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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy that her timing sucks, but he understands that she needs to go see her father in Europe. She says she will make it up to him when she gets home…she has his favorite pizza place on speed dial. She teases only no house parties. He quips that man does not live on pizza alone. He also questions her about anything else going on in her life. She seems a little different, but he can’t put his finger on it (perhaps something that comes in a blue or pink package). Hope tells Rick that she was not blameless in all of this and she is not sure she and Liam can get back to what they once had. Rick apologizes again for his part in it; he’s learned his lesson. Thomas joins them and reports that Steffy is on her way to Paris and they know Caroline is still not back to working yet. Dayzee tells Eric that she doesn’t envy his choice of making the decision today for who will be the new President of FC, either Thomas or Rick. Eric tells Thorne that there is another man who is right for this job; he can say the word anytime. Thorne thanks him but says those days are behind him and he doesn’t want two guys with a hatchet after him.

Sweetly Pam warns Donna that she is making pot roast for Eric tonight. She’s worried about him missing Stephanie and just wants to be there for him. Donna gets the hint that she’s not invited although she is worried about him too. Steffy tells Liam that she will be back before he even misses her. She’s rarely out of town though so she knows Hope will be coming after him, but that shouldn’t change things. The two of them are building a future together. So she won’t tell him not to see or speak to Hope, but just know that she will be looking forward to coming home just to be with him. Eric tells Marcus that he wants a complete press blackout so no one will know until he announces his decision. Eric welcomes Rick and Thomas and warns them that this is a professional challenge. Both are important to this company. He wants to sit down the guidelines as one will be chosen, the other not, but he will be CEO and they will answer to him. They just wonder where Hope and Steffy is. Hope shows up at Liam’s with bagel in hand. She asks about his dad and he tells her about the sword necklace. That doesn’t excuse things though. She says she knows about Steffy being in Paris and that is why she is here. She states that she is there to claim him back as they were robbed. Steffy sits a small pharmacy sack down and pulls out a pregnancy test, all the while with a huge sly smile on her face. She waits for the results. She holds a picture of Liam in her hands and then glances at the stick and declares that she is pregnant.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad announced that Gabi should marry the real father of her baby during her ceremony with Nick.  Rafe tried to stop Chad, but he kept going until he revealed everything he knew.  Chad told Gabi to tell the truth.  Nick tried to deny the accusation by saying that Chad was jealous because he lost Melanie and didnít want them to be happy.  Gabi begged Chad not to say anything, but he kept going.  Rafe warned Chad to keep quiet and Chad called Gabi a b*tch.  Rafe started a fight with Chad.  Sonny and Hope pulled them apart.  Later, Rafe went after Chad and demanded that he explain why he ruined Gabi and Nickís wedding.  Hope showed up and saw Rafe and Chad together.  She wanted to know what Chad was thinking as well.  Chad told them that Nick was in prison when Gabi was pregnant so he couldnít be the father.  Abby thought it was her fault that the wedding was ruined since she brought Chad.  Nick wanted Eric to go on with the ceremony, but he said he couldnít do it after Chadís outburst.  Nick tried to convince Eric to go on with the ceremony, but Will said that they have to tell the truth.  Hope wanted to know how Chad knew about Gabiís baby.  Chad told her that he overheard Gabi talking to Cameron about Nick not being the father of her baby.  Hope realized that Chadís accusation could be right.  Hope reminded Rafe about Gabi and Nickís stories about how far along she was were different.  Rafe thought that Chad was the father of Gabiís baby.  Chad assumed that Andrew (Gabiís ďstalkerĒ) was the father of Gabiís baby.  Nick and Gabi tried to stop Will from talking, but he announced that Chad was telling the truth.  Will announced that heís the father of Gabiís baby.  Everyone at the church was completely shocked.

Sami asked Will why he didnít tell her the truth about the baby.  Will didnít have time to talk to her because he wanted to talk to Sonny about what he revealed.  Lucas also stopped Will to talk about the baby, but he wanted to find Sonny.  Will finally found Sonny and told him that nothing would change between them.  Sonny let Will know that everything has changed and walked away from Will.  Chad was about to leave the church and ran into Sonny and Victor.  They ripped into Chad about his outburst at the wedding.  A little later, Abby ran into Chad and gave him a hard time about what he did.  While they were talking, Abby inadvertently revealed to Chad that Willís the father of Gabiís baby.  Chad was shocked.  He tried to make things right with Abby, but she didnít want to hear it. Jennifer also approached Chad and yelled at him about what he did.  Jennifer was happy that Abby saw the real Chad.  Rafe talked to Nick about Gabiís secret.  Nick told Rafe and Hope that Will is the father of Gabiís baby.  Gabi ran into the dressing room and thought Nick was going to be there to comfort her.  Sami ended up being the one in the room.  Sami yelled at Gabi for trying to keep Will away from his child.  Kate found Hope and Nick together and Kate fired Nick.  Nick was okay with it because of the contract he signed.  Nick walked away before the fight could get worse.  Nick was walking around and overheard Lucas talking to Will about the baby.  Lucas wanted Will to take responsibility for his baby.  Sami continued to yell at Gabi for lying about her baby.  Rafe walked in and wanted Sami to stop yelling at Gabi.  Sami and Rafe fought because of Gabiís baby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Todd writes a letter to Carly asking for forgiveness. John torments Todd in lockup. He takes a picture of Todd and says he is going to send it to Tťa. Todd says he can get Natalie and Liam back for John if John gets him out of jail.  John records the conversation until he gets Todd to admit that he is bribing John. He says a million dollar bribe will be good evidence against Todd. Carly and Starr talk about Todd. Carly wonders why Todd was able to tell Starr about switching the babies, but lied about it to her. Starr wonders why Carly believed Todd. Carly says she believed him because she thought they were friends.  Starr takes a change of clothes to Michael at the hospital and asks him to call his mother because she is in bad shape because of Todd.

Olivia tells Steve that she regrets never getting to know her cousinís son, and now she never will, and neither will Kate. Connie disappears from the hospital because she isnít ready to unplug Trey from life support. She goes to the Floating Rib, where she offers to buy A.J. a drink. Connie propositions Coleman, but he says the last place he needs to be is in between Sonny and his girlfriend. She tells him that Sonny is ancient history. He recalls reading that she married Johnny Zacchara. She says her husband is in jail for a triple homicide so Coleman can have her all to himself. He declines her offer and goes behind the bar. He sees A.J. sitting at the bar. Coleman tells Connie that he has the Floating Rib because of A.J. He tells the story of A.J. crashing his car into the Oasis, Colemanís old bar, which was then destroyed by Sonny and Jason because Sonnyís sister, who was also A.J.ís wife, worked there as a stripper. Connie says that A.J. being married to Sonnyís sister made them family. A.J. tells her about Sonny stealing Michael. She tells him that she knows all about having a son and never getting to know him. She buys A.J. a drink, but he doesnít drink it. Carly comes into the Floating Rib and antagonizes A.J. for falling off the wagon. Connie tells Carly to leave them alone and go find another murderer or baby-switcher to sleep with. Carly starts in on Connie about being in a bar drinking while her son is brain dead in a hospital. She says it proves that Connie doesnít care about anyone but herself. Connie tells Carly to shut up and leave her alone. Carly goes up to the bar and tells Coleman to give her something strong. A.J. gives her his untouched glass of vodka. Carly starts tossing back shots. Coleman asks her who he should call when she's had too much. She tells him that she doesnít have anyone to call anymore so she will have to learn to rely on herself.

Alexis catches Kristina about to unplug Treyís machine. She tells her that she would be committing murder if she disconnects the ventilator. Kristina is afraid that Connie will never come back to sign the papers. Alexis tells her that they canít do anything about it because like it or not, Connie is Treyís next of kin, so it is her decision. Alexis tells her that any mother would struggle with making the decision to end her childís life. Olivia has a vision of Connie with a drink in her hand, telling Olivia to shut the hell up. Olivia yells back, frightening the woman who is really standing there. Olivia tells Steve that she saw Connie drinking shots. Sonny goes to go to the Floating Rib to see if she is there. Connie sees him walk in so she kisses A.J. for Sonny to see.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Victoria tell Victor that Billy will be CEO and will work with them to get Newman Enterprises back for him. Victor doesn’t believe it, but Billy makes it clear that he is doing it for Victoria’s sake. Adam tells Sharon that he is headed for Paris tonight, but he doesn’t want to leave Newman in Billy’s hands. Sharon understands that Genoa City is always going to be a part of Adam and that he doesn’t want to leave town. Chelsea arrives at Adam’s office, sees Sharon with Adam discussing business, and notices that they can finish each other’s sentences. Adam meets with his contact who is helping him keep an eye on Victor. The contact tells him that Victor met with Congressman Marcus Wheeler today. Adam can guess what that is about so he heads home to tell Chelsea he needs two weeks to handle a crisis at Newman. Chelsea tells him that he will never be ready to leave with her because he will always be trying to get Victor’s approval. Chelsea cries as she heads out the door with her suitcase, and Adam doesn’t seem to care that she left.

Victor meets with Congressman Marcus Wheeler and tells him that he thinks that Jack and Adam covered up the circumstances of Stephanie’s death and promises the congressman he will get justice for his daughter. When Victoria sees the congressman leaving, Victor tells her that the congressman’s daughter died tragically and he promised he would get justice for her. Nick finds out his liquor license was sent to the wrong address but he and Avery solve the problem and share a dance to celebrate. Neil and Cane have a minor disagreement at work but Lily and Leslie make peace between them. Neil continues to try and persuade Leslie to mix business with pleasure but she says no although she has a fantasy about Neil while she is at work. Tyler continues to flirt with Lily and is happy when Cane gets called out of town on business and is unable to go to Nick’s club opening.

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