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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam is giddy when she hears that Stephanie came through for them. Eric says yes she always had the last word. They hug. Thomas storms off and tells Taylor and Steffy this was not supposed to happen. He has the trust in writing. He feels betrayed by his own grandmother. Steffy says she must have done it for their granddad. They’ll think of something to do. Thomas says he knows better than to try to fight this in court. They will win by competition; on the catwalk and leave Brooke and the Logan’s in the dust. He knows what Eric wants – classic couture. It’s not the direction he hoped to take, but he can do this. It’ll be a battle but they can win. Taylor assures him that he can. He’s been watching his father all of his life. Thomas says not to worry; they are going to nail it. Steffy says he better as it is winner takes all. If they win, they are in control. Thomas assures them he does not intend to lose. He wants the company run by Forrester’s, not Logan’s. Rick, Hope and Brooke are equally prepared and chomping at the bits for their chance to win by showing the Forrester’s up on the runway. Brooke says Stephanie putting Eric in charge was brilliant; nothing Stephanie does amazes her anymore. Caroline joins them and Rick says she’s the new head designer for Team Brooke. He points to the roof and says he loves Stephanie, and they are gonna run with this. Whatever Thomas has, they can do better. They are gonna take this company back. Brooke hugs Eric and tells him that he looks good in this office. He says it feels pretty damn good too. Brooke says Stephanie changed her mind because she loved Eric so much. He says she also changed her mind and wasn’t trying to hurt Brooke the way she did when she gave Thomas the shares. This competition gives him a reason to go on and take this company farther than it's ever been.

Taylor waits for Brooke in her office and bombards her with questions if she thinks what Stephanie did was fair. Brooke sees where this is leading – Stephanie wasn’t in her right mind on her death bed. Taylor says she does not resent the time that Brooke and Stephanie needed to say goodbye, but she does resent what Stephanie did to Thomas. Brooke explains that Stephanie made a mistake and she righted it. Brooke shares that she just came from seeing Eric and he is a changed man. Stephanie gave him a new purpose in life. Taylor quips that she doesn’t know why she is surprised….after all these years of them feuding about the men in their lives, their daughters and who they should be with and now it will go on with their sons, Thomas and Rick. The Forresters are ready for this competition and she does not intend to lose the company or anything else to Brooke ever again! Eric speaks with Jarrett on the phone and tells him the rumor is true….he’s back at the helm and Jarrett can spread that news.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the pub, Will and Abby talked about Nick and Gabi.  She asked if he thought it was a little suspicious how fast Nick and Gabi were getting married because Gabi is pregnant.  Justin met Sonny at the town square.  Sonny wanted to talk to him about Gabi.  Justin wondered why Sonny wanted to talk about Gabi.  Sonny said he thought she was using Will.  Sonny told him that Nick and Gabi are getting married and that she is pregnant.  Justin wanted to know what that had to do with using Will.  Sonny said he loved Will and he knew that Will was protecting Gabi.  Sonny told him that Chad told him Gabi had something to do with Melanieís kidnapping.  Kristen talked to Chad about his problems.  He was upset that he told something that he shouldnít have. John went to see Marlena at the hospital.  She wanted to tell him something about Kristen.  Sonny wanted to know if Will could be in trouble if Gabi is talking to him about Melanieís kidnapping.  Justin couldnít talk about it.  Sonny thought he only said that when heís somebodyís lawyer.  Justin couldnít say anymore.  Sonny asked Justin if it was true and if he was Gabiís attorney.  Justin said he wasnít Gabiís lawyer.  Justin said that it was in his best interest to let it go.  Sonny said what Gabi did was a crime.  Justin said she was innocent until proven guilty.  Sonny didnít care what the law said.  Justin warned him not to talk about this with anyone.  Justin said Will wouldnít get in any trouble.  After Will and Abby talked, Will saw Sonny.  Sonny wanted to talk to him about Gabi.

Kristen advised Chad what to do to get what he wanted.  She advised him to get revenge when the person didnít see it coming.  Marlena told John that the situation with Kristen was making her feel alone.  John assured her that she wasnít alone.  Marlena said that she tried to handle Kristen the way he did, but it wasnít working for her.  John asked if Marlena thought Kristen was after her.  She said didnít think that.  He wanted to know what the problem was, but she couldnít talk to him if he was going to be upset.  He apologized and told her that he tried to reassure her, but it didnít work.  She said it wasnít what he thought.  He had to go to a business meeting.  Marlena told him her problem could wait.  Sonny was upset with Will being Nickís best man at the wedding.  Will wanted to know why he was upset.  Sonny said he didnít trust Gabi and didnít think Will should either.  When Nick and Gabi came by to say hello, Sonny left.  She followed Sonny outside.  She wanted to know what was going on with him.  He didnít feel like talking, but she did.  Later on, Brady went to Kristenís hotel room.  Sonny wanted to know what Gabi wanted to talk about.  Gabi wanted to know why he was treated her like dirt when they were supposed to be friends.  She asked him what happened.  When he didnít answer, she assumed Chad told him something.  Sonny asked if what Chad said it was true.  Gabi said Melanie left because Chad beat Nick up.  She said Chad didnít want to believe that so he blamed her for everything.  Sonny said that Chad is his friend and never lied to him about anything.  She told him that he didnít know what happened so back off.  John went to Victorís mansion to talk.  While he was there, he saw the envelope and the gift that Brady had for Kristen.  While Kristen and Brady were about to make love, John showed up at the door with the gift. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Anna reports her encounter with Faison to Interpol. Dr Obrecht reports to Faison that she has moved Duke Lavery and Robin Scorpio so neither of them can reveal that he is impersonating Duke. "Duke" doesnít want Anna to check in with the PCPD. She tells him that as the Commissioner, she is required to check in, and that she needs to tell them that Faison is alive because he will probably go there. She doesnít understand why her phone is dead. It is because he has the battery in his pocket. She goes back to her room, changes into a sexy dress, and returns to his room. They start making out at the door. Robert and Dante arrive at the clinic in Switzerland. Dr Obrecht tells them that she has never seen the man id the picture. John shows her a picture of A.J. she says she remembers him. John and Robert have a warrant. Dr. Obrecht asks to look at the picture of Faison again. She then says she remembers him but that he was discharged years ago. He shows her a picture of Duke. She says she has never seen him. Robert knows she is lying and concludes that she is covering for Faison. He tells her that she will be charged as an accessory. Robert yells threats to fluster her. John plays "good cop" and pulls Robert away from her. Dr Obrecht calls Faison to tell him about the encounter. John and Robert come up behind her. Robert restrains her and John takes her phone. Room service knocks Dukeís door with the champagne and fondue that he had ordered. When he opens the door, Robert and John are there with the cart.

Shawn asks Sonny what would have happened if Michael and Starr hadn't arrived to break up his fight with A.J. Sonny observes that it seemed as if A.J. had planned for Michael to see it. Shawn wonders how A.J. got into the gym in the first place. Michael asks Dante to arrest Sonny for assaulting A.J. at the boxing ring. Dante says he can't arrest Sonny for hurting A.J. in a boxing match that A.J. agreed to fight. Dante wonders if A.J. is filling a void in Michael's life now that Jason is gone. He says he will always be there for him. Starr takes A.J. to General Hospital. A.J. tells Starr that he wishes Michael hadnít seen Sonny beating him. Starr tells him that she knows he planned it to make Sonny look like the bad guy. She says she has seen her father pull every trick in the book. He asks her to go back to the gym to get his wallet so that he can pay for his treatment. When she gets to the gym, she asks Shawn what happened. He tells her that A.J. started talking smack and Sonny lost his temper. When she gets A.J.ís Jacket, she sees Sonny's phone next to it with Michaelís message displayed. A.J. tells Elizabeth that it is good to see her. She can't return the sentiment. After they talk for a while, Elizabeth apologizes for being so hard on him. She tells him that Jason apologized at his gravesite for keeping Michael from him. A.J. gives her a picture of himself with Jason when they were young. Starr tries to tell Michael about what she discovered at the gym, but A.J. comes out of the room before she can tell him. Michael tells A.J. that his mother controls his ELQ stock so he doesnít have any votes to back him. A.J. says he'd still like Michael to work with him at ELQ. Connie shows up at the gym and asks Shawn to leave. Sonny concludes that she is there to take him up on his offer. She says she is there to see the owner about doing a photo shoot. He tells her that he is the owner. She says she is going to be on every cover of her magazine, like Oprah. She says she wants a boxer to pose with her. He tells her to come back to interview boxers tomorrow. She says she would rather have him pose with her. Shawn shows Sonny the text message that he missed and says A.J. knew Michael was coming.

Molly and T.J. go to Todd's office. Todd tells them to go back to the agency and report that they are fired. Molly says they aren't from the agency; they are interns. Since they are working for free, Todd gives them work to do. Molly tells Todd that she knows Connie is lying about not having Molly's manuscript. She convinces him to let them search the office with the agreement that if they encounter any of his skeletons, that they will ignore them. They don't find it. Connie returns to the office. Todd tells her to give Molly's book back. She says she doesnít have it. Todd gets a call and then reports that his publisher has the manuscript and wants to publish it.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Adam comes downstairs and meets Chelsea just as she is bringing him breakfast in bed. Adam says he has to get to work because he has a meeting. Devon, Lily, and Leslie meet behind Neil’s back concerning the dress code at work. Neil comes in and confronts Devon about going behind his back. At the coffeehouse, Christine tells Paul about her meeting with Danny. Victor and Nick discuss how Nick is trying to protect Sharon from Victor’s wrath. Victor lets Nick know that Chelsea insists that Sharon set the fire at the ranch. Nikki confronts Sharon about the fire and promises to make her pay for what she did. Neil claims he was only joking and wasn’t really mad at them for changing the dress code. Lily and Devon are surprised. Christine informs Paul that she quit her job and is moving to Genoa City.

Nikki tries to get Chelsea to testify against Sharon but she refuses. Sharon rushes to Nick only to find Victor there. When Nick confronts Sharon about setting the fire, she begs for his help in getting Victor and Nikki to drop the charges against her. Sharon explains to Nick that she is sick, but with the help of her medication, she is getting better. Leslie loosens Neil’s tie and coaxes him to relax. Adam finds out that it was Chelsea who told Victor and Nikki about the fire at the ranch and who had set it. Adam finds it hard to believe that Chelsea would betray him. Sharon uses her computer to find out that the police has no suspects in the arson fire. Victor and Nikki discuss the fact that Chelsea won’t help them and come to the conclusion that Adam was behind the rash of fires in the area. Victor promises to make Adam pay. Adam confronts Chelsea about telling Victor and Nikki that Sharon set the fire.

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