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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Brooke that Caroline is a Spencer first. She went against his express wishes and that is clearly not loyal and will have its repercussions. Brooke tells him that he is over-reacting and it’s not up to them now. Liam knows so it will be up to him. He’s a grown man and needs to lead his own life. She knows Bill wants to control the situation but he can’t always do that. Hope also kissed Liam so that might re-awaken something between them. Bill rants that Caroline started something and now all hell might break loose. He won’t lose his son. Katie tells Caroline that Bill will be unhappy, but she understands how strongly Caroline feels and that this might affect Liam and Hope’s decisions. Katie tells her just let her take care of Bill. If he pushes, she will push back. Rick comes in and tells Caroline that he didn’t want her to face Bill alone so he came to the rescue. Hope tells Steffy that she thinks this is up to Liam now who he wants to be with, her or Steffy now that they all know the true facts. Steffy tells her that coming on to Liam won’t work. He’s happy with her now. Katie remembers what Bill recently told her that he can be a better husband, a better father, a better man. Bill comes home and pours himself a stiff drink. Katie tells him she knows about Rick’s lie and things will turn out the way they should. Bill raves again how all of this should not be happening, to undo all he has done. Katie tells him to chill out….for God’s sakes, Liam is a grown man; just let him run his own life.

Steffy tells Hope that she is not saying Liam doesn’t need to know the truth. He does now, but Hope ended it before and she should back off now. They are happy. Hope actually shoved him into Steffy’s arms and that is where he needs to stay. Things are always so messed up with them. She admits that in the past she didn’t always play fair, but she is not that way now. She says they were actually in bed when Liam told her about Hope’s kiss, so that should tell her something. Hope says she won’t step aside, but she won’t resort to tricks or lies. And don’t underestimate her as she has a lot to offer Liam. Steffy reminds her that Liam already has made his choice. Rick and Caroline talk and she tells him she will stick around and talk to her Uncle Bill. She’s a little nervous but this has to be done and he doesn’t need to stay. There’s no time like the present. While Katie is with Will upstairs, Bill has another drink and spots Caroline out on the balcony. Brooke stops in and asks about Bill. Katie tells her she knows everything and she is glad Caroline left when she did. She would not want to see them face to face. Drinking more, Bill approaches Caroline and startles her. He barks that she betrayed him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John walked in on Brady and Kristen having sex in Bradyís office. Kate told Will that she didnít trust Nick.  Will wanted to know why.  She told him that she offered Nick a job with a great salary and he turned it down.  Will thought that was strange since Nick is getting married and having a family.  She thought Nick wanted to play her off with Sami.  Kate asked Will if he trusted Nick.  Gabi wanted to talk to Eric.  She wanted to tell him something.  She told him that she and Nick have been lying to him.  John wanted to know what was going on with Brady and Kristen.  Brady told him that he knew what was going on.  Eric told Gabi that lies could be forgiven.  She asked if lies to a priest could be forgiven.  When he wanted her to tell him the truth, Sami walked in to talk about the wedding.  Will didnít want to trash Nick to Kate.  Will had a flashback of Nick calling him ďgay boyĒ and no one would believe he (Will) was the father of Gabiís baby.  Will didnít want to ruin things between Nick and Gabi.  Kate wanted to know what Will knew.  Marlena thought about how she sent John to Bradyís office to catch Brady and Kristen together.  She wanted to stop John.  Hope showed up and wanted to know what was wrong.  Marlena told her so much was wrong.  John told Brady why he went to his office.  John told him that he and Marlena made reservations for his date and assumed that Kristen was the date.  John asked if they wanted to join him and Marlena.  When Brady got smart with John for not knocking, John assumed he didnít like the idea.  John asked Kristen if she liked the idea.  Will told Kate that he didnít know what was going on with Nick.  He said that Nick loves Gabi and was only doing what he was doing to take care of Gabi.  Kate thought Nick was doing what he should be doing since heís the father of the baby.  Will continued to defend Nick which raised suspicion with Kate.  When Nick showed up at the church, Gabi told him that they should tell Eric the truth.  Marlena told Hope about the argument she had with John about Kristen.  Marlena also told Hope that she sent John to Bradyís office and she wished she hadnít done that.  Marlena was sure that Kristen would be with Brady.  Hope thought that was a good thing, but Marlena didnít.  Marlena told Hope that Kristen told her that she was going to be at Bradyís office.  Then she told John to go over there.  Marlena said John was going there with no warning.  Marlena regretted not telling John the truth about Brady and Kristenís affair.  Hope said she would have told the truth if she were in her position.  Marlena had a flashback of Kristen saying that as long as she was having an affair with Brady, it would keep her from sleeping with John.  Marlena told Hope that there were good reasons for her not to tell the truth.  Hope thought that Marlena was afraid the truth would do something to her relationship.  Marlena said she had a self-serving reason to do what she did and she will possibly regret it for the rest of her life.  

John invited Brady and Kristen for drinks.  Brady wanted John to stop playing games.  John ran off.  Brady went to talk to him.  Kristen said this was not the way the plan was supposed to work, but she was satisfied.  Will said he wanted Gabi to be happy.  Kate asked if she was supposed to overlook the way Nick acted for Gabiís sake.  Will said if Nick couldnít get a job, he and Gabi would leave Salem.  Will was able to convince Kate to give Nick a chance.  After they talked about Gabi and the baby for a little while, Will left.  Nick didnít know what Gabi was talking about.  Eric wanted Sami to leave before Nick and Gabi said anything.  When Sami left, Eric wanted them to tell him what was going on.  Gabi said she didnít want to get married with a lie on her conscience. She wanted everything to be out in the open.  Brady caught up to John and talked to him about being with Kristen.  John reminded him that Kristen almost killed Marlena.  John assumed that Kristen got to him, but Brady denied it.  Brady said he was the one who seduced Kristen.  Hope asked Marlena if she thought Kristen wanted her to tell John about her and Brady.  Marlena said if she did, she played right into her hands.  Hope thought John would find out about them if they were having sex in Bradyís office.  Marlena had a headache so Hope left to get her some water for aspirin.  While Hope was gone, Kristen showed up happy to see Marlena.  Nick suggested that he and Gabi go talk somewhere.  Eric suggested that he could leave, but Gabi didnít want him to.  Eric said they could speak honestly with him and he wouldnít tell anyone.  Gabi got a text from Will saying that she was right and they had to do what was best for the baby.  Eric wanted Gabi to tell him what was going on.  Brady apologized for John catching him with Kristen.  John said he couldnít think of a good way to find out that information.  Brady asked if John would listen if he tried to explain.  Brady told him how the affair with Kristen got started.  Brady said that Kristen tried to stop them from having the affair, but he was the one who wanted it.  Kristen taunted Marlena about what happened at Bradyís office.  Marlena wanted to know what happened.  Kristen didnít want to tell Marlena the truth so she left.  Hope came back and asked if something awful happened between Marlena and Kristen.  Since Kristen didnít say anything, Hope thought it might have been okay.  Brady wanted to know if John was upset with him.  John said he was disgusted.  Brady was okay with John being disgusted as long as he didnít take it out on Kristen.  Brady said it wasnít Kristenís fault because she didnít want this to happen.  Brady said he saw how upset she was about it.  John didnít think Kristen was too upset about it.  They continued to talk about Kristen.  When Brady left, he apologized again for John seeing them together, but he wasnít sorry that he found out.  Gabi said she lied about how far long she is in her pregnancy.  Eric didnít think it was a big deal.  Eric told her she could tell him if anything else was bothering her.  Marlena went to Bradyís office to talk to him.  Brady said he didnít have time, but she told him to make time.  She needed to know what was going on.  John went to Kristenís room.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny tells Kristina that she will go to California with Trey over his dead body. Michael stands up for Kristina and Trey. Sonny says that after losing Kate and Jason, he is not going to lose Kristina too. Kristina says that they will stay in touch, she will visit for all the holidays, and they can visit her, but if he tries to use his power to force her to stay, then he will lose her. He says he has heard that before. She tells him that her moving to L.A. is the same as when he left Brooklyn. He gives in and tells her that if she isnít happy in California, that she should return to Port Charles. Trey promises to take care of Kristina. Trey and Sonny talk about Trey wanting to have a relationship with Kate when she comes back. He wonders if she would react if he tells her that he is leaving. Kristina and Trey suggest that Michael and Starr hang out with them tonight. Starr struggles with Connie to find out what Connie is hiding in Johnnyís office. Starr wins the struggle and finds Johnny on the floor tied to an overturned chair. Connie says they were playing a bondage sex game. Starr leaves the office and is about to call the police. Connie follows her out, grabs her by the hair, and throws her back into the office. Starr hits her head on the desk and falls unconscious on the floor. Johnny tells Connie to leave Starr alone. Connie tells him that it is his fault. Michael goes to the Haunted Star to meet Starr and finds her unconscious on the floor in Johnnyís office. She tells him that Connie pushed her and made her hit her head when she was trying to call the police. She notices that Johnny is gone and concludes that Connie took him. Connie wheels Johnny through the mall parking lot in a garbage can. Kristina and Trey see her and Trey says he is glad that he ran into her because he wants to talk to her. Kristina leans on the back of the car while Trey tells Connie that he is leaving Port Charles. Johnny bangs on the trunk, startling Kristina.

Sonny tells Alexis that with Kristina leaving, there is no way that he is going to lose Michael to A.J. A.J. follows Tracy and Lucy on their shopping trip. He tells Lucy that Tracy is buying her gifts because she wants her vote. Lucy is well aware. She tells them both that she will have to consider her decision carefully. A.J. asks her to cut to the chase and tell them what she wants. She wants ELQ to be a White Knight for CoeCoe Cosmetics. Tracy reminds Lucy that A.J. shot the person who gave her the share in the first place, Alan. Patrick asks Sabrina if she has plans for New Yearís Eve. She imagines that he is inviting her to go out with him, but he brings her back to reality when he asks her to babysit while he goes out with Britt. Sabrina says she loves Emma and she can work on the nurseís ball after Emma goes to bed. Britt says the nurseís ball isnít going to happen because Lucy Coe is broke. Sabrina says Lucy must have something in mind; otherwise, she wouldnít have come all this way to help. Britt opines that Lucyís money is dirty anyway and it wouldnít reflect well on the hospital. Patrick says worse money has funded the hospital. When Britt notices that Sabrina is still at the hospital after her shift, she tells her that Lucy is not going to show up. Lucy does show up moments later. Lucy clarifies that she never said she was going to underwrite the ball. Tracy and A.J. follow Lucy into the hospital. Lucy announces that one of them will be writing the check.

Todd goes into his office and finds Sam trying to crack open his safe. Carly comes up with security. Carly asks Sam to tell her what she was doing. Sam says she was trying to recover the manuscript that Molly submitted to Todd, which he subsequently published with Connie Falconeriís name on it. Carly ask Todd what is wrong with him. She asks him if he seriously wants to have Sam spend the night in jail when she just got her baby back. Sam interjects that Todd didnít have a problem with keeping her away from her son for the first six months of his life. Carly says Heather did that and that Todd swore on his daughterís life that he didnít. . Sam says that swearing on your childís life when youíre lying means youíre going straight to hell. Sam concludes that Jason no longer matters to Carly because Todd is her new best friend. She says Carly is smart and that she should trust her instincts because Jason wouldnít want to see her make a fool of herself. Todd asks Carly to go out with him for New Years Eve .

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy arrives at Jack’s to help Kyle figure out a way to get Jack into a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Kyle lets him know that he was the one who talked to the reporter about Jack’s addiction. A dealer brings Jack his oxycodone which costs him $1,250. Nick gives Avery a surprise of a new sign for his new nightclub due to be open soon. Alex visits Noah to ask him more questions about Adrianna, but Noah refuses to divulge any info. Victor calls Nick to meet him at the Athletic Club. Kyle lets Phyllis know about Jack’s addiction. Noah and Alex discuss Adriana and when Noah heard from her last. Sharon arrives and Alex introduces himself to her. Victoria relives times with Nikki when she had had a serious drinking problem. At the Athletic Club, Jack and Victor meet. They discuss the article on the internet about Jack and his addiction. Jack assures Victor that he is strong and healthy just like his company. Jack longs for the day when he will be behind the desk again at Newman. Sharon asks Noah about Alex’s visit and what he is hiding from her. Noah begins to open up to Sharon about Adriana. Avery and Victoria meet at the coffeehouse. Victoria questions Avery about her feelings for Nick. Jack comes home and finds Neil, Phyllis, Billy, and Kyle waiting for him.

Avery lets Victoria know how she feels toward Nick. To Victoria it sounds as though Avery is falling in love. Victor tells Nick that he is concerned about his grandchildren. Nick urges Victor to lay off of Sharon. Jack yells out for Neil, Billy, Phyllis, and Kyle to save him. Phyllis gives Jack back his ornament. Kyle urges Jack to get help. Nick finds out about Sharon’s job interview which he advises her against. Noah tells Nick that he could have been a little more supportive. Neil urges Jack to go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Jack insists to the group that he is not sick. Nick arrives and interrupts Victoria and Avery. Nick tells Avery not to make any plans for New Year’s Eve. Cane and Sharon have a meeting about hiring her for Jabot. Cane has doubts about the way she handled things at Newman, but he promises to talk to Neil. Jack fires Neil, Phyllis, Billy, and Kyle from Newman. Sharon tries to apologize, but Victor will not hear it. Victor tells Sharon that Adam is not protecting her, but he is protecting himself. Jack takes two more oxycodone pills then calls Adam. Billy tells Victoria about his meeting with Jack.

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