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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy says so Liam is all up to speed now and knows everything. Hope says of course she had to tell him. He deserved to know. Bill had messed with him too many times. He was taken from her and she wants it back; her life she should have had. Steffy says believe it or not, she thinks it’s best for everything out in the open. Hope says he has now gone to confront his father. Steffy admits Hope got a raw deal, but that was in the past and Hope can’t just walk in here and tear that all up and move on. She reminds Hope that Liam begged her to stay and work things out, but she wouldn’t. Hope agrees that the past is in the past, but now she is going to look forward. She is going to be the best person she can be and see what happens. Liam screams to his father that he got his attention, but he can’t stab himself every time he wants to make his point. Bill admits he might have been overzealous but the only thing he ever wanted to do was to protect Liam. He was the bastard son to his own father, but he does love Liam and that bond can not be broken and Liam can not walk out of his life. Liam says it doesn’t matter what Bill thinks; this is his life. He made commitments to Steffy but based on lies and Bill’s manipulations. Bill admits that he screwed up, but he was sincere when he welcomed Hope into the family. But he’s also aware that Liam is better off now with Steffy than with Hope. Bill finally admits that Liam is a fine man and he can accept that and stop interfering in his life. He wants Liam to put the sword necklace back on… help him be a better man and bring soundness back to his life. He won’t tell him what to do with his life, but…..don’t go back to Hope. Liam says he will go home and talk to Steffy.

Hope tells Steffy that she admits to her mistakes…moving in and moving out. She admires Steffy’s confidence too, but things have changed. Steffy says then she should not waste her time, just move on. The jeweler comes to Bill’s house and says he wants the best for his wife and picks out a 23 carat necklace. He pulls out cash from a padded bag strapped to his chest – the very spot where he just stabbed himself. Liam returns home and quizzes Steffy why she had not told him what Bill did. He understands when she says it was not her place and she did not want to split the relationship between the two. She’s aghast when Liam tells her what happened with the sword necklace. She says that is insane. Liam says he knows Bill cares about him, but this was a weird way of showing it. Hope has flashbacks of Italy and tells herself that they will be together again. Liam and Steffy sit before the fire while he rubs her feet. She brings up Hope that she thinks things have changed, but Steffy knows that can not erase the things that they have shared. She eases into the fact that it is not the best time to be leaving, but her dad called and wants her to come to Paris. He agrees if it is her dad that she has to go. She just wants to hear one more time that he loves her and will miss her. They have a session on the couch.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe and Sami made out.  Sonny wanted to know why Chad was going to Nick and Gabiís wedding.  Kate ran into Lucas and told him that Chloe was back in Salem.  Nick didnít want Will to be Gabiís babyís godfather.  Will was upset that Nick didnít want him to be around the baby.  Hope interrupted Sami and Rafe while they were kissing on the couch.  Gabi wanted Nick and Will to stop fighting, but Will was still upset with Nick.  Nick thought Will being the godfather would be a mistake because Will would be around the baby and would never be able to tell the truth.  When Rafe left, Hope helped Sami get ready for the wedding.  They talked about Sami and Rafe getting back together.  Chad told Sonny that he was tired of being angry and he was over Melanie.  Chad was moving on with Abby.  Sonny was still suspicious of Chad going to the wedding.  Lucas was happy that Chloe was staying in Salem.  He thought Chloe would go after Daniel so Jennifer would him.

Daniel and Chloe talked about him staying with Jennifer.  Will tried to convince Nick and Gabi that he should be the godfather.  When Will left for the church, Nick wanted Gabi to talk to him first before making decisions about the baby.  Chloe overheard Anne insulting Jennifer.  Daniel went to see Jennifer to reassure her that he loved her.  Nick wanted to know if he and Will were okay.  Will said they were.  Nick appreciated Will going along with the plan for Nick to raise the baby.  Chloe enjoyed listening to Anne and a nurse talking about Jennifer.  Chloe approached Anne and wanted to have lunch with her.  Jennifer let Daniel know she loved him and didnít want to lose him.  She thought this was the time for him to bond with Parker.  Jennifer agreed to be by Danielís side no matter what.  Gabi and Nick exchange vows. When Eric is about to pronounce them married, Chad stands up and asks if Gabi shouldn't be marrying the real father of her baby.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Alexis stops A.J. from going into Trey's hospital room looking for Michael. She tells him that he isnít going anywhere near Kristina. Kristina wonders if Alexis can petition to make her Treyís guardian instead of Connie. Michael breaks up Alexis and A.J.ís argument. Michael signs a proxy to allow A.J. to vote his ELQ shares. A.J. says he just needs Lucy Coeís vote now. Lucy and Mac catch up at the Floating Rib. Tracy arrives to meet with Lucy. She offers to underwrite the nurseís ball and bail out CoeCoe Cosmetics. Lucy says she is going to have to liquidate CoeCoe, so she wonít need a bailout. What she wants is to be CEO at ELQ. Tracy says that is impossible because she is the CEO. Lucy says she can accept co-CEO. A.J. goes into the room where the nursesí ball committee meeting will be held and chats with Elizabeth. She tells him that his mother suggested that they could be friends. He apologizes for his mother imposing on her. She says it is alright and that she always needs friends. Lucy arrives for the meeting. A.J. asks her to sign a document to remove Tracy as CEO of ELQ. Tracy comes in and tells A.J. that he is too late. A.J. tries to plead his case to Lucy, but she has already made her decision. A.J. goes to the Floating Rib and sidles up to the bar.

Sonny goes to the jail and offers to pay Connieís bail. She tells him that he can keep his bail because she does not intend to pull the plug on Trey. She asks him if he would do it if Michael were in Treyís condition. He tells her about Michaelís coma and experimental surgery, but says the difference is that Trey is brain dead and he wonít ever come back. Connie doesnít want to end Treyís life after not being in it his whole life. Sonny promises that he will be with her through it all. Sonny and Connie go to the hospital. Kristina has a fit and gets in Connieís face about causing the accident, ruining their plans to go to Los Angeles, and wanting to leave Trey in this condition. Connie says she is going to let them take Trey off life support. Connie goes in and talks to Trey. She tells him that she regrets never getting to know him and that she doesnít want him to die. Sonny tells Michael that when Kate comes back, he doesnít know how he is going to tell her that her son died and she will never have the chance to get to know him. When Sonny goes into Treyís room to get Connie, she is gone. Connie goes to the Floating Rib and sits alone at a table drinking vodka, thinking about how she canít bring herself to take Trey off life support. She sees A.J. at the bar and offers to buy him a drink.

Sabrina tells Elizabeth that she misread Patrick on New Yearís Eve and that she made him uncomfortable. Elizabeth wonders where Sabrina got that impression. Sabrina says Dr. Westbourne told her. Elizabeth advises Sabrina not to listen to anything Britt says and to talk to Patrick directly. Patrick tells Britt that Sabrina quit as his babysitter. She tells him that he shouldnít try to get Sabrina to change her mind because he would make her feel obligated to neglect her studies to do it. When he is taking a shower in the locker room, Britt goes in after him to seduce him. Sabrina goes into the locker room looking for Patrick and sees him having sex with Britt in the shower. Britt tells Patrick that the next time they will have to do it in a dry place. He says he doesnít know when that might happen because he doesnít have a babysitter anymore. When they part company, he ponders his wedding ring. Patrick finds Sabrina and asks her if they can talk. She says they have said everything they need to say and walks away. Britt gloats as she observes. Sabrina goes into the conference room and tells Elizabeth that she didnít talk to Patrick because he was busy taking a shower with Britt. Patrick comes into the meeting. Britt comes in and gloms onto him. Lucy announces that the nursesí ball is a go, thanks to Tracy Quartermaine and ELQ. Sabrina canít stand the sight of Britt all over Patrick so she runs out of the meeting.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

When Chloe tells her about the stolen drug money, Chelsea gives her an idea how to clean the dirty money without using a cleaner. Chloe later tells Kevin that they will get a business loan to pay off the balloon payment on the house, use the stolen money to pay off the loan, then take out another business loan by telling the bank they want to expand their business and filter the money through Crimson Lights. Jack continues his withdrawal and the doctor finally arrives with some pills to help him and a healthy diet plan and schedule for Phyllis to follow with Jack. Phyllis tells Jack what he said last night about Stephanie and assumes it was just a hallucination. Jack can’t stop thinking about Stephanie and calls Adam to see what Victor knows about the incident. Adam explains to Jack that he pretended to be on Victor’s side to see if he could get him to reveal anything about his connection to Stephanie, but Victor kept his cards close to the vest. Adam later calls someone and tells them that he will have to continue pretending to be on Victor’s side to get him to reveal his plans because Victor will never get Newman Enterprises back.

Nikki is upset that Victor plans to use Jack’s addiction to get the company away from him and pleads with him not to use Jack’s problems against him. Victor tells Adam to go to the newspapers and tell them everything he knows about Jack. Later Victor is happy because he got Adam to do his dirty work for him. He has a romantic day with Nikki assuring her that he isn’t up to anything sneaky. Chelsea tells Chloe that Adam doesn’t want to sell the house; a fact that proves to her that he isn’t ready to leave town and start a new life with her. Detective Alex Chavez is still on the trail of the missing money putting pressure on Kevin and Chloe as well as Adriana and Noah. Adriana persuades Noah to help her by telling him that he is the only man she can trust, because her father left her and her brother made her prostitute herself. Adriana also tells Noah that she still loves him very much.

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