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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Show was pre-empted by CBS today.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the pub, Hope said Nick was pretty sure that Gabi was five to six weeks along.  Gabi said she didnít know why Nick would say that.  Rafe asked if Gabi told Nick that.  Gabi said she didnít think so.  Hope thinks Gabi should know when she was due.  Rafe wondered why Gabi and Nick had different due dates for the baby.  Gabi said she didnít know why Nick said six weeks because they werenít sure.  She said they were going to find out.  Rafe said she needed to find out.  Nick walked in while they were talking.  Hope asked him how far long Gabi was.  He said five or six weeks.  Rafe asked how did he know.  Nick wanted to know what was going on.  Rafe said Gabi told them she was 12 weeks long.  Hope said she didnít think a doctor would make that kind of mistake.  Rafe asked if Nick was sure he was taking Gabi to the doctor.  Nick said he was.  Rafe wanted to know what was up.  Nick told Gabi they needed to tell the truth.  Gabi said no.  At Jenniferís house, Jennifer thought about when she told Daniel she loved him.  She wondered what she had done.  When Abby walked in on her, she wanted to know if she was okay.  Abby wanted to call Daniel, but Jennifer stopped her.  Abby wanted to know if something was going on between her and Daniel.  Will went to see Sonny at the coffee shop to talk about Gabi.  Will told him that Gabi thought he (Sonny) didnít like her.  Sonny said he didnít.  Sonny said he didnít like Gabi and thought she was a liar and a user.  Sonny said Will shouldnít trust her.  Will didnít understand where Sonnyís anger was coming from.  Will thought Chad poisoned his mind against Gabi.  Sonny said it wasnít Chad.  Sonny said he watched Gabi drag Will into her baby drama.  Will said she didnít drag him into anything.  He said he was a friend to her and wanted to help.  Sonny said Will was a good person and deserved better friends.  Sonny told Will to stay away from Gabi.  Nick said it was hard to keep up a lie.  Hope wanted to know what lie he was talking about.  While Nick was trying to explain what he was talking about, Gabi kept telling him not to.  Nick said Gabi was 12 weeks long.  Hope asked why he said she was five or six weeks.  He said he was trying to protect her.  He said they figured when the baby came, they would say that it came early.  Hope said that if Gabi was 12 weeks long, that meant.  Nick cut her off and said they got together a lot sooner than anyone thought.  Rafe wanted to know how soon.  Nick said it was love at first sight.  Rafe was upset.  Hope defended Nick and Gabiís relationship.  Nick said he loves Gabi and he was going to make a good home for her and the baby.  Rafe couldnít talk about it anymore.  He left.

Will and Sonny got into an argument over Sonny telling him not to see Gabi anymore.  Will eventually left.  Jennifer told Abby that she went to see Daniel at the Horton cabin to make things right after the run in they had after the procedure failed.  Abby said that was when Jenniferís appendix burst.  Jennifer said Daniel was okay and was able to operate on her.  That was when she blew it.  Jennifer told her that she told Daniel she loved him.  Abby asked Jennifer if she loves Daniel.  While Rafe as at the town square, Sami showed up to talk to him.  They talked about Gabi and Nick getting married.  Jennifer wasnít sure how to answer if she loved Daniel.  Abby said Jennifer told him that she loved him.  Jennifer said she was on drugs and in pain.  Jennifer didnít think she would have said that otherwise.  Abby asked if Jennifer was still in love with Daniel.  Jennifer wasnít sure if love was the right word.  Jennifer said she loved Daniel and could love him again.  Jennifer didnít know if she ever stopped caring for Daniel.  Jennifer couldnít have this conversation with Abby.  Jennifer told Abby that it felt like a betrayal to Jack.  Jennifer understood if Abby felt that it was a betrayal to Jack.  Abby told Jennifer that she couldnít stop living her life.  Abby said Jack wouldnít like that. Abby thought Daniel was a good guy who cared about Jennifer.  Abby asked if Jennifer was ready to move on.  After they finished talking, she looked through a scrapbook.  She yelled to Abby that she was going out.  Jennifer went to the hospital to see Daniel.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Show was pre-empted by ABC today.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Show was pre-empted by CBS today.

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