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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Taylor listens behind a door, Brooke tells Bill they simply have to forget that kiss and pretend it never happened. Bill says he loves his wife, but he can’t forget that kiss or pretend it never happened, but he won’t act on that impulse again. Taylor returns to Katie who asks if she found Bill and Brooke. Taylor says yep, she found them all right! Katie is concerned, but Taylor says she has things on her mind. She knows Katie has a lot on her mind too and she doesn’t want her to be blindsided by things she can’t deal with right now. Taylor is about to say more when Donna breezes in loaded with gifts for Will. Katie thanks Taylor for coming by. Bill walks her to the door. She says he sounds like he loves his wife; she hopes so. He says of course he does and wonders why she’d even say that. He tells Katie he’s going to the office for a while if she doesn’t need him. He tells Justin that Katie is okay, but Taylor keeps coming by and she may overstep her bounds and do more harm than good. Taylor drops in on Steffy and wants to run something past her. Hypothetically if Steffy knew something that could possibly harm a relationship, would she still want that person to know.

Bill fills Justin in on how Katie wanted to bring him and Brooke together because in her distorted thinking she thought she would not be around to be Will’s mother. He and Brooke got very close during this time with Katie away. Justin thinks that is okay rather than they always would be at odds. Bill isn’t so sure since Taylor seems to be hinting at more. Steffy tells Taylor that she’s the professional, not her. But after considering all the pros and cons, she knows her mother will do what she thinks is best for her patient….just trust her convictions….they won’t steer her wrong. Katie tells Brooke that she has never let her down and knows she never will. Her illness was a place that she never wants to go to again. But the worst is over and she is so happy to have Brooke as her sister. Brooke tells her not to paint a halo on her just yet. Bill calls Brooke just as she is leaving Katie’s. He tells her that he got strange vibes when he walked Taylor to the door. He can’t shake the feeling. Brooke says if he told no one, she isn’t either. He and Katie are solid and nobody is going to harm that. Taylor returns to see Katie and says she had something else to tell her. But Katie starts babbling again about leaving her family and how good Brooke has been. Taylor tells her that she better sit down. Slowly she says it is not fair that people she trusts and loves lie to her. She tries to ease into that Bill and Brooke became closer while Katie was gone. Katie says she knows that and is so grateful they are friends now. Taylor confesses they are more than just friends….much more….they kissed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

The show was pre-empted by NBC on Friday.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina tells Patrick that Felix is going to help her save the nurses ball by putting her in contact with Lucy Coe. Britt sees Patrick hugging Sabrina in congratulation. Felix hears Sabrina telling Britt that he is friendly with Lucy Coe. He starts to tell Sabrina and Patrick something when he notices that they are standing under mistletoe. He tells them that it is bad luck not to kiss. Britt bounds up and kisses Patrick. She asks Felix and Sabrina if they shouldn’t be in New York. Felix says Patrick has to go with them. Patrick says he has to stay in town with Emma. Britt offers to come over and help him decorate. It only makes him think of last Christmas with Robin and Emma. When Patrick goes home, he thinks he sees Robin hanging stockings.

Lulu prepares for egg removal. Dante is asked to make his sperm contribution. Lulu doesn’t want him to look at porn while he does it. He promises that he won't. Olivia meets Maxie and Mac at Kelly’s and says she is excited about the in vitro fertilization that is going to make her grandchild. Then she sees a talking puppy wearing a bib sitting in a baby booster seat. Maxie frets about what the vision might mean. She is afraid that something will go wrong. Olivia goes to the hospital and walks in on Dante while he is attempting to provide a sample. After the shock, Dante is unable to start over. He recalls his promise that he wouldn’t look at porn and doesn’t know how he will rise to the occasion. He sends Lulu a text asking her to join him. Maxie goes to the hospital to find Lulu and Dante.

Robin is strapped to her bed in the clinic in Switzerland. Dr Obrecht brings her meal tray in. Robin notices that Dr Obrecht is in a foul mood. She tells the doctor that she can tell her what is wrong since she is in no position to repeat it. Dr Obrecht barks out that Faison was captured. Robin says she knew her mother would figure out that Faison was impersonating Duke. Dr Obrecht says Robin's mother and father can both go to hell. Robin says Dr Obrecht needs to let her go now to save herself. Dr Obrecht says Robin has a point, but the remedy is to eliminate her. Robin says her parents will be indebted to her if they think she saved her. Dr Obrecht says she doesn’t have much time and that she has someone else to deal with. She leaves the room to prepare an injection. Anna beats herself up for allowing herself to be fooled by Faison. Robert says she was vulnerable because she is heartbroken about Robin. He says he is heartbroken too. Robert says that Heather telling Anna that Robin was in Switzerland and then Duke showing up in her living room was too convenient. He says Faison's plan wouldn’t have worked if Anna hadn’t been grieving Robin. Anna recounts the events from earlier and wonders if the man that Faison had bound and gagged was a henchman wearing the latex mask or if it was actually Duke. She says Faison knew things that only Duke knew. She wonders if Duke really was in that Turkish prison and Faison found him there. Robert says he doesn’t think that is the case, but he will help her find out. They go to the clinic and in the hallway pounce on Dr. Obrecht who drops her syringe. Anna demands to know if Duke Lavery is alive. Dr. Obrecht refuses to answer, so Anna proceeds to search the hospital. She is shocked when she opens the first door.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At Newman Enterprises, Jack is in severe pain and considers taking another pain pill when John appears. Fen sees Jamie at the coffeehouse and as usual exchanges some slurs toward him. Summer joins Jamie and they have a brief chat. Adam comes home to Chelsea but he refuses to forgive her for what she did to Sharon. At home, Lauren tries kissing Michael to get him to forget about work when a telephone call informs him that Jamie’s father was arrested for DUI. Avery slams down the top on the computer, picks up her things, and leaves the apartment. Summer unties the letters addressed to Avery and starts to read more when she hears a noise outside. Summer quickly puts the letters back in the box. Jack reminds John that he just had surgery and needs the pain pills. Chelsea tries to explain her actions to Adam, but he doesn’t want to hear it and walks out on her. At the coffeehouse, Chloe tells Kevin that Tucker called and told her that he found a discrepancy in the books. Kevin is insulted that Chloe is blaming him. Michael informs Lauren that Jamie’s father is in jail. Jamie finds Summer in the storage room and tells her about his father's arrest. Summer then tells Jamie about her mother. As Kevin insists to Chloe that he will put the money back into Tucker’s account, Chelsea interrupts. At the bar, Adam and Jack talk about Newman Enterprises and Jack being hooked on pain medication. Adam warns Jack that Victor will go through them to take back the company.

Avery opens the box and finds that someone pried into her things. Michael tells Jamie that his father was arrested. Jamie starts to leave, but Lauren invites him to join them for dinner. Chelsea lets Chloe know that Sharon started the Newman fire. Jack reminds Adam how many times he sat behind the Newman desk and had every opportunity to take over the company. Adam warns Jack about the pills that he is popping. Jack refuses to trust him. Jack sees another side of Adam that he hadn’t seen before and finds out that it is all due to Sharon. Jack advises Adam to stay away from Sharon. Kevin manages to transfer the money back into Tucker’s account online. Avery visits Summer to confront her about snooping into her old love letters. Summer begs her not to tell Phyllis. Avery agrees as long as Summer does not do it again. Fen accuses Jamie of trying to take over his life. Jamie tells Fen that he doesn’t appreciate the life that he has. Summer asks Avery about the letters but she refuses to tell her anything. Chelsea tells Chloe that she is not going home. Chloe advises Chelsea to get Sharon out of the picture. Since Chelsea has doubts about testifying against Sharon, Chloe offers to help her. Jack advises Adam to cut Chelsea loose.

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