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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline tries to do some designing but keeps thinking back on a conversation with her Uncle Bill where he scolded her for not being loyal to him and her family. Maybe he was wrong about her. Likewise, Hope is thinking back on her recent conversation with Liam when she told him that Rick had Othello lie. Hope says she never should have doubted Liam. Liam is thinking on that moment too. Brooke comes in and can’t wait to hear what Hope says what happened on Christmas. Hope gives her the details that she told Liam and he was shocked. No, he didn’t leave Steffy as they live together, but she knows how he feels. It’s clear that she is optimistic. Steffy catches Liam in a pensive mood and asks if all is okay. Slowly he tells her about being called and then meeting with Hope and about the Rick lie and then Hope kissed him. With a little pressing, he tells Steffy that the last time Hope turned him down he told her he wouldn’t ask again. This doesn’t change anything. Steffy is the one that makes him smile now. Katie is all cuddly in Bill’s arms saying she feels so safe in his arms like nothing can touch her. They discuss what they will do for Will’s first New Year’s Eve. Katie just wants to make a big fire, spread out with all of them on a blanket with their bucket of champagne and welcome in the new year.

While Katie is out of the room, Brooke calls and tells Bill that she needs to see him in private; meet her at the cabin on her property. He tells Katie that he has a little business he needs to take care of; he’ll be back shortly. Once there, Brooke tells him that he is not going to like this. But she needed to see him in private so he would not go off in front of Katie and upset her more. She fills him in that Hope knows about Rick’s lie; Caroline even encouraged Rick to tell Hope. Bill is livid accusing Caroline of having no family loyalty and that Hope does not belong with Liam. There’s a knock at Hope’s door and she opens it to find Steffy. She guesses that Steffy knows. Steffy gloats that yes; Liam tells her everything. This time Hope does not back down. She’s a whole new girl very confident that she knows how Liam feels and she will have to work extra hard perhaps but she will get him back. They won’t be rushing into marriage. Steffy thinks that is a different shift and reminds her they are living together and very happy. Hope would have to do a 180 to completely change and evolve into this new person she claims to be. Hope stands toe to toe with her and says Steffy can no longer threaten her. She and Liam have been so far beyond being manipulated and she is not going to put up with it anymore. Game on! Steffy has the last say with that Rick’s lie isn’t going to change anything. Hope needs to respect that Liam and Steffy love each other. They are living together and Hope is not going to interfere with that. She won’t accept it. Steffy hopes she is making herself very clear.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel went to Jenniferís house with flowers.  Will had a dream about Nick and Gabi with his (Willís) son.  In the dream, Nick got a new job and was going to take the baby away.  Nick also said the baby was his and not Willís.  Sonny asked if Will was okay, but Will didnít want to talk about it. John and Marlena talked about Brady being alone on New Years Eve.  John wanted to go on a double date with Brady and whoever he was seeing.  Brady suggested that he and Kristen go out of town where they could be alone, but Kristen said they were done.  When Sonny left, Will sent Gabi a text telling her he needed to see her.  Brady wanted to know what Kristen meant by them being done.  She thought they should stop seeing each other for now.  She said that her brothers almost caught them.  He wanted to go somewhere where he didnít have to pretend not to be crazy about her.  Brady suggested that she give a folder back to him at his office.  John wondered if Marlena thought he was pushing Brady because heís missing Madison.  Marlena said it hasnít been that long since Madison died.  John sensed that Brady already moved on.  Marlena suggested that John stay out of Bradyís business.  Jennifer told Daniel that she overheard Maggie telling him to cancel their date.  Daniel said Maggie was overprotective.  He told Jennifer how it was two years since he lost Parker and Maggie thought it would be hard for him to cover his feelings.  After they talked about Parker, Daniel was ready for their date.  John thought it would be a good idea for him and Marlena to meet the woman that Brady was possibly dating.  Marlena flashed back to seeing Brady and Kristen together.  Marlena told him that she and Hope tried to get Brady to move on, but it didnít work.  Marlena thought Brady moved on with someone he has chosen for himself.  Will and Gabi met at the town square.  Will wanted to talk to Gabi about his nightmare.  Will told her that it felt as if she and Nick could take the baby and leave without him having a say.  She said thatís the way itís going to be.  She told him that he doesnít want the baby and Nick does.  She told him that he didnít have a claim on the baby.  She told him the baby wasnít his.  

Marlena didnít want to talk about Brady anymore, but John did.  John was interrupted by a phone call.  When John took the call, Kristen showed up to talk to Marlena.  Kristen wondered if there was trouble in paradise between Marlena and John.  Marlena told Kristen that she shouldnít antagonize her considering what she knows about her.  Kristen said she saw Marlena risk a fight with John in order to keep the secret.  Kristen felt she could throw it up in Marlenaís face anytime she wants and she wouldnít do a thing.  Marlena said sheís going to do something.  Marlena slapped her.  Gabi didnít want Will to do this to her.  She said they agreed.  Will said without thinking things through.  She told him that he wasnít thinking about the baby.  She said they had to do what was best for the baby and Nick wanted to be the father.  She threw up in Willís face how he took her to the clinic.  He said that was because she wanted him to take her there.  She said she didnít have to twist his arm.  She wanted him to let it go.  He wasnít sure if he could let it go.  She asked if he changed his mind.  Will said the baby gets real to him every day and he canít talk to Sonny or his family about it.  She said he couldnít talk to anyone about it for the babyís sake.  Kristen called Marlena a b*tch and told her that she canít get away with attacking her.  Marlena told her that she wonít get away with taunting her about Brady.  Kristen said she would tell John that she lost sense of reality.  Marlena said if she did, she would tell John why they argued.  Kristen said she would tell John that she was going to meet Brady at his office and Marlena went ballistic.  The two continued to argue until Kristen left.  Gabi wanted Will to calm down, but he didnít want to.  He didnít like not being a part of his childís life as well as not being able to talk to anyone about it.  She reminded him that they agreed to it.  He said it gets worse for him every day.  He said it looks like it gets better for her and Nick while it gets worse for him.  He asked her if she could watch her child grow up and not have feelings for it.  He asked how would she like it if he took her child away without talking to her about it.  She wanted him to stop saying that because he was scaring her.  He told her that she was only concerned with doing what was best for her and Nick.  Will wants to be a part of the discussion when it concerns the baby.  He wasnít sure they are doing the best for the baby anymore.  He ended up leaving.  When John was finished with his phone call, he ran into Kristen.  Marlena saw them together and was upset.  When John went back to Marlena, she was upset that he was talking to Kristen.  Marlena suggested that he go to Bradyís office and invite him to go out with them. Kristen went to Bradyís office.  John showed up at Bradyís office and saw Brady and Kristen on Bradyís desk.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante asks Maxie why she went to the hospital on Christmas Eve. She says she went because she was having cramps. She reveals that Spinelli was there to help calm her down because she was panicking about Oliviaís visions and whether the procedure worked. Lulu is insulted that Maxie called Spinelli instead of her. Lulu says Maxie promised to behave responsibly. Dante interjects that it is a good thing that Spinelli was there, and reminds her that the doctor said the cramps were normal. Maxie asks Lulu if she regrets asking her to be the surrogate. Lulu says she wouldnít want to do this with anyone but Maxie and that she trusts Maxie. Maxie says it doesnít seem like it. Lulu says she is being a bad team player today and apologizes to Maxie. Spinelli finds Ellie on the roof of General Hospital trying to light a cigarette, knowing that she doesnít smoke. He asks her why she dumped him on Christmas Eve. She says he knows why; he abandoned her in a house full of strangers to run to Maxie. He says Maxie was in genuine distress. She points out that Maxie could have called someone else, but she chose to call Spinelli and have him leave the party knowing that Ellie was on her way to meet him there. Spinelli assures her that he only wants to be with her and asks her to un-break up with him. She says she thinks a clean break is best because she doesnít want to be hurt again. She suggests that he investigate his feelings for Maxie because she doesnít think he is completely happy with his choice to be with Ellie. She tells him that he needs to be sure and that he needs to be honest with her, with Maxie, and with himself. He suggests that they take a page from the movie, ďAn Affair to RememberĒ and meet on the hospital roof at midnight if they want to continue their relationship. She agrees, on the condition that Spinelli weigh his decision honestly.

Starr and Michael wake up together, happy that they finally started making love on Christmas Eve and have been in bed ever since. They engage in another round before reluctantly dragging themselves out of bed. Alexis meets Kristina and Trey at Kellyís and says Sonny couldnít make it, but will get together with them soon. Kristina says she wanted to break the news to both of them together. She tells Alexis that Trey got a great job in Los Angeles. Alexis thinks that is wonderful news. Trey delivers the small detail that Kristina left out; she is going with him. Alexis says she will hate that Kristina is that far away, but she will support her decision. Alexis allows Trey to hug her and tells him that she is trusting him to take care of her daughter. She wishes Kristina luck with telling Sonny because he is already dealing with Kate/Connie, A.J., and potentially losing Michael. She predicts that he wonít be graceful when he hears that Kristina is leaving. Kristina asks Alexis to go with her to tell Sonny. Sonny waits at the gym for Connie to arrive for her photo shoot. Shawn says Starr must have told Michael about A.J.ís dirty trick by now. Sonny concludes that it must not have been enough, since Michael went to A.J.ís house on Christmas Eve. Michael comes to the gym and tells Sonny that he wasnít with A.J. on Christmas Eve; he and Starr decided to spend it together alone. He reveals that A.J. admitted to setting up Sonny, but that he is giving him a second chance. Sonny says he hopes A.J. justifies Michaelís faith in him. Michael apologizes for coming down on Sonny without knowing all the facts. Sonny says he should have had more self-control. Michael says he wants to get to know A.J., but it would never change the way he feels about Sonny. Alexis, Kristina, and Trey come into the gym and tell Michael and Sonny about the move to L.A. Michael is afraid that Trey is manipulating Kristina again, but that if Kristina is happy, he is happy for her.  Sonny says Kristina will follow Trey to California over his dead body.

Connie has Johnny bound to a chair and gagged. She tells him that she thinks Sonny has a crush on her and that the thought of Sonny pummeling someone in the boxing ring is a turn-on. She loosens the gag so she can give him a drink. He yells for someone to call the cops. She tells him that no one else is on the Haunted Star to hear him. He says that after she has been threatening to turn him in, he would think that she would be happy that he is doing it himself. She tells him that she canít let him tell anyone that he killed Starrís family because she and Kate will be integrated. He tells her that he has reconsidered and decided that he doesnít want to go to Pentonville over an unintentional accident. She tells him that even if that were true, he could still tell Carly or Starr. She re-gags him and leaves. Starr arrives as Connie is about to lock Johnny in. Connie tells her that Johnny went away on business. Johnny slams the chair into things and knocks them over. Connie tells Starr that Johnnyís stacked up files must have fallen. Johnny continues knocking things over. Starr pushes Connie out of the way.  Connie grabs her to stop her from going into the office. Starr wins the struggle and opens the door to find Johnny bound to an overturned chair.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Chelsea arrives at Adam’s for her Christmas gift that he promised her. The present is a memory book with a page designed for the baby that they lost and maybe for their future life together. Billy, Victoria, Victor, and Nikki watch Reed open a Christmas gift from Nikki and Victor. Nikki and Victoria take Reed to get homemade cinnamon rolls while Victor and Billy talk. Victor begins his insults about what Billy will do now since he has sold “Restless Style.” Billy tries to evade the question. On the computer, Kevin works on a plan which he doesn’t want Chloe to know about. Chloe asks what he is working on. She says that they are in this together. Cane and Lily talk to Neil about the twins and opening their Christmas gifts. Neil sees Tyler and asks him to join them which unnerves Cane. Katherine and Jill have finished eating when they receive a visit from Tucker who is loaded down with gifts. Tucker asks Katherine to put aside their differences for the day. Chloe asks Kevin what deal he is working on when Alex interrupts. Kevin lets Chloe know about Alex asking about Noah and the missing money. Chloe gets on the same wavelength with Kevin and knows he is thinking about them finding the millions before Alex can find it. Michael joins them and asks them to their house. Kevin and Chloe accept. Michael asks Kevin and Chloe what they were talking about. Billy lets Victoria know that he's taking the boys home. After he leaves, Victoria asks Victor what he said to Billy to make him leave. Adam opens a gift from Chelsea which are emerald cufflinks which was intended for Adam to open in May when their son was born. Adam begins to cry. Chelsea tries to console him.

Kevin and Chloe let Michael know about Alex looking for Noah. Michael joins Alex to ask him some questions but the detective refuses to tell him anything. Victor tells Victoria that he is trying his best to make Billy part of the family. Adam and Chelsea talk about the baby that they lost. Adam lets it slip that Sharon stopped by and encouraged him to go back to Chelsea. Chelsea becomes angry and knows that Adam only wants her back because Sharon turned him down. Chelsea walks out on Adam. Tucker invites Katherine to dinner the following night. Tyler and Neil have dinner with Cane and Lily. Lily senses something is amiss with Cane and accuses him of being jealous. Victor and Nikki discuss Billy walking out. Victoria arrives home and apologizes to Billy for her father’s actions. Michael meets with Jamie and hears what has been happening with him. Michael orders Jamie to go home with him. Tucker finds out from Jill that Katherine passed out. Chelsea tells Chloe that they will not need Gloria’s money, because she will be coming into some money of her own. When Adam calls off the deal, Victor warns him not to betray him.

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