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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie asks again -- does Brooke have feelings for Bill? Brooke can’t believe Taylor came to her with this. Brooke says she would never lie to Katie. She was grieving for Stephanie and Bill was there to comfort her. Brooke says she wants a happy family for Will, so be mad at her but don’t blame Bill. Taylor reveals to Bill that she knows about the kiss; a kiss that obviously he and Brooke don’t want Katie to know about. She doesn’t know what else might have happened, but she did hear them talk about the kiss. And Katie already knows. She knows he betrayed her with her sister. Bill harps at her that she crossed the line of professionalism by dragging her own personal beliefs about Brooke into this. He’s going home now to tell his wife the truth. Steffy chides Rick when he says his name is Eric Forrester III, soon to be CEO of Forrester Creations. Bill returns home and confronts Katie and says that they both were just worried about Katie and did not know where she was. All he had was a letter from her and her ring saying she wanted a divorce. What they did was just reaching out to comfort each other because of Katie. She has to remember her part in this. Brooke steps back in and says that no matter what Taylor said, this is all about Katie, Bill and that precious baby….. that is all that matters.

Rick discusses it with Caroline that his lies are now affecting her as her Uncle Bill is playing the family loyalty card. Steffy tells Taylor that she just spoke with Liam and he’ll be back around Christmas. She sees that Taylor is pretty upset with something on her mind. Steffy says she knows Taylor has been seeing Katie and she feels it might have something to do with her. She jumps to the conclusion that something besides friendship and helping Will happened between Brooke and Bill. Taylor swears her to secrecy. Steffy says she was with them in Aspen and Brooke was great with Will. Katie is to blame for this as she pushed them together. She doesn’t want anything bad to happen to their marriage. This one time she thinks Taylor needs to cut some slack for Brooke. After a long reflection Katie says okay, something happened while she was away. She should not be surprised because of what she had done in trying to push them together and she will take responsibility for that. What she needs to know is if this is something they want to pursue. They need to be honest about their feelings; that is all she asks. Brooke tells her that both Bill love Katie so much; they would never hurt her like this. Katie cries as she hugs both Bill and Brooke. She says it hurt coming from Taylor but she knows how she feels about Brooke. So she just had to ask to be sure. Everything is okay with her and Bill now and she believes their version and now they do not have to speak of this again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Jennifer declared her love for Daniel.  When they were about to kiss, Lucas interrupted them.  When Daniel left them alone, Lucas and Jennifer got into an argument.  John went to see Brady to talk about Kristen.  John wanted to know why Brady was at Kristen’s hotel room when Marlena broke in the room.  Marlena and Hope talked about Brady and Kristen’s affair.  Marlena didn’t want to tell John the truth and she didn’t want Hope to tell it either.  Hope thought Marlena should say something.  Brady told John that Marlena used his (Brady’s) phone to text Kristen so she could search Kristen’s room.  John was happy that Brady told him the truth because he hates secrets.  John said he was glad Brady wasn’t keeping secrets from him.  John and Brady continued to talk about Kristen.  Lucas and Jennifer continued to argue over Daniel.  She defended Daniel to Lucas, but he wasn’t convinced that Daniel changed.  Jennifer wanted Lucas to mind his business, but he ended up throwing Jack in her face.

Jennifer was upset with Lucas for bringing Jack up in their argument.  Lucas explained why he mentioned Jack.  He recapped what happened to her and what Daniel did since Jack died.  While they were arguing, she slapped him. John went to meet Marlena at the coffee shop.  John told her that he was okay with Brady and Kristen’s relationship.  Marlena misunderstood what he meant and thought he knew about the affair.  When she said she was glad he knew, he didn’t know what she was talking about.  Daniel wanted to know what was going on between Jennifer and Lucas.  Jennifer and Daniel left and talked about Lucas.  Daniel told Jennifer that Lucas was right to be upset with him, but she didn’t care.  She wanted to be with him.  John thought Marlena was talking about Brady taking his place on the church board.  She agreed that she was talking about that.  He was skeptical about it at first.  She was ready to drop the subject.  Brady went to Kristen and told her he wanted to be exclusive.  She wanted to make sure that he had all of the information before making that decision.  She broke down and told him that she couldn’t have kids so she wanted him to keep his options open.  He assured her that they could still have a family.  Jennifer invited Daniel over for Christmas.  He agreed to go with her.  Later on, Jennifer went to see Kristen and saw Kristen and Brady kissing at the door.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie wants to see Lulu’s fertilized eggs, but Ellie says no one is allowed in the lab because they have to maintain a sterile environment. Maxie hurriedly walks away. Spinelli goes after her and asks her what is wrong. She tells him that the lab was the last place she saw Robin. He asks her if she is scared about the procedure. She admits that she is afraid she is doing it for the wrong reasons. She tells him that Lulu and Felicia both wondered if she was doing it because of him. She says she is doing it to help Dante and Lulu have a baby and because she wants to be part of something important, but suspects her timing because she made the offer immediately after he chose Ellie. Ellie comes out of the lab and hears Maxie ask Spinelli if he chose Ellie because he was already with her or because he really didn’t return Maxie’s feelings. Ellie hears Spinelli tell Maxie that he was overjoyed to learn that Maxie loved him. Ellie walks away. Spinelli continues telling Maxie that he had already decided that he couldn’t wait for her anymore and that he moved on and met Ellie. He tells her that he can see a future with Ellie, but that he will always love Maxie. He tells her that she doesn’t need to be a surrogate to prove that she is important because she is already important. Spinelli finds Ellie crying outside the lab. She tells him that he doesn’t have to spell it out for her, says goodbye, and walks away.

Lucy Coe welcomes Sabrina and Felix into her office, until Felix tells her that he hasn’t yet reached the “Golden Duck” level of $50k in sales. Lucy wonders why Bree let them in. Sabrina tells her that they are from Port Charles and that they are trying to bring back the nurses’ ball tradition that Lucy started. Lucy says she would love to go. Felix asks Lucy to underwrite the ball. Lucy says she would love to, but she is broke because the government has frozen her assets and thinks her company is a pyramid scheme and that they have dubbed her the Bernie Madoff of makeup. She tells them not to give up because the ball is such a great cause. Lucy reminisces about previous balls. Britt asks Elizabeth to go out for a drink with her since she is suddenly free because Patrick blew her off. Elizabeth tells her that she has plans to watch “Christina Comes Home for Christmas” with her kids. Britt hates that movie. Britt tells Elizabeth that she wanted to help Patrick and Emma decorate tonight, but Patrick didn’t invite her. Elizabeth says that maybe Patrick wanted to do it with just his daughter, and pushes past Britt. Britt wonders why Elizabeth is suddenly giving her the cold shoulder. She asks her if she decided that she doesn’t like her because she is so tight with Sabrina. Britt says Sabrina spearheaded the ball as a way to make a move on Patrick through his dead wife. She mocks the way Sabrina always talks about Robin this and Robin that, Robin, Robin, Robin. Elizabeth tells her that Sabrina is much better for Patrick that she could ever hope to be. She asks her if it had ever occurred to her that Patrick might still be grieving for his dead wife. She says she knows Patrick would rather be with someone honest and genuine like Sabrina than a spiteful backstabber like Britt. Patrick opens a gift that Robin had left in his Christmas stocking last year. The jewel case has a note on it that advises him to watch it alone. The DVD inside has, “I will always love you Patrick,” written on it. He watches the DVD. Robin reveals that her HIV has worsened and speculates that she won’t live to see Christmas 2012. She tells him that he should move on with someone else. She says she recommends Elizabeth. She warns him that if he makes the wrong choice, she will come back to haunt him. Patrick misses a call from Sabrina while he is watching the DVD. Patrick calls Britt and asks her to come over for a drink. Britt gloats to Elizabeth. Britt steals Elizabeth’s copy of “Christina comes home for Christmas” and takes it to Patrick’s house with her.  Britt assumes the persona that Elizabeth had said Patrick would prefer over her own. Sabrina and Felix return to Port Charles. Sabrina tells Elizabeth that Lucy couldn’t help, so they won’t be able to have a nurses' ball. She says she is dreading telling Patrick. Elizabeth says tonight is not a good time to tell him because he has company. Britt and Patrick watch Elizabeth’s movie.

Anna opens the door to a room at the clinic in Switzerland and finds Robert splayed on a floor with a syringe sticking out of his chest. He struggles to speak and is able to tell Anna that she has to find “her.” Duke goes to get a doctor. The doctor says if Dr. Obrecht gave Robert the entire vial of Propofol that was left in the room, then he probably can’t help, but he tries a possible antidote. Anna wonders what Robert was struggling to tell her. Dr. Obrecht takes Robin to Jerry Jacks.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Sharon makes plans to take Faith away on a little surprise trip. Nick shows Avery the run-down nightclub that he bought. She asks a lot of questions. Nikki visits Chelsea to try to convince her to testify against Sharon, but she refuses. Victor gives Adam an ultimatum, either he helps him to regain Newman Enterprises or he will let Sharon spend the rest of her life in jail. Michael and Lauren celebrate their anniversary and he lets her in on the fact that he has a special surprise for her. Lauren pumps him to tell her what the surprise is. Michael refuses to tell her. Carmine presents them with a special bottle of champagne to celebrate, but Michael refuses. Sharon cannot find Faith’s special doll so Faith suggests going to Nick’s to get it. Sharon refuses to take her back to Nick’s but leaves the house instead. Nikki lets Chelsea know that witnesses came forward to give Sharon an alibi that she was indeed in Chicago.

Carmine apologizes to Lauren for offending Michael. The New York cop, Alex, questions Carmine about a woman that he is looking for. Leslie finds Neil in deep thought in his office. Leslie finds out that Jack is planning on merging Jabot with Newman Enterprises. Adam gives in to Victor’s demands but has some terms of his own. Victor and Jack come face to face. Adam advises Jack to take some time off and get off the pills. Nick comes home and lets Noah know that he bought the nightclub. Victor comes home to Nikki and finds out that she talked to Chelsea but she refused to testify against Sharon. Victor tells Nikki that they are not going to pursue the case against Sharon. Michael gives Lauren her special surprise of being waited on hand and foot and a special bubble bath. Nick finds Faith’s special doll and takes it to her, but Sharon and Faith are gone. When he tries to call Sharon, she doesn’t answer. Faith begins to cry to go home but Sharon refuses to take her. Nick lets Avery know that Sharon took Faith.

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