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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Rick tells Brooke that no matter what happens to the relationship with his sister, she has to know that he lied. It can’t be worse than her moping over Liam than it is right now. It might not change anything since Steffy and Liam are together now, but she deserves to know the truth. Brooke is against it, but wants to be there and they both tell Hope so she can offer comfort. Rick wasn’t the only one to keep the secret so she’d also like to explain to Hope. Rick says no, he has to do this himself. He won’t mention Bill. That is up to him. He doesn’t want to get Caroline in any more trouble than she is with her uncle. Bill pours himself a stiff drink and then starts to get a second one. Katie mentions they do have water if he is thirsty. They are going out to dinner tonight and she wishes he wouldn’t have a second drink. She also would like to ask Caroline to baby sit Will, but Bill questions her priorities now that she is with Rick and just how loyal she is to his family. Hope is sitting up in her room thinking of her wedding to Liam in Italy. She comes back down and is surprised to see Caroline and Rick still there and wonders if anything is wrong.

Bill tells Katie that Caroline has to earn his chances with her. He’d rather hire the baby nurse. She tells him to just chill out. Caroline is her own person and she does not have to take a blood oath to baby sit Will. She also points out that Bill doesn’t have to hold the world up on his shoulders all the time. She wishes he’d just stop trying to control everything. He calls Caroline who doesn’t want to take the call. Hope says she knows she has not been pulling her weight with the fashion showdown, but she has been distracted and thinking of Liam. She vows to do better. Rick says it is not that. He has something else to discuss with her. She says she has a lot of memories about Liam but she is going to let it go. It’s just harder than she thought. She can’t believe she was so wrong about him. Slowly Rick says there is something that she doesn’t know about Liam…..about the night that he told her that Liam spent the night with Steffy at the club. Rick admits that he lied. He made it up and he is so sorry that he didn’t tell her a long time ago. Liam never betrayed her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

John and Marlena gave Nick and Gabi advice about marriage.  John and Marlena also talked to Nick about Gabi about their relationship.  Will and Sonny talked about Gabiís pregnancy and why she wanted Will to keep it a secret.  While they were talking about her pregnancy, they made up.  Sonny told Will that he was glad that Nick is the father of Gabiís baby.  Will was panicked at Sonnyís comment.  Chad and Abby talked about Gabi.  Abby wanted to know why Chad was upset with Gabi, but he wouldnít tell her.  Abby wanted him to get over the problem if he wanted to hang out with her.

Caroline tried to get Eric to tell her what was bothering him.  He told her it was nothing.  Caroline wasnít convinced.  When they finished talking, he flashed back to when he had his nightmare.  Nicole wondered what was wrong.  He assured her that he was fine and left.  Chad tried to comfort Abby about not having Jack around for Christmas.  Chad made Abby feel better.  Eric prayed for forgiveness for what he did.  Will met with Nick and Gabi and talked about Sonny not finding out the truth.  Eric had another nightmare about what he did.  Nicole was there and asked him what was wrong.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Today is the big day for Maxie, Lulu, and Dante. Maxie is surprised when Alexis arrives with a contract. Lulu says it is just a formality. Maxie signs it. Mac is worried that Maxie will regret her decision halfway through the pregnancy. Alexis says he should be proud that Maxie has grown up to be such a remarkable woman. When Maxie is prepped for the procedure, she wonders where Spinelli is. Spinelli asks Ellie why she has been avoiding him. She says she isnít interested in being with a man who wants to be with someone else. She reveals that he heard his conversation with Maxie when he told her how thrilled he was when she revealed her love for him. He tells her that if she had eavesdropped a little longer, she would have heard that that scenario was speculative about if he hadnít met Ellie. He says he told Maxie that he wants a him tell Maxie that he wants a future with Ellie. They kiss and make up. She agrees to be his date on Christmas Eve. Spinelliís watch alarm goes off. Ellie notes that it is about the time for Maxie to come out of her procedure. She asks if he wants to call Maxie. He says no, Maxie is in good hands.

Sonny tracks down Carly to tell her that AJ set him up to look bad in front of Michael. Carly wants to go confront AJ. Sonny says he already did and that AJ was proud of what he did. He tells her that the one thing that Michael wants most from them is for them to let him make his own decisions. He says he thinks they should stay out of it because AJ will eventually dig his own grave. Alexis sees Carly in Kellyís and notices that she seems upset. She tells her AJís antics wonít turn Michael away from her because she is a good mother. Carly says that is quite a compliment coming from someone who hates her. Michael asks AJ if he set up Sonny. AJ admits that he did. Michael tells AJ that he canít hurt him because he doesnít even know him, and now he isnít sure that he wants to. AJ says it was a stupid, impulsive decision, but he just wanted Michael to see that side of Sonny. Michael says Sonny should not have attacked AJ even if he was provoked. He says he has that kind of temper, too, and that he knows how hard it is hard to back down. He tells AJ to stop trying to turn him against his parents. AJ agrees to try. Sonny goes to the hospital to support Dante, Lulu, and Maxie. Dante tells his parents that they should know in a few days if the pregnancy is going to happen.

Connie and Todd look for Johnny at his penthouse, but he isnít there. He has gone to talk to Starr. He tells her that he is going to turn himself in and that he has to tell her something before it is in the newspapers. Todd wonders why Connie is so worried about Johnny confessing when it will only prove that she didnít kill Cole and Hope. She reveals that the hole in Kateís memory is the only thing keeping them from being integrated. Todd calls Carly and asks if Johnny is with her. She says she has no reason to talk to Johnny. He calls Starr. She tells him that she is busy talking to Johnny. He feigns a heart attack and Starr goes running. Todd tells Connie that they will have to stop Johnny permanently. Todd hurries to get to the office before Starr. Starr realizes that he was faking. Johnny calls Carly and asks her to come over to talk. Connie hits him over the head.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam finds Jack asleep on the sofa in the office. At the coffeehouse, Chelsea and Chloe discuss their business meeting planned for that day until Chelsea puts a hold on it. Nikki and Victor look at old wedding pics of theirs. Nikki thanks him for doing this. Sharon meets with her therapist and lets her know that she tried to run away, but Faith wanted to go home. Katherine catches Tucker as he tries to leave the house unnoticed. Jill lets Katherine know that she was indeed the one who let Tucker in. Neil has a meeting with his staff at Jabot. Adam demands to see how many pills Jack has left and demands to keep the pills so that Jack can get his act together. Adam lets Jack know that he and Chelsea are getting divorced. Chelsea gets a call from Adam to meet him. Chloe is against the idea, but Chelsea goes anyway. Jack visits Jabot and doesn’t recognize the place as the employees are dressed casually and there is rock music playing. Jack goes into Neil’s office and demands to know what is going on. Jack meets Tyler Michaelson, who has some ideas for Jabot. Katherine asks Jill why she would want to have anything to do with Tucker. Jill asks Katherine to give Tucker a second chance. Adam offers Chelsea a hefty settlement to get her through the divorce, but she refuses.

Chloe gets bad news from Gloria that she is backing out of funding their new company. Tyler pitches a new business concept for Jabot, but Jack doesn’t like the idea. Neil and Jack decide to meet alone. Sharon tells the doctor that she has feelings for Adam and they are getting harder to fight. Adam finds the article on the internet about Jack and his pill problem. Adam immediately goes and confronts Victor, who denies having anything to do with it. In his office, Tucker confronts Jack about the article. Jack calls Adam and tells him that he is in bad need for one of his pills. Adam comes to the office and confronts the associate, who also denies having anything to do with the article. Jack yells for Adam to get in his office. Jack begs Adam for one of his pills. Adam reluctantly decides to give him one. In the heat of their argument, Katherine collapses, but Jill doesn’t take it seriously.

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