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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor keeps filling Thomas’s head that he shouldn’t listen to the Logan’s. This is now his birthright after Eric and Ridge. Eric gives Pam the key to the safe deposit box since he just doesn’t have time to go. He’ll make time to look through it later. Brooke asks Eric if here is anything he can do to stop Thomas. He seems hell bent on destroying the company. He’s making demands not proposals. Caroline is about to tell Liam something when Bill walks in and says she better make it fast as he is sending Liam out of town on a large project. She has little time other than to say that Hope still loves him. He tells Steffy this doesn’t change a thing between them. Bill suggests that maybe when it comes to Hope, he should not be listening to Caroline and let her keep her feelings to herself. Liam says he is okay with it. Steffy is too. Caroline meets Othello. She speaks with him alone later and says she knows about his lie. He’s glad as it’s been bothering him. She says Rick is gonna make this right with Liam.

Armed with newfound resolve, Caroline returns to Liam’s office and barges in determined to tell him the entire truth. With the chair turned away from her so she can’t see his face, she blurts out how and why Deacon was in Italy; that is was all Bill’s doings. She is so sorry but she is trying to make this right now. Thomas calls a meeting and says that with his grandmother’s demise, she left him her stock and now he is the largest stockholder and he’s prepared to make some imminent changes. Eric tells Rick there is nothing he can do; it’s their company now. He is not in control. Pam hands Steffy the large manila envelop with all the contents of the safe deposit box and she hands it to Eric at the meeting. There is tension in the room as Brooke, Rick and Hope all disagree that Thomas should be able to do this without getting more advice. Steffy and Taylor of course are in Thomas’s corner in that he is CEO and can do what he feels is right and best for the company. Eric finds a DVD in Stephanie’s belongings and wants to play it now before they continue. She begins that she called her lawyers to be sure there wasn’t a loophole and sure enough there was. She starts coughing profusely so can’t continue…..just as she is about to say….the new CEO of Forrester is……..

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Daniel wanted Nicole to help him get Jennifer to the ferry.  He said she had to go to the hospital.  He thought her appendix was going to burst.  Nicole told him that the last ferry was leaving.  He said it couldnít because Jennifer needed to be in the hospital.  He told Nicole to run and catch the ferry.  Sami, Rafe, and Hope talked about Nick and Gabiís wedding. Nick wanted to reassure Gabi that he wasnít just marrying her for the baby.  Daniel prepared Jennifer for the surgery.  Nicole came back and told Daniel that the ferry didnít see her.  She said the next ferry isnít for four more hours.  He told Nicole that he didnít have four hours to wait for the next ferry.  He decided to perform the surgery instead.  Sami wanted Rafe to help her plan Gabiís wedding.  Nick proposed to Gabi again and she said yes.  Daniel got Jennifer ready for the surgery.  His hands started shaking just before he started the surgery.

Chad warned Sonny (in front of Will) to tell Will to stay away from Gabi.  Sonny thought Chad was wrong about Gabi.  Will said that Chad was wrong about Gabi.  Chad told Sonny that he should ask Will why heís so protective of Gabi and what was he not telling them. Hope went to see Nick and Gabi and asked him why he didnít tell her about the wedding.  Daniel operated on Jennifer with Nicoleís help.  Will said that Chad didnít know the story, but it wasnít his place to tell him.  Chad thought that whatever Gabiís story was, it involved a guy.  He also thought it wouldnít have a happy ending.  Will eventually left.  Chad told Sonny that Gabi had Will snowed.  Nick explained to Hope why he and Gabi were getting married so fast.  Sonny said that Chad was so bitter about losing Melanie that he was looking for someone to blame.  Daniel finished Jenniferís surgery.  Nicole wondered how Daniel was able to do it with his hands straight.  Daniel said Jennifer needed another dose of antibiotics.  Nicole went outside to get it.  Jennifer opened her eyes.  Chad told Sonny why he was upset with Gabi.  Chad thought Sonny would hate her just as much as he did.  Jennifer said that she was in pain.  She told him her heart hurt.  He said he didnít go near her heart.  She said her heart said what she feels for him.  She said it wasnít pity.  She said she loved him. 

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Todd asks for a new assistant after an unfortunate coffee incident with the one he had. Carly goes to see him and apologizes for lashing out at him yesterday. She says she is afraid she is losing Michael and is taking it out on everyone. He tells her that Starr has written him off a million times, but she always comes around. He tells her that she needs to tell Michael that she was wrong and she is sorry, even if she doesnít mean it. She says she isnít sorry for trying to protect Michael from A.J. He tells her that she can choose between saying she is sorry or continuing to have distance between Michael and her. Michael tells Starr about the possibility that A.J. could get a plea bargain in exchange for information about someone else. She says she realized that he doesnít want A.J. to go to prison because of his own prison experience. Michael and Starr agree that they want to take their relationship to the next level. Just when they are about to take it to the bedroom, Carly knocks on the door. She tells him that she is sorry that she didnít respect his wishes when he asked her to not to call the police on AJ. He says he forgives her. He says A.J. has asked him to work with him at ELQ. She reminds him that he worked at ELQ before and hated it. He says this is different. She says A.J. is only going to manipulate Michael into voting his shares to ouster Tracy, but reveals that she controls his ELQ shares until he is 25 years old. He congratulates her on winning the fight that she said she didnít want to have and he kicks her out of his apartment.

Sabrina gets flustered when she sees Patrick wearing only a towel in the locker room. He offers to go with her to make her pitch to Todd Manning about becoming a patron for the nursesí ball. Britt overhears their conversation and tells Patrick that she needs him for a consultation that can't wait. Sabrina goes by herself. Patrick looks at the patient's chart and tells Britt that the patient shouldn't need surgery and that she made it seem more serious than it was. He observes that he still has time to join Sabrina for the meeting with Todd. Britt tells him that he should give Sabrina the opportunity to shine on her own. He says he and Sabrina are partners and he is going to go help her.  When Sabrina arrives at Todd's office, he thinks she is the new assistant that he requested. He tells her that there is no crying in journalism and piles papers and files into her arms to file. She asks him if they can talk about the nursesí ball after she files them. She introduces herself and says she has an appointment to talk to him about underwriting the ball. She excitedly tells him all about the previous balls and the good the proceeds did for AIDS research. He says AIDS is passť and that people can just take a cocktail if they get it now. She tells him about how it still affects people. He says he can't support the ball because he is broke after Jerry Jacks took $18 million from him so he can afford to underwrite even the worthiest cause. She tells him that he is making a mistake that he will regret. Patrick arrives in time to hear the end of the conversation. He tells Sabrina that he is proud of her and that Robin would have been too. When Patrick and Sabrina get back to the hospital, Patrick says he knows Sabrina will think of another way to make the ball happen. Britt feigns sympathy for Sabrina not closing the deal. Sabrina looks through Robin's scrapbook of a previous ball and it occurs to her that perhaps the previous organizer, Lucy Coe-Jones, could help her. Carly goes back to Todd's office and tells him about her failed attempt to reconcile with Michael.

Robert tells Dante that Anna's life is in danger and that he needs to get out of jail before she goes on her ski trip with Faison. Dante says Robert will have to wait and that Anna has already left anyway.  Tracy goes to see Robert.  He tells her that Luke is in Turkey and that he is in Port Charles on Luke's behalf to handle Anna. Tracy observes that it appears that Anna didn't like being handled. He tells her about the Duke/Faison situation. She says a cigarillo and Olivia's vision aren't much to go on, but that if he believes Faison is still alive, then they have to stop him before he kills someone. Diane and AJ go to the station to meet with the DA. John McBain sits in on the meeting. The DA says he only took the meeting as a courtesy and that he wants to take the case to trial. Diane tells the DA that AJ will reveal information about someone on the FBI Most Wanted List in exchange for all the charges being dropped. AJ shows John a picture of Cesar Faison. Diane says they are happy to take the information to the Justice Department in exchange for immunity instead. Dante, McBain, and the DA step outside. Dante reveals that Robert Scorpio has been talking about Faison being alive. The DA makes the deal. AJ tells McBain that Faison is in Switzerland. Diane calls Michael and tells him that AJ was cleared of all charges. Dante goes to Robert's cell and tells him that AJ Quartermaine saw Faison in Switzerland. ďDukeĒ and Anna arrive in Switzerland. He quips he is no longer welcome in Port Charles now that his secret identity has been revealed. She doesnít think it's funny. She wonders if Robert is right that Faison is alive, since they never recovered a body. She says it is unsettling to think that he might be out there somewhere. When Anna goes to her room, Faison takes off his Duke mask and Dr. Obrecht appears from the other room. She warns him that bringing Anna to Switzerland is a dangerous move. He tells her not to question his judgment. Anna knocks on Faison's door while his Duke mask is off. She hears a noise inside and proceeds to try to break down the door. She ignores her ringing phone. John McBain leaves a message that Faison is alive. Anna gets into ďDuke'sĒ room. The door slams behind her. She turns around to find that she is face to face with Cesar Faison.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Jack is busy at work at Newman Enterprises when Kyle informs him that it is late and he should be at home, but Jack refuses to listen. At the coffeehouse, Kevin is on the computer when a police officer comes in looking for Noah. Kevin refuses to give him any information. Sharon interrupts the party at Victor and Nikki’s new condo. All the Newmans hurl slurs at her except Nick, Adam, and Noah. No one wants to hear Sharon’s explanation nor do they want her apology. Noah and Adam try to get her to leave, but Sharon refuses, insisting that she has something to say to all of them. She tries to apologize, but Victoria and Nikki remind her of all the things she did to them. Chelsea senses that Adam is about to help Sharon and dares him to say anything. Victor orders Sharon to leave, but again she insists on having her say even to the point that of almost blurting out that she is sick. Nikki wants to know what is wrong with her, but Sharon refuses to tell them anything. Jack in severe pain calls his doctor who refuses to write him a prescription for more pills. Alex, the police officer continues to question Kevin about Noah’s whereabouts. Victor once again orders Sharon to leave and this time she does, realizing she will not get forgiveness from the Newman family.

Although Chelsea doesn’t want Adam to follow Sharon, he insists on going and leaves Chelsea at the party alone. Victor apologizes to Chelsea for Adam stranding her there and offers to call his driver to take her home. Jack gets in touch with Ed, a doctor friend, who comes to his home. Jack asks him for a prescription for his pain medication, but when the doctor balks, Jack offers him money. Sharon arrives home and finds Faith’s picture on the table and holds it close to her. When Adam arrives to see how she is doing, Sharon orders him to leave, but he insists on staying with her. Sharon begins to panic and runs to the door and opens it for Adam to leave. Adam grabs hold of her shoulders and asks her to calm down. Adam and Sharon kiss just as Chelsea walks in. Alex finds Noah at home and questions him about his old girlfriend. Noah claims he doesnít know anything about her and will not divulge her whereabouts.

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