Monday 12/24/12 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/24/12 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam asks Hope what that kiss was. She says she never should have doubted him, and she never will again. Two people lied to her about his making out with Steffy at the club the night before their wedding. One was Othello and one was her brother, Rick. She’s hoping Rick did nothing that can’t be fixed. Steffy tells Thomas and Taylor that Liam is back from out of town; back where he belongs with her. Taylor laments to Steffy that it’s not fair that Stephanie reneged on her promise and that loophole can’t be broken in her will, but both agree they have never seen Thomas so driven as he is now. He has to win that competition. Eric sits down at the piano and looks around at the festive house and the photos displayed of Stephanie. Pam walks in and sees him very down and asks if he’s going to play. He says no. He smells her pot roast which she says is her mother’s recipe. He wants to be sure that she did what he asked even though it is not to her liking. Rick and Caroline stop by. They say they are on the way to the guest house to do some brainstorming for the fashion contest. Eric quips is that what they are calling it nowadays. He invites them to stay for dinner. They thank him but are on the way, saying they expect to see him tomorrow for Christmas and him be there! They know it won’t be the same without Stephanie but he must be there. They’ll help him get through this.

Pam tells Eric that supper is almost ready and despite her protests she has done what he asked. He says that’s good; it’s what he wants. Pam says that everyone is coming tomorrow for dinner and expecting him to be there. Hope tells Liam that she is so sorry. She should have listened to him and should have known he would not have done what they say he did. Rick tells Caroline that he feels like a big weight has been lifted off of him, all because of her that she encouraged him to tell the truth. He had such a knot in his stomach and now he feels better. Steffy and Taylor discuss Christmas at Eric’s but decide they’d like to spend it just with their own family. Perhaps they can serve at the homeless shelter in Stephanie’s name. With Liam back home, Steffy says she has never felt so confident in what might happen this Christmas. Hope tells Liam that she will never lose faith in him again and begs him to forgive her. She kisses him and he returns several.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The Hortons spent Christmas together at Jennifer’s house.  Lucas and Jennifer made up with each other.  At the town square, Brady watched Kristen and EJ together.  Kristen noticed Brady watching them.  EJ thought Kristen was thinking about John.  She said she wasn’t thinking about John, but they were bound to run into each other at Midnight Mass.  EJ said that he would warn Marlena that the demon possessed shouldn’t throw stones.  Kristen didn’t care what Marlena thought of her.  Kristen finally came up with a way to convince John that she was no threat to his relationship.  EJ asked how she planned on doing that.  She said she decided to go to bed with Brady.  She walked away from him.  Eric, Roman, and Marlena spent time together at the church.  Hope and Ciara talked about their trip to see Shawn and Belle.  Rafe was at the Brady pub and told Sami that he hoped she and the kids had a great Christmas.  She invited him to join them, but he said he had plans.  He gave her the penguin that Sydney wanted.  He flashed back to seeing Sami, EJ, and the kids spending time together.  Sami asked if she would see Rafe at mass, but he said he and Gabi were going to another church to see friends.  She asked him about the next day, but he told her he had to work an extra shift.  She wanted him to see Sydney’s face when she opened the gift, but he told her he couldn’t.  

Brady was talking to Nicole when Kristen showed up.  He introduced Nicole to Kristen.  Kristen said he heard about her.  Nicole said she heard about Kristen too.  Kristen told Brady that she had a business proposal she wanted to talk to him about.  He said he had family plans, but he could meet her later.  Nicole wanted to talk to EJ.  She wanted him to wish Johnny and Sydney a Merry Christmas for her.  Johnny and Sydney were the only kids she ever had and would ever have.  EJ walked away.  Rafe and Gabi went to spend time with the Hortons.  The Kiriakis’ spent Christmas together at the mansion.  Sonny and Will were at the Horton house.  When Gabi spoke to Sonny, he excused himself and went to Will.  Brady met Kristen at the town square.  She gave him a gift.  She gave him the painting he was looking for.  He felt terrible for not getting her anything.  He had to meet his family at mass, but he wanted to meet with her later.  He told her that he saw Daniel and knows that Jennifer didn’t say anything about the two of them.  Brady was hoping they could say something soon.  He thought this was going to be a good new year.  When Brady left, Kristen said that he was helping Santa give her the present she wanted.  She wanted revenge.  The Hortons put the ornaments on the tree.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Today, "General Hospital" re-aired its 11/21/12 episode.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor visits Victoria and asks for her help in regaining control of Newman Enterprises. Adam visits Sharon to discuss his plans for keeping her out of jail. Tyler lets Lily know that he got the job. Victor informs Victoria that he and Nikki have set a wedding date, February 14th. Billy comes out of the kitchen and tells Victor that they have plans. Sharon finds out from Adam that he had the other fires set deliberately to look as though someone else had set the one at Newman. Jack confesses to Kyle that he took one pill but he is much better now. Billy tells Victor that he and Victoria are taking Reed and Johnny to Jamaica for Christmas. Tyler tells Lily that he is here because of her. Cane lets Tyler know that he and Jack don’t like his ideas and he didn’t get the job. Adam tells Sharon that Jack is folding Jabot into Newman Enterprises. Leslie finds out that Tyler hit on Lily. Neil and Jack argue over Jack’s addiction to oxycodone. Sharon lets Adam know that her psychiatrist told her to stay away from him.

Cane and Tyler argue over the fact that Cane doesn’t want Tyler to work there. After looking around at all the Christmas decorations, Victoria decides that she wants to stay in town for Christmas. In Jack’s office, Adam watches an interview that Jack gave concerning his drug addiction. Adam puts the pills back in the drawer to see if Jack will take one of them. Jack walks in. Cane lets Neil know that he hasn’t hired Tyler for the job. Neil becomes upset with Cane over his decision. Jack finds the pills in the desk drawer and considers taking one of them. Cane tells Tyler that he has the job.

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