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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope is shocked that Rick would tell Othello to lie. And all this time she was so freaked out; she thought she had been cheated on. Liam didn’t betray her; Rick did! He begs her to forgive him, but he thought he was doing her a favor since Liam seemed to have moved on. She realizes now that Liam doesn’t even know this, but she vows that he will. And Steffy thinks she is back with Liam for good; like hell she is. Steffy walks into Bill’s house, but there is no Bill or Katie. She calls him and he says he and Katie and Will are in the park. He wants her to walk into the living room and just stand there. When she finally turns around, there is her Liam and she jumps into his arms. He was not expected back until tomorrow, but he wanted to surprise her. She tells him never to leave her again. They talk about their plans for Christmas whether to be with Eric without Stephanie, and her dad is still out of town, so she’d just like to spend it alone with Liam. Brooke expresses to Caroline that she’s been a good influence on Rick. She’s glad he told the truth but it is going to be difficult for both Hope and Liam when they hear the truth….and for Steffy who she also doesn’t want to hurt. She asks Caroline to perhaps be there and help mend any grievances between Hope and Rick.

Brooke and Caroline join Hope and Rick as Brooke can’t stand the suspense any more. Hope is disappointed to know her mother knew about Rick’s lie all along and did not tell her. She calls Liam. Without even knowing that he is back home, she finds out he is and tells him to stay there. She has something to explain to him. Rick thanks Caroline for helping him see and do the right thing. It is not up to him if Liam is right for Hope or not. That is now up to them to decide. While waiting for Hope, Liam thinks back on their time in Italy ending in the wedding. Liam is dumbfounded when Hope pulls him into a kiss and says she never should have doubted him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the pub, Sami and the kids had gifts.  Rafe showed up at the pub and spent some time with the kids.  Theo was at Lexieís gravesite.  Theo told Abe that he didnít like Christmas.  Abe told him that Lexie would want them to get through this.  Abe told him that they had each other.  When they were about to leave, Chad and EJ showed up.  Theo asked if they came to see his mother and they said they did.  Chad wanted to take Theo to the car so Theo could warm up.  Chad wanted to give Abe and EJ and chance to catch up.  Abe talked to EJ about being in the family business.  EJ didnít think it was a big deal, but Abe thought he was under the influence of the wrong sister (Kristen).  While Kristen was searching Bradyís name on the Internet, she found out he bought a rare photograph by Samuel Caldwell.  She thought it would come in handy.  Eric wanted to know what Nicole was doing in his room.  She wanted to know what was going on with him.  He refused to talk about it.  She said it would make him feel better to talk about it.  Abe tried to warn EJ about Kristen, but EJ didnít agree with him.  After Abe was talking to him a while, he left.  

Eric told Nicole what happened to him in Africa.  He talked about a war that was happening in Africa that destroyed people including a young girl he met.  Eric told her that a villager kidnapped the young girl and wanted to kill her.  Eric wanted the villager to leave her alone, but the villager wanted someone to take her place.  Eric froze but a priest took her place.  The villager let the girl go, but shot the priest.  Eric thought it should have been him.  He said he wanted to fill the priestís shoes.  Nicole said that Eric is a good man, but he didnít think so.  Sami invited Rafe to spend time with her and the kids, but he had to go to work.  When Rafe left, Sami and Caroline talked about Sami having good memories about Rafe.  While Chad was talking to Lexieís grave, Kristen showed up.  Kristen told Chad that she and EJ were doing a video conference with Stefano and wanted Chad to join them.  Chad agreed to be there.  Caroline and Sami talked about Rafe and EJ.  Caroline advised Sami not to do anything stupid when it concerned EJ and Rafe.  Sami said this might be her last chance to get it right.  While they were talking, EJ walked in.  Nicole didnít want Eric to blame himself for what happened in Africa.  She told him that he is a good man.  Eric thanked her for listening, but he wanted to be alone.  She left him alone. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Monica thanks Elizabeth for taking care of A.J.ís wounds instead of passing him off to another nurse. Elizabeth says they all have made mistakes. Monica hopes that A.J. can learn from Elizabethís experience that it is possible to turn his life around. Lucy Coe goes to the Quartermaine estate and asks for Monica. Alice tells her that Dr. Quartermaine isnít home and declines Lucyís offer to give her a makeover. After Alice escorts her out, Lucy comes back in with the spare key that they still hide in the same place over the door. She overhears A.J. asking Michael to help convince Sam to come to their side at ELQ. Michael asks A.J. why he is trying to force Tracy out of ELQ. A.J. says he doesnít want to get Tracy out; he is just trying to get in. Lucy looks at ELQ information that A.J. left on the table. She is amazed that Tracy is running ELQ and that Monica is still letting her live at the estate. Monica returns home and is less than pleased to see Lucy there. She says Lucy is too late for the reading of Edwardís will, and that Edward didnít leave anything to her. Lucy says she came to pay her respects, that she has her own money, and that she already has one percent of ELQ. Tracy goes to Jasonís penthouse bearing gifts. Sam knows they are bribes for her ELQ votes. Tracy pleads her case that she is the better choice to run ELQ than A.J. is. Sam is looking over the proxy agreement to allow Tracy to vote Jason and Dannyís shares when A.J. and Michael arrive. Sam asks Tracy and A.J. not to fight in front of Danny. She settles it by giving half the shares to Tracy and the other half to A.J. and says she doesnít care what they do with them.

Sabrina tells Felix that she looked up the status of CoeCoe cosmetics and verified that Lucyís assets are frozen. Felix lies to Patrick that the meeting with Lucy was successful. Britt says that is wonderful, considering Lucyís financial difficulties. Elizabeth and Sabrina agree that they should tell Patrick the truth. The three of them go to Patrick and Sabrina begins to tell him that things didnít go quite as they had planned when Lucy shows up. Lucy and Elizabeth are thrilled to see each other. Lucy tells Patrick that she has wanted to meet him for years and says that Robin was a shining light in her life.

Starr realizes that Todd was faking a heart attack to prevent Johnny from talking to her. She asks him what he didnít want Johnny to tell her. He wonít answer her so she tells him that she will just go ask Johnny. Connie hits Johnny with a vase after he calls Carly to ask her to come see him because he wants to explain why he married Connie. Carly calls Todd and leaves a message to ask him to talk her out of going to talk to Johnny. Forced to make her own decision, she goes to Johnnyís house, arriving just as Connie is about to finish Johnny off with a pair of scissors in his back. Connie hides Johnny and answers the door. She gives Carly a bill of goods about all the sex she and Johnny have been having. Carly says she knows they never consummated the marriage because Johnny canít stand Connie. Connie says Johnny just left and starts to usher Carly out, when Carly hears Johnny groan. Connie says Carly is hearing things and pushes her out the door. Todd calls Connie to warn her that Starr is on her way over. Connie assures him that Johnny wonít be in any condition to talk to anyone.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael are Lauren are kissing when they are interrupted by Jamie who is being sent to a group home. Nick and Summer celebrate her birthday when they are interrupted by Avery who is there to meet a client. Jill goes downstairs and thinks Katherine is still faking but then she sees that she hasn’t moved. Jill checks her pulse and finds Katherine has a weak heart rate. To Jill’s relief, Katherine comes to. At breakfast, Leslie begs Neil not to quit Jabot. Fen returns home to find Lauren hugging Jamie. Fen finds out that Jamie is being sent to a group home. Katherine claims she was only kidding, but Jill knows better. When Katherine feels a bump on her head, Jill calls a doctor. Michael encourages Jamie to stay with them until they figure out what to do. Michael tells Fen that they want Jamie to stay with them temporarily. Phyllis comes in with a cake and is taken aback when she sees that Avery is with them.

Kyle and Jack have an argument about how Jack took over Newman Enterprises and his drug problem. Jack goes ballistic when he realizes that it was Kyle who talked to the reporter about his drug problem. When Jamie asks him if he is all right with this arrangement, Fen reminds him that it is only temporary. Phyllis informs Nick that she covered a meeting in Chicago which Jack was supposed to attend, but he hadn’t shown up. Nick looks at her questioningly, but Phyllis lets him know that she made it here for Summer’s birthday and that Summer loved her gift. Fen calls Summer to meet him later. Jamie comes out and asks to whom he was talking. Fen divulges that he was talking to Summer. Leslie finds Neil busy at work in his office. The doctor examines Katherine and finds that her blood pressure is elevated. Katherine lets Jill know that she is so ashamed of Tucker. Jill tells Katherine that she was ashamed of her part in Tucker’s actions. Katherine looks at her surprisingly. Lauren accidentally dumps out Fen’s backpack and finds a different cell phone. Fen finds out from Summer that Jamie kissed her.

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