Monday 12/10/12 Recaps

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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Caroline blurts out that she knows Liam must be upset, but at least look at her. Bill turns around in the chair. He’s smirking that she is giving it one more try. Obviously he didn’t get through to her before. He chastises her for trying to torpedo his relationship with his son with no warning. She’s kinfolk but apparently that meant nothing. So yes he sent Liam out of the country on business to give Caroline and Rick a chance to cool off. Liam is happy now so she does not need to spill her guts to try and tear that apart. She says she hasn’t told Hope yet, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t. They still have a right to know. Eric finishes playing the video by Stephanie. She states that she gave the shares to Thomas years ago but that was wrong. He never earned them; she manipulated him. She thinks the best person to step up to the plate now and lead the family and company into the future is Eric. She apologizes to Thomas and Taylor who she knows will be very disappointed. This is the last thing she will ask them to do – accept this. They can contest this but the lawyers assure her they won’t win. Eric explains that everyone here has an important part in the company’s future. They will not be going backwards as Thomas claims, but back to basics, to couture.

Eric says Stephanie is gone and Ridge can not run Forrester from Europe so he will be in charge. He does not want to see a power struggle between Thomas and Rick. That is not what Stephanie would want. Thomas says couture will always be important, but they need to keep expanding. Eric says they will, just not now. Thomas says he wanted to implement other things but maybe he’s not needed here anymore with those ideas. Eric tells him everybody is welcome here, so he’s going nowhere. Taylor also advises him to cool down and listen to Eric. Rick calls Caroline who is still in Liam’s office with Bill. Rick tells her something big is going down at Forrester so she should get back quickly. Before leaving, she rattles off to Bill that she doesn’t know all the details yet but Thorne has been replaced as CEO by Eric. Bill advises Caroline to give this time. Liam will be gone for a while and things could change by time he gets back. Eric tells his family that Forrester comes first. A competition on the runway is in order – Team Forrester against Team Logan. He wants them to knock his socks off. The winner will be his next protégé. Their future will be decided on that catwalk.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Jennifer told Daniel that she loved him.  He thought it was the drugs talking and she was confused.  She said that she meant what she said.  Chad told Sonny that Gabi was responsible for Melanieís kidnapping.  Sonny didnít want to believe that.  Nicole walked in and heard Jennifer tell Daniel that she (Jennifer) loved him.  He said he loved her too.  Nicole was upset.  Sonny didnít believe Gabi was responsible.  Sonny thought he was looking for someone to blame other than himself.  Chad said he hated Gabi for what she did to Melanie.  Chad thought Gabi was a manipulative b*tch who should rot in prison for the rest of her life.  Maggie went to see Jennifer, but Abby told her she was at the cabin.  Maggie was upset that Jennifer was at the cabin because she sent Daniel there.  Maggie told Abby that the last thing Daniel needed was to see Jennifer.  Abby said that Jennifer cares about Daniel and felt awful about what happened to him.  Maggie said Jennifer was making a mess.  Maggie knew Jennifer cared, but thought she was causing him pain.  Nicole told Daniel how he saved Jenniferís life.  Nicole told him that the treatment must have worked after all.  Sonny still refused to believe that Gabi had anything to do with Melanieís kidnapping.  Chad told Sonny how he heard Andrew and Gabi arguing about it at the hospital.  Chad said Andrew said Gabi was responsible for everything that happened to Melanie.  Sonny thought Andrew was a sociopath and would say anything.  Chad said Gabi hired him to pretend to be a stalker.  Chad said if Gabi thought she was getting stalked, he would come after her.  Sonny didnít believe it.  Chad said if he were smart, he wouldnít believe anything that Gabi says.  Daniel and Nicole talked about the injection working for him.  While they were talking, they heard the ferry.  He told Nicole to keep an eye on Jennifer while he talked to the captain.  Later on, they got Jennifer to the hospital.

Sonny asked if Chad kept what Gabi did a secret from Melanie.  Chad said he did because Melanie was going through a lot.  Chad said Melanie was furious when she found out what Gabi did and couldnít forgive him for keeping it from her.  He thought Nick was stalking Melanie and beat him up.  Sonny asked why Chad didnít turn Gabi in.  Chad said he would have, but Nick told him he would press charges against him if he did anything to Gabi.  Chad said Justin drew up the papers and he signed them.  The papers kept him from ever going back on it.  Sonny couldnít believe this.  While they were talking, Sonny blurted out that Gabi is pregnant.  Chad thought the pregnancy was to trap Nick.  Sonny didnít think she planned it.  Chad said he felt sorry for Nick.  Sonny didnít think he needed to know about the baby.  Chad thought Sonny needed to know the real Gabi.  Sonny wanted to know why he took the risk.  Chad said his boyfriend was involved in it.  Chad didnít want Sonny to tell anyone that he let him know about Gabi or he will end up in jail.  Nicole ran into Eric at the hospital and told him how she ended up at the cabin with Daniel.  She also told him about what happened with Jennifer.  Later on, Daniel told Nicole that Jennifer was doing okay.  She told him that she was happy that he had his career and Jennifer back.  Will ran into Chad.  Chad let Will know that he knows about Gabiís pregnancy.  Chad wanted to know why Nick was so mad at Gabi.  Chad wondered if Gabi got pregnant on purpose.  Will said it was an accident.  Chad wondered why Will was so involved in it.  Gabi met Sonny and he was nasty to her.  She wondered why he was so angry with her.  He told her he didnít like her dragging Will into her drama.  Sonny didnít like her having Will lie for her and keeping secrets from him.  Maggie went to see Jennifer to apologize to her.  Jennifer understood why Maggie was upset since the treatment didnít wok.  Maggie told her that the treatment did work.  Maggie was grateful to Jennifer and didnít know how to repay her.  Nicole told Daniel why she went to the cabin.  They also talked about Jennifer.  While Gabi and Sonny were talking, Chad saw them together.  Sonny told Gabi that he was on to her now for Willís sake.  Gabi noticed Sonny watching them.  Daniel went to see Jennifer.  She wasnít sure how she was going to repay him.  He said she already did.  She told him that Maggie told her the injections worked.  He said he had his life back thanks to her.  She said she was returning the favor.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sabrina tells Elizabeth that Todd Manning declined to sponsor the nurses' ball. She wonders if Lucy Coe could help. Elizabeth tells Sabrina stories about Lucy. She says it wouldnít hurt to ask Lucy for help since she was the driving force behind the past balls. Sabrina asks if Elizabeth knows how to get in touch with Lucy. Sabrina's friend, Felix, says he knows how to contact her. He tells her that he doesnít like to babysit for his income while he is in nursing school, so he works for Coco cosmetics, which Lucy owns.

Starr tells Michael that A.J. having such serious charges dropped seems too good to be true. He tells her that the police dropped the charges in exchange for information about an international criminal named Faison. Starr encourages him to talk to Sonny about A.J. He sends Sonny a text saying that he is coming to the gym to see him. A hot young man comes into the boxing gym where Alexis is watching Sonny and Shawn spar. The man asks Alexis if she'd like to go out with him. She wants to, but Shawn is three feet away so she tells the man that she is seeing someone. She receives a call from Tracy Quartermaine and agrees to help Robert Scorpio get out of jail. A.J. goes into the gym dressed in business attire. He tells Sonny that Diane Miller got all of the charges dropped. A.J. asks if Shawn is Sonny's new enforcer after he got Jason killed. Sonny introduces them and tells Shawn that A.J. is Jason's brother, but that he lacks all of Jason's qualities. He recites a laundry list of A.J.ís bad qualities. A.J. says Sonny forgot to mention that he is Michael's father. Sonny tells Shawn that A.J. got Carly pregnant, but he didnít remember being with her. He tells A.J. that Michael is his son. A.J. says he came there to tell Sonny not to interfere with him getting to know Michael. He says there is enough room for both of them in Michael's life. Sonny says Michael has to make that decision. The two of them talk about A.J. boxing when he was younger. They decide to spar with each other. Shawn doesnít think it is a good idea. A.J. sees Michael's text to Sonny while he is changing. In the ring, A.J. goads Sonny into pummeling him for Michael to see when he arrives.

John McBain calls Anna and leaves a message that Faison is alive. Dante tells Robert that A.J. Quartermaine corroborated his theory. He says A.J. claimed to have seen Faison alive in Switzerland. They figure out that Faison is in the same clinic that Anna and Luke went to, following a lead that Robin was there. Robert concludes that Faison lured Anna there to observe her. He thinks this ski trip is a way to isolate Anna. Alexis is surprised to see John McBain when she arrives at the police station. He tells her that he works there now. She tells him that she is there to meet her new client, Robert Scorpio and that it seems unusual that as former law-enforcement, he would be arrested for breaking and entering. John tells her that Robert is trying to find proof that Duke Lavery is really Faison. Alexis thinks that is far fetched, but she manages to get Robert released with a promise to stay away from Duke Lavery. Robert tells Alexis that he will stay away from Duke, but not from Faison. John tells Dante that he hasnít been able to get through to Anna. Dante calls the resort that Anna said she was going to, only to be told that the reservation was cancelled. Anna breaks down the door to Duke's room. The door closes behind her. She turns around and sees Faison standing there. Anna is terrified. Faison tells her that she is more beautiful than ever. She realizes that Robert was right and asks him how he managed to impersonate Duke. She concludes that Duke is not alive after all. Faison bangs on the bedroom door and a man emerges, carrying the real Duke who is bound and gagged. She tells him to let Duke go. Faison tells his associate to let Duke go and then kill him. Duke says in a muffled voice through the gag, that it is a trap and tells Anna to get out of there. Instead, Anna tried to get the gun. While she struggles with the man. Faison injects her with something that renders her unconscious. Faison tells Duke that he didn't hurt Anna. He says he needed Anna to see them both at the same time to remove the suspicion that he was impersonating Duke and that he doesnít need Duke anymore. Duke, hoping that Anna can hear him, says this is all a lie and that he loves her. Faison shoots. Duke realizes that Faison shot his associate. Faison says everyone with think Duke shot the man while protecting Anna from Faison, who then vanished. He tells his other associate to return Duke to the clinic. When Anna wakes up, Faison is in his Duke mask and tells her that he saved her from Faison.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Nick and Avery talk while dinner is cooking on the stove. Summer interrupts them to talk to Avery alone. Nick starts to leave, but then listens to Summer and comforts her over Chelsea not ever being able to forgive her for causing the death of her unborn baby. Chelsea walks in on Adam and Sharon kissing. Sharon tries to explain, but Chelsea doesnít want to hear it and goes on to slap Adam’s face. Nick and Avery listen to Summer pouring out her heart to them over the things that have been going on in her life. Chelsea rushes out of the house and Sharon urges Adam to go after her. Adam arrives home to find that Chelsea has packed and is getting ready to leave him. Victoria comes home to find the house decorated like the Bahamas. Billy comes out with two glasses and offers her a drink but instead of taking the drink, she informs him that not only was Adam invited, but Sharon crashed the party. Nick tells Summer some of the things that she did and said when she was a child.

Victoria refuses the drink that Billy offered her, but goes upstairs to check on Johnny. Coming back downstairs, she takes the drink and begins to relax and reminisce about their trip to the Bahamas. Noah comes to visit Sharon to try to help her and puts down Adam for interfering in her life. Sharon defends Adam. Adam tries to change Chelsea’s mind about leaving him and asserts that love isn’t anything without trust. Chelsea reminds Adam that Sharon will soon be committed which unnerves Adam and he defends Sharon. Adam walks out of the room and leaves Chelsea. Chelsea picks up her purse and leaves the house. Nick begins to question Avery about her ex, but she clams up and refuses to tell him anything. Summer finds the letters that Avery’s ex wrote to her and begins to read them. Chelsea finds herself outside of Nikki and Victor’s condo.

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