Wednesday 1/2/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Katie that she is glad Caroline left before Bill got home. He needs to cool off as he was so upset when he found out Caroline told Liam about Rick’s lie. Katie appreciates Caroline and what a good influence she has been on Rick. She’s a smart, beautiful, strong-willed girl and she’s glad that she is not intimated by her husband. Loyalty is it, Spencer all the way. Nothing gets in the way of family. Steffy catches Liam in a reflective mood, thinking about Hope’s recent kiss and her vow never to doubt him again. He teases Steffy that he was just daydreaming about Angelina Jolie although she doesn’t hold a candle to Steffy. She says nice try, but she is not buying it. She knows he still has feelings for Hope, and it’s up to her to make him forget her…..and what better time than New Year’s Eve. When she returns to the living room, she has stripped down to her panties and bra and Liam is speechless. She admits it is the one reaction she was hoping for. He is free to be himself, he doesn’t have to be sucked back into all of that Hope drama. She doesn’t want to see that happen to him again. She feels very good about their relationship and they drink a toast to that. Rick finds Hope at home and they discuss the fashion throwdown. He’s even surprised that she is still talking to him. She has ever right to be furious at him. She says she is, but he’s still her brother and she is the one who believed his lie. She’s just glad he finally revealed it. He says he can’t take full credit; Caroline made him see it was the right thing to do. She knew it was eating him up and convinced him to come clean. Hope says she knows; Caroline believes in him and sees the best in him. He admits he’s dated a lot of women but never felt about any of them like he does for Caroline. He just plain does not want to live without her. Rick laments to Hope that Caroline likes her too a lot, and the values she has in her personal life. Hope answers that she has made mistakes but she is trying to right those now and get a new invigorated Hope for the Future without her personal life being tied to it. She tells Rick that she knows he was only trying to protect her, but she can handle it from here.

Bill leans over Caroline who has accidentally flown over the balcony railing onto the tennis courts below. He hears the ambulance in the background and tells Caroline that everything will be all right; just hold on. At the hospital they admit her for a C.T. scan. Bill tells them she has probably been out about half an hour. Katie and Brooke rush in demanding to know what happened. They heard the sirens at the house. With a skeptical look on their faces, each want to know just what happened to Caroline. He tells them it was an accident; Caroline fell off the balcony onto the tennis courts. She’s unconscious now. Brooke calls Rick and tells Rick to come to the hospital as soon as possible. Caroline took a fall at Bill’s house. Brooke and Katie question Bill again and urge him to cal Karen. He says he will just as soon as he knows a little more about Caroline’s condition. Brooke wants to know if he and Caroline were arguing when she fell. He denies that it was an argument. His secretary, Alison finds him as she has papers he needs to sign. She pours him a shot of whiskey into his coffee cup…..just a little something to take off the edge. Rick is frantic when he gets to the hospital and talks to Katie and Brooke. He wants to know if Bill was with her when she fell. Somehow he knows he was responsible even though Katie says it was an accident and Bill would never intentionally hurt his own niece. He’s about to go charging off to find Bill when the Doctor tells them that Miss Spencer is awake now and they can go see her. Rick is so relieved when she opens her eyes and recognizes him. Bill walks in and Caroline glares at him while Rick is begging her to tell him what happened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Brady was at the hospital getting examined.  While he was getting examined, he flashed back to his fight with John.  John was also at the hospital getting examined by Kayla.  John didnít want to talk about what happened.  Brady didnít want to press charges against John or talk about what happened.  Nicole and Rafe talked about Sami.  EJ and Sami nearly kissed at the office.  Kristen and Marlena got into it at the hospital.  Kayla interrupted them by telling Marlena that John wanted to see her.  Kristen went to Brady and told him she made a terrible mistake.  Nicole tried to advise Rafe about EJ and Sami.  Nicole felt Rafe should worry about EJ trying to be with Sami, but Rafe wasnít worried.  Eric went to see Sami and told her that John and Brady had a fight with each other.  John blamed himself for trusting Kristen.  Kristen went to see Brady.  She blamed herself for what happened.  She told him that they had to stop seeing each other.  He didnít want to stop seeing each other.  He wanted her to promise that they wouldnít break up.  She promised that she would think about it and left his room.  Rafe refused to take Nicoleís advice about winning Sami back.  Sami wanted to find out why Kristen was involved in John and Bradyís fight. 

John apologized to Marlena for doubting her about Kristen.  Marlena flashed back to her and Kristen talking about the affair.  Marlena wanted to tell John something, but Sami and Eric showed up before Marlena could say anything.  EJ showed up at the hospital to find out what was going on.  Kristen told him that John found out that she was sleeping with Brady.  John and Marlena told Sami and Eric that Brady had an affair with Kristen.  Eric and Sami wanted to talk to Brady about it.  Eric stopped Sami from talking to Brady.  EJ talked to Kristen about her affair with Brady.  EJ warned Kristen that the affair could be disastrous.  EJ asked if Kristen thought about what her affair could do to his relationship with Sami.  While they were arguing, Sami interrupted them because she wanted to talk to Kristen.  Brady and Eric got in an argument over Bradyís affair.  While they were arguing, Cameron showed up to examine Brady.  Brady threw Eric out of his room.  Sami yelled at Kristen for what she did to John and Brady.  Kristen tried to defend herself, but Sami wasnít phased.  While they were arguing, EJ pulled Sami away from Kristen.  Sami wanted to talk to Brady, but Eric said she couldnít.  EJ wanted to talk to Sami, but she was too upset with him because of what Kristen did.  Kristen got a text from Stefano and told him this was going to be a great year for her.  EJ ran into Marlena at the hospital.  She warned him that Kristen would hurt him the way she hurts everyone.  Kristen showed up in Johnís room.  He wanted her to get out because they were done.  She said they were just starting.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Milo helps Spinelli get the General Hospital rooftop ready for the interlude Spinelli is hoping to have with Ellie at midnight. Milo thinks it is a nice surprise for Spinelliís girlfriend. Spinelli says Ellie isnít his girlfriend anymore. Milo concludes that he just wasted his time and effort. Milo suggests that he and Spinelli trade secrets since women find him sexy, and Spinelli is a romantic. They drink a whole bottle of Peppermint Schnapps while Milo shows Spinelli how to do a strip tease. Ellie is relaxing at home with a book. Maxie wonders why she isnít getting ready to go out with Spinelli. She says she doesnít intend to go out with Spinelli again. She tells Maxie about Spinelliís request to meet him on the hospital roof at midnight and say she isnít going to show up. Maxie thinks it is morbid to meet where Heather Webber jumped and then realizes that he is using the plot device in movies.  Maxie concludes that she is the source of Ellieís difficulties with Spinelli. She assures her that she and Spinelli are officially friends and that Spinelli wants to be with Ellie. She says she wonít let Ellie leave Spinelli hanging. Ellieís car breaks down on her way to meet Spinelli and she has no cell signal in the fog. Maxie thinks about the day that Spinelli chose Ellie instead of her. Maxie opens the door and finds a dog standing there. The dog comes in and parks itself on her sofa. She trips on the rug and falls to the floor.  

Michael takes Starr to General Hospital, fearing that she may have a concussion from hitting her head on Johnnyís desk. Starr insists that she is fine and wants to find Connie because she thinks Connie kidnapped Johnny. Dr. Westbourne says Starr will need to undergo testing do determine the damage. Michael calls Dante to report Connie. Olivia sees the recurring puppy when she mentions the baby Maxie is having. Carly takes Todd to the party at the Haunted Star. He isnít thrilled to be on her ex-boyfriendís boat, observing that the last time he was there, he was with his ex-wife. He wants to leave their exes in the past. She says she didnít want to go to the Metro Court because the staff would keep interrupting them. Dante tells Olivia, Carly, and Todd that Connie is on a rampage and has hurt Starr and kidnapped Johnny. Todd calls Starr to find out how badly she is hurt. He tells her not to go after Connie. Trey tells Connie that he is leaving Port Charles. She says she is, too. Kristina hears Johnny struggling in Connieís trunk. Trey orders Connie to open her trunk. She pretends that the remote doesnít work and says she will pop the trunk from inside. Michael and Starr see her speeding out of the parking garage. Kristina and Trey tell Michael and Starr about their odd encounter with Connie. Starr says Johnny is the noisy luggage in the trunk. The four of them follow her through the fog in Michaelís car. Kristina canít get a cell signal. Starr recognizes the road as the road she was on when she was in the accident that claimed Cole and Hope. Connie is having difficulty seeing through the fog.

Emma complains to Patrick about Britt. Sabrina arrives with party favors for her evening with Emma. Seeing how good Patrick looks in his suit, she imagined that he kisses her. Later, Emma asks Sabrina if Dr. Britt is going to be her new mommy. Sabrina asks her how she feels about that. Emma says she would hate it because she doesnít like Dr. Britt. She says that if she has to have a new mommy, then she wants it to be Sabrina. Sabrina tells her that no one can replace her mommy, but that she is her friend and will always be there. When Britt finishes treating Starr, she quickly changes into her party clothes. One of her young patients brings her homemade peanut brittle. When she bends down to hug the child, the little girl throws up on her. Britt calls Patrick and tells him that she will be coming to the club in scrubs. Maxie arrives at the hospital and finds Britt while she is on the phone telling Patrick that she is on her way, but will be wearing scrubs. Patrick tells her not to come and that he will call her tomorrow. Britt snaps at Maxie, demanding to know what she wants now. Maxie tells her that she fell and that it hurts. Patrick arrives home a little before midnight and insists that Sabrina stay and watch the ball drop with him. At the stroke of Midnight, everyone kisses, including Todd and Carly, and Patrick and Sabrina. The dog chews Maxieís New Yearís hat. Britt tells Maxie that she has had a miscarriage. Spinelli is alone on the rooftop. Ellie is trying to get to the hospital on foot. Spinelli, refusing to be rejected, calls Ellie, who is thrilled to find that she has a signal, but before she can answer, Connieís headlights blind her. Connie swerves but hits Ellie. Michael swerves behind Connie and crashes.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis decides to go to Savannah with Daniel for a few weeks to help him and Lucy get settled into their new home. She asks Avery to keep an eye on Summer while she is away. Kevin tells Chloe he has decided not to go through with the plan to steal Noah’s money, but she puts on a cat suit and sneaks into Nick’s house while Daniel is explaining to Summer why he is moving to Georgia. Kevin fears that Detective Alex will come after them about the money, but Chloe is just happy they won’t have to move out of their house. Alex encourages Noah to help him find Adriana, because she is in real trouble. Later Noah comes home and is shocked to find the money is gone.

Chelsea is excited to be making pans to leave Genoa City with Adam and go to Italy or France and get their relationship back on track, but Chloe thinks Chelsea is making a big mistake. Jack is shocked to find Stephanie, the prostitute he spent the night with, dead on his living room floor. Adam thinks Victor set things so Jack would get some more bad press for sleeping with a prostitute, but Victor had no idea that Stephanie was a drug addict and would overdose on ecstasy pills. Adam helps Jack fake a heart attack and has Jack go to the hospital in an ambulance while he gets rid of Stephanie’s body. Adam blackmails Jack into getting treatment for his drug addiction by telling him that if he doesn’t go into treatment, he will make sure the press finds out that a prostitute died in his living room. Phyllis finds out from Avery that Jack had a heart attack and rushes to his house. Jack pleads with Phyllis to help him beat his addiction to pills, because he can’t do it alone. Adam tells Chelsea they can’t leave town for now because Jack had a heart attack, and he needs someone to run Newman Enterprises. Chelsea asks Adam to choose her over the company and prove to her that he loves her by leaving town like they planned.

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