Wednesday 12/26/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam is trudging a cart full of presents into Eric’s house when she hears a bird chirping. She is shaken to see a blue bird talking to her. She remembers Stephanie’s last words that she would always be there looking over her shoulder and looking out for Pammy. She’ll there just for “you”. Eric, dressed to the nines, enters a balcony seat at the theater/opera house. The attendant tells him this is highly against their rules but…..he brings out a champagne bucket and sits it before Eric. With a sad look on his face, Eric tells the man that he is sure his guest is already there. Bill holds Will while he feeds him and gives him a story about old Saint Nick and how he brings all the boys and girls useless junk which is broken by New Year’s Eve. But here’s the good stuff, the really good stuff like trust funds comes from mommy and daddy and not from rosy-cheeked strangers. Brooke, Thorne and Felicia are trimming the tree and wondering where Eric is. Kristen, Tony and Caroline urge Rick to turn on the Christmas tree lights. They ask about Hope and Brooke says Stephanie volunteered them to help at the homeless shelter again, but she just wasn’t up for it this year but Hope is there. Pam rushes in with her exciting news that she saw a bluebird outside and it was Stephanie. After some raising of eyebrows, they all say they believe her. Marcus, Dayzee and Donna join them and Pam has to tell them all that Eric wants them all to have a wonderful evening with dinner, but he won’t be here. Eric shakes up the pitcher of martinis, sets out two glasses and fills them complete with double olives and makes a toast to his “friend”. His heart is breaking and he’s about to cry. He hears the strains of the Celtic Woman singing “Danny Boy”, the way they did at Stephanie’s party. Suddenly he sees them on stage before him.

Pam tells the group that she is sorry but Eric just wanted to be alone tonight. They think that is a bad idea, he needs his family now more than ever. They get annoyed at Pam when they beg her to tell them where Eric is and she says she can’t. Felicia and Thorne look at each other, he goes and grabs the lemon bars and they both start throwing them one by one at the mirror until she finally confesses. Eric listens with a smile on his face now as CW sing “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. With a heavy heart and a tear forming, he remembers happy moments of dancing with Stephanie, making her martinis and them snuggling in bed. He looks around and sees the whole gang behind him. Pam asks him to please not hate her and he says he doesn’t. Felicia says they lost their mother but please they do not want to lose him too. Eric’s tears flow as they tell him they love him. He realizes he needs them too. They all join in for a rendition of “White Christmas”. Stephanie fills the screen and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, complete with bluebird on her shoulder.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Sami was at the town square and saw Rafe.  She wanted him to explain his disappearing act.  Sami told him that she saw him for seconds during the holidays and it seemed like he was making himself scarce on purpose.  She wanted to know why he was doing that.  He said he was busy spending time with Gabi and Nick.  He also called his mother.  She said she saw him at St. Lukeís.  She said she went to say hello, but he was gone.  He said he was tired.  When she asked him about why he wasnít there to see Sydney open her present, he said she might not like the answer.  Daniel looked at a date book and noticed that it has been two years since he lost Parker.  EJ talked to Chad about Sami and how he spent time with her.  Rafe told Sami that he didnít want to play games anymore.  She didnít know what he was talking about.  He told her how he saw her with EJ when he got the penguin for Sydney.  She was surprised that he saw that.  She asked why he didnít say anything.  She said if he asked her, she would have told him what happened between her and EJ.  She told him she was consoling EJ because he had just visited Lexieís grave.  Rafe didnít believe that she was just comforting him.  He brought up how sheís working for EJ at Countess W.  She said they talked about that, but he didnít think they talked about it enough.  Rafe wondered if EJ was getting the same mixed feelings that heís getting.  She didnít want to listen to that anymore.  He told her she had to since she started the conversation.  While EJ and Chad were talking, Abby showed up.  EJ was surprised when he found out Chad and Abby spent Christmas together.  After they talked, Abby left.  EJ teased Chad about Abby.  EJ tried to convince Chad to get back together with Abby.

Sami wanted to know why Rafe was grilling her.  He said he didnít want to go into the new year with things the way they are.  He said every time he thinks that they could get back together, EJ is there.  Rafe said that Sami isnít pushing EJ away.  Rafe thought she was encouraging him.  She told him she was confused and conflicted.  She felt like she was caught in the middle. He said she put herself in that position.  She talked to him about how EJ has changed.  Rafe didnít think that Sami was conflicted.  He thought she was where she wanted to be.  She said that wasnít true.  He wanted her to admit it to herself.  They continued to argue over EJ.  After they argued, Rafe walked away.  EJ tried to get Chad to forgive himself for losing Melanie.  After they talked, EJ left.  Maggie consoled Daniel about losing Parker.  She tried to convince him that he shouldnít go out to lunch with Jennifer.  Jennifer was listening to them while they were talking.  Daniel didnít want to cancel the date.  Later on, Daniel got a text from Jennifer saying that she was canceling their date.  EJ ran into Sami at the town square.  They talked about Samiís feelings.  EJ asked Sami if she would be his date for new years.  Sami agreed to be his date.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly takes Michael's present to his apartment. She gives him his ELQ shares. She says she knows he wants to give A.J. a chance, but asks him not to do it at his own expense. A.J. hopes Michael will come to the Quartermaine estate for Christmas Eve. Tracy and A.J. bicker about the potentially tied ELQ votes. Monica says Lucy Coe's 1 percent vote will break the tie. Lucy goes to the Quartermaine house. Alice tries to usher her out, but Tracy tells her not to manhandle her guest. Tracy and A.J. fawn over Lucy. Monica tells Lucy that A.J. and Tracy don't give a flying fig about her; they are only interested in her share of ELQ. Each of them delivers a pitch about why they are the better choice. Each of them offers Lucy a job. Lucy says she owns her own company so she doesnít need a job. She says they will have to do a whole lot better than that to get her share. Monica secretly tells Tracy that with Lucy back, they have to stick together.

Starr asks Michael which father's they are going to spend Christmas Eve. He tells her to decide. She says it doesnít matter, as long as they are nowhere near her father. She tells him about Todd faking a heart attack to keep her from hearing what Johnny was going to tell her. Todd frets about the possibility that Johnny will rat him out. Connie tells him that she took care of Johnny. Todd wants to know what she did and hopes she didn't kill him. She tells him that he has deniability if he doesnít know. Carly goes to Todd's office and seeing Connie there, she asks her what she did to Johnny. Connie leaves. Carly tells Todd that Johnny called her and said he wanted to tell her why he married Connie, but when she got to his apartment, Connie told her that Johnny left town. She says she knows Connie is lying. He says Connie hasnít said anything to him about Johnny. He asks her why she is in his office on Christmas Eve. She says all of her kids are otherwise occupied. She says she just saw Starr at Michael's apartment and asks if she is going to spend Christmas Eve with Todd. He tells her that Starr isnít speaking to him. He suggests that the two lonely hearts spend Christmas together. Todd decorates the potted plant with paperclips and post-it notes. As a finishing touch, he hangs Connie's flashing musical necklace on the tree.

Olivia has a vision of Spinelli carrying Maxie into the hospital and worries that something is wrong with the baby. Ellie hovers over Maxie to ensure that the embryos settle. Maxie encourages Ellie, Lulu, and Dante to go have fun at Sonny's house. Spinelli canít wait to introduce his paramour to Max and Milo. Milo thinks that means she can't walk. Max corrects him that it means she sees ghosts. Spinelli just rolls his eyes. Maxie calls Spinelli and asks him to come over. He says it is already at Sonny's house waiting for Ellie. She tells him that it is an emergency so he goes running. Olivia calls Maxie to assuage her fears about her vision. Maxie assures her that she is fine. Maxie tells Spinelli that she just needed to talk. When she stands up to walk him to the door, she gets the worst cramps of her life. Spinelli rushes into the hospital carrying Maxie, just as Olivia had foretold. Alexis and Shawn go to Sonny's house for Christmas Eve. Sonny hopes Michael will join them. Michael tells Starr that she can choose where they spend Christmas Eve. He tells her about his prison rape. They share an emotional moment. Starr chooses spend Christmas Eve at home. Kristina and Trey join Sonny, Alexis, and Shawn at Sonny's house. Sonny tells Trey that despite his dislike for his father, he knows it must be hard to have his first Christmas without him. Alexis wonders why Kristina didn't bring Molly and T.J. Kristina says they are volunteering at the soup kitchen in the true spirit of Christmas. Alexis doesnít think she would be that mature Connie Falconeri stole her novel. Olivia arrives at Sonny's house with fresh homemade biscotti. Connie shows up at Sonny's house. Sonny wonders why she isnít spending Christmas Eve with her loving husband. She says Johnny is out shopping. He concludes that she crashed his party because she has nowhere else to go. He lets her stay. Steve calls Olivia and tells her about Maxie. Olivia, Dante, and Lulu rush to the hospital. Maxie announces that she is pregnant. Ellie breaks up with Spinelli because he will always place Maxie's needs first. She doesnít give him the opportunity to tell her what Maxie needed. Kristina tells Trey that she has decided to move to Los Angeles with him. Sonny and A.J. both call Michael to wish him a merry Christmas since he chose to go to his other father's house, but Michael doesnít hear his phone in the living room because he and Starr are in the bedroom making love.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Avery wake up together. Nick gets up to go and fix breakfast. Jack gives Phyllis a very special ornament that had once belonged to his grandmother. Sharon visits Adam and they discuss his feelings for her. Victor and Nikki exchange Christmas gifts. Nikki gives Victor a Bible with the name, “Christian Miller.” Sharon urges Adam to go back to Chelsea. Michael questions Fen about the cell phone found in the backpack. Fen accuses him of going through his things. Chloe and Kevin visit Michael and Lauren, but Chloe is angry with Kevin. In a drawer, Nick finds a man’s dog tag in a jar with a lid on it. Avery comes out and they start to kiss. Paul lets Michael, Lauren, Kevin, and Chloe know that today is Christine’s last day of work. Kevin informs Michael that he is about to lose their home despite Michael giving Kevin a check to cover the payment. After Chloe and Kevin argue, she storms out. Jack and Phyllis have coffee and talk about the past. Sharon kisses Adam goodbye. Phyllis and Jack kiss.

Phyllis pulls away and gets up to leave. Adam dreams that he and Chelsea have a little girl. Sharon visits with Nick, Faith, and Noah for Christmas. Kyle arrives home and finds Jack passed out on the sofa. Jack surprises Kyle by giving him tickets for a trip to Maui with his friends, but all Kyle wants is for Jack to get sober. Summer visits with Avery and gives her a Christmas gift of cookie cutters. Kevin and Chloe reconcile their differences. When Jack calls a doctor for more pills, he hangs up on him. At the coffeehouse, Adam invites Chelsea to come to the house, but she refuses. Victor presents Nikki with a blueprint of their new home. Avery and Summer meet Phyllis for breakfast. Phyllis accuses Avery of stealing everything that is hers. Summer explains to Fen that Jamie kissed her, she did not kiss him. After Fen gives Summer a Christmas gift of earrings, she kisses him on the cheek. Fen tells her to make up her mind whether she wants him or Jamie. Summer kisses Fen passionately. Sharon and Nick discuss her life and how it will change. Adam starts to leave the house and meets Chelsea at the door.

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