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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope laughs and tells Liam that she does not have to be a drag anymore. She can have her values and her commitments and she wants another chance. She claims that she never should have lost faith in him, but they can’t change that now. She points out again that they were lied to over and over again. And she knows that he cares for Steffy who says she has turned over a new leaf, but that doesn’t change anything. She is glad Steffy is on her way to Paris. Now is their turn. Eric, Rick and Thomas wait for Brooke but not for Taylor since she had an emergency come up. Dayzee and Marcus join them, also Thorne, Donna and Pam. Eric tells them that he is back as CEO but he needs an heir by his side. It’s time to go forward. He is naming one president today who will be running the company with him. Thomas goes first by thanking everyone for being there. He promises that he appreciates the company that Eric and his grandmother founded but that time is in the past and they must move forward. He says he is the only one that can do that and proceeds to show the models wearing his designs. Brooke is shaken when she hears that Steffy is on her way to Paris to see Ridge. Steffy cries with joy that she is pregnant with Liam’s baby. She practices a little speech to him and quickly heads out the door leaving the pregnancy package behind.

Rick takes his turn and agrees with Thomas that they need to continue to move forward. But he thinks they have been doing that since Day One and he is confident that they will all agree that his and Caroline’s designs will do all that. Eric tells the men that the company will flourish no matter who wins, they both did good and he’s made his decision. Liam explains to Hope that it is too late; he is living with Steffy now. She quips that she will pack up all her stuff and donate them to a good cause. They are both nice people and they do not want to hurt Steffy but they are not married nor is there anything to tie him to Steffy. She starts grabbing clothes to pack them, suitcase or trash bag, she doesn’t care. She declares that she is coming home. Despite all his protestations that he is now in a committed relationship when Hope says she doesn’t care, that she still loves him, he tells her that he loves her too and they fall into each other’s arms and onto the bed. Steffy happens to be looking through the window.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami and Rafe fought over Gabi and Will having a baby together.  Abby confronted Cameron about knowing that Nick wasnít the father of Gabiís baby.  Marlena overheard the news.  Nick eavesdropped on Lucas and Will talking about the baby.  Gabi told Sami and Rafe that she did tell Will about the baby.  Will reminded Lucas about the problems Lucas and Sami had raising him.  Lucas reminded Will about going to prison for him.  Nick overheard that.  Chad tried to apologize to Chad for announcing that Nick wasnít the father of Gabiís baby.  EJ walked in the coffee shop and overheard that Willís the father of the baby.  Marlena wanted to know about Abbyís accusation towards Cameron.  Abby blamed Cameron for not saying anything, but Marlena defended him.  Abby told Marlena that Willís the father of the baby.  Lucas and Will continued to discuss Willís situation while Nick eavesdropped.  Will had to leave so they stopped talking.  Chad told EJ what he did at Gabi and Nickís wedding. Marlena couldnít believe that Will was the father of Nickís baby, but Abby told her that Will admitted it.  Marlena went off to look for Will.  Sami, Rafe, and Gabi continued to fight about the baby.  Eric showed up and Sami left the room.

Will showed up at the coffee shop to talk to Sonny.  Sonny wasnít interested in talking with Will.  Marlena found Will and talked to him.  EJ was waiting for Sami in her apartment.  Nick showed back up at the church to talk to Gabi.  She told him they were doing the right thing, but Rafe didnít agree.  She reminded him about how he helped Nicole by claiming to be the father of her baby.  They talked about it until Rafe left.  Nick assured Gabi that Chad couldnít hurt them.  Marlena talked to Will about the baby.  She understood about it.  She also gave Will advice about Sonny.  EJ talked to Sami about Willís baby.  She appreciated what he had to say and hugged him.  Nick let Gabi know that he still wanted to get married and raise the baby together.  Sami talked to EJ about her fight with Rafe.  EJ assured Sami that they were going to be there for Will.  Will let Sonny know that he would get his stuff out of the apartment.  Will let Sonny know that he didnít want to lose him.  Rafe told Eric that he and Sami are never getting back together.  Gabi didnít think she and Nick could be together because Sami and Will were going to be a part of the babyís life.  Nick flashed back to Lucas admitting to going to prison for Will.  Nick assured Gabi that they would be together.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Tracy tells Michael that Lucy is voting her share against A.J. Michael tells Tracy about Treyís condition. Steve tells Alexis that Trey is a match for a bus accident victim that needs a kidney. Olivia talks to Trey and tells him that she wishes she had known him from the beginning because she would have loved him. He opens his eyes and says everything is going to be ok. She looks at his monitor and sees that it is unchanged. Realizing that it was a vision, she thanks him for telling her. She relays the message to Kristina. Sonny finds Connie at the Floating Rib. A.J. tries to prevent Sonny from taking her to the hospital. Connie tells Sonny that she couldnít bring herself to sign the papers to end Treyís life. Sonny tells Connie that Alexis got a court order to take Trey off the ventilator without her signature. He asks her if she wants her son to die without her being there. Connie and Sonny leave to go to the hospital. Carly tells A.J. that she is disappointed that Sonny didnít beat the crap out of him. She says he should have sex with Connie. He says he just met Connie. Carly says that wouldnít matter and it wouldnít be the first time. She tells him that she hates him and his efforts to turn Michael against her and recruit him into ELQ. He tells her that that isnít going to happen because Lucy sided with Tracy. Carly laughs and says A.J. is still the loser that he always was. She tries to convince him to drink his sorrows away. He tells her that she will have to do better than that to get him to slip up. She gets up to leave. He tries to take her keys from her so she wonít drive drunk. She resists. He picks her up, throws her over his shoulder, and insists upon driving her home. Connie and Sonny arrive at the hospital. Connie says Kristina loved Trey more than she ever did so if Kristina thinks this is what Trey would want, then she is ready to do it. She signs the papers. She and Kristina go in to sit with Trey. Connie kisses him, strokes his hair, holds his hand, and tells him that she loves him. Michael, Starr, Alexis, Sonny, Olivia, and Steve go into the room. Starr tells Trey that everyone that loves him is there. They make a circle around the bed and hold hands.  Steve disconnects the ventilator. Olivia sees Trey step out of his body and leave the room. She tells Kristina that Trey is at peace now.

John lets Sam listen to his recording of Todd confessing to trying to bribe him. Sam wonders if it was difficult for him to turn down the opportunity to get Liam back. John tells her that he wouldnít deal with Todd for any reason, not even that. Todd tells Johnny about his plan to beat his head against the bars so that he will have to go to the hospital for medical attention and then escape from the hospital. Johnny tells him to go ahead and do it. Todd says he has changed his mind; he is going to get Johnny to do it. Johnny says Todd isnít going to goad him into a fight. Todd asks if he would change his mind if he told him that on New Years Eve he was banging Carly. Johnny tells Todd that he isnít going to escape anywhere because he is going to kill him. He beats Todd until a guard comes into the cell to break it up. When the medics wheel Todd out on a gurney, Johnny reveals to the guard that Todd plans to escape.

Lucy informs Monica that her agreement with Tracy included making her co-CEO of ELQ and allowing her to live in the Quartermaine estate. Tracy returns to the Quartermaine estate and kowtows to Lucyís demands. Tracy cooks a meal for Lucy. Lucy says it is wonderful and asks what it is. She is horrified to learn that it is duck when Tracy knew about her beloved Sigmund. She goes out to find a decent meal and tells Tracy that they will see if the incident will jeopardize their agreement. Tracy picks up the jar of Pickle Lila from the table and tells her mother that she needs her help. Monica goes to Kellyís and sees John, Sam, and Danny. John tells her that he found out that Faison shot Jason in the back and pushed him into the harbor. Sam says she is trying to accept that Jason is dead. Monica tells her to hang on to the knowledge that Jason loved her more than anything. Sam asks Monica to help her plan a memorial. Monica is pleased to find that Lucy isnít there when she returns home. Tracy asks Monica not to ruin it for her. Lucy is taken aback when she goes into Kellyís and sees John McBain. She stumbles backwards and calls him Caleb.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At home, Victoria and Billy hug. Tucker visits Devon at Jabot. At the cabin, Jack and Phyllis argue. Phyllis insists to Jack that she is staying because she has nowhere else to go. Phyllis asks Jack why he decided to get help. Tucker asks Devon how everything is going and how does he likes the corporate world. Tucker notices that Devon doesn’t show any signs of enthusiasm for what he is doing. At the nightclub, Underground, Avery lets Nick know that he makes her happy. Nick is beside himself with worry, but Avery insists that everything will be fine. Avery lets him know how proud she is of him for standing up and being his own man apart from Newman Enterprises. They kiss. Devon insists to Tucker that he likes working at Jabot. Tucker offers Devon a position at McCall Industries in the music department but he refuses. Devon calls Roxie to let her know that he will be a little late for their date. At home, Noah insists to Adriana that he doesn’t want her anywhere near his father’s club. Nick calls Noah to see where he is and tell him they will soon be opening the club. Nick and Avery share a private moment before the grand opening. Victoria models a new red dress for Billy before they leave for the club opening. Victoria and Billy kiss.

Phyllis lets Jack know that he should be at Jabot instead of at Newman. Phyllis starts to talk about Adam, but Jack insists he doesn’t want to discuss him. Nick, Noah, and Avery prepare for the opening. Devon talks with Katherine and lets her know about his meeting with Tucker and about the job offer and that he refused. Victoria and Billy arrive for the opening of the club. Victoria lets Nick know that Adam is on a plane leaving town as they speak. Billy walks up and lets Nick know that Jack left him in charge of Newman. Jack insists to Phyllis that Stephanie wasn’t a drug dealer. Phyllis questions Jack about Stephanie and what happened on New Year’s Eve. Katherine urges Devon to let Tucker prove himself to him and to everyone. Tyler joins Lily and Roxie at the club opening. To Noah’s horror, Adriana arrives for the opening. Nick and Avery discuss Billy running Newman. While everyone is enjoying themselves at the club, the lights go out. Lily lets Tyler know that Cane’s company is all she wants or needs. Jack lets Phyllis know that he did something terrible that he can never undo. Phyllis gets a call from Nick that Summer is sick. Jack urges Phyllis to go to Summer. Noah and Adriana make love at the club.

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