Thursday 1/3/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Bill looking on, Rick insists that Caroline tell them what happened. Katie reminds him that she just woke up, so give her a few minutes. Caroline utters that she stood her ground. She says she remembers yelling, Bill trying to walk away and she grabbed for his arm. In the process, she hit her heavy handbag, slipped and flew over the railing. Katie emphasizes that it was an accident; Bill did not push her. Caroline says no he did not push her. Steffy coos to Liam that she wants him to stay with her and not go back to her. For now he says he has to go back to the office and protect them from his dad. Rick follows Bill and tells him that he may not have pushed Caroline, but he was responsible for hurting the woman that he loves and that will not happen again. Caroline did not have to tell him a thing. She told him out of respect. Bill reminds him that Caroline is family. They had a heated argument and it got out of control, but he is not going to listen to a lecture by her boyfriend. Rick tells him to do them a favor and stay away from her. Hope explains to Caroline that Bill really didn’t care that Caroline told about the lie. He only cared how this affected Liam getting back with Hope and instead keeping him with Steffy. Hope confronts Bill and says she knows he did not push Caroline but Caroline stood up to him and he didn’t like that. Bill says he did what he had to do and there is no way he is going to give Hope a second chance with his son.

Steffy says she learned the hard way that lying doesn’t fix anything, so she’s glad Caroline told the truth. Liam’s dad won’t like it though. Bill tells Hope that his position hasn’t changed. Hope says she and Liam would still be together if it wasn’t for him. She wants Liam back and the life they should have had. This time she won’t let anybody stand in the way. Katie tells Bill that no one is blaming him. They are only worried about Caroline. She picks up his coffee cup and smells booze and accuses him of drinking. Rick kisses Caroline and says the only future he wants is with her. Steffy packs up her bag for the office and spies a pix of Hope and vows to her that she will never get Liam back. Hope stops by Liam’s office, surprised that no one called him and told him about Caroline. She says it was an accident, but one that would not have happened except Bill was so concerned and worried about keeping them from getting back together. His dad, Steffy and Rick all caused them a lot of problems. She apologizes again for being so selfish and not believing him over her own brother, Rick. From moving in and moving out, she placed too many expectations on him and she is sorry. For a split second he seems to be divided in what he should do. Finally he blurts out that he can’t do this. He begged her more than once to marry him. Now he is living with Steffy; he can’t do this. Hope says yes he can.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kristen taunted John about his fight with Brady.  Abby thought about her kiss with Chad.  She went to see Chad at the coffeehouse.  Sami talked to Rafe about Kristen destroying her family.  Marlena advised Brady not to see Kristen.  Kristen wanted John to admit that he was jealous of her and Brady and that he still wanted her.  Marlena tried to convince Brady that John loves him despite their imperfect relationship.  John denied being in love with Kristen.  He told her that he loved one woman.  She threw up in his face how he loved other women.  He kept denying being in love with her, but she said he still lusted after her.  Daniel went to Jenniferís house to ask her out on a date.  Abby wanted to talk to Chad about the kiss.  He didnít think it was a big deal.  She wanted them to be friends.  Marlena tried to convince Brady that Kristen was using him, but he wasnít convinced.  Kristen thought John was an egomaniac to think that she still loved him after what he did to her years ago. He told her he thought she was dead.  She said she wished she had at times.  The only one who forgave her was Stefano.  She said that you could replace the love you lost.  Rafe tried to get Sami to calm down about Brady and Kristenís affair.  He made the mistake of asking her if what Kristen did was any different from what she did.  Chad asked if Abby still thought he was in love with Melanie.  Abby asked if he was and reminded him that she and Melanie.  He told her that Melanie was over him and was willing to start over with Abby.  Brady reminded Marlena that she read Kristenís diary and it said she was over John.  He also reminded her how Kristen didnít press charges against her when she broke into Kristenís room.  He wanted to know if Marlena had any proof that Kristen was lying to him.  John continued to tell Kristen that she didnít love Brady.

Sami was upset with Rafe for comparing her to Kristen.  He said Brady could actually love Kristen despite her flaws.  When Sami was about to leave, Rafe pulled her into a kiss.  Abby wanted to see where things would go with Chad, but it had to be after the wedding. Chad agreed to wait.  Sami stopped Rafe from kissing her.  She didnít want someone kissing her who put her down.  While they were talking, he kissed her again.  Marlena wanted to check on John.  Marlena said she wanted Brady to be happy and he told her Kristen made him happy.  Kristen asked John how he found out that she was with Brady.  John thought about Marlena telling him to go to Bradyís office.  Marlena walked in on John and Kristen and wondered what was going on between them.  Kristen left John and Marlena alone so they could talk.  John was upset with Marlena and she wondered what was wrong.  Rafe stopped kissing Sami.  He told her how he gets her hot and flustered.  He wondered how she was going to explain it to EJ that he turns her on.  Rafe walked away from her.  Kristen went to check on Brady.  She apologized to him for getting hurt.  He didnít want her to break up with him.  She told him she didnít think she could.  John told Marlena how she sent him to Bradyís office when he found Brady and Kristen together.  He wanted to know why she did it.  She dodged the question by reminding him that they were talking about Kristen for two months because everything has been about Kristen.  He interrupted her to ask her why she sent him to Bradyís office.  Sami walked in on Brady and Kristen kissing.  John asked Marlena if she knew what he was going to walk in on in Bradyís office.  While Marlena was explaining what happened, John asked if she knew that Brady was sleeping with Kristen.  When Daniel opened his door expecting Jennifer, Chloe was at the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The clock strikes midnight, leaving 2012 behind, giving way to the new year. Couples kiss at the Haunted Star. Todd and Carly continue their new yearís kiss in his room. Todd wonders why Starr didnít call him at midnight. Carly says Michael didnít call either so they are probably ringing in the new year together. Todd and Carly make their own fireworks. Dante and Lulu are excited that this will be the year of the baby. Lulu calls Maxie to wish her a happy new year, but it goes unanswered because her phone is in the sofa cushion and she is at General Hospital, where Dr. Westbourne informs her that she has had a miscarriage. Maxie blames herself. Dr Westbourne says Maxieís fall probably wasnít a factor and that the embryo was probably not viable. Patrick and Sabrina almost kiss at Patrickís house, but Patrickís ringing phone interrupts them. Britt apologizes for not being able to celebrate with him and wishes him a happy new year. Sabrina, meanwhile, quickly gathers her belongings and tries to rush out the door. Patrick asks her to stay. While he is checking on Emma and getting money to pay Sabrina for babysitting, Sabrina answers the door to naked Britt. Britt shoves a handful of cash into Sabrinaís hand and tells her to go to the hospital and file her papers. Patrick returns to the room, surprised to see Britt, and wonders where Sabrina is. Britt says Sabrina must have had somewhere else to go. She comes on to Patrick and reveals that she isnít wearing anything under her coat. He tells her that he doesnít want to wake Emma and that Emma isnít prepared to see Britt when she wakes up, but that they can get together another time. He tells her that he is ready to move forward.

Spinelli is devastated that Ellie didnít come to meet him on the roof of General Hospital at midnight. Ellie is delayed because her car broke down and she is walking the rest of the way. Spinelli tries to call her and reaches her voicemail. He demands to know where she is. Maxie goes up to the General Hospital roof and runs into Spinelli. She remembers that Ellie was meeting Spinelli there and apologizes for intruding. He says she isnít intruding because Ellie didnít show up. He thinks Maxie is upset because her hormones are affecting her emotions. Dante and Lulu go to Maxieís apartment and find no one home. Lulu panics when Dante finds Maxieís phone. Maxie and Spinelli arrive. Maxie tells Lulu and Dante about the dog scratching at her door and her fall. She tells them that she went to the hospital and saw Dr. Westbourne, but she doesnít reveal the miscarriage. Maxie and Spinelliís devastation leads to a kiss.

Connie, pleased that the fog is lifting, accelerates her car. She unsuccessfully swerves to avoid Ellie when she sees her in the road. Michael, with Starr, Kristina, and Trey in the car, unsuccessfully swerves to avoid hitting Connieís car. When the four in Michaelís car wake up, they look for Connie, but she isnít in her car. Michael forces Connieís trunk open and gets Johnny out. Kristina passes out, but they are able to revive her. Trey and Kristinaís bond becomes stronger. Trey walks away to find a cell signal when he falls unconscious. Starr finds Connie hanging over the edge of the ravine where Cole and Hope went over in their car a year ago and doesnít want to help her. Connie grabs Starrís arm. Johnny stops Starr from wresting away and letting Connie fall. He reveals that Connie didnít kill Cole and Hope; he did. He pulls Connie up. Starr slaps him. Connie asks where the red-haired girl is. Ellie was thrown off the road into the bush just a few yards away. She can only muster a week call for help, which no one hears. She tells herself to stay conscious while she diagnoses herself and determines that she is in critical condition. Michael finds Ellieís cell phone on the ground and looks for her. He finds her on the ground nearby.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy is on the computer when Victoria comes home. Billy informs her that Jack had a heart attack. He tried to call him but didn’t get an answer. Billy leaves to go to see Jack. At the house, Jack asks Phyllis for her help in getting off drugs. At home, Adam and Chelsea argue over the fact that she thinks he lied to her about leaving town to start over. Adam asks her to give him a chance to prove himself to her. Cane and Sharon have a meeting about hiring her at Jabot, but he still will not give her a firm response. Neil and Leslie wake up together. He wants to get them something to eat, but she is very quiet. Neil asks if she is having second thoughts about last night. Phyllis lets Jack know that Daniel is moving to Savannah and she is going with him. Jack asks Phyllis to stay to help him. Adam lets Chelsea know how Victor will devour Jack when he finds out that he is going out of town to rehab. Sharon begs Cane for a job but he tells her that he will get back to her. Victor visits Victoria to ask for her help in gaining back control of Newman Enterprises, but she is determined that her family comes first and that is where her priorities are. Victor warns that if she abandons Newman Enterprises, then she can abandon him also. Billy talks to Jack about his heart attack, but Jack admits it was all staged and that he is really going out of town to rehab. Jack asks Billy to cover for him at Newman Enterprises. Billy has his doubts especially when he finds out that Adam will be in charge. Daniel tells Lily that he is moving to Savannah with Lucy. Cane watches Lily hug Daniel as does Tyler, who sits in a nearby booth. Phyllis meets Daniel at the coffeehouse and lets him know that she is not accompanying him to Savannah because of Jack. Phyllis confides to Daniel that Jack has a drug dependency problem and she is going to help him. Billy refuses to work with Adam at Newman. Jack tells Billy to keep an eye on Adam and Victor. Chelsea tells Sharon that she doesn’t have to leave because Adam had told her everything about Sharon telling Adam to go back to Chelsea. Chelsea tells Sharon that she and Adam are leaving town but Chelsea refuses to tell her where they're going.

Leslie and Neil kiss and make love again. Tyler watches Cane and Lily together. When Cane leaves Lily for just a moment, Tyler approaches her and asks what is wrong. Cane enters and is upset to see Tyler with Lily. Daniel tells Phyllis that Jack is not her responsibility, but she will not accept that. Billy tells Victoria that Jack is going out of town for rehab, and he asked Billy to look after Newman for him. Victoria advises Billy not to do it, since things are going to get ugly over there. Cane asks Neil to come back to work at Newman. They are surprised when Leslie comes out of the bedroom. Jack and Adam discuss Stephanie and that this can never happen again. Victoria asks Billy not to let Jabot become part of Newman as Victor will take everything. Victor visits Jack and finds out that he is going out of town. Victor confronts him if he isn’t going to rehab to get off the drugs. Jack lets Victor know that Adam will be in charge at Newman. Adam and Chelsea meet at the Athletic Club bar and he tells her that this will only be for a couple of days. Adam sees Sharon sitting in his office. Sharon confronts him about him leaving town and says there is no use asking him for a job now. Victor shows a P.I. a picture of Stephanie and wants to know all about her.

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