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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill thanks Brooke for being the one rational woman for believing he would never push his niece over the balcony. He feels terrible about it, but it was an accident. And to prove it, he pours some liquor out. If that will make Katie happier, he has no problem since there is no problem to begin with. He hopes Brooke will cut him some slack where it concerns Hope. Brooke says she is not happy that he manipulated Hope, but it is now a level playing field. At least Hope can fight back with knowledge now. Bill appreciates her support as being the voice of reason among all the other women. Now he just needs to get ready for Liam, man to man. Steffy tells Thomas that they have a little more time on the designs since Caroline is out of commission for a few more days with her concussion. She’s not worried either about Liam getting back with Hope. They have simply experienced too much since he was with Hope. They are at a place she does not think Hope can touch. But Hope is more confident and mature now. She’s made it plain that she wants Liam back, but Steffy says she won’t kill herself. Hope keeps filling Liam in about Bill. She doesn’t want to hurt Bill and Liam’s relationship but thinks Liam deserves to know the father that he has so he can defend himself. He builds up a head of steam of how much Bill promised but manipulated everything anyway. He can’t interfere with their lives like this. He starts to head out and Hope says she has faith in him. His dad can’t control him anymore.

Liam thinks back on all the advice from Bill – getting the sword necklace, eating meat raw, smoking cigars, not begging from anybody – that’s what Spencer men do. Steffy comes home to find Hope there. Hope explains that now Liam knows everything. She is going to stand up for herself. If it weren’t for outside forces they would still be married. Liam walks in on Bill and Bill won’t even give him a chance to say anything; he wants to explain first. There were some gray areas that Liam can’t know. Liam tells him congratulations as he got what he wanted, but he lost something too. He is not going to be a pawn in his little game. He will go to the office and maintain a professional relationship, but that’s all it’s going to be. And if he wants to even fire him, he can accept that too. He says he was happy with Hope but Bill destroyed that because it wasn’t what Bill wanted. Liam tells him that saying he is sorry is not going to cut it as he knows Bill will do it again and again. Bill says he is not proud of what he did with Deacon, and he will do better in the future. Liam doesn’t believe him and starts to take off the sword necklace. Bill begs him not to since this is an undeniable bond between father and son. Liam doesn’t listen to him and takes it off and slams it on the table. As he starts to walk out the door, Bill grabs the sword and stabs it in his chest.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ went to see Sami to clear the air.  Chloe and Daniel spent time together with Parker.  EJ wanted Sami to know that he had nothing to do with what Kristen did.  Sami believed him.  He didnít want to talk about Kristen.  He wanted to clear things up before they moved on.  She agreed because she wanted to clear things up too.  Sonny asked Will to move in with him.  Chad showed up at Abbyís house to see her.  Gabi was there and was upset that Chad was there.  Chad told Gabi he was tired of being angry and wanted to make up with her.  When Chad and Abby held hands, Gabi wanted to know if they were back together.  Chloe let Daniel know that she got a job teaching singing so she was going to stay in Salem.  Victor and Kate argued over Parker not being Philipís son.  Kate indicated that she was going to do something to Chloe.  Victor told Kate that Chloe was back in Salem.  Kate was upset that Chloe was staying with Victor.  Daniel and Chloe talked about her plans to stay in Salem.  Chad let Gabi know that he hoped she had a great wedding before he left.  Abby and Gabi talked about Chad. 

Gabi suggested that Abby invite Chad to the wedding.  Johnny interrupted when Sami wanted to tell him something.  EJ told Sami he took the job at Countess W so he could be close to her.  He told her he was happy and that he loved her.  EJ was convinced that Sami loved him too.  He hoped that Kristen wouldnít come between them.  Sami assured him that Kristen wouldnít come between them.  EJ wanted to know how Sami felt, but Johnny walked in before she could answer him.  When EJ and Johnny left, Sami convinced herself to tell EJ about Rafe.  Kate went to the mansion to see her grandson.  Chloe told her Will wasnít there.  Kate and Chloe got into an argument over Parker.  Will talked to Sami about moving in with Sonny.  They also talked about her getting back together with Rafe.  Later on, Rafe went to see Sami.  Will met Gabi at the pub.  She had a way that he could be a part of the babyís life.  Victor tried to warn Daniel that Chloe wants him back.  Daniel wasnít worried about Chloe coming between him and Jennifer.  When Chloe was finished talking to Kate, Kate wondered how Daniel would react to Chloe being a prostitute when Parker was a baby.  Gabi wanted will to be the babyís godfather.  Nick objected to the idea.  Sami and Rafe kissed each other.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

A guard at the Turkish prison lets Luke call Anna. She tells him that he was right about Duke being an imposter. She reveals that the imposter was Faison. She tells him that Robert was hurt. The doctor tells Anna and real Duke that Robert is in a coma and that he cannot predict his recovery. He says that all they can do right now is keep him comfortable. Anna blames herself for not listening to Robertís warnings. Duke puts his hands on Annaís shoulders. She screams and jumps away. He tells her that he understands that when she looks at him she sees Faison. Luke calls Lulu just when Maxie is about to tell her and Dante about the miscarriage. Luke says he is in prison in Turkey, but insists that he has the American Consulate working on getting him released. She tells him not to try to break out. She tells him that Maxie is carrying his grandchild. Shooting and explosions begin outside of where Luke is and the connection is severed. Dante tells Lulu that they should go to Turkey immediately and find her father. Maxie says what she was going to tell them can wait.

Patrick runs into Sabrina and says he wants to talk about what happened on New Yearís Eve. Britt eavesdrops from around a corner before bringing Ellieís chart to Patrick. When Patrick leaves, Britt asks Sabrina if they were talking about how mortified Patrick was when she tried to kiss him. Sabrina says that isnít what happened. Britt says that is how Patrick interpreted it, whether it happened that way or not, and now Sabrina makes him uncomfortable. Spinelli admits to Ellie that he was with Maxie on New Yearís Eve. She concludes that he must have gone to her apartment looking for her and stayed to keep Maxie company. He tries to clarify when Patrick comes into the room. Patrick taps Ellieís feet. She doesnít respond. He tells her that it may be because of the swelling and if that is the case, then she should be able to feel her legs in about a week. He tells her that he will reevaluate her then. Ellie says she isnít going to die and that she will be alright because she has Spinelli. Spinelli tells her that they will get through it together, no matter what happens. Sabrina is still in the hallway when Patrick leaves Ellieís room. She tells him that she wonít be able to babysit Emma anymore.

Sam asks Jason for a sign and there is a knock on her door. She opens it to John McBain and gives him a hard time about disappearing. He tells her that he had to go to Switzerland on a case involving Faison. He tells her that Faison was Jasonís shooter. He says Faison shot Jason in the back, kicked him into the water, and watched him sink. He says if the bullet didnít kill Jason, then the water did. Sam cries and accepts that Jason is never coming back. Carly goes to lockup and asks Todd what kind of parent swears on his childís life when he is lying. He says the kind of parent that loses his child. She wants details about the night he switched Jasonís baby. He tells her that Sam stumbled into the shack and passed out, he heard her baby outside and picked him up, and then Tea took him out of his arms and he didnít know what to do. He says that then Heather told him that Sam didnít want her baby anyway and that she had brought him to the shack to abandon him so he didnít tell Tea the truth. Carly asks him why he humiliated her. He says because when he found out that Jason was Samís husband, he couldnít tell her. She says she could have fixed things if he had told her the truth from the beginning. She says she could have explained to Jason what happened and Jason wouldnít have hurt Todd. He asks her to forgive him. She says he made a fool of her and caused Jason to miss months of his sonís life. He says he was locked up for eight years and couldnít see his kids and he wouldnít have wanted that to happen to Jason, but at that point, he thought Franco was the child's father. She asks him what he means by ďat that pointĒ and wonders when he did know Jason was the father. He admits that he knew since July. She tells him that he has lost her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick, Sharon, Noah, and Faith honor Cassie’s memory on her birthday by baking a batch of her favorite cookies and going to the fire station to give them to paramedics. Sharon looks at pictures of Cassie and decides that her daughter would advise her to move forward with her life. So she calls Adam to tell him she will accept his job offer to work at Newman Enterprises. Kevin and Chloe continue to ponder if they should turn the stolen money into the police. In the end they decide it is too late for that and Kevin contacts someone that can help launder the dirty money. Michael sees $5,000 of the money that fell to the floor at Crimson Lights and begins to worry that Kevin and Chloe are involved in something illegal.

Noah calls Adriana at the Athletic Club and tells her that she has to get out of town before Detective Alex Chavez catches up with her. Adriana is enjoying all the amenities of the hotel and doesn’t want to leave since Noah is paying for the room. When Detective Chavez does catch up with Adriana, she tells him she is visiting her ex boyfriend and has no idea where the money is. The smart detective assumes the money is somewhere in Genoa City but Adriana doesn’t have it. Detective Chavez heads to Crimson Lights and wants to ask Kevin and Chloe some more questions. Kevin worries that Alex will find the duffle bag full of money hidden behind the coffee bar. Lauren has a drink with Carmine while she waits for Michael to arrive for brunch. Carmine advises her to just love and protect Fen and let him know that, no matter what he does, she will be there for him. Avery tells Nick that Summer often gets the key to her storage space and goes there when she wants to be alone. Avery tells Nick that she and Summer talked about it and Avery changed the locks on the space. She suspects Summer may have gotten into it because the locks were broken but nothing was taken from the storage space. Michael continues to worry about Jamie whom he can’t find anywhere. Noah tells Nick and Sharon that he paid for Adriana to stay at the Athletic Club for one night, but he doesn’t say that he hid the money that she stole and that someone stole the money from him. Adriana thinks that Alex Chavez is a dirty cop, and she is afraid that he will kill her.

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