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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Steffy almost defending Brooke to Taylor, Brooke walks in and asks how she could do that to her sister. She was suffering from PPD so this could not help. Taylor says by knowing something and not telling her patient, that is a lie. It would be wrong to let things happen that will set her patient back. Brooke says she will forever be grateful that she brought her sister back to where she is now, but in this case Taylor made a mistake. She knows she did not do it for Katie, but to hurt Brooke. She asks Taylor why she did it since Brooke’s life has no relevance in this case. Taylor points out that it does since Bill is Katie’s husband. Brooke says then she should have come to her, not Katie. Taylor opines that Brooke would not have told the truth. And she heard that Brooke did not want anyone to know, and Katie needed to know. At home, Katie catches Bill staring off in space. She is all sunshine and smiles and says that is the most beautiful child. It was one of the darkest periods of her life and she meant what she said….they do not have to talk about it again unless Bill wants to add to it. He says Taylor had no right to even tell her. Katie says perhaps but she knows Taylor struggled with it and Katie agreed that she’d want to know. And besides that kiss was just a moment of vulnerability for two people looking for comfort and support. He should not blame Taylor. He says well he does. It could have set Katie back in her therapy and he is sure Brooke will blame her as well. Katie doesn’t know what he big deal is if the kiss did not go beyond that. He calls Taylor a shrink, not a real doctor. He says Taylor compromised her professional ethics because of her history with Brooke and nothing Katie says will convince him otherwise.

Rick and Caroline are at home trying to work on their designs and notice Hope is moping alone on the couch. They try to engage her in some conversation and ask her opinion about a couple of designs. She is okay until one says the word club and she feels she needs to be alone for a few minutes and goes upstairs. Rick feels badly. It wasn’t Liam that broke her heart. It was him when he fed her the lie about Liam and Steffy making out at the club. Brooke tells Taylor that kiss had nothing to do with Katie’s mental health. It was a cheap shot, especially coming from Taylor. She would have never crossed the line with Bill Spencer. Taylor says she had to be sure as she knows Brooke and what she is capable of. Brooke tells her that she knows Taylor thinks that Brooke took Ridge away from her, but she does not know her and even less about her and Bill. Her suspicions and accusations are way off base. She has no designs on her sister’s husband. Katie knows that and so does Bill. Steffy shows up at Bill’s while Katie is still in the nursery. He can tell by her attitude that she knows something. He scoffs at Taylor’s confidentiality. Steffy says she did not tell her anything. Taylor merely used her as a sounding board, something Bill might want to try sometime. She tries to goad more out of him about the lip action with Brooke. She misses Liam and wonders why Bill would send him out of town during the holidays. It’s no fun being stuck with Hope in the same building. She still wants Liam but he will never be hers again. Steffy says she has never felt more secure than right now. Trust her, no one is going to come between them so Bill can stop worrying. Brooke comes back home looking a little frazzled and Rick comments. He tells her Hope is upstairs also still in pain, but that is all about to change soon. He told a lie that is causing Hope all this pain and she needs to know. Brooke disagrees. It might make things even worse. She may never forgive Rick. He says he can’t help that. It’s a risk he has to take. He can’t sit by and see her in so much pain. He’s going to tell Hope today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Jennifer apologized to Kristen for interrupting her and Brady.  Jennifer went to see Kristen because Kristen sent her a sweet text.  Jennifer wanted to see how Kristen was doing.  When Jennifer was about to leave, Kristen stopped her so she could explain.  Jennifer told her she didnít have to because it was none of her business.  When Jennifer left, Kristen asked Brady what they were going to do.  Brady said he would talk to her.  At the pub, Lucas apologized to Jennifer for their argument.  While he was leaving the message, Will walked in.  They talked a little and got on the subject of Sonny.  Will told Lucas that he and Sonny got into a fight and they havenít talked since the fight.  Lucas told him that it would work out, but Will wasnít sure.  At the coffee shop, Chad and Sonny talked about Will.  Sonny told Chad that he and Will got into an argument over Gabi.  Sonny was suspicious that something might be going on with Will and Gabi.  Lucas offered Will advice on how to work things out with Sonny.  Lucas warned Will not to make the same mistakes he did.  Will thanked him for the advice and Lucas left.  Chad advised Sonny to stop worrying about Will and Gabi because Sonny had nothing to worry about.  Sonny still didnít understand why Will was so protective of Gabi.  

At the town square, Kristen ran into Hope.  Kristen said she wondered when she would see Hope.  Hope sarcastically told her that she (Kristen) was busy bumping into John.  Kristen thought Hope was on the Marlena pipeline.  Hope flashed back to when Marlena told her about Kristen and Bradyís affair.  Hope said Kristenís return hasnít been good for everyone.  Kristen said everyone didnít feel that way.  Hope told her she knew.  Kristen wondered what she meant by that.  Hope lied and mentioned how Kristenís brothers were happy to have her back.  When Hope left, Kristen knew that Hope wasnít talking about her brothers.  Kristen wondered if Marlena told Hope about the affair with Brady.  Brady went to Jenniferís house to talk to her about what she saw.  Brady didnít want Jennifer to tell anyone what she saw.  Brady told Jennifer that he and Kristen were together.  Jennifer was shocked by the news and thought something was wrong with him.  Jennifer reminded Brady about what Kristen has done, but he said she wasnít like that anymore.  Jennifer thought that Brady should tell Marlena and John about his affair. Brady didnít want to tell anyone until Kristen was ready.  He didnít want to say anything if it didnít work out.  After they talked about how fast Brady was moving on after Madison, she understood his situation.  Later on, Kristen went to see Jennifer to explain what she saw.  Kristen saw what happened between her and Brady just happened.  Jennifer told her that Brady explained it to her and she believed him.  Kristen wondered if she believed her.  Jennifer didnít know what to think about her.  Jennifer didnít think she cared much for people.  Kristen said that was in the past.  Kristen knew she was talking about John and Marlena.  Jennifer said this could end up hurting John, Marlena and Brady.  Kristen said her feelings for Brady were real and they had nothing to do with hurting John and Marlena.  Jennifer reminded her that she was obsessed with John.  Jennifer asked if Kristenís obsession was over and she said it was.  Kristen said she moved on.  Jennifer said with his son.  Kristen realized that, but she wished that wasnít the case.  Jennifer hoped that the situation with Brady didnít turn into a disaster.  

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny confronts AJ about setting him up. He tells him that if he wants to be a father, he needs to be a man first and not use Michael to get to Sonny. AJ asks Sonny if he is going to shoot him. Sonny says he isnít sloppy the way AJ was when he tried to kill Jason and Alan, and that he doesnít have to shoot AJ to get him away from Michael because Michael will see who he really is soon enough. Starr tells Michael that AJ knew he was coming to the gym the other day and that he goaded Sonny into beating him up just so Michael would see it. Michael doesnít understand why she is making AJ the villain. She tells him in no uncertain terms that AJ is trying to drive a wedge between Sonny and Michael. He doesnít want to believe it. She says his fathers are fighting over him and she doesnít want to see him get caught in the middle. He asks her if Sonny put her up to telling him this. She tells him that she barely speaks to his father and that she told him because she doesnít want him to be blindsided by it later. He apologizes for getting defensive. He tells her that he is having a bad day because it is the anniversary of Abby's death. He says that now that Jason is gone too, he is really glad that he has Starr in his life. Starr talks to her picture of Cole and Hope and tells them that she will never stop missing them. Michael goes to the Quartermaine house and asks AJ if he set Sonny up.

Alexis gets Molly's manuscript from back from the publisher, but she isn't going to file any papers until Molly explains where she learned about all the explicit sex in it. Molly doesnít know what Alexis is talking about, as her characters only kissed, and not until chapter 13. She says Connie sexed up her book. Alexis goes to confront Connie. TJ says Connie's additions are hot. Shawn sees Molly and TJ looking at the manuscript and wants to see it. Molly says she can't let him see it because Connie Falconeri made changes to it and her mother is going to sue her. Connie tells Todd that Johnny is a problem because he feels guilty about what he did to those people. Todd reminds her that she is talking about his granddaughter and tells her that he already talked to Johnny about what would happen to him if he came forward. She thinks Johnny will really confess this time. He says he isnít worried about it. She tries to figure out what Johnny has on Todd. She concludes that Todd must have switched the babies and starts chanting "Todd switched the babies" over and over. Alexis arrives and hears Connie. She asks Todd if he switched her grandson with Tea Delgado's baby. He denies it. She tells him that she is there to tell him that she can sue both of them for trying to publish Molly's book as Connie's. She says she suggests that they come to a settlement because from what she just overheard, things could get messy if it goes to court. Alexis returns to Kelly's and tells Molly that Todd and Connie denied everything, but that she is going to make them pay.

Johnny has a consultation with Diane Miller. He tells her that he shot out Anthony's tires, not Connie, and that he is prepared to turn himself in. Diane tells him that if he was the shooter, then the charge would be increased to murder one with special circumstances because it was gang related and the victims died during the commission of a crime. She tells him that he will face life in prison if he confesses. She asks him if he succeeded in killing Anthony. She takes his silence as a yes and tells him that she can plead abuse and say that he feared for his life. He says that is true. She tells him that living with Connie, as bad as that must be, is better than going to Pentonville. She asks him if he has anything to give to the police in exchange for a lighter sentence. He says he has dirt on Todd Manning. She says that won't work because Todd is her client too. He says she will make a lot of money defending them both. Diane says it isnít worth disbarment. She says she will think of a way to make a deal with the DA that won't be a conflict of interest, but that in the meantime, Johnny is not to tell anyone anything about any of it. He wants to tell Starr and Carly. She tells him that she can't represent him if he compromises his own case. Todd and Connie go to Johnny's apartment. They get worried when they find that he isnít there. Johnny knocks on Michael and Starr's door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack has lunch with Phyllis and invites her to a business meeting to help to keep Victor from regaining possession of Newman Enterprises. Nick holds Faith while Sharon informs him that she was leaving town with her. Nick sends Faith upstairs to get ready for bed while he confronts Sharon about her plans. Sharon insists that she was leaving town because she couldn’t risk losing Faith again. Nick encourages Sharon to stay and fight Victor. Kevin pumps Alex for information about the woman he is questioning him about. Chelsea lets Chloe know that she and Adam are getting a divorce. Phyllis and Jack argue over the fact that he is addicted to his pain medication. Adam watches from the bar.

Jeffrey and Gloria walk in and notice that Chelsea has been crying. Gloria and Chloe leave Jeffrey and Chelsea alone so they can talk. Chelsea informs Jeffrey that she and Adam are getting divorced. Avery talks to Sharon and agrees to represent her in the arson case. Sharon confesses everything to Avery including the fact that she did indeed burn down Victor’s ranch house. Avery also finds out that Adam knew all about it. Jeffrey lets Chelsea know that she and Adam are good together. Alex reprimands Kevin for trying to pump him for information. Adam goes to see Sharon and informs her that he and Chelsea are getting a divorce. Adam thinks that their kiss was the only thing that made any sense in this whole mess. Nick and Avery kiss. Phyllis goes to visit Nick and finds Avery there. Phyllis asks Avery if she's living there now.

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