Tuesday 1/8/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Hope wields the golf club at Bill, she says she wants the whole truth of what happened in Italy. Brooke comes forward to try to get her to put the club down. Bill even says he could press charges. Hope says she hopes he does and then the entire truth will come out. Hope continues on that at the time in Italy she thought all of those things were a coincidence – her real dad showing up, the road block, the car driving away so she could not get to the church, and then Steffy ending up in her husband’s bed. But now she knows it is Bill’s handiwork. Bill’s only explanation is that she and Liam got married anyway; it was just a small delay. Hope is shaken when she realizes both Katie and Brooke knew about this although they both say they didn’t know about it right away.

Steffy comes home and cheerfully questions Liam what happened when he saw Hope. She knows that Hope wants her life back and is willing to fight for him and get him backÖ...but thatís not going to happen. All except Dani and Karen admit they knew about the shenanigans in Italy. Hope calls Bill a control freak. The group says that is just what they were trying to tell him. Hope says then she is right on time. She stands toe to toe with Bill smirking at her and says he thinks he is the king of the world, but just wait Ė his throne is going to come crumbling down. She walks out with her head held high. Bill tells Katie they have had enough drama for one day. She asks him to please give up on so much drinking. He denies that is a problem, but he did promise Liam heíd back off after interfering at Cabo and he broke that promise. Katie says she has forgiven him and so will Liam after he gets over being angry. Hope goes to see Liam. Sheís glad Steffy is not home so they can speak in privacy. Despite Liam not wanting to believe her at first, she lays out just how the stars were aligned to make it look like a coincidence, but it was sabotage by his father to keep them from being married. That's the kind of father he has and he needs to know that. Sheís not making this upÖ she just had a confrontation with Bill and even had an audience with her mom, Katie, Taylor, Dani and Karen. Bill had no choice but to admit it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami and Rafe kissed when he went to see her.  Gabi told Nick that Cameron knew he wasnít the father of her baby.  While she was talking, someone was watching them.  Jennifer wondered why Kayla was in Danielís apartment instead of Daniel.  Kayla said he had to go out.  Daniel reunited with Parker.  Chloe said they were a family.  Sami stopped kissing Rafe so they could go to the wedding reception.  Rafe reminded her how they kissed on New Yearís.  She wondered why she didnít hear from him since then.  He wanted to give her time to tell EJ.  Jennifer wanted to know what was going on with Daniel.  Kayla offered to take Jennifer to Daniel so he could tell her himself.  Daniel wanted to know how long Chloe was staying in Salem.  She said she took a leave of absence so she could stay as long as he wanted her to stay.  Sami didnít think it was a good time to tell EJ, but Rafe thought it was.  They kissed again and she agreed to tell EJ.  Rafe suggested he and Sami get together after Gabiís wedding.  She thought it was a good idea.  Gabi and Nick talked about Cameron knowing that Nick isnít the father of her baby.  When they talked things out, the person was still watching them.  When Gabi and Nick went to the pub, Nick got into an argument with Will.  Nick thought Will was the one who told Cameron when he was released from prison. Jennifer showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and saw Chloe. Will wanted to know why Nick always blames him when something goes wrong.  They argued until Gabi stopped them.  Will told Nick how Cameron figured out about the baby.  Nick apologized for accusing Will.  Jennifer asked Chloe if Daniel was still at the mansion.  Chloe told her to go in and see.  Jennifer saw Daniel with Parker and thought that Philip and Chloe were letting him see Parker.  Daniel told her Parker is his son.

Kayla told everyone how Stephanie switched the paternity test.  Daniel understood because everything worked out.  Victor and Maggie left with Parker so Daniel and Jennifer could talk.  Abby told Will that she and Chad spent New Yearís together and she told Chad not to give Will a hard time about the wedding.  Chloe and Nicole reunited at the coffee shop.  Jennifer asked Daniel if Chloe was going back to Chicago.  He said she wasnít.  She understood that he wouldnít let Chloe leave because of Parker.  At the church, Sami found out that Nick had a new job.  She wanted to know what job he had.  Chloe told Nicole that Parker is Danielís son.  Nicole wanted to know what her plan is.  Chloe said she was going to take back everything that was taken from her.  Nick told Sami he took the job with Kate.  Sami was upset that Nick didnít take the job with her.  Nick explained to her why he went with Kateís offer.  Sami said she had a surprise job offer for Nick.  Nick told Sami what Kateís offer was.  Sami understood why Nick took the job.  Chloe told Nicole that she planned on making things right with Daniel.  Victor tried to warn Jennifer about Chloe, but she didnít want to deal with it yet.  When Jennifer was about to leave, Daniel stopped her so they could talk.  Daniel let Jennifer know that he still wanted her in his life despite finding out about Parker.  Jennifer said she wanted the same thing.  Nicole asked if Chloe wanted Daniel back.  Nicole told her that he was in love with Jennifer so she wouldnít get him back.  Chloe believed she would.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ellie wakes up and asks for Damian. Sabrina calls him, but he doesnít answer. She tells Ellie that she has a voicemail message. Ellie listens to Spinelliís kiss-off because she didnít show up at midnight. Maxie practices what she will say when she tells Spinelli that she lost the baby by saying it to the bakery deliveryman. She gives him $20 for listening to her. Spinelli wakes up and doesnít remember much about last night, but he remembers that Maxie wanted to tell him something about the baby. She says she doesnít think now is the right time to talk about it. He wonders if Ellie is there. She tells him that Ellie didnít come home last night. Spinelli wonders if Ellie slept with someone else. Maxie tells him that he did. Spinelli regrets taking advantage of Maxie. He notes that whenever they are in a bad place, they end up together and wonders if it is fate. He says that since Ellie has given up on him, that maybe he and Maxie should try being a couple again. Maxie runs into the bathroom. Spinelli listens to his voicemail messages and finds that they are not from Ellie, but from a hospital nurse informing him of Ellieís accident. Spinelli rushes out of Maxieís apartment to go to the hospital. Ellie tells him that she wants him to understand that she wanted to be with him last night and that she still wants to be with him.

Dante catches Todd trying to smother Johnny with his pillow. Todd tells Johnny to make sure that he doesnít go to prison. Johnny wonders whatís in it for him. Todd says Johnny can have anything he wants. Johnny wants Carly. Todd says Carly isnít his to give. He suggests that Johnny should do it for Starr because he would otherwise be taking her father from her after already taking her daughter and boyfriend. Diane takes Johnny to his arraignment. Carly goes to visit Sam to tell her that she was right about Todd. She tells her all about Johnny admitting that he shot out Anthonyís tires and revealing that Todd was responsible for the baby switch. She tells her that Jason was always the person she went to when her life was a wreck, but he is gone now. Sam says Jason isnít gone. Carly says they both have to accept that Jason is dead. Sam doesnít accept it and asks Carly to leave. Carly goes to lockup to see Todd.

Patrick informs Connie that Trey had an aneurism and is brain dead. Dante goes to General Hospital to take Connie into custody. Sonny tells Dante that Connie fled the police to be with her son, who is in ICU. Dante gives her until the end of the day. Patrick says Connie has to decide whether to turn off the life support. She says she left Trey for dead when he was a baby and she isnít going to do it again. Dante tells two officers to take Connie after her visit with Trey ends. Maxie calls Dante and asks him if he and Lulu can come over because she needs to tell them something. Patrick wants to talk to Sabrina about New Yearís Eve.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adam and Chelsea make plans to move to Paris and play a game of strip French lesson then they make love. Adam buys plane tickets and makes reservations at a fancy French hotel. Chelsea later sees Adam staring at his computer screen wondering if he should cancel the reservations and calling Sharon to see if she has decided to take the job as Director of Research and Development at Newman Enterprises. Jack continues to go through withdrawal and hallucinates about Stephanie but doesn’t tell Phyllis what happened to her. Jack lashes out at Phyllis and tells her that she stabbed him in the heart when she married him but really wanted to be with Nick. Phyllis is hurt by Jack’s words but after talking to his doctor, she realizes that it is all part of his withdrawal and decides to stay with Jack and help him even though he wants her to leave.

Billy and Victoria play poker so Billy can teach her some new business strategies. They both agree to work as a team and not let Adam get inside their heads. Nick worries that his club won’t be ready in time for opening night, and Avery distracts him by giving him cupcakes and later they make love. Nick is distracted by the dog tags he found that say Dylan McAvoy, and he looks up the man on the Internet. Avery is upset that Nick snooped in her things and admits she had an affair with Dylan which that ended her marriage. Nick wonders if the affair ended because Dylan died, but Avery says that doesn’t matter, because that is the past and he is her future. Nick doesn’t ask any more questions and they make love again. An unknown man is packing a suitcase and holding a plane ticket to Genoa City.

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