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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Hope to stop….it’s too late, too much has happened. Not knowing a lie was involved doesn’t matter now. He and Steffy are closer than ever now because Hope broke it off even after he begged her more than once. She told him to move on so he did. She admits that she used to be Little Miss Perfection like Steffy called her, but she wants reality. She wants him, faults and all. He tells her maybe there is a guy out there that can live up to her expectations. She confesses that she knows he loves Steffy too but she’s not her. She’s not going to give up on him and she will prove they still have a chance. Katie scolds Bill for having booze in his coffee cup, no matter if Alison put it in there to take the edge off. She asks why and suggests that he must think this is funny. He says no; it is ridiculous. He leaves to see Justin and sign more papers. Karen and Dani rush in to see Caroline and want to know what happened. Rick spews that it was due to Karen’s brother. Both are furious especially when they find out Bill had been drinking. The doctor says Caroline will be okay, she just needs plenty of rest. Rick says that won’t be a problem as he is not going to leave her side.

Hope tells Liam that they were cheated and she can see that he feels the same way. He laments that if Rick and his Dad would have left them alone then they would still be together now. She agrees and she will learn to get his trust back. She wants to hold him in her arms and kiss him. She wants to get back what they once had and can again, maybe even back in Italy. Liam runs into Rick as he comes out of Caroline’s room. Liam blasts into Rick for the lie and manipulating his life. What this might do to him and Steffy could be unfixable. Rick claims he doesn’t care. An orderly goes by with a tray full of supplies and Liam grabs an ice bag. He gives Rick a knuckle sandwich and throws the bag at him, maybe it’ll help. Karen tells Katie that they have a problem and they need her to help fix it. She reveals that Bill has always had an anger problem, but she looked the other way. He also has a drinking problem and now they are combined and she can’t overlook it since it put her daughter in the hospital. Bill expresses his problems with Rick, Hope and Katie to Justin. Justin tells Bill there is no lasting consequences with Caroline so all will be all right. They turn around when Katie suddenly comes in. They turn heads when Brooke follows, then from another door Karen and Dani, and finally Taylor enters. Bill quips who is behind Door #5. Suddenly he knows he has been had. Taylor speaks first and says they have something they want to talk to him about. Katie continues that they think he has a problem and they all need to address it. Karen says he has a problem the way he treats people and is so hurtful and they feel he would be much less destructive to himself and others if he didn’t drink. He glares at them when Katie says she hopes he sees that this has to stop. Steffy finds out from Alison that Liam is not exactly in a meeting; he’s with Hope. She goes charging into Hope’s office. She reminds her that she thought she made it perfectly clear the last time that Hope wasn’t to interfere in their relationship (when did that stop Steffy before). Hope admits tat she was just with Liam. She did not try to kiss him. She was just trying to work through the situation. Steffy gloats that there is no situation. Hope left Liam and now they are together. Hope says yes, but only because they were lied to and she and Liam have owned up to what they each did wrong. It’s only a matter of time now. Steffy tells her that she wants Hope to respect her relationship with Liam so just in case Hope didn’t get the memo, leave Liam alone!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chloe showed up at Danielís apartment while he was expecting Jennifer.  Jennifer couldnít go on her date because her car wouldnít start.  Abby told Jennifer she could drive her (Abbyís) car.  While they were talking, Abby spilled champagne on Jenniferís dress.  Jennifer had to tell Daniel she was going to be late.  Daniel wanted to know why Chloe was there.  She thought her coming back was meant to be.  John wanted to know if Marlena knew about Brady and Kristen.  Marlena confessed to knowing about the affair.  Sami walked in on Kristen and Brady kissing and ripped into him and Kristen.  Brady wanted Kristen to leave him and Sami alone so he could warn Sami not to talk to insult her.  Kristen wanted to talk to Sami, but Brady told Kristen to leave.  Brady told Sami that he and Kristen were going to be together despite what Sami or the family thought.  Brady and Sami argued over Kristen.  John was upset with Marlena for not telling him about Brady and Kristenís affair.  Marlena told John that she hated knowing about the affair.  John wanted to know how long she knew about the affair.  She said about a month.  Daniel wanted to know what Chloe was doing at his place.  Chloe noticed that he was having company.  He told her that Jennifer was coming over for a date.  Chloe thought it was too soon for Jennifer to be dating, but Daniel didnít want to hear it.  John and Marlena argued over her knowing about Brady and Kristenís affair.  Marlena said that she didnít trust John for why she didnít say anything.  She said that she was tired of being the villain for why she didnít say anything.  Brady told Sami how John found out about his affair.  Sami didnít want to hear Brady defend Kristen anymore and left his room.  Sami ran into Kristen and warned her that she wasnít going to let her hurt her family.  Kristen wanted to know how Sami was going to do that.

Sami and Kristen argued over Brady.  Kristen tried to make nice with Sami, but Sami didnít want to hear it.  Marlena continued to defend why she didnít tell John the truth.  John thought Marlena was wrong for not saying anything.  Daniel didnít appreciate Chloe implying that Jennifer moved on too fast from Jack.  Chloe apologized for the remark.  He asked her again why she was there.  When Jennifer was on her way to Danielís, Lucas showed up and said he needed her.  Kristen went back to see Brady and the two left the hospital.  Marlena apologized for John finding out about Brady.  She also apologized for him fighting with Brady, but she wasnít sure she was sorry for not telling him.  He thought there was another reason why she didnít tell him.  When he was about to tell her the reason, Sami interrupted them.  Lucas wanted Jennifer to do a favor for Kate.  Brady told Kristen he didnít care if he lost his family because he had her.  Sami told John and Marlena about her arguments with Brady and Kristen.  Sami was convinced they could all stop Kristen from destroying their family, but they had to trust each other.  When Sami left, John asked Marlena if there was another reason why she didnít tell him about Brady and Kristen.  Marlena had a flash back of Kristen telling her that she (Kristen) wouldnít be with John if she were sleeping with Brady.  After the flashback, Marlena said there wasnít another reason.  John wasnít sure he believed her.  Marlena was shocked that he didnít believe her.  He thought there was another reason why she didnít tell him about Brady and Kristen.  When Marlena suggested that they go home, he told her he wasnít going.  He said he didnít trust her.  Brady told Kristen he was falling in love with her.  She said that was what she wanted to hear.  Jennifer and Lucas argued over her going out with Daniel.  Chloe told Daniel that Parker is his son.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

It is after midnight, January 1 and couples ring in the new year in bed. Carly asks Todd if it meant that they are a couple now. He says he would never have thought that Carly would want that with him, but if she does, then it definitely means that. Steve asks Olivia to marry him. She says it is amazing that she didnít see it coming since she sees everything else. Maxie is and Spinelli find comfort in sex. Afterwards, Spinelli says they made a terrible mistake and apologizes to Maxie for taking advantage of her. He says they need to get her to the hospital to make sure the fetus is undamaged. Sabrina tells Elizabeth that she and Patrick almost kissed and that Britt showed up at Patrickís house naked.

Michael finds Ellie where she was thrown when Connie hit her with her car. Trey passes out. No one can get a cell signal to call 9-1-1. Connie stops Johnny from going to find a cell signal so she can snipe at him about telling Starr the truth about the accident. He turns her around and points her face toward Trey. He asks her if it doesnít faze her that her son might die. Starr asks Johnny to tell her that he was lying to her about causing the accident that killed her boyfriend and daughter, so that she wouldnít let Connie die. He tells her that it was the truth. Michael finds a cell signal and calls Dante, who takes care of calling it in. Elizabeth gets the call to prepare for accident victims at the hospital. Steve gets a call to go to the emergency room. The paramedics arrive at the accident site and take everyone to the hospital, except Connie. Dante intercepts Connie as she is trying to leave and handcuffs her to her car. When the officers have finished investigating the scene and go to get Connie to take her in, they find that she has opened the handcuffs with a nail file and escaped. Starr breaks down and cries in Michaelís arms. Michael calls Carly and tells her about the accident. When Johnny comes out after having his head stitched up, he tries to talk to Starr. She tells him that nothing that he could say or do will ever make up for what he took from her. Johnny lets her hit him as much as she wants until Michael pulls her off. When Dante arrives at the hospital, Johnny tells him that he wants to turn himself in. Carly and Todd arrive as Dante is handcuffing Johnny. Starr tells them that Johnny shot out Anthonyís tires. Carly canít believe he lied to her all that time. Todd is worried that Johnny wonít keep his end of their silence pact. Carly says she regrets every minute she spent with Johnny and that she is glad that she is moving on with Todd. Johnny observes that she is moving from one criminal to another. Carly says that at least Todd is honest with her. Johnny asks Todd if he bared his soul to Carly. When Todd doesnít answer, Johnny says he will tell Carly if Todd doesnít.

The doctor treating Trey says he has internal bleeding. Connie goes to the hospital and watches the doctor try to resuscitate Trey. The doctor treating Ellie gets her vitals stabilized. He tells Sabrina that he suspects spinal injury. Sabrina calls Spinelli from Ellieís phone. He doesnít answer, so she leaves a message about the accident. Spinelli doesnít listen to the message. Olivia goes to Dante and Luluís apartment. Lulu tells her that her dog hallucination came true and Maxie that had a run-in with a dog, but that nothing bad happened. Olivia shows Lulu her ring and says the family is going to get two new members this year, Steve and the baby. Maxie tells Spinelli that she lost the baby, only to discover that he has fallen asleep.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick sits in a booth and talks on the phone. Summer tries to call Jamie but he refuses to answer her calls. Michael questions Fen about Jamie’s whereabouts, but Fen shows no concern. As Fen rushes out, Michael goes after him only to meet Paul at the door. Michael informs Paul that Jamie left town. Noah questions Summer about the money but she knows nothing about it. Chloe and Kevin try to decide what to do with the money that Chloe stole from Noah’s home. The P.I. meets with Victor and tells him that Stephanie was a congressman’s daughter. Paul asks Michael how long Jamie has been missing and if Fen knew all about Jamieís leaving town. Michael tells Paul that Fen has a lot of rage inside him and Michael takes the blame for that rage. Chloe and Kevin have to come up with a plan to get rid of the money before they are caught with it. Paul lets Michael know that Fen is no killer, he is only a teenager with teenagerís feelings. Paul promises to help Michael find Jamie. At the coffeehouse, Kevin and Chloe argue about what to do with the money. Alex overhears them and asks what is going on. Chloe acts so defensive and rattled that Alex becomes suspicious of her. At Newman Enterprises, Victor questions Mason as to Jack’s whereabouts. Mason is reluctant to tell him anything until he is assured that his job is safe when Victor takes back over. Mason gives Victor a piece of paper with Jack’s telephone number on it.

When Fen and Summer run into each other at the coffeehouse, he asks her if she is looking for Jamie. Fen tells her that Jamie is gone. Summer says that she liked Jamie. Fen accuses Summer of using him and throwing him aside, but she will live to regret it. Michael and Paul come in and demand to know what Fen thinks he is doing. Michael takes Summer inside while Paul talks to Fen. Paul tries to get information from Fen about Jamie, but he refuses to divulge anything. Fen continues to watch Summer through the door. Alex listens to Kevin and Chloe as they decide that they have to fix this situation. Noah agrees to tend the bar for Nick a couple of nights. Alex questions Noah about Adriana, but again Noah refuses to say anything. Nick sees Alex questioning Noah and wonders what is up. Nick asks Noah again what he is hiding. Adriana texts Noah to let him know that she is in town and will see him soon.

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