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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie tells Taylor that she is out of her mind. Surely Taylor doesn’t believe that she will think while she was away that Brooke and her husband kissed. Taylor tells her that she would not make this up. No, she did not see it, but she heard them talking about it and keeping it a secret from Katie. Katie does not believe this could have possibly happened as she just saw Brooke this morning with Donna and they all had a good visit. There was nothing conspiring or suspicious about Brooke. Taylor tells Katie to look at Brooke’s history. It starts innocently, but it always turns out the same. She doesn’t want to hurt Katie but she also doesn’t want to sit by and see her blindsided and lose her family. Katie thinks she is being disgusting by blaming Brooke again for all of Taylor’s past problems with Ridge. Taylor challenges her just to call Brooke and look her right in the face and ask her. Brooke goes to see Bill and he fills her in on Taylor’s behavior and her tone when speaking of his love for his wife….like she knew something. Brooke says she knows Taylor is always suspicious and wants to think badly of her, but she really does not see how this can lead to anything since she knows nothing of what went on between them. They reminisce about their trip to Aspen and how close they got. Bill tells her that anyone that left her over a text message didn’t deserve her at all. Anyone who hurts her like that will have to come through him first. She says when all this came down and then they went to Aspen and took the balloon ride, that was the most peaceful she has ever been. He reaches out and takes her hand. She says their kiss was profound and it taught her something. Not that it would be with Bill, but she was sure now she could go on with life and find someone after Ridge. Katie calls and interrupts. She asks Brooke to please come back as they need to discuss something important.

Katie tells Taylor that she will be fine. She knows Taylor meant well, but her intentions were simply misinterpreted. Taylor goes to see Bill and says she is worried about Katie. He tells her he is not into cat and mouse games. She has previously asked about his loyalty toward his wife and now making accusations again Brooke, so it’s not hard to figure out what Taylor is thinking. He dares her that if she has something to say, just say it. Taylor says okay, he betrayed his wife. He kissed her sister. Brooke comes in, expecting something to be wrong from the tone of Katie’s voice. Slowly step by step Katie retraces her steps in throwing Brooke and Bill together right after she lost Ridge. Then with Stephanie dying in her arms, that must have been devastating and through it all Bill was there with Brooke. Taylor has been watching them and she is concerned. Katie wonders if Taylor has reason to be. Brooke assures her that of course not. She has a new respect for Bill and he is great guy but that is as far as it goes. Katie says okay, Taylor told her something and she is just going to ask Brooke outright about it. She wants to know if she and Bill kissed. Brooke turns away but Katie knows she has hit upon the truth. Before Brooke can deny it, Katie tells her she has one more question and she better not lie as she will know. She asks if Brooke has feelings for her husband.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Jennifer went to see Daniel.  Daniel wanted to know what Jennifer needed to tell him.  She noticed something in his pocket.  He told her it was a picture of Parker.  He told her how she taught him how important it is to let go.  Marlena ran into Hope at the park.  Marlena confided in her about Brady sleeping with Kristen.  Hope thought John must have been upset.  Marlena said John didnít know.  Marlena said she had the chance to tell John, but she chose not to.  Hope wanted to know why.  In Kristenís hotel room, she wanted to turn things up.  She put eyedrops in her eyes to make it look as if she was crying.  She told him that she had a nightmare about John and Marlena finding out about them.  Daniel talked about Parker and how Jennifer gave him advice that it was possible to love someone and still know when it was time to back off and let go.  He said he wanted to thank her for helping him realize that love is not always timeless.  Jennifer wasnít sure what he meant.  Daniel wanted her to go home and get some rest.  When he walked away, she went after him.  Kristen told Brady that John was going to think that she was using Brady to create a wedge between him and John.  Brady was convinced that John and Marlena wouldnít do anything to them, but Kristen wasnít.  Brady said he wasnít going to let Marlena or John find out about them. 

Marlena told Hope that Brady didnít know she saw him and Kristen together, but Kristen knows.  Hope didnít understand why Marlena didnít tell John.  Marlena said every time she tries to tell John something about Kristen it comes back to haunt her.  Hope thought something else happened since Kristen has been back.  Marlena told Hope how she deleted Kristenís messages to him when Brady was in the hospital.  Hope thought that was the reason why Marlena didnít want to tell John.  Marlena said that when they found out that Hope and Johnís divorce was finalized they were prepared to get married.  Then Kristen came to town and ruined it.  Hope said that Kristen knows that Marlena saw them, but she hasnít told Brady.  Hope understood why.  Hope said it was Kristenís call.  Hope didnít think that Marlena keeping quiet would help the situation.  Marlena didnít know how to handle the situation by herself.  Hope offered to help her and Marlena was willing to take her help.  Kristen wanted to know how Brady was going to make sure that John and Marlena never found out about them.  Brady said they could keep it under wraps until the right moment.  Brady wanted to know what they were going to consider themselves.  They continued to talk about their relationship until he left.  Hope told Marlena that she had a meeting with Brady about the police Christmas benefit.  Marlena suggested making it a threesome.  Marlena said there was a woman on the force that Brady had a crush on.  Marlena asked if she was single.  Hope didnít know.  Marlena said if it turned out that Bradyís feelings for Kristen were sexual, John never needed to know.  Hope wanted to know what Marlena wanted him to do.  Jennifer caught up to Daniel at the pub.  She wanted to explain what she was trying to tell him.  Hope and Brady met at the coffee shop.  The woman Marlena wanted to set Brady up with showed up with a file.  When the woman left, Hope told him that she had a wonderful idea.  She told him that she could set him up with Sara.  He told her he wasnít interested.  When their meeting was over, Marlena came out and heard everything.  Marlena thought it was worse than she thought.  After talking for a bit, Jennifer finally admitted to loving Daniel.  

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina and Felix go to New York to try to enlist Lucy Coeís help with the Nursesí Ball. Felix admits to Sabrina that he has never actually met Lucy Coe and that he might not be her top seller. He assures her that they will still get to see Lucy; however, Bree Flanders, Senior Vice President of Marketing stops them and tells them to leave. Sabrina suddenly grows a spine and says she isnít leaving without seeing Miss Coe. Bree suggests that they just go to the department that handles charitable giving. Sabrina says they need Lucy because she was the originator of the nursesí balls and only she can help them resurrect it. Felix tells Sabrina that Bree is too entrenched in the high-powered lifestyle to care. Bree says she does care. She reveals that she was once a sex worker in Nevada for a woman named Renee (presumably Renee Divine from One Life to Live) and then, when she became the madam, she followed Reneeís example of ensuring that her girls stayed healthy. She lets them into Lucyís office and wishes them luck. Sabrina cautiously greets her as ďMiss Coe.Ē She turns her chair around to face them and says Sabrina can call her ďLucy.Ē

Patrick thinks he sees Robin hanging Christmas stockings in their living room. He is concerned that he is hallucinating again when he has been off drugs for months. Mac tells him that this is his first Christmas without Robin and that loss has a way of blindsiding you when you least expect it. When Mac leaves to check on Maxie at the hospital, Emma wonders if Maxie is sick. Patrick tells her that Maxie is helping someone else in a wonderful way and that he hopes it works. Emma hopes so too. The sperm-washing and egg-harvesting procedures are about to begin in Lulu and Danteís baby-making process. Maxie is about to tell Lulu that she is having second thoughts when Olivia gushes about what a wonderful gift she is giving Dante and Lulu. Maxie says that no matter what Olivia sees, she is not going to be carrying a talking dog. Dante tells Olivia to stop having dog visions. Olivia goes to the lab to ask Ellie about the possibility of lab mix-ups. Ellie assures her that they have tightened their chain of custody protocols recently to ensure that mix-ups donít occur. Olivia is about to tell Ellie about her visions about her grandbaby being a dog, but before she gets it out of her mouth, she sees Spinelli holding the dog that she has been seeing. Spinelli tells her that it is a real dog and that he borrowed Rocco to help deliver presents in Pediatrics. Olivia is unnerved that the dog has the name that Lulu chose if they have a boy. She wonders why she has been seeing this dog. She tells Spinelli that she isnít letting the dog out of her sight until Luluís eggs are fertilized with Danteís sperm. Mac finds Maxie at the hospital. She tells him that she had a moment of doubt, but she decided that she is doing the right thing. Spinelli finds Maxie and tells her that the fertilization is in progress. Dante and Lulu watch Ellie through the lab window with wonder as she makes their baby. Emma and Patrick start decorating their tree. Emma wants to hang the stockings, and says they should hang Mommyís too, in case Santa accidentally brings her present there instead of to heaven. Later, Patrickís stocking falls off the mantle. When he picks it up, he notices that it contains an unopened gift from Robin.

Anna and Robert confront Dr. Obrecht at the clinic in Switzerland. Anna and the doctor struggle. Anna gets past Obrecht and gets into the door that she had been blocking, where she sees the real Duke bound to a bed, but she is afraid to believe he is really Duke. He tells her that they can do any test they like, but that it needs to happen somewhere else because Faison still has people working at the clinic, particularly the woman who runs the place who would do anything for Faison. Robert knows he means Dr. Obrecht and goes looking for her. Duke tells Anna that he knew she would notice the false memories that he fed Faison. He tells her that Faison was going to kill him when someone else noticed. Anna cries when she thinks that Robin is the only person that knew him well enough to catch on. Duke says it makes sense that Robin would catch on. He cries when Anna tells him that it isnít possible because Robin passed away. She tells him about the explosion and the crazy lady that said she saw Robin in an institution in Port Charles. She says that following that womanís lead brought her to this same clinic, but she didnít find Robin. Duke says it is not a coincidence that her search for Robin led her to Faisonís base of operations. He tells her that he will help her find Robin. Dr. Obrecht goes into Robinís room with a giant syringe and tells her that she has to eliminate her before her parents find her. Robin begs her to let her go home to her family, but Dr. Obrecht says if she doesnít comply with Faisonís instructions, she will lose her own life. Robin screams for help. Robert hears the screaming and runs toward the sound. He is shocked to see Robin when he bursts into the room. He pulls Dr. Obrecht away from Robin and proceeds to loosen Robinís restraints. Dr. Obrecht lunges at Robin with the syringe. Robert grabs her arm. They struggle over they syringe. She injects Robert. Robin demands to know the contents of the syringe. Dr. Obrecht tells her that it is too late for Robert and that now, all that is left is to get rid of Robin. Anna and Duke search the hospital. Anna opens a door and is aghast at what she sees.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Victor meets with Mr. Merrick about his meeting with Phyllis and Jack. At Newman Enterprises, Jack looks over his messages and finds one from his doctor which he ignores. After the assistant leaves the room, Jack pops another pill. Nick prepares breakfast of pancakes for himself and Noah while they discuss Avery and Sharon. Sharon talks to an investigator and tells him that she was in Chicago the night of the fire. The investigator inquires if anyone had seen her or if she could verify that she was there. Sharon cannot. Adam comes downstairs and finds Chelsea just coming in the door. She offers to leave and asks if she should come back later. They discuss their marriage and Adam says he doesn’t know what he is feeling. Jack calls Neil for a meeting in about an hour. Neil sees Leslie and a young man which he thinks is her boyfriend. Leslie lets him know that the man is her younger brother, Tyler. Nick and Noah discuss how that Sharon was treated at the Newman party. Noah asks Nick to help him get through to Victor to lay off of Sharon. Adam lets Chelsea know that he kissed Sharon instead of the other way around. Tyler asks Leslie how long had she's been sleeping with the boss which Leslie resents. Chelsea and Adam argue over Adam’s attraction to Sharon. Adam tells Chelsea that they need a break from each other to find out how they really feel. Nick asks Victor to go light on Sharon, but Victor refuses. Nick even offers to help Victor to regain control of Newman Enterprises but again Victor refuses. Nick lets Victor know that Sharon is bipolar.

Adam questions Jack about his meeting with Mr. Merrick to which Jack resents. Victor refuses to drop the charges against Sharon. Sharon calls Noah to ask him if he would bring Faith by for her to see and spend time with. Noah agrees. Chelsea tells Chloe about her talk with Adam about their marriage. Nick arrives at Sharon’s just as Noah is leaving. Noah questions Nick about his meeting with Victor. Sharon asks Nick if he will let Faith spend more time with her. Nick agrees. Sharon decides to take Faith on a little trip. Victor visits Adam and tells him that if he will help him to regain control of Newman then he will help Sharon. Adam has his reservations. Chelsea tells Chloe that she will not let Sharon win. Jack lets Neil know that he is merging Jabot with Newman.

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