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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope congratulates Rick for being named President of FC. She thinks he will make a great one. He realizes she has not fully forgiven him. She says that he did a lot of damage in her life, but she will eventually get past it although she can’t promise to forget. Brooke comes in and congratulates and hugs Rick too. He says Eric had a tough decision, but Brooke said he made the right one. Rick says he still has to prove himself and right now he needs to go see his father. Brooke asks Hope if she is still mad at Rick. She says she knows he did not mean to hurt her, but it might take a little time to get back on track. Brooke asks if she has seen Liam since Steffy left town. Hope says yeah they just spent some quality time together, just talking. Brooke says good as she should be careful. Hope gloats that no she is tired of being careful. She’s done that all of her life and look where it has gotten her. She and Liam are now moving forward. Brooke points out that Liam is living with Steffy, but Hope says they just need to work out the details there. Liam is sitting and thinking about the recent conversation with Hope when they both told each other they loved each other. Bill and Katie walk in. He determines that Steffy is not there otherwise they would be in the bedroom together. Bill says it is good to see Liam still wearing the sword necklace. Liam says better on him than stuck in Bill. This is the first that Katie knows about it. Bill quickly says he is still a little sore, but is okay. He admits that he deserves some pain after all he did to Liam and Hope. Katie hopes this means that he now will accept his son and her niece together. Bill scoffs and says Liam is living with Steffy so Hope is no longer a consideration.

Pam offers to make some lunch for Eric. He nixes it for now and says she is going to turn him into a rotund old fogey especially with the lemon bars that he can’t pass up. Rick comes in and they congratulate him all over again. Eric tells him he did not choose him because he is his son; he really earned it. He confides in Rick that Pam hovers, but it keeps him from being lonely. He misses Stephanie every single day. He still makes two martinis every night and talks to Stephanie. She is always with him. Rick thanks Pam for being there for his father and looking after him with Stephanie gone. Liam tells Bill that Steffy is in Paris as her dad wanted to see her. Bill said he could have gone too, but Liam says she did not even ask and besides he had work to do. Bill is worried that now Hope will come sniffing around again. Liam says yes he knows, but that is not Bill’s concern. He can schedule his own life. Hope tells her mother that she doesn’t have to worry about her. They did not make love although they wanted to. It wasn’t Liam that hurt her in the past, but lies by Rick and Othello and even Bill Spencer. But now they are back to where they were. And they will plan a life together. Brooke questions whether Liam is ready to break up with Steffy. Hope says she knows he will have to process everything, but this is their opportunity with Steffy gone. She gushes that she wants her life back and she’s just glad she didn’t make some life-altering commitments. With the way they feel about each other, nothing can keep them apart now. At home, Bill has Katie reach into his jacket and she finds the necklace. She is blown away with its beauty. He says not half as much as the lady who is going to wear it. She’s not sure why he had to make this point by going to such extremes. He says sometimes extreme measures are called for. Yes he goes overboard at times, but then she knew she was not marrying a wallflower. She married him because he is passionate about her, about their life, about his family. Taylor agonizes but decides this is her first grandchild and Liam needs to know; even Hope. She calls Liam but then ends up hanging up before he answers. Brooke shows up and tells Liam that she owes him an apology for knowing about Deacon and his dad’s involvement in getting him to Italy. But now it’s out in the open and Hope is a different person because of it. Yet she knows it can’t be easy on Liam since he is living with Steffy and truly cares for her. But he and Hope have another opportunity. He says it is not quite that simple. Brooke agrees. She knows it is going to be difficult as he is living with Steffy and he’s a compassionate person and very considerate. She once knew a man like that. But he had to make a decision just as Liam will, and not just for now but for the rest of his life. Three lives are at stake here and Hope really thinks they are meant to be together. Brooke is not so sure now, but Liam has to decide.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel wanted Chloe to tell him what Kate did to her.  Kate told Jennifer that Chloe was a prostitute.  Jennifer had trouble believing it.  Kate warned Jennifer that she had to do something to help Parker.  Marlena showed up at Kristenís place (wearing a wire) to get everything out in the open.  Marlena told Kristen how she came between John and Brady as well as possibly ruined her marriage.  Marlena tried to bait Kristen and get her talking when Roman showed up.  Chloe reminded Daniel that Kate destroyed her life for years.  Daniel asked Chloe to tell him why she didnít want Kate to see Parker.  Chloe was about to tell Daniel the truth when he spotted Maggie and too Parker to see her.  Chloe thought it might be a good idea to let Kate spend time with Parker.  Meanwhile, Kate tried to convince Jennifer to tell Daniel that Chloe was a prostitute.  Chloe agreed to let Kate see Parker during supervised visits.  Roman talked to Marlena and Kristen for a bit and left.  Marlena wanted to get back to her conversation with Kristen.  Kristen made it seem as if she and Brady fell for each other legitimately.  Kristen also reminded Marlena that she didnít want John in her bed.  Jennifer didnít want to tell Daniel that Chloe was a prostitute.  Kate warned Jennifer that Chloe was going to go after Daniel.  Chloe ran into Nicole at the church.  Chloe talked to Nicole about Daniel and Nicole was cold to her.  Chloe put two and two together and realized that Nicole slept with Daniel.  Chloe called Nicole a b*tch.

Chloe and Nicole got into an argument over Daniel.  Nicole told Chloe that Daniel didnít want either of them.  He only wanted Jennifer.  Kate continued to convince Jennifer that Chloe is a threat to her relationship, but Jennifer was tired of listening to her and wanted her to go.  Kristen didnít fall for Marlenaís plan.  Kristen wrote a note for Marlena that said she knew what Marlena was doing.  Marlena left Kristenís place.  Brady and John ran into each other and fought over Kristen.  Brady refused to listen to Johnís warnings about Kristen and walked away.  Chloe ran into Annie at the hospital and they talked about Jennifer.  Chloe knew that there had to be a way to prove that Jennifer is not the perfect person she pretends to be.  John saw Marlena at the coffee shop.  He found the device and heard her conversation with Marlena.  Brady was at Kristenís place and found the note Kristen wrote to Marlena.  Chloe went back to the church and apologized to Nicole.  Nicole warned Chloe that Kateís why she wonít have Daniel and Parker.  Jennifer was about to tell Daniel something about Parker.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina is worried about the nursesí ball now that Lucy as been arrested. Felix says there is nothing to worry about because Tracy Quartermaineís check already cleared the bank. Sabrina doesnít think she can participate on the committee if Dr. Drake is on it too. Felix tells her that she needs to put her personal feelings aside because the ball is more important. She agrees that he is right and says she is still onboard. Felix finds out from a friend who works at the Metro Court that Carly is in Toddís room. Carly wakes up in Toddís bed. A.J. tricks her into believing that they slept together. When he admits that he is just messing with her, he shows her what she did to Toddís clothes. He tells her that she cut something else, too, but she doesnít want to know because Todd deserved whatever it was. She goes into the bathroom and sees her butchered hair. She accuses A.J. of cutting it, but he reminds her of what happened and she remembers doing it to herself. Felix goes to Toddís room to ask Carly about booking the Metro Court for the nursesí ball. When he sees her he asks her what happened to her hair.

John wakes up in General Hospital with Sam sitting next to his bed. They talk about Lucy Coe believing that John is Caleb Morley, King of the Vampires. Sam quips that it could explain why they felt they knew each other when they first met. She tells him that Todd is back in custody after his escape attempt. Diane tells Todd that it was bad luck that John came into the hospital when he was trying to escape. Todd says it is almost worth it to have seen John with a stake sticking out of his chest. Diane laughs at how ridiculous it was for Lucy to think John was a vampire. Diane tells Todd that his escape attempt made his case a lot harder. Sam goes into the room and hears Diane saying that it is a good thing that she is the only person that knows he withheld the switched DNA test results. Diane gets a call to go to the courthouse and tells Todd not to talk to Sam without her. Sam picks up a pillow to smother Todd, but she changes her mind because she doesnít want to go to jail and be away from her son. She says everyone will know the truth soon and Todd will lose everything. Diane comes back. Todd asks her why she left him alone with Sam. Anna and Duke return to Port Charles. Anna goes to see John in the hospital. John catches her up on Johnny and Toddís cases. She tells him that Robertís condition is unchanged, but his ex-wife is with him. She tells him that Luke is still in prison in Turkey and that Lulu and Dante went looking for him. John asks about Duke. She tells him that Duke is in Port Charles. He asks her why she doesnít seem happy about it. She says she still sees Faison when she looks at Duke.

Duke hears screaming so he goes into the holding area to see what is happening. Lucy is thrilled to see Duke and starts telling him about seeing someone she used to know when she stops mid-sentence and says he isnít Duke. She says Duke is dead and the man standing in front of her is Calebís assistant, Joshua Temple. Felicia arrives and tells Lucy that Duke really is Duke. Lucy tells Felicia the story of a band that came to town a decade ago, but they were vampires and they seduced everyone. She says she is immune because she is a vampire slayer. She says she failed to slay Caleb and asks Felicia to finish the job for her. Felicia says she canít kill John McBain, but she will support her at the arraignment. Duke tells Felicia that he shouldnít go to the arraignment because Lucy thinks he is a vampire, too. Alexis calls Lucyís husband, Kevin Collins, who is a psychiatrist. Alexis goes to lockup and tells Lucy that she is going to be her lawyer. Monica gives Tracy a hard time about making Lucy Coe co-CEO of ELQ. Tracy posts an announcement on social media welcoming Lucy to ELQ. After she sends the message, Monica shows Tracy the headline of the Sun that says Lucy went crazy and saw vampires. Tracy canít unsend the message. Monica smells alcohol on A.J. when he goes home. He tells her that Carly spilled a drink on him. She hopes he didnít spend the night with Carly. He says it isnít what she thinks. He sees The Sun on the table with the headline about Lucy. He concludes that if Lucy had a psychotic break the same day that she threw her support behind Tracy, then he still might have a chance to run ELQ. Tracy goes to the jail to see Lucy.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the coffeehouse, Tyler lets Lily know that Cane is a lucky guy to have her. At Jabot, Leslie and Neil discuss business but cannot keep their minds strictly on it. Neil lets Leslie smell the new men’s fragrance for Jabot which she likes very well. Cane interrupts them just before they start to kiss. Cane calls Lily to let her know that he is back in town. She gives him a clue as to where to meet her. At the Athletic Club, Victor and Mason meet to discuss what Mason wants in return for helping Victor. Sarge sees them talking and wonders what Mason is up to. At the cabin, Phyllis and Jack argue over Stephanie. Phyllis starts to go to see Stephanie, but Jack stops her and tells her that he found Stephanie dead on his living room floor. Noah pours Adriana a drink and tells her to go away. Cane interrupts them to find a present that Lily left for him. Noah gives him the gift and tells him that Lily told him not to give it to him until he asked for it. Noah lets Adriana know that it is too late for them to get back together. Tyler notices how uptight Leslie is and advises her to get back together with Neil. Leslie worries that someone is going to catch up with them. Neil overhears Leslie tell Tyler that she cannot get involved with Neil.

Sarge asks Mason why he is spending time with Victor, but Mason stalls from giving him an answer. The P.I. meets with Victor to let him know what he found out about Jack. Jack lets Phyllis know all about Stephanie and that Adam knows. Phyllis begins to panic when she finds out that Adam knows about Stephanie. Jack also tells Phyllis that Stephanie is Congressman Wheeler’s daughter. Adriana visits Noah at home despite him telling her not to. Adriana puts on some soft music and they start dancing and kissing which leads to them making love. Cane finally finds Lily at Crimson Lights. Phyllis panics when she finds out that Stephanie was a congressman’s daughter. She tells Jack that she cannot get involved in this. Sarge continues to question Mason about why he is hanging around Victor. Mason lets Sarge know that Jack had a heart attack. The P.I tells Victor about Jack and his heart condition. Victor threatens to go public with the news that Jack was with a prostitute who was found dead on his living room floor. Victor tells the P.I. not to let his name be involved in this scandal. Noah finds out about Adriana’s bank account and throws her out. Adriana gets a text that her time is up. Victor lets Mason know that he called a press conference.

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