Tuesday 12/25/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 12/25/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Today "The Bold and The Beautiful" re-aired its 12/23/11 episode.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Horton house, Will wanted to talk to Gabi about something.  She asked if it was a problem and he said it was and she knew what the problem was.  Brady and Kristen spent Christmas together.  While they were kissing, Chad and EJ were outside of her door.  Brady wondered what they were going to do.  Brady hid in the other room.  When she opened the door, EJ wondered if they woke her.  She told them she was contemplating things.  She wondered what God had in store for her now that she’s back in Salem.  EJ wondered what she came up with.  She said she had to keep on doing what she was doing and everything would fall into place.  Will told Gabi that he knew they weren’t going to always be a big happy family, but he hoped they could get along for one day.  Gabi, Sonny, and Nick agreed.  

At the hospital, Doug suggested that Jennifer read the Christmas story to the children.  While Kristen, EJ, and Chad were spending time together, they had their video conference with Stefano.  Stefano wished his children a Merry Christmas and told them he loved them.  Jennifer read the Christmas story to the kids at the hospital.  EJ gave Kristen a gift that Lexie gave to him.  He told her that he was happy to have another sister.  Lucas, Billie, and Allie spent Christmas at the Horton house.  When EJ left, Brady was back.  The two kissed and ended up in bed.  The rest of the episode was about everyone celebrating Christmas.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

The show did not air today.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Billy lets Victoria know that he is not going to Victor’s for Christmas. Avery gets a call from Nick and they discuss their plans for the night. Nick visits Sharon, Faith, and Noah. Faith asks Nick to stay with them a while. Adam receives a text message from Victor asking how things are going. Jack and Phyllis argue over the fact that he missed the meeting in Chicago. Billy and Victoria argue over the fact that he doesn’t want to go to Victor’s for Christmas. Jack gives Phyllis his word that he got rid of the pills. Jack lets Kyle, Adam and Phyllis know that by this time next week Jabot will be part of Newman. Chloe tells Chelsea that Gloria is not financing their new company. Jack reminds Adam that he had been all for this idea before but now he has changed his mind. Adam tells Jack not to underestimate Victor. Phyllis asks Avery her plans for tonight. Chloe tries to console Chelsea over this recent change of events. Jack confronts Adam about putting the pills back in the desk drawer. Jack pours out the pills and stomps them.

Sharon reads “The Night Before Christmas” to Nick, Faith, and Noah. Nick and Sharon reminisce about Cassie. Phyllis and Avery find out that Jamie kissed Summer. Phyllis asks Avery about her marriage to Jack. Jack arrives at Billy’s loaded with gifts. Chloe confronts Adam about his treatment of Chelsea and insists he owes her. Phyllis questions Avery about Mr. Clark. Jack comes home and finds John sitting in a chair waiting on him. Nick arrives home and finds Avery there. Nick and Avery witness a special moment which Phyllis witnesses. Phyllis pays Jack a visit. Victoria whispers something in Billy’s ear, and he changes his mind about going to Victor’s.

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