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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill blasts Caroline for not being a true Spencer; she betrayed him. He wonders if she gives a damn about Liam or him, her own flesh and blood. She turned against them just to make Rick feel better. Family is all you can count on. He thought he could count on her, but obviously he was mistaken. Brooke speaks with Katie and finds out Caroline was there, but she left before Bill saw her and then he left. Brooke says she knows that Caroline has two strikes against her now. Bill will hold her responsible for Rick’s lie being exposed. She wants to keep Caroline and Bill apart. Katie is glad that Rick has Caroline in his life. She seems like a good influence, and he’s very protective of her. Brooke just hopes Rick doesn’t have to protect her from Bill. Katie is a little worried about Bill drinking more now. Hope thinks about her time in Italy with Liam and recently when she told him that she would never doubt him again. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Liam. She smiles and gives him a hug. He says he needs to see her. She comments that he looks a little rattled. She knows all about Steffy as she filled her in that they were actually in bed when Liam told her that nothing has changed. Dayzee and Marcus discuss their New Year’s Eve plans, perhaps at Eric’s cabin. They speak briefly with Rick who is thinking of the very first time he met Caroline and was blown away by her.

Brooke tells Katie that Liam and Hope kissed and now she has a whole new confidence. Katie says she is still taking her meds and having therapy. Life is good, they just hit a little speed bump. Liam tells Hope that he had denied sleeping with Steffy before their wedding but she did not believe him. She apologizes and says she knows now she was wrong, but at the time she had no reason to believe her brother would lie to her. Liam counters with it’s a little late now since he has moved on with Steffy and they are much closer. Hope tells him that she’s back in the game now. She’s going to re-invent Hope For The Future. She has faith in them whether he does or not. She knows it will take time to win back his trust. Caroline comes down the stairs of the balcony with Bill right behind still giving her an earful about family and her lack of integrity. He barks that she showed him no respect. Steffy is so much better for Liam than that schizophrenic head case. So now Caroline has lost her family and messed up her friend’s life. Caroline reminds him that she did not tell Liam about Italy or that Bill brought Deacon there. He still persists that she said too much. She spit on him and he will never forget it. He turns to leave and Caroline reaches out to touch his arm and he shakes it off. Suddenly Caroline loses her balance when she stumbles over her large handbag. She goes flying over the edge of the balcony rail and lands splat on the ground below.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Marlena wanted Brady to tell her what happened between him, John and Kristen.  John went to Kristen to find out what was going on between her and Brady.  Chad flashed back to spending time with Abby.  Brady told Marlena that he was romantically involved with Kristen.  John asked Kristen if she had feelings for his son.  She called John an idiot.  Brady told Marlena that he didnít want to hurt her by dating Kristen.  While he was explaining, he noticed how quiet she was being.  He thought she might have known about them.  John assumed Kristen didnít care about Brady.  When she was going on about Bradyís physical attributes, John said Brady cared about her beyond the physical thing.  John told her that Brady was still grieving over Madison.  He thought she was using Brady to make him jealous.  Kristen called John out about his ego.  She thought he was upset because of what he did to her.  Rafe talked with Nicole about Sami helping him with Gabiís wedding.  EJ and Sami kissed each other before they went on their date.  Marlena didnít let on to Brady that she knew about the affair.  Brady said he didnít and that John walked in on them.  Marlena was shocked.  John asked if Kristen let go of him, but she said she didnít.  She recapped about the way he left her.  He thought she was the woman he fell in love with, but he was wrong.  He realized that Marlena was right about her.  Kristen pretty much confirmed that she set everything up just so she could use Brady to get back at him.  John asked if she hated him that much and she said she did.

Chad went to see Abby at her house.  EJ/Sami and Rafe/Nicole were all at the town square for their dates.  Marlena wanted to find John because she was concerned about him.  Brady apologized to Marlena for hurting her.  He wanted her and John to accept him being with Kristen, but Marlena said they would never accept it.  Kristen recapped to John about what happened when they were getting married.  John reminded her what she and Susan did to Marlena, but Kristen continued to remind him about how he hurt her.  John tried to keep her from being with Brady, but she refused to stay away from him.  She told John that she was going to take Brady away from him.  She was going to turn Brady against him.  John didnít think that would happen, but she thought it was too late.  He warned her to stay away from Brady.  Nicole and Rafe talked about Sami during their date.  EJ wanted to go to the coffeehouse to get champagne.  Sami told him that it was close to midnight.  When EJ left Nicole talked Rafe into talking to Sami.  Marlena and Brady continued to argue over Kristen.  Hotel security showed up while John demanded that she stay away from Brady.  Before John left, he said she wouldnít hurt his son.  Sami went to talk to Rafe.  While EJ was at the coffeehouse, Nicole showed up and pretended to be drunk.  She kept him from going back to his date with Sami.  Marlena managed to find John.  He wanted to talk to her.  When Brady went to see Kristen, she told him that John was out of control.  She pretended to be afraid of John.  Marlena told John that Brady told her what John saw.  She wanted to know what happened.  John said Kristen hated him and was using Brady to get back at him. John wanted to find Brady.  Kristen manipulated Brady about her argument with John.  Brady asked if John attacked her and she intimated that he did.  He told her how he told John and Marlena about them and they didnít take it well.  He assured her that everything was going to be fine.  Chad and Abby kissed each other at midnight.  Nicole kissed EJ.  Rafe kissed Sami.  While Brady and Kristen were kissing, John kicked the door open and told Brady to get away from Kristen.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Today, "General Hospital" re-aired its 12/12/12 episode.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the mansion, Tucker and Katherine prepare to go out to dinner without discussing business. Cane, Lily, Devon, Leslie, and Tyler gather in Neil’s office for a meeting. Neil arrives and lets them know that he's been fired and Cane is the new acting CEO. Everyone is surprised by this news. Jack tells Adam that he fired everyone and asks if he can be trusted. Much to Tucker’s dismay, Victor joins Tucker and Katherine for dinner. Kevin and Daniel meet at the coffeehouse. Kevin finds out that Daniel was in Chicago for a showing of his art work. Lily and Devon wonder why Jack would fire Neil. Victor asks Tucker what he thinks about what is going on at Newman, but Tucker pretends not to hear him. Katherine points out to Tucker that Victor asked him a question. Tucker answers him in a roundabout way. Victor asks Tucker again what he thinks about Jack popping pills. Tucker doesn’t really want to get involved in this conversation. Victor asks Tucker to buy back his shares of Newman. Daniel informs Kevin that he and Lucy are moving to Georgia with Heather. Kevin tells Daniel that he and Chloe may lose their house but he has a plan which will give them more money than they know what to do with. Katherine urges Tucker to sell Victor back his shares of Newman. Jack insists to Adam that he is not giving up on Newman. Adam urges Jack to take some time off to get his life back in order, but Jack becomes very angry at this thought. Jack tells Adam that Victor told him to choose between them, and now Adam has made a choice and he didn’t picked Jack. Kevin tells Daniel about Alex, the New York cop, who is searching for some stolen money. Kevin and Chloe are going to get to that money first before Alex can. Tucker asks Katherine what she proposes to do, but she doesn’t know how to answer.

Cane has doubts about taking over as CEO of Jabot. Leslie asks Neil what he is feeling. Neil tells Leslie that Jack is headed for a fall. Jack accuses Adam of wanting to take over Newman himself. When Adam tells him to just go ahead and fire him, Jack takes him at his word and fires him then tells him to get out. Neil notices that Leslie is suddenly shy around him. Neil lets Leslie know that he once had a drinking problem but he overcame it. Cane visits Jack and wants to know why he fired Neil, but Jack will not give him an honest answer. After Cane leaves, Jack takes more pills. Kevin lets Daniel know that Adriana may have sent Noah the money to hide. Katherine tells Tucker that there is a way that he can make things right between them and that is to make Devon believe that he loves him. Jack tries to call Ashley but only gets voicemail. Kyle comes in and tells Jack that Ashley is not coming home and will not help him. Kyle also assets that he is moving out. Adam meets Victor and apologizes for his actions, but Victor doesnít want to hear any explanation. Victor thinks it is too late for Adam's apologies, and he has another plan in mind. Tyler tells Lily that she should be running Jabot. Cane comes in and tells Tyler that he is no longer needed then fires him.

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