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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy is heartbroken as she peers through the window at Hope and Liam kissing and rollicking on the bed in each other’s arms. They are hot and heavy, but Liam pulls away and says they can not do this. This is not fair to Steffy. Meanwhile Steffy has seen enough and drives away. Eric tells the group that the last thing that he wants is this to be a rift in the family. This is a family business and they have to trust each other and work together as one. They’ve made their cases and now he needs to make his. He congratulates them individually for their stunning, innovative designs. He names Thomas as the new co-head designer but Rick as the President. He explains to Thomas that Rick’s experience at International gives him the tools to do this and Eric’s and Thomas’s designs can lead them into the future. Thomas says he can not be happy with being co-head designer and walks out. All of them congratulate Rick and he tells Eric that he is looking forward to this as he knows he can’t run Forrester alone.

Thomas catches Taylor in Steffy’s office as she is leaving her a note. She doesn’t have to even ask how the morning went; she sees it on his face. Taylor spies the pregnancy box hanging half way out of Steffy’s bag. She picks it up and looks at it skeptically. Steffy catches her and makes her promise to secrecy. She wants Taylor just to treat her like a patient now and say nothing, not even to Liam. The timing is wrong and she needs to give it more thought before revealing it. Caroline is there for Rick to help him celebrate being Mr. President. He tells her it will mean a lot of long hours behind the desk and he hopes she does not mind overtime. Liam tries to explain to Hope why they had to stop. She counters with that now that everyone knows the truth, there is no reason they can not get back together. She offers that neither of them are people who want to wreck people’s lives, but it was outside forces that divided them. They were robbed and they need to make it right, the way it was supposed to be. He admits that he loves Hope and he feels cheated, but he will not do this to Steffy what was done to Hope. He needs time. Steffy is on the plane, alone and crying when the young man claims his seat next to hers. He asks if she is all right and she stammers yes, just leave her alone.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chloe ran into Brady at the coffee shop and found out that heís dating Kristen.  Brady wanted to know why Chloe was in town.  Kate talked to Daniel about being the only grandmother Parker knows.  Marlena talked to Hope about her problems with John.  Kate tried to explain to Daniel how wrong it is that Parker wouldnít have her in his life.  She wanted to have supervised visits with Parker.  Daniel said he would do what he could to help Kate be a part of Parkerís life.  Kate told Billie that Daniel would help her, but that wasnít all she had up her sleeve.  Chloe and Brady talked about when she was a prostitute.  She hoped Kate wouldnít say anything.  Kate and Billie talked about Chloe.  Kate planned on making Chloe suffer.  Kristen talked to Stefano about being with Brady.  Stefano thought she was crazy to be with him.  Kristen assured Stefano that she knew what she was doing.  Hope told Marlena that she had a way to help her beat Kristen at her own game.

Marlena didnít think it was a good idea to scheme against Kristen, but Hope thought she should fight for her marriage.  Billie tried to advise Kate not to go after Chloe, but Kate didnít seem too worried about Chloe.  Marlena agreed to go through with Hopeís plan.  Sheís going to use a recorder to trap Kristen.  Brady told Victor and Maggie about being with Kristen.  Victor was very upset about it.  Daniel talked to Chloe about letter Kate see Parker.  Chloe didnít want to do it.  Kate told Jennifer that Chloe was a prostitute.  Marlena went to Kristenís hotel to talk to her. Kristen was ready for her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucy goes to Kellyís and mistakes John McBain for Caleb Morley, King of the Vampires. She tells him to get away from the baby. She takes a cross out of her purse and holds it in front of John. Then she mistakes Sam for Livvie Locke and warns her to stay away from Caleb. John gets Sam and Danny out of there. Lucy breaks a chair. John tells Sam that he can handle the crazy woman because he has a lot of experience dealing with drug addicts. Lucy charges John and stabs him with a stake that she made from the broken chairís leg. Shawn and Alexis arrive at Kellyís and see Sam trying to help John and Lucy standing over them yelling, ďCombust, Vampire!Ē Shawn subdues Lucy and takes her inside. Alexis calls 9-1-1.

Diane asks Johnny why Todd would want to provoke him into beating him up. Johnny tells her that Todd wanted to go to go to the hospital so he could escape. Felix flirts with Todd when he goes to the hospital after being beaten by Johnny. Todd flirts back. Sabrina tells Felix that Todd is the man that refused to underwrite the nursesí ball. Felix tells the police officer to take Todd to another hospital. Todd claims that he has never seen her before. Once he is alone in the room, Todd attempts to unlock the handcuffs with a piece of metal he had in his mouth. Sabrina sees Starr in the corridor and tells her that Todd is in a cubicle. Starr goes into his room and tells him he deserves what he got. Todd opens the handcuffs and hides his hand under the sheets. He pretends not to know who the president is when Steve asks him. Steve says he is going to do an MRI to determine if Todd is disoriented or lying. Todd is about to make a run for it when Diane comes into the cubicle. She tells Todd that Johnny ratted him out. She tells him that if he runs, he will never see Carly or Starr again. He says he wonít see them if he is in prison, either. She says he can run if he wants to, but she wonít help him. Diane goes back to the jail and tells Johnny that Todd isnít fooling anyone. Lucy is brought in. Diane takes out a business card, but after hearing Lucyís babbling about vampires, she doesnít give her the card. Todd puts on a lab coat, operating mask, and glasses so he can leave unnoticed. John McBain is wheeled into the emergency room. Thinking he is a doctor, Sabrina tells Todd that he has to attend to the patient because he is the only doctor there. McBain recognizes him and says his name. Todd orders Sabrina to go get morphine, and while she is away, he runs, only to be intercepted by Sam. She jumps on his back and yells for the officer to come get his prisoner.

Sonny takes Connie home. She accuses him of being nice to her to try to coax Kate out. She yells that Kate is never coming back. He says Connie is the one who just lost her son and he wants to help her through it. She asks him to sit with her in silence. A.J. gives Carly a ride home only she has him take her to Todd Manning's room at the Metro Court. A.J. concludes that she is laying in wait for Toddís return. She tells him that Todd isnít coming back because he is in jail. She proceeds to rip Toddís clothing with scissors. A.J. takes the scissors from her and tells her that neither Todd nor Johnny did this to her, she did it to herself. He says she always makes excuses for the men in her life regardless of other peopleís warnings. He tells her that she has made a career of lying and using people and now, it has come full circle back to her. She picks up the scissor and starts cutting her hair, babbling that she doesnít want to feel anything anymore. A.J. stops her. She passes out from the massive quantities of Vodka she has imbibed. A.J. carries her to Toddís room and puts her on the bed.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor and Victoria meet at the Athletic Club to discuss their strategy to get Newman back. Phyllis arrives at Nick’s to check on Summer and finds Avery there. Paul arrives at Michael and Lauren’s to give them an update on Jamie. Fen tells them that this is all his fault. At the cabin, Jack looks at a pic of Stephanie when John appears to him and reminds him that Jack had let her die without trying to save her. Fen, Michael, and Lauren argue over Jamie which results in Fen walking out. Paul urges Michael to give Fen some space. Jamie gets a text message from Fen to just stay gone. Nick lets Phyllis know about the club opening and that the lights went out. Victoria lets Victor know how happy Nick is, but she also assures Victor that they will get Newman Enterprises back, then Victor sees Chelsea walk in. Adam and Billy butt heads at Newman about why Adam isn’t on a plane for Paris. Adam assures him that he is here for Jack. At the coffeehouse, Kevin calls to inquire about a business loan when Fen comes in. Fen thinks that Michael called to inquire about Fen’s whereabouts. Jamie arrives home to Michael and Lauren’s. Lauren hugs him as she is glad to see him. Jack insists to John that he didnít kill Stephanie but he didnít do anything to help her either. Jack opens the door to get some fresh air when he senses someone is watching him. Nick and Phyllis discuss how close they had been when Summer was in her coma. Nick informs Phyllis that their divorce is final. Chelsea tells Victor and Victoria why she and Adam are still in town. Billy lets Adam know that he is in charge and he decides who is hired and who is fired as Sharon walks in.

Fen and Kevin discuss Jamie and the arguments that have arisen between Fen and his parents. Michael and Lauren arrange with a judge for Jamie to stay with them until his father’s release from jail. Lauren gives Jamie a key to the apartment. Fen watches as Jamie gets on the elevator and then follows him. Nick and Phyllis discuss how they have hurt each other in the past. Tyler joins Avery at the “Underground” to discuss business. Avery asks Tyler if he was serious about doing the marketing for the “Underground.” Billy tells Sharon that she is on probation and she will have to prove herself if she continues to work at Newman. Adam defends Sharon. Billy gives Sharon some work to do to prove herself. Jack comes into the cabin and catches the P.I. as he is holding Jack’s laptop. Fen follows Jamie to his hideout. Fen comes home to Michael and Lauren and promises to get along with Jamie. Victor walks in on Billy, Adam and Sharon. The P.I. tells Jack everything that Victor was planning. Mason tells Victor that they need to meet to talk. Victoria urges Chelsea to get Adam out of town before things get nasty. Avery’s ex-beau arrives in town. Victor tells Adam that he hopes that he is on his side. Fen steals a collectible from the mantle and hides it in Jamie’s backpack.

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