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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells the family intervention group that his drinking had nothing to do with Caroline’s accident. This is ridiculous for him to stay and listen to them. He says it is unfortunate, but they are all gathered here as family and friends and now they just need to focus on Caroline’s recovery. He tries to leave, but Katie grabs his arm and wants them all to sit down and talk. Bill says Caroline did something that she shouldn’t have. Suddenly Katie wants to speak to him alone. She tells him that she made many mistakes but she is trying to right them now. She wants to be the best mother and woman that she can be. She wants him to be the best man he can. He says he will be and he can put up with most anything except he does not want her to bring up Deacon in Italy. He could go to prison for arranging that and he knows she does not want that. Marcus has lunch with Justin and remembers the word “sabotage” when Justin accidentally but called him and mentioned to Bill that Liam and Hope were sabotaged. At the same time Dayzee tells Hope that she agrees with Hope that their relationship was sabotaged. Marcus told her about a conversation he overheard between Bill and Justin. Hope finds it hard to believe that Bill could have had anything to do with all the chaos in Italy. It was just one coincidence after another….unless it really wasn’t coincidences and they were indeed sabotaged. Like a light bulb going off, Hope sees that this has Bill’s fingerprints all over it. She’s not even going to bother telling Liam; she will go straight to Bill.

The gang tells Bill again that he has control issues if he doesn’t want to take responsibility for any part his drinking might have had in recent events. Before they are through, Hope is outside and calls Bill on the phone and says they must talk. He says it is not a good time…..he’s in the middle of something. She tells him to open the gates; it must be now. When he doesn’t, she figures out the gate code system herself and goes in. Dayzee questions Marcus about what he overheard about the sabotage. They both agree that it is strange that they both are thinking about that. She tells Marcus that Hope is on a mission. Big Dollar Bill is gonna have his hands full. Bill says he knows he has a control issue. He and Katie have had many talks about it. Brooke agrees they need to cut Bill some slack. He is not a drunk. Bill says if he was ever going to turn to booze it would have been when Katie left him. She begs him to be the best parents they can be. The doorbell rings and Bill gets it. He grabs Hope by the arm and tries to hustle her off his property. She takes only a breath, spies the golf clubs sitting outside the door and grabs one. Bill thanks Katie for putting up with him. Suddenly the window is being smashed as Hope walks in with blood in her eye and wields it before Katie and Bill and says she is going to tee off on her husband.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chloe told Daniel that Parker is his son, but he didnít believe it.  Lucas and Jennifer argued over her date with Daniel.  When Jennifer was about to leave, she tripped over a box and was unconscious.  Chloe told Daniel that she could prove that Parker is his son when he didnít believe her.  She said that she and Philip had another test done on Parker and it proved that Philip couldnít be the father.  Daniel recapped about Carly doing the amnio and Caroline changing the DNA test.  Chloe said the test was tampered with before Caroline changed the test.  Daniel believed Chloe wasnít lying, but he thought she wanted what she said to be true.  Billie showed up at Jenniferís house and wondered what happened.  When Lucas told Billie that Jennifer tripped over a box, Billie said she was the one who put the box in front of Jenniferís door.  Jennifer eventually woke up and wanted to go see Daniel.  Daniel wanted to know why Chloe said Parker was his son.  Kayla showed up at his place to talk to Daniel about Parker being his son.  Kayla showed Daniel proof that Parker is his son.  Nick and Gabi talked about the wedding and the fact that he isnít the father of the baby.  They also talked about her not being able to tell her mother about the baby.  Since her mother is sick, she thought the news would kill her.  Lucas and Billie didnít want Jennifer to go to Danielís place.  Lucas offered to take Jennifer to Danielís but that led to another argument.  Billie suggested that she take Jennifer to the hospital.  Jennifer agreed to go.  Jennifer got a text from Daniel that he needed more time so she didnít have to come over.  Kayla explained how Stephanie switched the test.  Kayla said Ian confessed to changing the results of the DNA test and it turned out that Daniel was the father.

Nick assured Gabi that she was doing everything right with the baby.  She said she could tell her mother that they were getting married.  She said she didnít have to mention Will.  Nick stopped Gabi from telling her mother.  Jennifer talked to Billie about things getting in the way between her and Daniel.  Daniel wanted to know why Ian suddenly confessed to what he did.  Kayla said Ian turned over a new leaf after he went to rehab.  Chloe said Stephanie went to her and she and Philip got the test done.  Daniel wanted to know why Chloe didnít come to him sooner.  She said she wanted to be sure before she said anything.  Daniel read that Philip had no genetic relationship to Parker and asked if Parker really is his (Danielís) son.  During Nickís bachelor party, Chad told Cameron that Nick got out of prison on September 10.  Cameron looked confused and left the party.  Will called Gabi and asked her who the doctor was that told her she was pregnant.  She said it was Cameron.  Will said Cameron knew that Nick wasnít the father of her baby.  Jennifer wanted to go see Daniel and didnít want to wait for her test results.  She decided to take a cab over there.  Daniel was happy that Parker is his son.  Chloe offered to go with him to Victorís house (where Parker was) to see Parker.  Gabi showed up at the hospital to see Cameron.  She reminded him that when he told her she was pregnant, everything would be confidential.  He said that it was.  He asked her if Nick knows that the baby wasnít his.  While they were talking, someone was listening to them.  She said Nick knows and wants to raise the baby.  He wanted to know if the biological father knows the truth.  She said the father knows and is okay with it.  She asked if he was going to say anything and he said no.  She said no one could ever know the truth.  The person outside was still listening.  Jennifer showed up at Danielís and saw Kayla there.  Daniel reunited with Parker.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny gets drunk at the gym and imagines Kate is there with him. Alexis wakes Shawn up from an erotic dream about her and asks him to make her a sandwich. The guttural noises that she makes while she is eating it remind him of his dream. They proceed to work on making that dream a reality. Steve tells Elizabeth to kick Kristina and Connie out of the emergency room cubicle where he is working on Trey because they are being disruptive. Kristina tells Connie to stop acting like she cares about Trey. Connie says Kristina has no idea what she feels for her son. Kristina calls Alexis and tells her that she is at the hospital with Trey. Alexis gets dressed to go to the hospital. She calls Sonny and jolts him out of his dream to tell him to meet her at the hospital. They arrive at the hospital and pull Connie and Kristina away from each other. Alexis takes Kristina away. Sonny lets Connie hold him and cry. She says, ďDonít let me goĒ the way Kate did, and he calls her Kate. She concludes that he thinks only Kate has emotions and storms off.

Starr beats herself up about trusting Johnny. She suddenly realizes that she almost killed Connie tonight before Johnny told the truth. She says she feels like she lost Cole and Hope all over again. Johnny tells Carly that Todd knew all along who really killed Cole and Hope and kept it secret. Carly thinks that is absurd. Johnny reveals the mutual blackmail and announces that I exchange for Toddís silence, he has kept Toddís secret that he switched Sam and Tťaís babies. Todd denies it. Johnny reveals that two of his men were following Heather Webber the night of the storm and that while Heather was burying Anthonyís body, they saw Todd take Samís baby out of the planter and put it in Tťaís arms. Carly can see in Toddís face that it is true. She tells him that she never asked him to be a good person, but she asked him repeatedly to tell her the truth about the babies and he repeatedly lied to her face. She asks him how he thinks Starr will feel when she finds out that he knew who killed her daughter and didnít do anything about it. Starr and Michael are on their way to check on Trey and overhear Carlyís question. Todd says he can explain. Starr says Todd is more messed up than she thought. She canít deal with it right now so she walks away. Todd tells Carly that Johnny was going to send him to prison. Dante says that sucks because he is going there anyway. Dante arrests Todd and tells Johnny that he wants to talk to him about Anthony. Johnny says he will tell him everything. When they arrive at the jail, Dante puts Todd and Johnny in the same cell. Todd wonders why Johnny had to drag him down with him. Starr watches Steve work on Trey. Elizabeth asks her to wait outside and says they will give her an update. Alexis and Kristina join Starr and Michael outside the cubicle. Connie arrives next, followed by Sonny. Steve comes out of the cubicle and says he is sorry.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Adriana arrives in Genoa City to apologize to Noah for cheating on him with some guy whose name she doesn’t even remember. Adriana tells Noah she has missed him very much and wants to get back together with him. Adriana explains that she found the money behind a panel in her apartment where a drug dealer used to live. Adriana decides not to report the money to the police, because it's her chance to start over and forget about a life of problems in New York. Adriana isn’t happy when Noah tells her that the money is missing because someone stole it from him. Nick and Sharon discuss Noah and his problems with Adriana and agree that it is good that she is still in New York. Neil and Leslie have a discussion about not having a relationship while he is working with her at Jabot. Neil thinks that they could still have a relationship and work together, but Leslie doesn’t think it is a good idea. In the end they decide that he should go back to work at the company and try to make her change her mind about their relationship.

Billy and Victoria decide that he should take the job at Jabot while Jack is getting clean. They should work together to make sure that Adam doesn’t do anything sneaky. Also they should do everything they can to stop the merger of Newman Enterprises and Jabot, so Jack won’t end up with nothing when the inevitable happens and Victor takes back control of Newman Enterprises. Jack gives Kyle a compass that his father John gave him and tells him that he has been his true north. He also apologizes for forgetting that today is his birthday. Jack says goodbye to Kyle and Billy and heads to the Abbot cabin with Phyllis to meet with a therapist and get clean. Jack is upset when the therapist isn’t at the cabin, because he had an emergency with another patient and can’t arrive until tomorrow. Jack begins having symptoms of withdrawal with no therapist to help him. He tells Phyllis that he wants another pill, and he can’t do this but she assures him that she is with him and they will do this together. Victor accuses Adam of covering up the death of Stephanie, the prostitute. He points out that he could be in big trouble, but Adam denies ever seeing Stephanie or covering up her death. Adam offers Sharon the job as director of Research and Development at Newman. She accepts the job. Chelsea is happy because it means they can go ahead with their plans to leave town. Cane gives Tyler the job at Jabot despite the fact that he sees him flirting with Lily again.

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