Tuesday 1/1/13 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Today B&B re-aired yesterday's episode, which had been partially pre-empted by news.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John and Marlena interrupted Brady and Kristen.  While John was yelling at Brady and Kristen, the security guard showed up to see what was going on.  Kristen said everything was okay.  The guard threatened John if he caused any more trouble.  When the guard left, Brady told John and Marlena to leave.  John refused to leave without Brady.  Brady and John left to talk.  EJ told Sami that Nicole kept him from spending New Yearís with her.  EJ apologized to Sami for not kissing her at midnight.  Sami understood.  Sami flashed back to kissing Rafe as well as Nicole blowing a kiss at her when she arrived at the townís square with Rafe.  John wanted to talk to Brady about Kristen.  Brady wanted to know why John wanted him to stay away from Kristen.  Will and Nick talked about Nick calling him ďgayboyĒ.  Rafe talked to Nicole about Sami.  EJ took Sami to the office for a romantic evening.  Marlena and Kristen argued over John.  John and Brady talked about Kristen.  John told Brady that Kristen went after him (Brady) to get back at him (John).  Brady didnít believe that Kristen was using him.  John said Bradyís affair was going to end.

While Kristen and Marlena were arguing, Kristen realized that Marlena didnít say anything to John about the affair.  Kristen taunted Marlena about John lying to her and that John is jealous of her (Kristen).  Brady kept defending Kristen, but John didnít want to hear it.  Brady implied that John hated the fact that heís involved with Kristen.  Brady thought John didnít want anyone to be with Kristen but him (John).  Nick apologized to Will for calling him ďgayboyĒ, but Will wasnít that convinced that Nick was sincere.  Will didnít want a bigot to raise his baby.  Gabi tried to make things right with Sonny.  Rafe talked to Nicole about kissing Sami.  Nick asked if Will was threatening him.  Will said he wasnít, but he wasnít going to let his child be raised by a homophobe.  Nick set Will straight about not letting Will make his and Gabiís life miserable for the next 18 years.  Sonny agreed to be civil to Gabi unless she hurts Will.  Nick and Will argued over Will standing by the decision he made to let Nick raise the baby.  Marlena warned Kristen that she wasnít going to let Kristen hurt Brady.  While they were arguing, Kristen implied that she (Marlena) could be her stepmother-in-law soon.  Marlena left.  John said he felt disgust for Kristen.  Brady thought John was jealous even though he loves Marlena.  John said Kristen told him that she was using Brady, but Brady didnít believe him.  Brady wanted to be with Kristen, but John yelled at him to stay away from her.  When John called Kristen a b*tch, Brady punched him.  Lucas called Sami to tell her that Allie had a fever.  Sami had to cut her date with EJ short.  Before Sami left, she thought about her kiss with Rafe.  Brady warned John to never insult Kristen again.  The two of them ended up fighting. Marlena showed up and yelled at them to stop fighting.  Kristen was there too and enjoyed what she saw.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

"General Hospital" did not air a new episode today.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Phyllis lets Summer know about a party that she will be attending to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Fen surprises Michael and Lauren that the group home where Jamie is may be the best thing for him. Fen shows no compassion toward Jamie. At the Athletic Club bar, Chelsea and Alex get acquainted. Alex hints around about Chelsea showing him around Genoa City. Chelsea gets sentimental and rushes out. Avery shows Nick her dress that she is wearing for New Year’s. Avery and Nick kiss. Jamie visits Summer at home and lets her know that he is leaving town. Summer hugs him to comfort him. Fen watches from outside the window. Nick, with his hands over Avery’s eyes, shows her the new club and her special booth. Billy and Victoria spend New Year’s Eve watching old movies on television. Jack and Phyllis meet at the Athletic Club bar. Jack grabs her by the arm just as Daniel comes in and wants to know what is going on. Phyllis tells Daniel that she and Jack were just saying good-bye.

Michael and Lauren spend New Year’s Eve at home alone. Fen bursts in and tells Jamie Summer’s true feelings for him. Jamie asks her if this is true? When she doesn’t answer, he leaves. Summer feels guilty that she hurt Jamie’s feelings. Daniel asks Phyllis what is up with Jack. Phyllis refuses to tell Daniel that Jack has a drug problem. Daniel lets Phyllis know that he and Lucy are moving to Savannah. Phyllis is brokenhearted and doesn’t want Daniel to go. Jack meets a woman named Stephanie at the bar. Chelsea comes home and finds Adam there. She lets him know that she wants a divorce with a hefty settlement. Adam tries to convince her how much he loves her. Chelsea asks him if he loves her enough to leave town with her. Adam agrees and they reconcile by making love. Fen and Jamie have a confrontation at home. Michael and Lauren have their own New Year’s Eve celebration at home as do Victor and Nikki. Billy and Victoria celebrate New Year’s Eve by making love. Summer goes to see Nick and Avery to cry on his shoulder over what she did to Jamie.

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