tries to convince Billy that they may be able to convince Chelsea to help them to get Adam out of town. Thanks to his phone, Billy finds out that Victor is holding a press conference. Nikki urges Victor not to take Jack’s problems public or he will lose his family’s support. Victor reminds her that he doesn’t care if he loses everyone's support. Murphy blasts Tucker to the point that Murphy chokes on some of his food. Tucker does the Heimlich Maneuver on Murphy to save him. Katherine yells for someone to call 9-1-1.

Michael questions Jamie about the missing money from Lauren’s purse. Jamie becomes insulted and walks out. At the coffeehouse, Paul attempts to talk to Fen about getting along with Jamie, but Fen lets Paul know that Jamie will be gone soon enough. Katherine hugs Tucker and thanks him for saving Murphy’s life. Billy walks in on Victor and Nikki and lets Victor that if he goes through with this then he would lose his company forever. Victoria walks in and lets Victor know that she sides with Billy. Phyllis warns Jack that Victor will ruin him and he will turn back to the drugs. Michael fears that Fen could have set Jamie up to take the fall for the stolen money. Victor goes back to his press conference and tells them that what he was going to announce could wait a little longer while he did some more investigating. Phyllis urges Jack to go back to the cabin, but Jack refuses. Katherine comes back to the Athletic Club and finds Tucker sitting at the bar. Katherine thanks him again for saving Murphy’s life. Paul lets Michael know that the things that Fen had said about Fen. Jamie and Fen have a confrontation when Fen takes a picture of Jamie with the missing item from the mantle at home. A brawl begins with Jamie falling over the edge. Paul looks for Jamie and finds that he had fallen over the edge of the building. Jack calls Michael to come to his home. Victor tells Billy to tell Jack to turn over control of Newman to him or he would expose him to the press. Jack tells Michael that he was the one responsible for Stephanie’s death.

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